Monday, September 23, 2013

Hello San Diego!

(I wrote this earlier today from the plane.  Apparently modern isn't very modern because the super amazing sky Wifi wouldn't let me post this.)

I'm in the clouds right now, somewhere over the Rockies (Hello Colorado!!!).  This whole blogging from the skies thing is so 2013, and I'm feeling very modern.

First and foremost.  You guys, thank you for all the responses on the last post.  I can't possibly answer all the e-mails, but I'm reading them and trying to at least send back little thoughts.  And I read through the comments, amazed at how many of us have similar issues with past faith conflicts and hurt. It felt really good to write that post.  I am okay with where I am right now and I feel that God's okay with that too.  I don't feel "almost there."  I feel there.  Where I am supposed to be.  Simply open and aware and asking good questions.  I love the Elie Weisel quote a kind reader shared: "No heart is as whole as a broken heart and I would say no faith is as solid as a wounded faith."

So, with that said.  What's up with Mercury (??) because there is some serious galactic energy all up in this place right now.  And it's good stuff.  I'm in a glass case of emotion! (I can say that, you know, because Ron Burgundy's from San Diego and I'm on my way there) It feels like "let go and move forward."  So I did.  Beginning with Act 1: The One Where She Cuts Off Her Hair.

Well, I didn't cut it, my friend Shannon did.  And I like it. 

 photo print5_zpsc73aa566.jpg


I am excited about not asking my hotel for six extra bottles of conditioner for once. 

Before an eventful week in San Diego...a few small things we've been enjoying:

New wall art.  A paint-by-numbers(ish) guided piece Lainey finished this weekend at a friend's art studio birthday party (don't be too impressed, every kid walked out with the same looking unicorn).  We had nothing to do with the subject choice--it was assigned.  But awesome, right?  Unicorn AND glitter in one painting. 




And this.




Improved jump rope skills and constant practicing.


Park sisters.


 photo print18_zps6d83bf84.jpg

And slide smiles.


Tippy toes at the drinking fountain.


He likes the big boys.  He has a different smile for them, a wild kick, an obvious big brother adoration.


Nose-to-nose love.

 photo print7_zps9cb38387.jpg

He loves water. Dunks his face in it with no reaction whatsoever.




The return of the pacifier.  Maybe. 


Random Barbie heads in the pool


Our little family on our mantle.  I got a bag of 40 assorted unfinished wood dolls on Amazon for $15 and painted them (I'd link it but the mile high club Internet is being weird with Amazon so search the above if you want them).  Fun Christmas gift for friends:



And this:

More from San Diego soon.  Baxter?  Baxter, is that you?  Bark twice if you're in Milwaukee.


Life with Kaishon said...

I loved every single thing about this post!
The baby's smile. OH MY GOSH!
Big brother, so sweet!
Nella's socks and dress. STOP THE TRUCK, that is too cute.

I love your dolls. I love your girls. I love your new hair and I LOVE the unicorn paint by number.


I hope you have a great trip wherever you are going.

With love, Becky

twoplusfourequalssix said...
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Amanda said...

Props on the hair chop!! I just cut 22 inches off myself, I feel like a totally new person!

Lynn Richards said...

Brenna and I thoroughly enjoyed the video! We love that song-thanks for sharing. Wish I could drive on up to San Diego, it's all of an hour and half away. Enjoy!!

Lisa said...

Your hair is awesome. Love it! And Nella at the drinking fountain? Adorable!

Monique said...
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You+Me=Family said...

LOVE the haircut! Your eyes just pop in that picture : ) Make me want to take scissors to my long locks right now. All the pictures brightened my evening, but Nella reaching up to the drinking fountain is adorable. Hope you have a fantastic trip : )

Monique said...

Enjoy your time in San Diego doing what you are so amazing at doing ...photographing beautiful children!!
Thanks for sharing another peek into your everyday adventures. Beautiful photos each telling their own story. Dash in the water reminds me of my boys at that fear to dunk their entire heads and coming up with a great big watery grin. Love it!!

The video of Nella. Yes I agree with ya Nella... "again" please play it "again". She is so huggable in everything she does! The water fountain pic...too cute!!

Safe, fun and adventurous travels to you!!


Vanessa said...

Barbie heads in the pool? Made the post for me. :) but I am random like that...

It Is What It Is said...

Welcome to sunny & beautiful So CA!

Love the hair. I have a hair appt tomorrow night and I'm thinking of cutting my long locks & adding bangs. Thanks for the motivation.

Excited that my friend Emily and her son get to participate in the Everybody Plays photo shoot and campaign. I told her to snap a pic w you and txt me :)

Brittany said...

Your deep posts are the best ones. I know there is an atheist in there waiting to get out! ;)

teal915 said...

I love the video!

Sian said...

When I saw the line cut your hair I thought 'nooo i love your long hair.' Then I scrolled down and saw the photo and thought 'oh it looks so nice!' :) xxx

Hannah said...

LOVE the new hair!

madeleine said...

