Friday, November 9, 2012

The First Gift: Magic Cabin Giveaway

There's something about the first holiday gift for me.  Usually purchased this time of year, it initiates a little burst of holiday enthusiasm and a settling feeling of "I did something to get this ball rolling."  And by ball, I mean shiny Christmas ornament with glitter on the outside and cheer on the inside.  I'm all for letting November be November and giving Thanksgiving its time to shine.  But that's part of the fun of November for me--doing little things here and there that lead up to a more relaxing and fully enjoyable December.  Hence (holla for the word hence), the first gift.  Wrapped and waiting.  Every time I open my closet doors I see it way up on the shelf, and it makes me smile. 


Last year, I finally did Christmas right and this year, we want to simplify even more.  I bought almost all of my gifts online last year, and I took the time to search for well-made toys that would A:) Last, B:) Really mean something to my girls, and C:) Not take up a lot of room in our home.  I look for free shipping deals.  I keep an online wish list throughout the year of things I really love for my girls, and I use it to guide both my own gifts for them and to answer questions when grandparents ask what they want.  After years of buying Christmas gifts, I've realized less is more--hard to do but feels good when you stick to it.  I'd rather have a few really nice things that will last for my girls than a bunch of junk for them to open and forget about later.

Things I Like to Buy for Them:  Nice baby dolls (never gets old for them) and baby doll accessories (a good stroller, a few cute clothes, cloth doll diapers, bottle, etc.), toys that encourage imagination, educational toys and books, puzzles, crafts and art supplies, wood and felt toys

Things I Steer Away From:  Oversized things that will get in the way (we have a good kitchen set and a nice wood easel, and two "big" toys is enough our house can handle), cheap plastic (although those little dress-up click clack shoes will always be a fave), things with little parts that will get lost

I clean out their toys this time of year as well--sort through the things we don't use to donate to Goodwill.  I'm getting better at this every year, and I'm finally getting the hang of simplifying my girls' rooms and belongings for not only an easier life (it stays clean!), but more appreciative children. 

So, on to the first gift.  We have a thing with baby dolls.  My mom has had a thing with baby dolls for years--she can talk for an hour about makes and models of dolls, where they are manufactured, how well they're made.  And my all time favorite gift memory from my childhood is when my sister and I received new baby dolls Christmas morning, delivered to our front door by a nurse (neighbor my parents bribed) in her hospital scrubs.  They were wrapped in receiving blankets, and we proudly reached out for them like real mamas.  (They were also filled with this jelly-like substance to make them heavy, and three days later we broke them open and cleaned out the jelly, shoving it in the door pockets of our Chevy Citation while our oblivious parents drove to Grandma's...but that's a moot point).

We've had several different ones throughout the years, but most of our dolls have been cheap things Brett excitedly comes home with from the grocery store because he does that sort of thing.  But this baby?  I saw her in the Magic Cabin catalogue and fell in love.  Designed in Sweden (I'm speakin' my mom's language now), the Rubens Barn dolls have soft-sculpted bodies and weighted bottoms to make them feel real.  Nella's going to love hers.


There are a number of Rubens Barn dolls to choose from--both babies and kids and girl and boy dolls. And I love the cloth bottle and pacifier set (the little mouth opens on the doll).  One comment from this post will be randomly chosen to receive a free Rubens Barn doll, reader's choice, courtesy of Magic Cabin. You can find Magic Cabin on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as well.  We love their well-made toys that encourage imagination.
We're also simplifying our wrapping this year.  I'm usually tempted by beautiful wrapping paper and rows of pretty ribbon in craft stores, but I am loving the simplicity and cost-effectiveness this year of parchment paper, baker's twine, paper doily tags and $1 stamps.

The baker's twine is actually a $10 giant skein of fine yarn.  It lasted us through all of last year's crafts and North Pole Party (coming again this year!) and we have gobs left for this year.


My favorite IG pic this week: A moment Nella and I shared where I danced her to sleep, serenaded by classical music. Our night weather finally qualifies for cozy fleecy jammies...I like.

Instagram is a free phone app.  You can find us at etst on Instagram.

Magic Cabin Rubens Barn doll winner announced in Monday's post. Tell me four things...

1.) What's streaming from your MP3/radio/CD player/record player (so many means of listening these days) right now?
2.) Last thing that made you smile.
3.) What you're looking forward to right now.
4.) Last thing you bought for yourself.

1.)  James: Rhodes, Piano Recital
2.)  Nella and Brett playing the blanket throwing game
3.)  I'm going to the symphony tonight...alone.
4.)  A cinnamon crisp bagel, Panera


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femery said...

1. Holy Ghost Tent Revival in my car on CD.
2. My son asking if he can do chores for random strangers for money. My little capitalist.
3. Thanksgiving turkey and dressing. 4. The cute Owl hanging that you have above Nella's crib from Darlybird. :)

Susie said...

I love, love, love the simplicity of the parchment paper, yarn, and doily gift wrap. Thank for the beautiful idea!

Sara said...

1.) Madness by Muse
2.) My 1-yr-old said "Jayhawk" :)
3.) 80's movie night with my BFF
4.) A pair of jeans

I always thought my daughter wouldn't be into dolls because I wanted to encourage her to play with whatever she wanted to (even if it was trucks, dinosaurs, etc.). Needless to say, she LOVES baby dolls. She has one in particular that she has to have with her everyday at daycare.

Posy Quarterman said...

1.) Elizabeth Mitchell's cover of David Bowie's Kooks. Love.
2.) A photo (on Instagram) of my friend's son proudly sporting a Belle gown for his 3rd birthday shoot.
3.) The first holiday party of the season, tonight, celebrating local business owners, which I proudly get to call myself one of.
4.) Hanes Her Way. Glamorous, I know!

Francesca said...

1) Jack Johnson songs... relaxing for the last day of the week

2) Few minutes ago while reading the answer of Barack Obama to a little girl asking advices to him because kids at school tease her because she has 2 dads

3)Get on the bus and go back home to see my husband (I work 2.5hrs away from home and I commute)

4) Lunch....for my belly! :)

Heidi said...

1. The Traditional Christmas station on Dish Network
2. Tahd left work early to come home and stopped at Panera to pick up lunch for me
3. So, so, so excited for Christmas. So excited!
4. Fabric to make curtains for our living room. Gray chevron - lovely!

52crafts52weeks said...

Oh Kelle that photo of you and Nella is so beautiful! I love holding my sleeping baby in my arms. And yes we need to break out the fleece pjs now too (Northern California).

1.) I'm listening to NPR on my iphone - makes a change from children's indie station on Pandora.
2.) My 7 month old all wrapped up in cosy bear suit and playing on the swings in the park this morning.
3.) Christmas!!! My favourite time of year.
4.) A big cosy cardigan from Gap yesterday.

rosanne parket photography said...

1. My kids are all (ages 13, 5 and 2) into One Direction so that's always on in the car...forgive me but it's so cute when the baby sings along :)
2. My baby boy telling me to have a good day at work (he's 2).
3. Knowing my husband is coming home tonight after only a night away on business but that bed is cold without him, at least until all the kids climbed in this morning.
4. Spicy Thai lunch yesterday...yum!

P.S. LOVE the pic of you and Nella. It's pushing me toward another guys are precious.

Julie said...

1. Your playlist from Spotify (Some Nights)
2. My cat with that horrible collar, after some surgery this week
3. The weekend and the start of the winter Farmer's Market
4. Coffee

The girls said...

