Friday, April 15, 2011

Bag of Tricks

Behind the girls' bedroom door, there is a purple bag hanging on a hook. Its canvas is worn and its woven straps are near threadbare, but inside there are treasures that keep my girls happy. It's my Bag of Tricks--the first thing I grab when we're out the door to a restaurant or guaranteed to be in the car for any extended period of time, and its contents--favorite books, paper dolls, pop beads and My Little Ponies--magically entertain an otherwise inconsolable child.

Photobucket pewter wand, Lisa Leonard Designs.

I've realized the past few days though, that mamas need a bag of tricks as well--a reserve of go-to comforts that vitalize our spirits when things aren't quite right. And, amid the craziness of sleepless nights, neglected laundry piles and failed attempts at pretty much anything this week, I've become reacquainted with my bag of tricks and the simple self-preserving actions I do to renew and inspire.

If Motherhood was a Monopoly game, I'd have to say I dwell primarily on a hotel-stacked Boardwalk. I pass Go every morning when I pull my jammied babies out of bed, and I am making bank with my overall satisfaction of raising littles.

But this week, I'm stuck on Baltic Ave. And I guess, that's just part of the game.

The hilarity of snafus this past week is honestly amusing. Sleepless nights, broken dishes, diapers ripped to shreds by dogs. You know, the usual.

I am cute. But I was up from 1 to 5 for no reason.

I ran over a bottle of Crayola colored bubbles the other day in our driveway. The highly pigmented bubbles that leave a permanent trail of green syrup etched in the cement.


I got lost on the way to Nella's eye appointment in Miami and then forgot where I parked my car in a 6-story parking garage later. For half an hour, I held a sleeping baby while I spiraled ramps, clicking my keys and chasing down honks.

I cried on Alligator Alley because Nella was hysterical in the backseat and there were no exits for me to pull over and help her.

We're trying the amber teething necklace. We'll see what happens.

I broke a bottle in my kitchen and a candle in World Market.

But--oh yes, there's a but--I have a bag of tricks. And in Monopoly, that's like Free Parking. Amid the tears, the broken glass, the honking car on the 6-story parking ramp, I forced myself to enjoy as many pleasures as I could. Simple things. A cold frosty from Wendy's drive-through on the way home from Miami, a new home magazine at the grocery store, an NPR poetry reading I turned up in the car--the one that finally lulled Nella to sleep. I took the long way home yesterday, stopping at visitor centers to take pictures of the swamp.


Look what I saw in the swamp. (I was safe, promise...and Nella was in the car)

Photobucket Photobucket

I even enjoyed a rare moment of folding clothes still warm from the dryer yesterday and strangely found comfort in pruning my fingers in a warm bucket of lemon suds--a far cry from my usual just-get-it-over-with attitude toward the half-hour cleaning shake-down.

When things are messy, good always rises to the surface if you wait for it.

Good=Miami skyline.


Good=healthy eyes, a great appointment and need for glasses.


Good=my blooming gardenia bush.


Good=Early evening driveway art.


Lainey enjoyed a sleepover at Grandma's last night, and after an impromptu girlfriend gathering over hot wings and cold beer last night, I am savoring a quiet morning with my coffee and my littlest girl.


There is more in my bag of tricks, but I'll save it for when I need it again.
We're back on Boardwalk, baby.


Add this to your bag of tricks...something pretty dangling from your ears.


The Meg Shop is back as a sponsor, and these white pearl curve earrings are pretty enough to bump your Baltic Ave. days up to, say at least St. James Place. Use code ENJOY10 for 10% off your order!

The Meg Shop is giving away a $40 gift certificate to a randomly selected commenter on this post.

To make it fun, tell me what's in your bag of tricks? What self-preserving comforts do you allow yourself to bump your Baltic days to Boardwalk?



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the mom~ said...

