Monday, September 9, 2013

Along Came Myrtle

I caught up on this one's baby book this weekend, one of those once-a-month Saturday morning activities I actually enjoy, especially with coffee and a quiet house.

 photo print16_zpsf43d01e4.jpg

I filled in blanks for "First Tooth" and "New Foods," taped corresponding pictures onto pages and wrote little love notes to my boy where blank space allowed. And then I flipped back to the first pages, stared at pictures of those early days and felt nostalgia quickly creeping in with all its achiness. So I smiled at the memories--so happy to have them captured--closed the book and looked down at the same boy who is here, just bigger.

I've always been mindful of my sentimental heart, but I'm learning to nurture that hyper awareness for how my babies are growing and changing into a good place. I want it to serve as an appreciation and motivation tool rather than a rut that makes me yearn for yesterday or focus too much on how quickly time is passing. Because I'm pretty sure that focusing too much on how quickly time is passing and mourning that it's gone only makes it worse. Besides, right now is pretty awesome. Forward, forward we go.

 photo print17_zps2e4a3704.jpg

Nature seemed to be our theme this weekend. It came in search of us in the form of a tiny soft shell turtle who attempted to cross our street by his lonesome, consequently making Lainey's "dreams come true." And then we set out in search of nature Sunday morning with a family trip to a boardwalk trail.

Myrtle the Turtle definitely stole the show this weekend.

 photo print10_zps7a87f315.jpg

Inspired by homeschool mama Kristin Roger's (@kristinrogers on IG) nature journals, I finally started our own this weekend. I only wish we would have done this sooner. With all the shells, sea creatures and Florida wildlife we've discovered over the past few years, we'd have a thick journal by now. Myrtle gave us a nice kickstart though, and we had fun documenting our investigations in our books, followed by good questions, drawing, iPad searches for soft shell turtle facts and quizzes later in the night.

 photo print13_zpsf5bfc36e.jpg

 photo print14_zps31d7472a.jpg

 photo print9_zps1df8bce1.jpg

 photo print6_zps064947f9.jpg

If you get a chance, check out Kristin Roger's hashtag #ibenaturejournaling on IG--such a beautiful way to learn/teach, completely led by interest.

More nature discoveries on our walk this weekend:

A rather fortunate photobomb.
 photo print19_zpse5c4279e.jpg

 photo print22_zpsdcb1e253.jpg

 photo print20_zpsc59dadaa.jpg

 photo print25_zps01163bdb.jpg

 photo print26_zps34029e67.jpg

 photo print30_zps8d3e0898.jpg

 photo print32_zps123dadee.jpg

Also, I made myself a Monday checklist this week, just for fun.

1. Pull out a cookbook and try a brand new recipe this week.
2. Send a fun snail mail package to one friend.
3. Start writing down a holiday bucket list for this year.
4. Wake up early and run just once this week. Maybe twice next week.
5. Clean out desk.

Checklists make Mondays better. Five ways to make this week more fun, more productive, more meaningful--share any good ones you have.

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You+Me=Family said...

Love Myrtle the Turtle! Growing up, a young owl got stuck in our muddy chicken pen once. We hosed him off and kept him overnight till he was in good enough shape to fly free. It was incredible!
On my list this week is one more beach trip while it's still sunny here in Washington and hanging my pretty, rarely-used wedding china on my walls. Good luck with your check list, sounds fun!

Rachel McPherson said...

awww, i love seeing new posts from you! they make my heart happy and excited to be a momma someday! <3

Chasing Hazel said...

We are trying to soak up all the sunshine we can before the winter comes. I know we still have a ways to go but we really start to appreciate the weather in a whole new way come this time of year (especially since we have a new little joining us in Nov)

Our list includes lazy days hangin' in the backyard with warm cups of tea, some books and a blanket.

Oh and also freshly baked apple crisp from Nonna....bliss!!!

Love your kiddos...

Shari said...

Myrtle the turtle love it. Is this a new family member? I love the idea of a nature journal we may have to start one and go back to some of our favorite trails and find new ones. Have you tried geocacheing it's apparently quite fun it's like a treasure hunt you plug co-ordinates into your GPS go and dig it up and leave something behind, at least that's how my friend explained it to me.

Comfypjs said...

That last photo of Nella...she is growing up so fast! I love that little smile :)

Bevin said...

A nature journal is such a great idea! Thanks for passing that along. I also really appreciate and live the letting your sentimental heart out for a romp and gently reminding her that change is a constant!

Lindsey said...

You are an inspiration, because very often I fall into the rut of mourning time's passage and being sad about all that's over rather than viewing my sentimentality and attachment to right now as a good thing. xoxo

Life with Kaishon said...