Love that picture of you and sleeping Nella. So sweet.

Mine are:

1. Bob Marley, Bing Crosby, Josh Turner

2. Watching my girl ballerina-twirl for her daddy over Skype.

3. The end of this third deployment.

4. Cold medicine. (I should just buy stock in it).

Jenny said...

1.) New Mumford and Sons cd on repeat!
2.) wall decals for the nursery that my sister has purchased for the awaited arrival!
3.) I'm 36 weeks and anxiously counting down!
4.) a bagel from Tim Horton's!

I absolutely adore your blog, always checking for new posts even though I know I get updates as to when that happens :)

Jen said...

Nothing playing currently... Enjoying the cooing of the baby before the big kids get home from school.

The baby and I went shopping today, and at less than five months old, she is imitating us and trying to talk. And grab my sandwich. Both are big deals, because her sister is almost five years old and is nonverbal andwas in feeding therapy for two and a half years.

Looking forward to our trip to ISLE OF CAPRI!!!!

I just got an ipod touch, so I can finally Instagram! I have been going crazy with pictures and effects!! :)

cc6a66f2-5be1-11e0-ab19-000bcdcb471e said...

1. Children's songs for my girl
2. Hearing from a far away friend
3. Our first holidays in our new home
4. Some new clothes!

The Villars said...

1)Burl Ives' CD in my car "Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas. I started listening to Christmas music earlier than normal this year. It just makes me happy!
2)My little girl was just trying to avoid her afternoon nap by crawling down the hall covered with her blanket. I swooped her up (making her jump) and tucked her back into bed.
3)We are taking the kids to see the Christmas lights in Branson, MO tomorrow.
4)A new top to wear out for a Girl's Night Out tonight with some friends.

Anne said...

1. Alternating between the new Dave Matthews Band and Mumford and Sons
2. My oldest telling me she made me my favorite lunch, long noodles!
3. My parents and sisters coming for Thanksgiving!!
4. New face wash and lotion, it's the little things, right?

NBliss said...

1) actually nothing, I'm working in silence
2) watching my 18 month old chase my Jack Russell around to play peek a boo. She says, "peek boo"!
3)the holidays = days off of work & spending time at home with family & friends
4)a veggie burrito - then I got the stomach flu & it came back up :( Haven't eaten since.

Jessica said...

1. Mumford and Sons, Babel
2. Looking through some old photos of my son when he was 1 (he's 7)
3. My two sick kids being healthy
4. Just splurged on an iPhone 5

Elizabeth said...

1.) Nothing. I cherish silence sometimes.

2). My baby sitting in my lap on the floor and sliding down my baby bump to actually get to my lap.

3). Visiting family out of state.

4). a striped sweater

Cheryl said...

1. Howard Stern
2. Watching Shawn help Oliver build his new Lego set
3. Having my family sleep over tonight
4. A nice candle that smells like winter

Karen said...

1. Mumford and Sons
2. My daughter getting so excited to wear snow boots for the first time
3. a long weekend
4. A curling iron to keep a shampoo for my curly hair more than one day

Jen said...

1.) Holly Jolly Christmas Pandora station
2.) My girl's ridiculously crazy hair that she called fabulous
3.) Our family photos next weekend
4.) A more pink than I've ever worn in my life shirt from Old Navy

Enjoy your weekend :-)

Aura said...

1. Kids music currently Subi shelton
2. I came in from carpool, dropped my bags on the table and ran to the bathroom and when I came out I found that my 2 year old had unpacked and put away all the groceries
3. NY getting back together it's still a mess since hurricane sandy I feel like we're living in a 3rd world country
4. Jelly rings by target check out. Bad for my waist but so yummy

desilou freebush said...

1.) Chopin classics on Pandora

2.) My dd singing a made up song in the next room

3.) Possible snow this weekend :)

4.) a Gingerbread Latte at Starbucks & an ebook from

KTG said...

1.) What's streaming from your right now? Mumford and Sons Below my feet from Babel
2.) Last thing that made you smile. My 2 year old catching ants
3.) What you're looking forward to right now. Friday night sewing and take out
4.) Last thing you bought for yourself.
Ugg boots at TJMAXX so worth warm feet keeps my whole body toasty in 30 morning 30 degrees outings

dodgingacorns said...

1.) Zac Brown Band channel on Pandora - "Let it go"
2.) the little girl behind me in line at the grocery store who complimented my turquoise hair streaks ;-)
3.) A trip to CVS for my flu shot so I can maybe sneak a treat of lipstick for myself.
4.) Seche vite top coat for my nails.

Dylan'sMommy316 said...

I love those dolls!! Might need to check them out for my niece.

1) Diamonds-Rihanna (useful when running)

2) my son's smile when I opened the toy inside the McDonalds box (a batman skateboard, ooh)

3) seeing Skyfall with my oldest friend from childhood on Sunday

4) besides a cup for water from McDonald's? An HTC EVO 4g LTE

The Scott's said...

1. Wanted by Hunter Hays - Such a feel good song!
2. My son fishing off the top bunk in his room last night :)
3. My mom is having gastric bypass surgery on the 26th of this month and I am so excited for this huge step in her life... prayers please!
4. I bought myself and ice cream cone on my way home from work on Wednesday. I drove to the park and just sat in my car in silence for a moment as I enjoyed it after a rough day at work...

Great post Kelle!

Rachel said...

1.James Taylor (Pandora station)

2.My kids loving on the plastic, tacky, "baby deer" that a neighbor donated to us from her yard sale that they randomly place around our yard...oh, the joy!

3.Our Thanksgiving preschool feast.

4.A Pumpkin Spice Latte with a gift card that I have been holding on to for was worth the wait. :)

Mrs. Kadel said...

1. The latest Passion Pit album.
2. My daughter scheming for more rocks in the rocking chair before naptime.
3. A weekend with nothing scheduled.
4. Cute socks.

cows315 said...

1.) Hard to love on CMT
2.) My daughter- our doula came to visit and when my doula leaned over to say Hi my 3.5 month old daughter said HI back!
3.) CHRISTMAS as if it was my last one ever! Mainly cause its my daughters first!
4.) A fleece back pullover. The joys of winter in WI!

V said...

1.) I've been listening to a lot of David Gray

2.) A good meeting with my boss

3.) Our new house being built!

4.) Lovely leather Ros Hommerson riding boots that fit my genetically mutant wide calfs (from LOVE!

Unknown said...

1.) Christmas music. Because it's time.
2.) My 6-month-old Corgi puppy, running through the house as fast as she could go.
3.) Finishing the book project I'm working on.
4.) An e-book short story for my Kindle.

Ashley Davis said...

1. The Message on XM radio
2. Sarah Grace (my daughter)againing head control so she can move her head to where she sees me:)
3. The Childrens' Book Festival in Savannah tomorrow.
4. Otis Spunkmeyer cookies!

Tara said...

1.) When I'm Down by Chris Cornell
2.) My 22 month old daughter falling asleep in the exersaucer while jumping
3.) Christmas traditions... old and new
4.) A car charger for my cell phone... learned the hard way after seven days without heat and power after Hurricane Sandy

Annie Quarto said...

1.) The new Script album
2.) My 2 year old son lining up his cars
3.) Son's nap time so I can finish your book, just bought it for my Kindle and I couldn't put it down.
4.) Socks...boring

just to look said...