I try to always see the positive in most today. We got 4" of snow last in MN I guess it isn't abnormal for April but I was very disappointed to wake up to *that* but...that means I'll get to have little boy snuggles and movies today instead of my boys wanting to play outside.
I love me some coffee, when I need a "Park Place" moment I go get a coffee.
Lip gloss is not far behind that coffee :)

Maria said...

Kelle~I love the way you write. I think the thing I love most about blogs is that they're like great books that never end. I so look forward to hearing what's on your mind, how you interpret through words & photos & how you inspire.
Those swamp pics are amazing as are the pics of those gorgeous babes of yours. Love it all.

Lola said...
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Vera said...

Nonfat green tea frappucchino double blended. Sitting on the porch, reading. Or, if it's REALLY bad - watching a Lifetime movie at night while eating popcorn and sour patch kids and a Coke.

You are so pretty!

Lola said...

I hear you..this week has been challenging for us as well.
Sleepless nights due to a cold.

My bag of tricks...
YOGA, long shower, walks and time with girlfriends.......

Enjoy your weekend!
Hope Nella sleeps tonight!!!
and yes she is so CUTE!!!!

Love the wand with Lainey's name and hate when they cry in the car and you can help them :(. The worst feeling!!!

April 16, 2011 7:37 AM

ohsoblessed said...

I re-read "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp and my attitude immediately shifts as I begin to count gifts in everything. One of my favorite quotes of hers is "wherever you are, be all there." The good, the not-so-good, and everywhere in between.

Samantha said...

What kind of a question is this? Facebook, of course! :D

Lisa McCully said...

A friend emailed me your blog thinking I might enjoy your images and inspired could she know that I would find myself loving every word and falling into every image! You blog is amazing as well as your images, I'm so inspired that I have actually teared up, tears falling, in a good way :) I could be emotional though, lots to do this weekend, no help, no time, that tends to heighten my senses, LOL. I am so inspired, thank you for sharing with us!!

Jennifer said...

I am having my trick right now: A chai latte. I rarely have these and I don't really know why. But after a recent IKEA run, my days are COMPLETELY OVER-RUN with allen wrenches and babies who want to "help" and the Swedes and all their cleverness, plus the usual assortment of laundry, poopy diapers, lunch and cleaning up after lunch and oh, did I mention my two-year-old thinks he's too big for naps now?
Thanks for your words. (And that kicking music.) It has really helped.

Kathy said...

I've needed my bag of tricks more this week as well. Given a choice I really do prefer to look at the postive, fun things in my life. Plus, I really do like to laugh! Good thing I have my daughter who as I type is walking around in a big white hat with a princess tiara and her older brothers costume that he had to wear for Greek God day in middle school. These are the days I wished for. Thanks for the great blog and wonderful pictures!

Fresh Mommy said...

Oh girl, I'm right there with you... Well, not RIGHT there, but I get it. A baby that doesn't sleep, yes. A sleepy momma, yes. Craziness, yes. Haha, but what's amazing is how it all comes out good. How all the shinnanigans end up funny. In my bag of tricks? A hot bath with a Lush bomb dropped in. Love this!!

(from Michigan and soon to be moving to Palm Harbor, FL!! Maybe you can teach me a thing or two about that.)

Jeanne said...

Self preserving...I paint, sketch, draw, craft, sculpt, snap photos...something along those lines. Getting the opportunity to reach in and grab some creativity always gets me back to a good spot. Heck, glitter has a magic quality.

I love Miss Nella in her crib with those eyes! Adorable

Sherri said...

Omigoodness love the pic of Nella in the crib~but boo to being up for no reason for hours at a time...I know that!! Music. As long as I can have music I seem to be okay. Orange tictac's they make any screaming situation better. Coffee. I would die without it, I'm sure. Bubbles. I have been known to frantically start blowing bubbles anytime the kids get nutty...sure, I might look crazy but IT WORKS!!! Have a beautiful weekend, friend:)xo

Homemade Serendipity said...

In our bag of tricks:
- cold Coca Cola
- a whispering creek at our favorite park
- late night snuggles
- chocolate... of any sort.
- Coldplay.