I am so excited to make a Monday checklist too! Thank you for the idea : )

Myrtle the Turtle is the bomb. My Grammy Leatherman's name was Myrtle. I miss her so much.

Jamie said...

I am all too often worried about tomorrow and trying to push through today to reveal what the future might bring... I'm seemingly on the other side of where you are, but needed the reminder you've given me nonetheless of the importance of living in today and enjoying these moments as they're happening. Tomorrow will most certainly come - no use wasting today by spending my time gazing out the window watching it approach... So, thank you for this.

Lauren Crosby said...

I am looking for a good baby book. What do you recommend?

AnnieMac said...

Nella is one beautiful little girl. LOVE pictures of her so much!

Melina said...

1. eat cotton candy AND funnel cake at the state fair
2. take a photo of my red haired friend on a tiltawhirl
3. take my dog swimming
4. try and learn a new hairstyle
5. order band new printed instagram shots of seattle and my old friends

Jen said...

The county fair is roaring on one side of town... Thompson Square is rocking the grandstand tonight. We went, even thoughh it is super humid and I wore capris that were about 12 inches too long. I should have opted for shorts.

We took our international student that we are hosting this year. It was our first time out with her and we had so much fun. She is from Spain and has never had a fair gyro or played skee ball! It is so much fun to have my son ask her questions and to struggle through a little language barrier (she speaks excellent English, so the barrier only happens when he asks her questions about animals from the sea). It was fun to show her skee ball and the sheep barn and her first pig show.

Tomorrow... Is going to be hard. It would be my dad's 70th birthday. He passed away the day before Easter this year from complications related to Hodgkin's Lymphoma. So I am making 70 cupcakes to take around tomorrow in his honor. I miss him so.

Other than that... We have soccer and meetings and the usual. I also should be starting a couch to 5k tonight, but I would rather sneak into my bed. I hear my bed calling.... Really loudly.... :)

Carrie Heider Grant said...

1) Print my Rhys' birth announcements
2) Deliver nurses' thank you gifts
3) Get outside every day (never imagined how difficult this would e with a newborn)
4) Paint my nails. (Dream big, right?)

Tammy Nelson said...

Young little guy is growing so fast :) embrace every moment !!!! I enjoy stopping by your blog and looking at all the fantastic photos you take of your every day life :!!!! Love it !!!!

Erica said...

Love the turtle teaching--as a kindergarten teacher myself, there's nothing better than watching kids' eyes light up with interest while their little brains take in so much knowledge. Great pics too!!

Nikki Beth said...

I love that Nella's little toes have left tiny, sweet imprints on her gold moccasins. <3

Argyrie said...

Those first two photos of Dash...swoon, he gorgeous or what? All the precious photos of memories of your beautiful children and life together will always bring you joy and peace...thanks for sharing.

Tammie said...

Kelly, I love Nella's hair braided like that, Lainey's also looks cute, they are all growing so fast. She has the cutest smile��

Kelly Cach said...

I want to carry Dash in that wrap on my hip, smooch Nella's face, and read Lainey's journal :)

Other than that:
1. Clean out my trade with friends (we call it a Naked Lady Party....cuz we're trying on each other's clothes).
2. Goodwill donate and to score (hopefully).
3. Start a new least one chapter this week.
4. Have dinner figured out in the morning Monday--Friday.
5. Buy and deliver a birthday coffee for my friend.

Jennifer Good said...

Your family is so beautiful and awesome! You're so lucky. I hope my kids are half as cool and awesome as yours when I someday have them.

beach handbag said...

Hello dear friends your are a great person . You caught a very time baby memory image upload and first experience.!

{Jessica} said...

I am trying so hard not to be too mournful over how fast my little man is growing up...He's almost 4 months old, and I swear he was a newborn yesterday. I like that you are redirecting the tendency to get nostalgic over the past, and instead, are allowing it to serve as motivation for the future. I'm going to try to do that too - before I become too mired down by emotions to really enjoy the fleeting present.

Also, Kelle: could you share some ideas for a holiday bucket list? I know my son will be too little this year to understand what's going on, but I'd really like to start some traditions and make sure to soak up the season this year. I know you are a holiday fanatic like me, so I'd love to know what you like to do every year with your family. Happy Tuesday!

Renee said...

I've read your blog for quite some time and felt moved to leave a short note this morning - Nella's picture at the end makes me feel like I have some dirt in my are a lucky Momma to be blessed with that little face every day!

AggieAmber05 said...

I just have to say, I looove your blog. Your family is so beautiful, and you are so amazing and I just love your soul. I am not going to lie, I dont always have the time to read the entire post. At the very least I scroll through your pictures, and they tell such a lovely story. They make my heart smile. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

Phyl said...