Baby Dolls were my #1 presents as a girl!
1.) A song that one of my best friends from high school sings. He is living in Nashville, soon to make it BIG!! "Railroad Woman" Matt Sellars

2.) The sweetest email from an old friend, just to check in!

3.) Attending my very first NFL game this Sunday. GO PANTHERS!!

4.) A hot pink bauble necklace! I am wearing it today at work!

Heather said...

1)James Taylor, Sweet Baby James, live.
2)text from Dan that he was excited for our date tonight
3)a hot bubble bath once kids are picked up.
4)Venti iced Coffee two pumps toffee nut one pump mocha.

Thank you for this post. xo

tricia*kushman*anderson said...

1. Mumford and Sons, Bon Iver (can't get enough)
2.Picking my kids up from a sleepover
3.Hosting a chili party
4.a thrifted maxi dress

boogermama said...

1.) As much as I'd like to be listening to the Of Monsters and Men set I queued up, the boy is watching the "You Get Me" video from the Talking Tom app on his iPad over and over and over... so I'm listening to that.

2.) Watching the 4yo bring the 17mo a pillow so he would "sleep" - because then the 4yo can go back to watching Talking Tom without interruption...

3.) Having our family back in one house for the holidays

4.) A Maple Sugar and Oak candle that was on markdown at Rite Aid - one of my besties said I should get it because it smelt like morning breakfast in front of the fire - and it so very does.

justme5686 said...

1. Marry Me by Train
2. Hearing "Mamamamama" when I opened the door to my 7 month old's room this morning
3. Sleep (provided Jack allows it)
4. Nursing pads. There isn't much shopping for mama these days.

rachiej84 said...

1.)"Ho Hey" by The Lumineers
2.) My sweet kiddos 1st grade school picture.
3.) My daughter's IEP meeting this afternoon! I love to hear all the progress she has made. :)
4.) Crafty supplies to make a yarn wreath for Fall! Lovely!

Becky said...

1.) Taylor swift on pandora..LOVE
2.) My little girl playing with her nuk in the middle of the night (via video monitor)..she is learning so many things :)
3.) Spending the weekend with my little girl while daddy is gone..
4.) Sandwhich, but looking forward to a salted caramel mocha tomorrow.

Sarah said...

1. Billy Idol - Eyes Without A Face
2. Our daycare provider texted me to tell me that our 2-year-old daughter ate her carrots after another little boy told her they're good for her eyes and promptly said, "I see better now!"
3. A day date with my husband tomorrow!
4. Some BB's amazing!!!

Growing Up Gardner said...

1. Michael Buble holiday on Pandora
2. waking up to read sweet notes left by happy customers
3. Seeing the doctor. Waiting rooms suck.
4. Leopard print flats.

Books at The Paperhouse said...

1. Adele.
2. My daughter Joey (2 years old) begging me to let her wear a football jersey so she could be "just like bro bros."
3. Listening to my dad give a speech tonight.
4. A pair of wool thigh-high socks from Grace & Lace (on etsy). Perfect for November, no?

Mrs.T said...

LOVE your simple wrapping for this year. Classic, crisp and clean.

1 - still rocking the new Mumford & Sons
2 - my 2-year old daughter in her pigtails
3 - a quiet weekend at home preparing for a new baby (+/- 7 weeks!)
4 - a peppermint hot chocolate

Jenna | The Paleo Project said...

1.) Frank Sinatra Holiday Pandora
2.) #1
3.) 5:00 on Friday so I can get home and light all the candles, put away all the things, then enjoy a night where I have no where to be!
4.) A dress for my high school reunion, online a couple hours ago... I found 50% off first purchase on a fun site.

Happy Weekend :)

LindsayAC said...

Nothing... I'm a lover of silence.
My son saying his verse for AWANAs.
Distance from this phase. Awful, but true.
Stamps for snail mail.

Alexis97 said...

1) The Glee Christmas Album, Volume 1
2) an email from my husband earlier today
3) picking up my Abby (4 yo) at daycare later
4) giant sized rice crispy treat @ Target

Spencer Family said...

1. Les Miserables station on Pandora
2. My daughter lifting her plate full of peas to lick off the pizza sauce and the peas tumbling into her lap. She's one and was totally unaware.
3. Naptime. Same daughter is cranky.
4. washi tape at Target, I'm resisting covering everything in washi tape :)

Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

1.) Clear the Stage, by Jimmy Needham
2.) My husband, who called to tell me that will be taking care of dinner tonight. He's cooking!
3.) Taking family photos in just over a week.
4.) Just ordered myself a necklace and charm from Jewel Kade. The charm has a star on one side, and on the other says, "Wise men still seek Him." Can't wait to wear it this season!

Erin said...

1. Mumford and Sons
2. A late night dance party with my husband and 2 year old son.
3. A warm weather weekend (and Christmas of course!!!!)
4. A cozy sweatshirt.

McCameys said...

I wish I lived close to you because you would be my friend! I love love love reading your blog. Its my quite time to sit down and soak myself into your words, your life. Your life, your family, your passion is beautiful. I find it more fun to read your blog than keep mine going. Thank you for blogging in such a wonderful way. One day I hope to meet you and your oh so adorable children.

What a sweet sweet baby doll! My little Reese is 7 1/2 months old and I can't wait buy her her very first baby.

1.) KLove
2.) Your Blog
3.) Thanksgiving, being with my family and my Grandma getting to meet my baby for the very first time :)
4.) gummies, I just love them

christina said...

oh wow oh wow are those babies CUTE!
1) Wiggles, Fresh Beat Band or Laurie Berkner from the car radio, usually.
2) this morning, my Lovie told me she could see my nipples as i was getting dressed. and that they were nice. hahaha. :)
3) getting my hair chopped on Tuesday
4) just ordered some tops from zulily

Sheila said...

1).38 Special in the car at lunch
2)One of the middle schoolers in my office
3)Listening to Christmas music while driving to our camper tonight
4)Crepes, so I can have banana Nutella crepes tonight!

Melissa Marie said...

1.) Adele <3
2.) My son calling his chin a chicken
3.) Picking up our kittens in the morning
4.) Butterfingers candy bar :)

So enjoy your blog!

Angela said...

1. Mumford & Sons on new favorite
2. Seeing a new ETST post pop up!
3. At home date night with my hubby and a cozy tucked in weekend with my family since we got a foot of snow here in MT!!!
4.'s been awhile... maybe I should go shopping!!

Those baby dolls are great...thanks for the link to the site, I may have to add those to my girls wish lists for Christmas, they love dolls!!

Michelle said...

1.) Classical Music (mostly George Winston Pandora)
2.) Thinking about doll babies due to this post.
3.) Crafting night with the girls tomorrow.
4.) Pumpkin Pie bagel from Panera

Debbie said...

1. The Best of The Laurie Berkner Band in my car. My 2 kids love her, and I find myself singing along to "Victor Vito" along with them!
2. Dancing with my kids this morning in our pjs
3. Going to get family photos taken tomorrow morning
4. A book for my iPad

cathy said...

1. Unfortunately nothing because I am at work.
2. A sweet text msg from a dear friend telling me she is praying for me.
3. Visiting my kids for Thanksgiving.
4. A cute bright RED top.

Joy said...

-Bedlam boys, nice and loud!
-watching my son who just learned to read, wow.
-a three day weekend full of family crafting
-even more fabric for sewing projects

Mostly Outtakes said...