Joy: said...

I hide Dove chocolate bars in my secret place for naptime on the days that just can not possibly any worse~ but they do.

Charles and Kelly said...

Nothing is more delicious and problem melting then a starbucks hot chocolate. I can be sitting in the middle of a busy starbucks and be oblivious to anyone and anything around me. It is that good!!

Melissa :) said...

I have 4 young children. So what's in my bag of tricks? Vodka. Hahaha! ;o)

The 1st black & white of Nella - I see Lainey! She is starting to resemble (to me) her big sister more every month. Happy boardwalking! Ü

Jannice said...

no matter what my crazy day was like, I always look forward to the new beginnings of an early morning with a bif, fresh, steaming mug of coffee! I make jewelry - so beading is in my bag of tricks, and a trip up to my favorite strip mall - Barnes and Noble, Michaels, and Pier One - oh those stores make me so happy!! And the ride there when I'm by myself...I can listen to whatever music I want - no censoring for the little ones ears!!

Matt and Teresa said...

The picture of Nella in her crib is so adorable! I love that little face. Thanks so much for sharing. I always look forward to a new post from you.

susan said...

~ A long run with BEP in the background
~ Chilis with girlfriends chips and salsa
~ a hug from my husband with just simple "i love you"
~ An Us magazine
~Honestly sometimes just reading your blog

Miracle Monster Mommy said...

I just found your blog the other day and I am really enjoying it. Really echoes some things in my life.

God Bless,

Annette said...

Good news on Nella's eyes!!!

A Tim Hortons Ice Cappuccino always does the trick for me.

Natalie said...

oh, i needed this blog today!
my bag of tricks: spending some time praying or reading the bible, beautiful words from bloggers like you, buying myself a dress, going to the beach just for a sunset. morning trips and jam sessions to starbucks with my roomies. i love this post.

Victoria said...

Depending on time of day and whereabouts of my son, it might include a tall iced coffee with cream + 2 pink sweeteners, or a fountain diet coke, or a work-out, or a skinnygirl margarita. But, an unsolicited, "I love you, mama" usually does it :)

mandy said...

my bag of tricks include:

*suckers for a little one who gets carsick almost every time we into the car.

*movies for the dvd player.

*water to get the sucker off of little teeth.

*bubbles... and batteries!

*and always having country music playing, in the car and outside by the pool!

Lisa said...

coffee, pedicures with bright flashy colors, yummy scented perfume worn everyday instead of just on special occaisions, hitting the sonic drive thru for cherry vanilla diet coke to make the day a little sweeter :)

loved this post!

Lauren@ "Happiness is..." said...

Oh I love my bag of tricks, unfortunately I don't pull things out of it often enough. But a few of my tricks are taking a nice LONG bubble bath, and going on a beautiful spring walk...ah!

Susan said...

Usually my bag of tricks comes in handy on the commute to/from work. NPR Radio or even better, Pride and Prejudice on audio. I LOVE IT! And can recite many parts by heart! :)

littlebeth said...

A run with Freddie Mercury singing to me through my ipod.............or not a run with Freddie blaring.

Team Hart said...

My bag of tricks??? a moment to sit and actually read a magazine article, an iced chai latte, sitting in a sliver of sunshine (especially in MI these days!), and a quiet snuggle with my sleeping babe. May you find peace from us that know the sleepless nights, and get a smile from our little tricks. I wish you a blessed week.

Andrea said...

I feel ya girl! There are days that being a mom is overwhelming and exhausting. To make it through, mama loves an iced coffee or a DVRd grown up show that doesn't include Spongebob. I remind myself that these days are fleeting and while they are hard, they will be gone soon enough when my kiddos are teens. Darrius Rucker's song 'It won't be like this for long' is a must-listen for every mom. It goes by so quick. Thanks for sharing!!!