Kelle, you are an enhancer. Thanks for enhancing all of our lives with your generosity, inpiring life and talent. Phyl

Stephanie said...

So beautiful, he's getting so big! He's just a few months older then my baby just blows my mind how fast they grow.

May I ask what wrap/sling that is that you're using? It's beautiful. We have an ergo but I would really love to own a wrap!

Trish H said...

I just love your blog.....gorgeous pictures, fantastic writing, adorable children and very inspirational. Thank you so much for sharing and writing. :)

Mandi Wolfswinkel said...

What fun. Lots of adventures!
:) My Checklist:

1.Make some apple crisp.
2.Fall bucketlist
3.Pick raspberries at the berry farm.
4.Read some more Harry Potter.Outside on the porch. Fall weather's a comin I hear.
5.Practice being Hands free and disconnected from technology so I can be more connected to my family.

Angela Moreno said...

Heading out on an 8 day road trip adventure via Route 66 from Chicago to Vegas then north through the mountains of Utah and Colorado. Map - check. Extra memory cards - check. Sense of adventure - check.

Melissa Tremberth said...

Just had to say, Your sweet Nella is a beautiful little girl. I see her face and I see all the wishes and dreams and love, happiness and joy flowing from her. How blessed you are that God choose your family to be hers.

Jen said...

I love it! I'm totally stealing some of your list (not the running one - no one to watch baby while I do that!). I can't wait to send a package to someone - why have I never thought of that before?

Kellie Ann said...

My very favorite part of this post- "I've always been mindful of my sentimental heart, but I'm learning to nurture that hyper awareness for how my babies are growing and changing into a good place. I want it to serve as an appreciation and motivation tool rather than a rut that makes me yearn for yesterday or focus too much on how quickly time is passing. Because I'm pretty sure that focusing too much on how quickly time is passing and mourning that it's gone only makes it worse. Besides, right now is pretty awesome. Forward, forward we go. "
I can so relate to this! I have seven children (almost 19 down to 1 year) and I am so sentimental about them growing up! It has been worse since my mom passed away last year because the brevity of life is more real to me now than ever.
I have followed your blog for over two years and I just wanted to tell you how your positive attitude is so encouraging to me. Your posts always help me to remember to focus on the good in life, because there is so, so much that is good!

Suzanne said...

Oh that second photo of Nella...she looks so grown up! Precious.

Averyl Minori said...

Dash looks JUST LIKE YOU in the first picture!! Happy Monday!

True Agape said...

I like you check list! Great idea. I just started writing one thing down on a sticky note that I wanted to accomplish that day. Not like a to do but something that will make a difference in my health. Then when I do it I put a smiley face next to it and add it to my journal. In no time there will be lots of smiley faces in there as encouragement!

vera said...

I love everything about this post.

Kelle said...

I'm so sorry about the loss of your father. I hope his 70th birthday was special for you. xo

Lori said...

I really love you blog and read it often. I just wanted to tell you a little fact about your turtle. Turtles carry salmonella. Be sure and have your girls wash their hands after touching it. My family found this out after my daughter became sick. It took a few weeks to see symptoms and a round of antibiotics took care of it. But I just thought I would give you a heads up I didn't have!!

Dani Cordaro said...

Needs more Dash! :( I feel sad, it seems like the girls were featured on your blog at his age. There aren't enough pictures/posts about him!

Raelyn said...

All caught upon your Blog!! Yes!! ;)
"I've always been mindful of my sentimental heart, but I'm learning to nurture that hyper awareness for how my babies are growing and changing into a good place. I want it to serve as an appreciation and motivation tool rather than a rut that makes me yearn for yesterday or focus too much on how quickly time is passing. Because I'm pretty sure that focusing too much on how quickly time is passing and mourning that it's gone only makes it worse. Besides, right now is pretty awesome. Forward, forward we go.". Very good!! ;-D
That is, most likely, the most breathtaking "photo bomb" that I have ever seen!! ;)

Karen said...

Couldn't stop staring at Nella's precious toe prints on the bottom of her moccasins. Holy hidden cuteness.

Amber Lewis said...

I have so much fun looking through your photos and learning more about your life of love and advocacy. I am working with an a local art center where I live to teach a class for special needs kids/ adults where they could create a product, sell it and learn about Entrepreneurship. If you have see any particular products or ideas that you have read about or worked I would love to hear your input.


mjb said...

Week to do list:
1. don't think for an hour, just be me (maybe 15 minutes)
2. let one of my kids do something without my help
3. start a book club
4. wash sheets

Jenefer Maclean said...

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Kt Go said...
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Kt Go said...

cute quilt, where did you get it?

Kater said...

Hi Kelle!

Where is Dash's onesie from? It is adorable!