1) Mumford & Sons new album
2) My husband called me at work (where I am having a terrible day!), so I could hear our little guy giggling
3) The weekend with my family
4) A quick lunch at the grocery deli

The Book Sylph said...

1.) Mariah Carey's Christmas albums
2.) My 2 year old saying "Bless you Mama" after I coughed this morning.
3.) Finishing my PhD...3 more weeks.
4.) A new blouse to wear for my PhD final seminar...any stressful event deserves a new shirt.

Donna said...

1. Amen, Meek Mills
2. Squirrel caught in bird feeder.
3. Traveling Pickle Party
4. Big Black Boots

TammyW said...

We do simple Christmas' at our house. Usually 3-4 gifts per kiddo and one gift is a book.

1) I don't know what music is in my CD player. My 4 year old like to change it and I haven't listened to music in a while.
2)My daughter telling me she "loves me" right before requesting juice
3) Quiet time to sew
4) Flavored creamer for my coffee

Stephanie Crooks said...

1.) Britney Spears
2.) My daughter's pigtails
3.) A relaxing, uneventful weekend
4.) Facewash!

k8te said...

i love how you wrapped your gifts, so pretty! and that doll is just adorable, i may need to get one for my niece!

Lele said...

1.) Anthony Skinner
2.) My sweet baby girl
4.) Maternity yoga pants

Ginger said...

1. Grace Potter & The Nocturnals' news album
2. 5 minutes ago, my 3yr old called me a "Stinky little rat" because I ate a grape off her plate haha
3. I'm looking forward to seeing my parents this Sunday!! I miss them :(
4. A bright pink pair of Hunter boots (50% off at The Rack woot woot)

earlynovemberlove said...

1) Les Mis soundtrack!
2) Some inside joke or another
3) Making an important decision, for better or for worse
4) A breve at the local coffee joint said...

1.) The Lumineers
2.) A video of my son taking his first steps (yesterday!)
3.) Pizza and movies with girlfriends tonight
4.) A Candle that smelled like christmas

Tricia said...

1.) Kenny Chesney
2.) Fitting into a smaller size suit for work today.
3.) My birthday next Saturday.
4.) The TurboFire workout. I'm having fun looking like an idiot in my living room :)

Roxy Throatpunch said...

That Instagram shot just made me swoon audibly. <3

1) Listening to a lot of NPR at work - mostly Fresh Air and Tell Me More - and a lot of different stations on Songza on the commute and at home.

2) My toddler waving to me when I peeked in to check on her this morning.

3) My birthday tomorrow!

4) This!

aliciajill said...

1. Paloma Faith
2. How ridiculously excited my 4 yr old was when I let her get Teddy Grahams at the grocery store this morning. You would have thought she'd found the Holy Grail.
3. Going Christmas shopping with the hubby on Sunday. Got a sitter for the kidlets and gonna make a date of it.
4. A Keurig. And it was worth every penny. Mommy needs coffee in the morning. And fast. :)

Alzbeta said...

1.) Pandora: love my 60s folk radio station.

2.) My little girl laying her hand on my tummy and asking, "Is Lil' Bit kickin', Mommy?" (Lil' Bit is our second baby girl, due in February!)

3.) My little girl being healthy again! We are going a little stir crazy and she's on her third illness in the last month. This one is going to take us into the doctor to check out 02 stats, I think.

4.) Ina May's Guide to Childbirth :).

Krystle said...

1.) I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons
2.) My daughter this morning ran away from me without a shirt on giggling. Then turning around a giving me the cutest smirk.
3.) Meeting this little girl that's been in my belly for quite some time now. I'm due on the 29th!! :)
4.) At the thrift store I bought this pretty striped pale pink and mauve scarf. I love me some scarves!

Loving that Christmas spirit and your take on gifting. It's great, I should really take on that advice! :) Have a nice weekend!!

Holly Rehmann said...

1. Pandora: Jeff Johnson
2. Eating Mexican food for lunch with my feisty Grandma.
3. A weekend in the Texas Hill Country surrounded by family, ones I see often and others I rarely see!
4. A new journal! (so excited)

Shelby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tammie said...

1-Blown Away by Carrie Underwood
2-Seeing my grandson get his very first hair cut/that made him go from a baby to a toddler
3-looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with people who I am so Thankful for>
4- potato skins with cheddar cheese and bacon.

Rose said...

1.) Moonlight Sonata!
2.) My two boys pulling each other on the sled in the backyard snow.
3.) Hot chocolate and blueberry crepes for lunch (I'm pregnant, so I can say, "The baby wants crepes.")
4.) A vanilla cookie candle.

lovebakecreate said...

1.) Savage Garden... too funny to have a little one cooing along!
2.) Knitted snowman hat that was our early Christmas gift (cold weather comes quickly in Canada)
3.) Christmas baking tonight!
4.) Cinnamon shampoo and bubble bath (technically vitamins, but that's not as exciting)

Thank you for the beautiful post! Love that belly poking out from under Nella!

Carmen said...

1.) Sheryl Crow 'Wildflower'
2.) I'm taking care of my friend's dog, Juno, and she looks at me and tilts her head when I talk to her. So cute.
3.) Running with my son this weekend.
4.) A pedicure.

Amy said...

1. Silence. Love it.
2. Sharing an apple with my three year old.
3. Going home. Have been visiting family for almost 10 days. Going home tomorrow!
4. Not sure. Maybe some yoga pants from Target. Sounds lame, I know, but I'm wearing them right now and they're so comfy!

Love the photo of Nella sleeping!
Great thoughts on simplifying for the holidays. I have been thinking about doing that this year too. - Amy

Ms. Pollywog said...

1. Zac Brown Band (I've been on a kick since summer)
2. Baby Boy looking so darned cute in his pumpkin hat
3. Baby's first Christmas and getting together with college friends tomorrow for lunch
4. A pair of tights argyle socks

LOVE your IG picture. So, so sweet.
lacieb75 at gmail dot com

Shelby said...

1.) I have to admit - it's Christmas music. I love it.
2.) My girls playing together.
3.) Our upcoming weekend with family at an indoor waterpark.
4.) Some fabulous bubble bath.

Dizzyhappymama said...

1) anything and everything by Fun and Imagine Dragons
2) my kids painting blocks of wood outside this morning
3)My husband's surprise birthday party tmrw night
4)a big ole' coke from Mcdonalds

lexibucz said...

1.) Adelle, 21
2.) Talking to my sweet girl while I am at work
3.) Looking forward to this week being OVER (been a rough one!)
4.) Orbit spearamnit gum (its the small things)

Teresa Brown said...

1.) K-Love on the radio

2.) When my 4 year old son said to me, "I love you, my sweetheart!"

3.) Time with extended family over Thanksgiving weekend

4.) A tea kettle

Becky said...

1. Fisher Price Sing Alongs in Spanish...over and over again!
2. My little one pressing her finger to her mouth and making a "thinking" sound right before she answers the question I just asked her!
3. The zoo this weekend-- only the second time ever we've taking our daughter and going to a new one we've never been before!
4. A tuna salad sandwich and Pirate's Booty for lunch a few hours ago!

Nancy said...

Love the coziness of the last pic.

1. The Civil Wars -- Poison and Wine. Can't stop hitting replay.

2. A text from my husband.

3. Reading more of The Hobbit out loud to my three oldest tonight. Love that they are old enough to repeat the tradition from my family. My mom must have read it out loud a million times by the time she'd gotten it into all 11 of us kids.