Rosanna Toews said...

a spontaneous dance-a-thon to song of the week, a sunny walk through cherry blossom trees, a treat... Starbucks, mini eggs, skor blizzard, and my most favorite is those unpredictable deep gut laugh attacks with someone you love...

Rachel said...

Tea saves my life - something about taking the time to drink a hot beverage always calms me down.

Sara said...

Ahhh thanks for the Monopoly analogy...that wasnt my week THIS week...but last week..oy vey! Anyway in my bag of tricks is cranking up the music and having a dance party with my little girl. It turns those frowns upside down...and on the days it dosent work on her, it works on me :)

JNGW said...

what's in my bag -
• a cup of hot tea
• baby snuggles
• my iphoto "Gwen" library
• phone call to my oldest and dearest friend
• my mom
• a little online shopping
• text to/from my husband

Ariel said...

Part of my "Bag-o-Tricks" is sitting down after the kids bedtime and reading through is very indulgent and I love it! Another trick is a hot bath and a good book. I had a horrible, no good, very bad day (or couple of days) the other day and had to vent...I am glad I am not the only one who cries from time to time!

The necklace should help. I hope it does.

Bonnie Spear said...

Hmmmm sitting down with a caramel frappuccino (Starbucks) to read a new entry of your blog (extra long with lots of pictures). Then watching a movie with my husband & our pup while doing picture "work". Love it :)

Alaythea said...

I love your outlook on things....and reading your blog is like reading poetry. No joke. I wish I had your talent with putting simple thoughts into poetic words. I adore your blog!

Laura Harfield said...

Oh I just love this. A bag of tricks. How perfect. In mine these days:
- A Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks (even though it's not Christmastime!)
- A new, fun, over-sized cocktail ring
- While baby is sleeping, prancing around the house in a favourite pair of heels, neglected as of late
- Getting outside and taking photos of pretty things
- Reading my old blog posts
- Mini peanut butter cups from the bulk food section
- Painting my nails something bright and shiny
- Gilmore Girls on DVD

Laura J. said...

We all have those moments! Coffee creamer is my little "pick me up" lately. I buy new flavors every week at the grocery store (currently have 5 bottles in my fridge) and each morning or when I need it, they are there. It's the small things for sure!

Also, the colored bubble thing was the talk of my mom's club last week. Seems we've all heard a story about those suckers! HA HA!

Alaythea said...

Oh and my bag of "tricks" - a good work out with Chalene Johnson (something about her high energy always brightens my day!), a iced peppermint tea and a chat with my little sister!

happygirl said...

Life as Monopoly Game. Wonderful. I'm always striving to dwell on the positive. Yesterday I did it and it was GREAT. My bag of tricks include:
pranayama - yoga breathing

Jennifer said...

I am pregnant with two toddlers 10 months apart. Last night we had bad storms and no sleep. Today, I pulled out a Krispy Kreme doughnut, big old coke, and reorganized my office...while my husband entertained the little ones downstairs. I know it will be messed up again in no time, but for now...I feel like I just got a get out of jail card :).

Brittany said...

Inside my bag of tricks??
On a not so high on life day...I go to the shoe store. Even if just to look while sipping a caramel macchiato. It definitely does my body good. Also, a simple trip to my computer--iTunes. A few new songs always make for a good
pick-me-up :)

LauraH said...

my bag of tricks has saved my hide recently! my hubs and i are finishing grad school (both of us), applying for and waiting to interview for jobs, planning a move out of kansas city and trying to maintain our usually high spirits! oy! my bag includes afternoon coffee, baking muffins, slow walk through whole foods for the nibbles and rereading favorite books. and when those things don't help a cold afternoon beer usually does the trick!

Sara said...

I totally had that kind of week too! Wish I could say exercising is in my bag of tricks, but actually it's quite the opposite: a sugar cookie with extra icing and a caramel latte (in a ceramic mug, no to-go cup thank you)sipped slowly over girl chat and then sleeeeeep.

Amy Snell said...