Your hair looks amazing!!!! Love anchorman quotes- ill be in SD for work in a few weeks and I can't wait to stay classy. "This burrito is delicious but it is filling"

Megan Landmeier said...

Enjoy San Diego! And LOVE the hair... Shannon is awesome!

Happy, happy week!

Nicola said...

I am a 'new mood/fresh start hair cutter too, with somewhat mixed results (marking my growth in South Africa with a haircut from a lady who'd never cut straight white girl hair before. A mullet. Rocked it though, took up flannel shirts and cowboy boots- naht really)

Yours looks awesome though.

Was out of wifi range all weekend, so just sending you a hug for the faith post, I'm still sifting through it all too.

xx N

Phyl said...

Thanks for yet another great post. Your blog is such a nice start to what promises to be a challenging day. Hope you have a fulfilling trip. Phyl

kmrf said...

Very much loving the new haircut. What a fantastic way to start Fall, lighter ;).

Heather Rodriguez said...

Baxter, you know I don't speak spanish!

Sarah said...

Posts like this make me happy! I want babies so badly!

Aimee LH said...

Your hair is adorable!

Mandi Wolfswinkel said...

Rockin the hair sister friend. Love it! Super pumped to read about your trip to San Diego. Have a blast! Take a few pictures. ;)

dani macsnider said...

LOVE this post. so funny. put a smile on my face. and the barbie in the pool.... classic.
lil nellas dance... PRECIOUS.
i love fun random posts. they make me feel better about my lil blog. haha

dani macsnider said...

can i just say... saturday i cut off all of my hair as well.
i had just texted my best friend... when she replied.
omg. kelle cut her hair off today too! look at instagram.
((we talk about you like we know you. whatev)).
it was awesome.
and we both cut our hair off on the same day.
i felt a special connection :)

LoveSquared said...

OH my gosh! Great cut, love it. You look incredible with the new hair. :)

Bobbie said...

Um, your hair looks amazing and your moments are precious and that video is SO adorable!

Tonya said...

Your hair is awesome!!! Sitting here wondering if I could pull it off.... and laughing out loud at the random barbie doll head in the pool!!!!

Lana said...

LOVE the haircut. Looks gorgeous!

Arika said...

I love your new haircut, love the glittery unicorn and I really love your blog!

Jessica said...

Love the hair! And you look like Julia Roberts in that first photo. :D Anyone else think so?

Lauren said...

LOVE your new haircut.

And the Barbie head in the pool? Laughed out loud.

Brenna Campbell said...

I can't even count the times I have read your blog, looked at the pictures, and audibly gasped at how beautiful the moments in your family's life can be! Thank you for sharing--as a college student living far away from family, it is nice to sort of (and hopefully not creepily) live vicariously through you and get excited for those happy moments to come in my life!

Katie Thomason said...

A. I love you hair cut. It's fire!

B. You and I is one of my all time favorite songs. So the video of Nella rocking out to it.. totes adorbs!

Jessica said...

You could rock any hair cut (mohawk? Totally), but you look *good* !! The perfect way to start a new season.

Chasing Hazel said...

Can I just say...THAT HAIR is one of THEE best decisions that you've made. I love it!!!! Cause obvs you care what I think...hehe

Last time I chopped my hair, it was as long as yours was. Crazy, insane difference. I went even shorter that yours. I LOVED IT!!! I donated it in honour of my BESTEST friend, who now lives with the angels.

Enjoy San Diego!

Miss JennyPenny said...

OMG your are such a lovely family! You and your kids are so amazing! Nella is such a cutie fantastic girl and she has the best sister ever! She is so tender with nella...its so beautiful to see!

All the best for you and your family!

Jenny from Berlin

Krista said...

LOVE the new 'do! You're gorgeous!

And Dash is just too cute for words. I'm expecting a baby boy in 4 weeks and seeing Dash just makes my heart melt. I have a daughter and I thought there was nothing sweeter. Maybe there is :) Or maybe they're equal.

Ontario Mom said...

Cute pictures - but can you please explain why you are dressing your almost 4year old in clothes that are not age appropriate? Nella is not a baby anymore, so please, on behalf of your readers, stop dressing her like one. Would you send her to school looking like that?

The Fischer Family said...

Haters just gotta hate!As a long time reader I just want to say Nella's clothes are adorable! Don't change how you dress's super cute and very chic! Before you know it she's going to have to choose her clothes all the time and you're going to wish you could choose them again! Hang on as long as you can. Another great post! Love the hair!

Jen said...

Your hair looks great! You should seriously consider dressing up as Cleopatra for Halloween!!!

glenda said...

Love Love your new cut.
And Nella's shoes... LOVE! I had those as well growing up. White, black and red ones! A store called Buster Browns sold them :)
Love the video..."again"...
thanks for sharing!

Sydney said...

Very cute haircut!! Loving the random barbie head in the pool. :)

Rose Broadway said...

The kids are adorable, and I really like your new "do."

Stephanie Precourt said...

Oh my goodness your photos make me want to take more photos (I've been slacking!) and that video- precious.


Nicolette Gawthrop said...

girlfriend- your chop is Hot!