4. An US Weekly magazine. Oop. Did I just say that. Guilty pleasure . . . I only do it a few times a year.. . .

Rebekah said...

1. French Cajun music
2. Walking in from work and seeing my children eating lunch together at their little table
3. My next decaf latte
4. I paid off my library fine so that I could check out books again - surely that counts as buying something for myself!

marla said...

01.. matthew perryman jones [goodness for your ears]
02.. my sweets rocking out in the car.
03.. shopping date.
04.. new sheepskin insoles for my boots - happy feet!

Lindsay said...

1.) Silence - but if I wasn't in the office, it would be Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away" CD
2.) A sweet checking-in email from a friend
3.) A weekend at home with my hubby with no "real" plans, before the madness of the holidays begins
4.) Lunch - treated myself to a salad that I love.

Greener Grass Academy said...

1.) Mumford + Sons, but I'm ready for Christmas music now!
2.) My baby girl taking her first step!
3.) Mock Thanksgiving dinner at my daughters' cooking class tonight
4.) A Kindle book - yours, in fact!

mistene said...

1. Anything Carrie Underwood - great to sing out loud!
2.) Carrying my 2 daughters up to bed for their naps - their sleepy breath on my neck.... pure joy!
3.) The weekend! I love days with my girls, but weekends as a family rock my world.
4.) A new box of k-cups! Love my afternoon coffee during naptime.

LOVE the shot of you and Nella dancing. So beautiful.

Michelle H. said...

Those dolls are so adorable. My 5-year old niece would just love them.
1) Jack Johnson today
2) A text from my guy
3) A weekend filled with some baking, relaxing, and celebrating my sister's birthday.
4) Necklace from Sassy Steals

Maria said...

1.) What's streaming from your MP3/radio/CD player/record player (so many means of listening these days) right now?

playlist of songs i sing to baby #1 due in feb! (adele, eva cassidy, dmb)

2.) Last thing that made you smile.

feeling baby kicks!

3.) What you're looking forward to right now.

the weekend!

4.) Last thing you bought for yourself.

dinner with girlfriends last night!

thanks so much!

Elizabeth said...

1.) Mumford & Sons and the Jersey Shore Red Cross Phoneathon from last week- I turn it on for the music but always end up crying!
2.) My great aunt & cousin got power back on Long Island after 10 days in the dark!
3.) Thanksgiving and NYC in December
4.) Pad Thai at lunch with the work friends

Christina said...

1. Depending on You by Tom Petty
2. Our anniversary was the day after the elections. My husband woke me up shouting, "40 More Years of Us" like he was rooting for a politician.
3. Girl's night tonight and the birth of my first child soon!
4. A piece of costume jewelry to take the place of my wedding ring as my hands have swollen from pregnancy too much!

hollycombs said...

1.) The Civil Wars
2.) My husband
3.) Dinner with friends this evening
4.) Some great scented candles...and I'm heading out to get some discounted yarn tomorrow =)

Sara said...

1.) David grungor... loving his tunes.
2.) My 4 year old colored all over himself and his 18 month old brother. I have 4 kids, i've learned to find the humor in things that I used to get annoyed over.
3.) Going to the gym. Alone.
4.) Perfume. And as i'm nearing the big 3-0 I am noticing my tastes changing.

Mary J said...

1. Thanksgiving American Folk Hymns
2. My daughter's "bed head" this morning.
3. Celebrating Veteran's Day home with family
4. Cold medicine

Kristen said...

1. Les Miserables
2. My daughter putting her head on my tummy while I sang to her
3. The weekend
4. Hot chocolate

Sarah said...

That doll is so adorable. My daughter (who is about 6 months younger than Nella) would LOVE it!

1."Factory" Band of Horses
2. Having a yummy lunch earlier at Panera with my special little lady
3. Heading to the beach for the weekend
4. A new scarf

Have a great weekend!!!

Southern Gal said...

Lovely doll.

1. Roll Away Your Stone - Mumford and Sons
2. Granddaughter Nora loving on her baby sister "A Pearl" as she calls her. (Ava Pearl)
3. Running my second 5K in the morning. Nervous yet excited.
4. Bought Les Mis tickets this morning for me and two gal pals! Now we have to wait until March to see it.

Danny and Jenna's Wedding said...

1 - Red Hands by Walk Off the Earth
2- My kids coming home from being with friends
3- Preparing for Christmas!!! (Thanksgiving has passed here in Canada)
4- 2 Darly Bird goodie bags (some stuff will be given away but there's a great bracelet I'm going to keep!)

Daniela said...

1- "everyone is a little bit racist sometimes", cover by NOFX
2- dinner time tonight, we adults eating sushi and my two years old son eating mozzarella with sticks
3- welcoming home my best friend and her husband who are currently in Colombia meeting the two girls they are adopting. Have to wait 40 days before they are back and I'm sooooo restless already!
4- Rob Ryan's paper cut calendar for 2013. I adore all his artworks!

mommybgb said...

1. Some Nights by Fun (reck it ralph movie)
2. Dinner last night, my 4 year old son said "Dinner was so good, it blew my mind!"
3.'s the most wonderful time of the year
4. My 50mm 1.8 Canon lens..your photography inspires me so I had to have it

Donna said...

1.) The Christmas Cantata I'm practicing for.
2.) Reading the words of God's love and encouragement that someone wrote to someone grieving the loss of a child.
3.) Meeting my sister and some friends tonight to celebrate her birthday.
4.) Gray suede slouch knee boots (still waiting for them to arrive...) :)

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erin said...

1.) Anything Christmas music!! :)
2.) Sharing good news w/ a friend.
3.) Hubby's birthday next weekend and surprising him big time.
4.) A cozy, gray sweater from Target.

Carley said...

1. My iPod is on shuffle. Right now: Praise You in this storm by Casting Crowns.

2. My baby girl laughing after she sneezes (she does it every time!).

3. Thanksgiving road trip to NH and PA!

4. Breakfast at McDonalds...yum!

Miss G said...

1. One Republic "Feel Again"
2. a hot cup of Chai on a quiet morning
3. cold weather begins tonight!
4. an Americano coffee?


Eleanor said...

1: Little House on the Prairie audio book
2:cooking with my preschool class this morning
3: camping trip for the upcoming long weekend
4:fabric, a sewing magazine, and chocolate (see aforementioned long weekend)

Kristen said...

1. Natalie Grants - Your Great Name
2. Rocking my little toddler to sleep as she smiled at me.
3. Christmas!
4. A cheeseburger from McDonalds! Ha :)

Stragoz said...

1) X&Y byt Coldplay
2) a sweet text from my boyfriend
3) Teaching my children's class at church
4) a lipstick :)

Beth said...

1.) I have on our local easy listening station. 80s soft rock does it for me every time.
2.) The mail. 3 packages came, all for ME!
3.) Hubby to come home - he's been gone all week and I need some me time...oh, and it'd be nice to see him, too. :)
4.) Some lip gloss & perfume.

Rebecca said...

1.Andrew Sisters Christmas
2.Warm cocoa and my littles hugs
3.Hearing from a friend....and Thanksgiving
4.A peppermint mocha

Ellie said...

1. HIllsong United's 2011 Album
2. Scenes from my favorite Holiday Movie - Love Actually
3. In 5 weeks we go to France for Christmas :)
4. A sweater from Alternative Apparel

Thanks for sharing your joy...

Beth said...