My personal bag of tricks:
A hot bath
A package of "coconut dreams" {they taste just like samoa's}
McDonald's french fries {horrible I know}
Sitting outback enjoying the warm warm sunshine that CA has to offer

Kid bag of tricks:
Yummy Earth organic suckers {they are sweetened with fruit & veggies}
Portable DVD players in the car
Park trip when Daddy gets home from work
A late night dip in the pool

The girls are getting more beautiful everyday...thanks for sharing :)


jenilu2 said...

My bag of tricks always includes a nice hot bath and comfort food. Comfort food of choice usually includes ice cream or something salty. Great post and pics as usual.

Kathlyn said...

Your blog is one of my self-indulgent tricks. But on days like to today - where it's rainy and cold and even though it's supposed to be spring soccer has been canceled - my biggest trick is going into the toy closet and pulling out something new/something long forgotten. The boys are loving the "shaky" cars again and the disappointment of no soccer has almost been forgotten. Almost.

Jennifer said...

Lovely. I appreciate your honesty about the Baltic days; otherwise you'd be Superwoman.

My bag of tricks contains Zumba, laughing at my dorky cat, and best of all- talking with my husband, who has a way of making everything better.

Jane. said...

So sorry you had to pull from your bag of tricks this week. Just think about the laughs you will have looking back!

Beautiful earrings! I have already ordered some, but I would love to order more! So simplistic and elegant!

J Scheppl said...

My bag of tricks? Turning music up loud and dancing like mad in the kitchen, a good book and anything from Starbucks!

mommy dearest said...

In my bag of tricks is splurging on a new project, crocheting, cross stitch, quilting, and a full crystal goblet full of coke all to myself!!!

michellegtu said...

Well something that brightens up a otherwise cruddy day would have to be a trip to the one and only Dollar Tree. The stuff is all cheap junk but everybody gets to pick a treasure...even me. We always leave smiling.

Lisa said...

My bag of tricks:
A hot bath
A good book
Lots, and Lots of blankets and pillows!

Hope the amber necklace works for you. I also recommend hazel wood necklaces. My son has been wearing both since 4 months...and he handles teething fairly well!

Laura Anne said...

This week has been something like that for me too, with less breaking of things. I (sometimes) fully believe in faking it until you're feeling it, and that's helped a little. My bag of tricks includes an afternoon in the sun, a good book, and a child playing contently in his Little Tikes kingdom. And just like that, it's the weekend and we're headed toward Boardwalk too!

Your writing is enchanting and I so appreciate everything that you share. That last gator picture is just awesome too!

Isabella's Mommy.... said...

I find reading posts like this very one enlightening and rejuvenating!! Since having a little one time is limited . . . when I'm feeling like I've reached my limit, my guilty pleasure is sitting for at least an hour for a 'pick-me-up' of sorts, to nudge me back to reality, but with a better attitude. Thank you so much for your posts! You have such a great outlook on life & so inspiring - thank you!!

♥ julie said...

A good book always does the trick.

lillies & lattes said...

i make my morning latte and instead of drinking it as i get ready in the morning.... i sit down and sip. simply holding the cup with both hands and feeling its warmth has such restoring power!

Allison in AK said...

Self-preserving comforts ~ what a delicious phrase! When everything goes wrong, I toss our homeschooling math (the only formal part) and we gear up to meander in our woods. We gather "pretties", which can still be found in snow (still lots here in AK), and spread them out on the table when we're home again and make stuff. I make tea and cinnamon toast for us all while we watch a movie (sometimes I take a catnap during it). Delightful!

Megan said...

Any type of fatty food and flavored foamy coffee. For sure.

And as much as I HATE doing it...runinng. I had a 'the kids are going to be the end of me/make him stop screaming and her stop asking questions before I lock myself in the bedroom' in tears kind of morning. I managed to get the oldest off to school and the baby and I to the park to meet some friends for a run.

It was our reset button. The rest of the day and since then has been pretty darn good!