Keep It Classy in SD!

Jody said...

Your last post hit me in mt heart. I feel exactly the same.
Love your new haircut. You should do a reality t.v. show on Tlc. You have a beautiful family and it would open so many eyes to the beauty in difference. My youngest has d.s. Also teach others how God's love shines through.
Sending hugs,

Speckled Kat said...

This is unrelated to the post but do you like the amber necklaces for your kids? I assume you like them since your have them but I feel like we shop at the same earthy mothers store, even though you're in FL and I'm in NC. We have the same passy's and several other "earthy things" I've been contemplating the necklaces and am curious if you notice anything other than they are cute.
And to throw in a post related comment, love the new hair! My hair is almost sit-on-able and I'm debating a much needed chop. Did you cry? haha

Cody said...

cute haircut! new hair, new outlook on life!

Evita Rentzi said...

Again!!! xaxaxaxa she is so cute and happy! love you all!

Heather said...

Hello from Colorado!!!! :) your pictures of the girls at the park
Are so wonderful!!! I hope that you are enjoying your fall!!! Happy travels back home :) your Colorado friend, heather

Heather said...

Hello from Colorado!!!! :) your pictures of the girls at the park
Are so wonderful!!! I hope that you are enjoying your fall!!! Happy travels back home :) your Colorado friend, heather

Carey King said...

Read your previous post and this one together- life, love, God is all pretty simple when we remember God is love and I think that is reflected in every word you post:)

Tisha said...

hope your having fun in a whales....

MindiJo said...

I've always thought to myself that your hair would look good like that. You must have gotten the vibes I was sending. WHIT WHEW! You look goo-ood.

Kt Go said...

omg, holy sprinkled love! that pic of nella coming down the slide is fabulous! you should have some printed and glued to cards, as "custom hampton" thank you cards, or "thanks for making me smile" ... her energy and love in that pic is just adorable!

plus, kuddos on the hair cute ... more emphasis on your eyes, great look

Jill Mansfield said...

Love the wooden family. And all the happy in the real family, too. :)

Raelyn said...

I love your new haircut!! It is so cute!! ;)
I love the unicorn picture!! It is so you!! ;-D
Oddball alert. That Barbie doll dead in the pool. You should have added red dye or tropical punch Kool-Aid to make "blood"!! ;)

Midwestgirl said...

Nella's "Again" at the end of the video is the best thing ever!! Love it!!

Chelsea Martinez said...

I first discovered that song as a result of your blog! Back in the day when you had music playing automatically with every post--you have the BEST taste in music and this blog was my go-to spot for discovering new musicians!

Maria said...

LOLing at the barbie head. FOR REALS.

Daniela Escobar said...

I Love your blog!
You have the best pictures ever!
Thank you for sharing


Happily Ever Rushed said...

I have been reading your blog for 1 year now and you inspired me to start my own. I wish you knew how you touched my life when I first started reading. Your family is beautiful!
p.s love the hair

Reenie said...

Love ~ Love ~ Love your hair. :)

All are adorable photos ~ love the one with big brother...

Cute video of Nella too!!

googe said...

Your hair is perfect !! Have been reading your blog for some time now, from Mississippi, and just found out where i could go to leave a comment ! (as my children tell me often, i am electronically challenged)

Amy Carmichael said...

I LOVE the new hair cut. I recently just got a hair cut too, and my hair is about the same length as yours, but I was hesitant to do it, because I was trying to grow out my hair. But then I thought, wait, why am I trying to grow my hair out? I don't even LIKE long hair!!

Who says women have to have long hair?? We can do whatever the hell we want with our hair and it doesn't make us more or less feminine.


Rhashan said...

Love the hair!! And on a not so relevant note, I thought you HAD to see this dress (: I thought of you as soon as i saw it!

cara said...

Your hair is beautiful! Could watch that video of Nella over and over!! Priceless!

cara said...

Your hair is beautiful! Could watch that video of Nella over and over!! Priceless!

Snkowalski said...

Two of my girlfriends recently told me this was a must-read blog! I have read your 1st post, and now the most recent. I look forward to following you and your beautiful family!

Jessica said...

love your new hair! your beautiful girl!

Olivia said...

Me & God... loved the post. It's pretty much where I am. I won't pretend to have all the answers.

And the barbie head in the pool... priceless :)

Olivia said...

Oh and I didn't know if you've seen this yet, but a friend posted this video on facebook.

It's about a Dad who found out his wife was pregnant and their daughter had down syndrome.

It was very upsetting at first, but at the end I was smiling. We're all human and the truth sometimes hurts. I'm just glad we're all able to grown and learn.
Here's the link:

Hope you had an awesome weekend.

Rhianna said...

Not sure if you've seen this video, but it is so beautiful and we have been following you for a few years now and this made us think of your family!

Thomas Ward said...

Looks like Nella gets her gorgeous hair from her Mama!

Kate said...

Ohhh my goodness, that picture of Lainey with the jump rope and Nella walking behind looks like it could've been painted by Norman Rockwell. Love it.

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