1.) Listening to: Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors
2.) Smiling at: the fact that it's Friday!
3.) Looking forward to: spending Veterans Day with my fiancé (a US Marine)
4.) Bought myself: a cute, dressy top

Mom2Ivy said...

1. I always have Elizabeth Mitchell and They Might be Giants kids cd's playing in the car

2. Watching my 4 yr old dance and sing is the last thing that made me smile (just a few mins ago!)

3. I'm really looking forward to a relaxed holidays this year.

4. I bought myself a 3 month pass to kickboxing!

momtorileyo said...

1) Just Breathe (Willie Nelson)...I have been listening to this alot since my dad died this summer.
2) A note my daughter secretly left in my desk drawer...I just took it out and read it again for a pick-me-up.
3) Seeing high school girlfriends on Sunday. Drinks and fun!
4) Drill bits. My electric drill is my new favorite thing :)

Khristenas said...

1.) Regina, love, love her.
2.) I participated in the Happy Day Project and spread lots of lovlies throughout work. Their smiles make me smile.
3.) Coaching THE LAST flag football game of the season tomorrow!
4.) Might be an overshare...but Walmart has these supercomfy Halloween undies...they're cute and I always get them when they go on sale!

Kim W. said...

1. Monsters and Men
2. My son, playing peekaboo
3. Date night with my husband
4. Coffee and a breakfast sandwich at Starbucks

Stacy and Mike said...

1.) Some mello Jack Johnson before my son comes home and begs for "The nightmare Before Christmas song" He has Halloween withdrawls.
2.) When my daughter asked me, "Why do you look old" (I am 35 and if I do say so myself have aged gracefully)
3.) Making so some homemade soup for tonight,it is going to be a cozy night in for our family.
4.) I have been taking riding lessons and I finally gave in to buying myself a cow girl hat to fit the part.

Meg said...

1. Silence right now - it is a rare pleasure :)
2. Seeing the little Flash Rubens Barn doll - my 3 year old son has been asking for a 'baby,' but I think a doll will have to suffice for now :)
3. Yoga
4. Coffee :)

Heather said...

1. Right now I'm listening to the music from my baby's swing...does that count?
2. My 3-year-old constantly makes me smile and laugh!
3. The holidays and the first snow.
4. A new dress at the Goodwill! I LOVE treasure hunting there!

...and baby makes five! said...

1.) PodRunner for my daily runs!
2.) Having my 1st grader home with us this beautiful Friday since he didn't have school! Hooray for everyone home at lunch time!
3.) Getting Christmas-crafty!
4.) Running skirts

mumofsix said...

Radiohead - while my son sorted the ad leaflets for his weekly paper round.
Watching my mother help my son sort leaflets for his paper round.
A little bit of peace and quiet tonight, probably at about 10.30pm
A lamp, the base of which is the Eiffel tower, so much more tasteful than it sounds, I promise!

Nina McGee said...

1. Adventures in Oddessy
2. my baby angel Hadley
3. coming home to a clean house
4. a nugget meal from chick fil a

TheresaT said...

1. Listening to the newest Dave Matthews band I love those guys!
2. The last thing that made me smile is my little guy and the constant and never ending questions that he asks (hes 3 :) )
4. Looking so so forward to spending Thanksgiving with my family!
5. A purse!

sheri said...

1. Susie Tallman. The wheels on the bus is on repeat.
2. My baby (now 4.5) said all he wanted to do after school was "be sweet and snuggle on the couch with (me)."
3. The texas renaissance festival. Honey mead, turkey legs, and baby girl's first French braids.
4. La Madeleine French toast. Imagine my delight while eating them followed by my horror as I logged all 1250 calories to MyFitnessPal....

Laura McCleery said...

2. Finding out there is more than one Monsieur Hulot movie
3. Family dinner for Brother's birthday tonight
4. Lunch.. Taco Bell

Julie said...

1) Ray Lamontagne... LOVE him so much!
2) My Calculus students kill me
3) Going away for the night with one of my favorite friends tomorrow.
4) I just finally broke down and ordered 2 gap maternity tunic sweaters with the 30% off coupon.

Tee said...

(1). The Cranberries
(2). My 9 year old grandson telling my 20 year old son....Jesse you ride my bike, and I'll ride on your face!! (all in love....of course - they're quite the pair)
(3). Going to NYC at the end of the month. Had to reschedule courtesy a gal named Sandy.
(4). Lipstick....Pale Lip by Lancome.

Megan said...

1-Long Way Home by Steven Curtis Chapman
2- My toddler waving bye bye when I left him for a nap.
4-maternity t-shirt

HollyElise (TropigothMama) said...

1.) Nightmare Before Christmas station on Pandora :)
2.) chunky toddler thighs on my napping girl.
3.) visiting with a good friend this afternoon.
4.) a David Bowie t-shirt.

Maria said...

Who doesn't love a good doll?!

1. Bing Crosby pandora station
2. Learning that it's going to be 72 degrees tomorrow in southern IL.
3. My daughter's 1st birthday next Wednesday...milestone!
4.Cherry chapstick

Liane said...

1.) Elvis Presley - 50 Greatest Hits Album.
2.) Playing pairs with my 3 year old.
3.) A busy weekend. Our nephews birthday and fireworks tomorrow and then remembrance sunday.
4.) A new nail varnish this morning :)

Have a great weekend! x

Rich and Court said...

I just loved your story about Christmas morning and the "nurse" I'm going to have to file that one away for when we have a little girl.

1) Vivaldi "The Four Season" CD
(I just got to read your last post about relaxing and slowing down and listening to classical music yesterday and so it's been on repeat ever since with a little Pandora classical station thrown in)
2) Riding the Ferris Wheel for the very first time(I'm 33)
3) Going out again tonight to the Peanut Festival with my hubby and my sister.
4. Fresh Pork Rinds..... so amazingly tasty

impything said...

1) Skyfall by Adele. Keep singing it to my cats.
2)My husband making me the most perfect cup of tea just as I got home.
3) Getting my homework finished and running a deep bath - mmm.
4) Some gummy sweets shaped like sushi!

Stephenie said...

1.) Ray LaMontagne Trouble album
2.) My girl pooted this morning and said that her poot sounded sad.
3.) Movie night..Its Friday warm baths dinner and cuddle time
4.) yellow skinny jeans (-;

Allyson Quirico said...

1.) Rocknoceros for my little one. Local kids band with strangely hummable tunes.
2.) Picture of my daughter dressed as Dorothy for Halloween that I just shared with a former co-worker
3.) Going out tomorrow for our second round of house searching. Still searching for the right home for our family
4.) Old Navy sale - workout clothes. I'm trying to take care of me so I can take care of my family.

avasmama said...

1- Mumford and Sons Babel(planted tulip bulbs with Mom a few weeks ago and this CD kept us goin!)

2-Your adorable picture in the mirror holding/holding Nella/preggo belly!

3-My husband returning from his guys golf weekend in Hilton Head hopefully with a cute tan! :)

4 - Paint samples! Working on a master bath re-do!

Tammy Amommy said...

1) Natalie Grant - Love Revolution
2) My daughter mashing homemade applesauce to make it taste better
3) Naptime
4) New black eyeliner

Kirsty said...

1.) Some Nights by Fun
2.) My baby girl greeting the dog when we came home.
3.)Your post has me stoked for brown paper packages tied up in string (I have wrapped them that way for years now and just looking at them makes me feel completely Little Women Christmas-sy.
4.)Not one but TWO lipsticks. (Buy one get one 50% off at Rite Aid-I'm the last of the big spenders) which don't make me cringe (I've been on a really bad run with drugstore lipsticks lately).