AND...Nella looks SO much like Lainey. I've said it before but the bigger she gets the more I see it. They have the same smile :)

whitejennam said...

A hot bath and a beer. Or napping on the couch in the warm sun with my furry babies sleeping quietly on the floor.

Lindsey said...

My bag of tricks includes a drink from my favorite coffee shop! Ginger peach iced tea, orange juice, and raspberry syrup! Yum!

Michelle said...

Well, this week I found out I won't have a teaching job next year. So, my bag of tricks has really come in handy this week! Last night, I had a nice glass of wine while I watched my puppy and little girl run around the back yard together. Definitely a needed moment!

abbey said...

if time allows I get in some time alone with the Lord, reading and praying or just being quiet in his presence. always helps my soul when I'm at the end of ME. also some great quick fixes are coffee, ice cream, shopping or a spontaneous date with my love! snuggles from my tiny boy never hurt either :)

Jenn said...

A cold beer and wings on our patio
A hot bubble bath
Getting dirt under my nails in the garden
A drive through the country
My husbands strong embrace
A strawberry mojito!!

Sarah said...

A Good work out. We've had a rough week with sleep. Last night as we were explaining to Anna Cate, 5, why we are tried and maybe a little grouchy, we said, we aren't sleeping well. Some nights, you come in our bed, on other nights Molly is up teething. If it is not you, it is Molly and Mommy and Daddy are tired, and she said, "so it's a PATTERN! Me, Molly, me, Molly, Molly, me, me" Ha! :) I love this post, Kelle. That picture of the alligator is CRAZY!! My husband loves that show swamp people.. Happy Saturday

Becky said...

My bag of tricks: a long talk with my mom, Double Stuff Oreos, 15 minutes with a randomly selected section of the Bible, any song by Queen.

Love, love, love your blog and this post made my Saturday at work a lot better. Happy Weekend!

MrsMiller07 said...

We need to try a teething necklace too, let us know how it goes!

My bag of tricks, holds a good bottle of wine and a new color of OPI nail polish-does the trick every time!

Team Lando said...

Gator = Terror. Seriously shaking.

Bag of tricks = Brooks Adrenaline running shoes, best friend phone calls, angry face pics of Ellie, a good book, and, when Ellie won't stop crying, one of several stuffed elephants. For real.

MJ said...

You will love the amber teething necklace! My daughter has worn it everyday since 14 months old. We love it! ( :

maren said...

bag o tricks= mangos, time with family, and nothing on the agenda

SarcasmInAction said...

My bag of tricks:
a glass of really good wine.
a blanket fort in the living room with my girls.
a good movie.
girlfriends and beers
browsing Etsy
reading a good book on my iPad
reading your blog
a caramel-filled chocolate candy slowing melting in my mouth.

Happiness is... said...

So happy that Nella's eyes are good and strong. And that gardenia that's blooming…I bet your yard smells wonderful. Love seeing the blooms that come from FLA that would never survive a winter in zone 7!

Here's wishing you a relaxing weekend!

Jennifer from Annapolis

Andria said...

I find a fabric or yarn store, preferably one that has hot or iced tea, and just sit and look at the colors and textures and the amazing sample works displayed. If that isn't an option I love to go back through my pictures of my kids. That always makes me smile. New nail polish is good too!

Carolyn said...

Current bag of tricks:

I hang out with my girlfriends and Skype with those who are too far away. And I play with my 5 week old little girl. Just looking at me makes me feel renewed and ready to take on the next challenge, no matter how sleep deprived I may be.

Kat said...

My bag of tricks includes: long distance running, tickling my son and making him laugh oh so hard, and eating a delicious dinner with my husband.

BRS said...

Taking time for a good, slow cup of coffee is in my bag of tricks.
Taking a longer then usual walk with the dog for fresh air.
Wearing my wedding earrings.

Kathleen said...

