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Good Daddies, Birthday Friends, and Tea Parties for $400, Alex

On Daddy:
I like to catch him when he doesn’t know I’m watching…just him and her. The first time I met him, before I fell in love…I knew he was the kind of dad I wanted my babies to have. Today I watched him…he didn’t know I was standing there with my camera. He was talking to a friend, but the whole time, I know he was thinking about her…how proud he was to have a daughter in his arms, and the way his arms embrace her just kills me. Watching him play with her, look at her, kiss her, talk to her in his widdle girl voice–it’s better than watching a movie. I love the way he loves her. And I really, really love good dads. Good, involved, huggy, kissy, fill-em-up-with love dads….they’re hot. And I’m glad I got one.
We went to a birthday party today at the park, and Lainey was the youngest “friend” invited, but she was still part of the gang…even got a goody bag. It was so cute to see her looking up to all these little girls like she knew she was kinda part of them. She even kept her princess hat on like she wanted to do it ‘cuz the bigger girls were doing it. I’m not ready for her to be big yet. I’m not done with Baby yet.

Stay little just a bit longer, Cubby.

I moved her room around yesterday and then I just stared at it smiling that this room belongs to a baby that’s mine. I have a daughter. And, we’re gunna have tea parties someday real soon. Somebody pinch me ‘cuz I think I’m dreaming.