~Shari said...

1) The sound of the work dock moving up and down for a delivery. I am at work.

2) My grandbaby (that I raise) showing (at work) up for lunch.

3) My grand daughter (whom I raise) her next dance competition.

4) A brand new (pub style) kitchen table and chairs. LOVE!!!!

Melissa Shiring said...

1. I have had an iPhone since last Christmas and still haven't uploaded any music. (Tisk tisk)
2. One of the littles at work dancing to music.
3. Looking forward to relaxing this weekend.
4. Just bought a snack wrap from sheetz.

Lindsey Wolfe said...

1.) Currently nothing, but I am watching "The Voice" on Hulu.
2.) Hearing the x-ray tech say my 13 month old daughter did NOT infact swallow a battery. (THANK GOD)
3.) Cuddling with hubs after the kids go to bed.
4.) A churro at Taco Bell

Have a beautiful weekend!

Jackie said...

1. Sweet Pea-Amos Lee
2. My 3 yr old kissing her 10 month old sister before she went down for nap
3. A weekend with nothing on our schedule...first time since July!!
4. A pair of running leggings, trying to shed that last of the baby weight

Kristen said...

1.) Nothing
2.) My friend presenting her thesis defense for PhD.
3.) Christmas!
4.) Knitting needles

Jen Tappen-Smith said...

1. a country radio station
2. my 3 year old in fleece footed pajamas.... probably the last winter I will able to get away with them!
3. Disney World! We are heading there in 9 days!
4. laughing cow cinnamon cream cheese

Michelle said...

1. Tony Bennett Radio - so calming
2. My dog on our lunch break walk - she is in heaven
3. Our baby - I am 9 weeks pregnant now.
4. Christmas decorations - I buy way too many! :) But it makes our house a happy place!

Josh_n_Connie said...

1) Micheal Buble
2) My husband's corny jokes
3) A nap since the kiddos are napping too!!
4) A novel!

I love that you are looking for more quality toys rather then MORE toys. I totally agree that a few well made toys and some books are so much better then cheap plastic!

Kelly said...

1) The Canadian Tenors..
2) Watching my daughters new love.. the tent we made in the living room.
3) Spending good quality time with the family over the Thanksgiving holiday
4) I stopped by Braums on the way home from a late night appointment and bought myself a scoop of Butter Pecan Ice Cream :)

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

1.) Alternating between the Little Women soundtrack and the Michael Buble Christmas station on Pandora (I can't help myself!)
2.) I'm 28 weeks pregnant, but my son is 3 and has a cognitive delay so we weren't sure if he understood what was going on even though we talk about the baby all the time. He pointed to my belly today and said, "my baby." So happy!
3.) Painting my nails a gorgeous brown-red color tonight.
4.) A tall decaf nonfat salted caramel mocha from Starbucks with light whip. YUM.

davidsarah311 said...

1. Norah Jones
2. My little girl's imagination
3. The gym tonight, it's relaxing
4. An emerald green sweater

capree said...

1) newsboys -- love air one
2)my little one belly laughing at our dog, Chester
3) dinner tonight with high school friends!
4) Christmas decor at the nutcracker market!

The Halbert Home said...

1.) Ingrid Michaelson
2.) My daughter
3.) Spending friday evening at home with my husband
4.) A grapefruit spoon.

Mama Dailey said...

1. Regina Spektor's What We Saw From the Cheap Seats
2. My 2-year-old asking me "Why you call me a monster like that"?
3. The birth of our first son in 4 months
4. a veggie burger from bk

Emskyrooney said...

1.) Laurie Berkner Band- Goldfish song
2.) My son willingly parting with the majority of his Happy Meal junk(toys) while cleaning out his room
3. Cooking dinner with my hubby
4. A "My Fair Lady" Barbie doll on Ebay

Paula, Sadie, and Neil Hoover said...

1.flo+machine ceremonials; avett bros
2. hugging a sad student
3. owl birthday party this weekend for my 2 yr old
4. dunkin donuts peppermint mocha

amanda said...

1. Rosi Golan
2. my daughter playing with one of her birthday gifts
3. My daughter's 2nd bday party tomorrow
4. makeup from Sephora

Laurie said...

1.) Pink - love her.
2.) My husband surprising us by coming home early on this Friday.
3.) Date night with my husband tomorrow.
4.) A new lipgloss - might be an addiction that I have.

Mary {White Peach Photo} said...

1. Fun. - Some Nights
2. My 3 year old asking me for a "hugger"
3. Tomorrow's photo shoot with a new client
4. 6 skeins of yarn for new crochet projects.

Amanda Phrakonkham said...

That is one of the sweetest babies I have ever seen! Nella will most certainly love it. I think my daughter would too :)

1.) Streaming on Pandora as we speak is One Headlight by the Wallflowers.
2.) My youngest sneaking up on me giving me a raspberry on my bare back. Gets me every time!
3.) A shower. Simple things right?!
4.) New running tights and a pullover. It is so cold out in the MN tundra.

The Gambrel Family said...

1. Radio Disney
2. My sister
3. Tonight/weekend
4. lunch

Moonstonemama said...

1) Kytami
2) Playing "crazy in bed with my kids
3) My husband getting to come home early from work
4) A pair of tights last month.

Brenna said...

1. Pinks Greatest Hits (So Far)I like to rock out in the car
2. I volunteer at my sons kindergarten class and a little girl in his class was getting ready to present her art project and I saw her lick her pinkie fingers and then smooth out her eyebrows. I died.
3. Getting over this cough.
4. A big, huge really, cup of coffee, because I can't sleep from coughing up a lung all night.

Lynn said...

1. Ellie Goulding - Anything could happen. The more I listen the more I dance with purpose! ; )
2. Note the above. ; )
3. The next 5 days. My hubby is finally home and we are going to hit our Christmas "to do list" with a vengeance. Yeah. It's a two blizzard up here right now in Canada, but who cares. So looking forward to getting out!
4. Red cowboy boots. Thank for the inspiration!! ; )

Morgan said...

1.) Whatever my kids want to listen to- this morning we listened to Somewhere Over the Rainbow and The Rainbow Connection on the way to school.

2.) My almost 5 year old daughter.

3.) A night in with my husband tonight.

4.) Fall decorations for my mantle.

Sarah Rainey said...

YAY a post! I was hitting refresh all morning haha

1.) What's streaming from your MP3/radio/CD player/record player (so many means of listening these days) right now?

Christmas music and our local christian station.

2.) Last thing that made you smile.

Watching my little one ride his bike today for the first time to the store

3.) What you're looking forward to right now.

Christmas! We put up the tree and I've been stashing gifts upstairs

4.) Last thing you bought for yourself.

Paint so I could redo my bedroom walls.

Lauren W said...

1. Right this moment? Nothing, but if I hit "play," Thrift Store Cowboys would come on.

2. Tickling my tiny and listening to his giggle

3. Receiving two fun packages in the mail :)

4. Pumpkin Chai Latte

Erin Whitney said...

1. My Christmas play list. Sure, I'm early, but it's snowing here in Reno and I love Michael Buble and all his holiday charm.
2. My almost 10-month old standing on his own and clapping for himself. :)
3. My hubby coming home...he's been gone all week on business and I am one tired mama!
4. Fancy address labels. It's the little things... :)

Jenna said...

1. Coldplay Pandora station
2. Laying in bed at 10 am with my little girls (5 and 2) cuddling and laughing while we all pretend to snore and sleep.
3. Shopping tonight with my sister.
4. A white sweater that is still sitting in my trunk waiting for the right time to appear in my closet so as not to bring attention and the inevitable question from hubby "when did you get that?" of course we all know I've had it "awhile"!

Kristen said...

1. NPR and various podcasts
2. Listening to my little one chatter away and sing to herself in her crib this morning
3. The first holiday season where my daughter has a clue what's going on!
4. New brakes for my car. Not exciting but much safer!

Cori Foreman said...

1: Little Big Town-Pontune
2: The three kids giggling together while playing.
3: Movie night tonight with the kids.
4: Frozen hot chocolate.

Unknown said...

1. A lecture on epidemiology
2. The beautiful photo of you and Nella you put in this post.
3. The run I'm going to take after work.
4. A discounted gift card to a restaurant dh loves so that I can take him out on a date.

Carrie Carey said...

1. Christmas Music---not too early in my book ;)
2. My son's smile---I'm so in love
3. Thanksgiving---getting together with family I haven't seen in months
4. A mercury glass pumpkin that I've had my eye on at Pottery Barn

Jara said...

1.) Fun. Some nights
2.) I had a play date with a my frist new friend since we moved to Wisconsin.
3.) Going HOME from Thanksgiving.
4.) I finally went and got a much needed haircut.

Heather said...

1. Nat King Cole's Christmas album.
2. Waking up my little guy this morning, and he pulled the covers over his head and pointed his finger out the door. I became indignant, and he started giggling. He melts my heart even when he is being naughty. :)
3. I am looking forward to a quiet 3 day weekend with my babies. I see board games and hot chocolate in our near future.
4. A Yankee candle. Mistletoe. Feeling very festive lately.

Melissa Wolfe said...

1.) Aerosmith - Music from Another Dimension (going to my first concert of theirs in December!)
2.) My 21 month-old baby girl has figured out the "bear hug". Can't get a bear hug without giving a smile.
3.) My birthday on Monday. I love birthdays. :)
4.) Two pairs of shoes from Zulily. Just arrived! I always buy kids stuff from Z but this box was all for me. :)

Ryan Elizabeth said...

I am adoring your perspective on less is more and investing in good quality items for your kids! I love it and hope to do the same! ... 4 questions, 4 answers ...
1. Little Talks - Of monsters and men
2. Dancing with my baby girl
3. Christmas with a toddler - I adore Christmas and the joy of it with a little one is so exciting for me!
4. Nonfat cappucino - Starbucks ;)

Angela King said...

1.) If Only - Dave Matthews
2.) Lunch with a dear friend today.
3.) A nice warm night with my family.
4.) Sparkly nail polish!

Heather Bird said...

1) Oh little town of Bethlehem. We've been listening and singing it at bedtime for months now.
2) My 3 year old "baby" asking me to "hold you" and commenting on all of your pictures as I read your post. Mostly on the adorable baby picture.
3) Naptime.
4) A beer and sandwich while out with a friend.

kimignone said...

1.) Mumford & Sons - Babel
2.) Finalizing activities for my best friend's baby shower
3.) A quiet weekend in with my love
4.) A few good novels :)

Marleena said...

1.) Jack Johnson station on Pandora
2.) My husband kissing our napping child after a family lunch date before he headed back to work.
3.) Dinner with my child's great grandparents - a Friday ritual.
4.) My second wedding dress ($40) for mine and my husband's Convalidation in the Catholic church.

roberta said...

1) The Souljazz Orchestra, Conquering Lion, from album Solidarity
2)My son Elio hugging his friend Giorgia after a week they didn't see each other because of chicken pox
3)my new contract as research fellow working on women and land in Mozambique
4)thights, one in burgundy and oneultramarine blue

Dana Munnings said...

1. Frances England on Pandora
2. When my son thought the brownie topping at our local frozen yogurt place was actually meat and that's why he never chose to put it on
3. Going to Florida at Christmas
4. Two tunics from Anthro :)

Erin said...

1.) Starting early, and have been listening to Christmas Music of any sort, but mostly hymns lately.
2.) Hearing my unborn baby's heartbeat.
3.) Thanksgiving, and Black Friday shopping!
4.) Maternity clothes. I was busting outa my pants!

CJ Field said...

1.) Elmo's travel songs
2.) My sleeping daughter, smiling in her slumber
3.) Creating magic for this holiday season
4.) An order of onion rings

Kara said...

1.) Gangnam Style by Psy- feel free to judge. That song does lend itself to a mean Mama and toddler dance party though.
2.) Sitting in bed reading books with my Gracie and as I read she rubbed her nose on my cheek, it gave us both a serious bout of the giggles.
3.)Looking forward to my husband coming home on Sunday.
4.) Chocolate chips- not just any chocolate chips, but Ghiradelli Milk chocolate chips. Yeah, you should buy some right now.

Thank you for your amazing blog. The way that you live your life, the way you think, and the way you write is refreshing and rejuvenating for me. I wouldn't feel right with myself if I never said thank you, so thanks...again. :)

Tisha said...

1. You're the first, the last, my everything. sung by the guy on the Voice. Nicholas David.

2. I smile alot and have a bad memory, this is hard. Let's go with most important thing that made me smile most recently - coming home from being away for 3 days. Oh and lukey's temper this morning. I can't help but laugh when he (3) stomps his foot and tells me he's mad at me.

3. dr. appointment for baby #3!! And hopefully finding out she's a girl so I can buy dolls instead of action heros! ;-)

4. Chinese for lunch! General Tso's and Crab Cheese!!! Crab cheese was the best part.

eb said...

1) Nanci Griffth
2) My two year old falling asleep still in her snow boots and jacket, right on the floor, after attending a playdate with her big sister's friend.
3) Thanksgiving with family!!
4) A new Hanna Andersson nightgown for my birthday, love love love it.

Natalie Seider said...

1.) Sadly nothing
2.) My daughter waking up in her bed this morning
3.) Picking up my daughter at 4 PM
4.) A big kitkat

Kirdy said...

1.Mumford and Sons new CD
2. My little Finley saying, "Mornin Mama, HI!"
3. The weekend and being with my little girl for 2 straight days before daycare and work starts again.
4. A huge slice of pepperoni pizza...20 weeks along, and craving fulfilled!

janette said...

1. I find myself going back and forth between the new albums between Taylor Swift and Mumford and Sons!
2. My husband trying to tickle me while I made lunch
3. I've got an at-home date night planned for my hubs and me - it's a slumber party! About to head out and buy some candy and popcorn, as well as rent some movies. It's gonna be great!
4. Unfortunately, I bought some acne cream. Boo to being in my mid-20s and having worse acne than I did in high school! :(

Have a super weekend, Kelle! :)

LouisaLady said...

1. Rilo Kiley on Pandora
2. Watching Freaks and Geeks on Netflix
3. Taking my niece and nephew to the park later today!
4. Marked down Halloween candy...yumm!

Lara + Chris said...

Oh, gosh, that doll is SO cute!!! Love it!

largirl at yahoo dot com

Jessie said...

1. Phillip Phillips- Home
2. Unplanned lunch date with the husband
3. Playing the Hungry Hungry Hippos game we bought last night with my kiddos tonight
4. A Sonic diet dr pepper :)

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