I had a Baltic Avenue day yesterday. We had a day adventure that was somewhat like your trip to the orange orchard, except ours was freezing with brutal winds. Resulted in two out of two kids crying, a mama fighting back tears of frustration and a dog that probably would have been crying if dogs could cry. We tried to make memories and it just didn't work out. But we will be back. We found a new-to-us gem in our city, so the day was not a total loss.

My mama bag of tricks contains a green tea (or glass or red), a bubble bath, and a good book. I also fall guilty to a Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks when my day needs a little push from the start.

AJM said...

Just the other night I made a list of all the things that make me happy on a day-to-day basis, once I got going I was amazed at how the list grew!
Some of the most powerful tricks in my bag:
- a chai latte from Starbucks or Bridgehead
- my latest knitting project
- writing letters to friends (and knowing how happy something other than a bill in the mailbox will make them)
- a good hot yoga class
Oh how the list goes on, but these four are the icing on the cake :)
Florida was steadily been climbing my list of must-go-to-places, and your swamp/alligator pictures just bumped it up at least a couple spots Kelle!

snosrap5 said...

My bag of tricks contains my kindle, that thing can just take away. Not a care in the world. Loved the gator picture by the way.

April Seiberlich said...

A good ending to a book, the first sip of hot coffee, the smile of a stranger, a picture of loved ones, sunny days.

Wally said...

Thanks for the inspiration today. I love how you express what you are feeling in terms of vivid pictures. And since Monopoly was my favorite game as a child, I relate to Baltic Ave. and Go and all that. My favorite was Water Works, actually.

My bag of tricks..

Turning up the music and dancing like crazy, dipping pretzel sticks into vanilla frosting, calling up my sister to vent or share stories, typing on my blog, taking a sentence from a favorite book and reflecting on it all day, hugging and kissing my kids, snuggling with the hubby, pulling weeds, doing something nice for a friend, online window shopping/drooling, buying fresh flowers at the store and putting them in vases all around our house. I have more but I'm flitty and sometimes it depends on the season or what I feel like.

Thanks for your blog..It's also part of my bag of tricks...Happy weekend to you!

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing! Reading this came at a great time for a me. A time when I have been crying on and off for the past 24 hours due to a supervisor scolding me for her own insecurities, not necessarily because I did something wrong. I want to stop being upset over it and I want to find a way to gracefully step out of my relationship with her as my supervisor, so my bag of tricks has consisted of a lot of prayer, phone calls with best friends for advice, some "Say Yes to the Dress" episode son Netflix, and some good laughs with old co-workers. With this bag of tricks I will get better, I will set myself free, and I will find a new supervisor that "gets" me and is secure in herself.

Meghann Rollinger said...

My bag or tricks include a skinny cinnamon dolce latte, trashy magazine (US, In Touch or People) and a whole can (yes I said whole can) of Sour Cream and Onion Pringles. Maybe I'll throw in a Twix or two who knows.

Heather said...

My membership to the YMCA - somedays I go and drop my boys off in the childcare just to go downstairs and take a shower and have the luxury of blow drying my hair. I love coming back to pick the boys up a solid 30 minutes later and when they ask me how my work out was I tell them - fabulous.

Taylor said...

Ohhhh GREAT post. In my bag of tricks: high-tailing it to my mom's, a good book, Dove dark chocolate, dinner with girlfriends, playgroup

Averyl Minori said...

In my purse (my little bag of tricks!) I always carry crayons & a few cars for my little boy.

My personal getaway? Coffee....and a book. Or getting coffee & having a "coffee date" on the phone with my best friend. Who lives in Fl while I am in Nv.

Love the comment someone posted:
ohsoblessed said...
I re-read "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp and my attitude immediately shifts as I begin to count gifts in everything. One of my favorite quotes of hers is "wherever you are, be all there." The good, the not-so-good, and everywhere in between.

I am going to go get this book today! Thanks for the recomendation!!

Molly said...

My bag of tricks is simply a trip to Target. I'm convinced it is a cure all for any day that's less than perfect.

Sky said...

A Netflix movie and some frozen yogurt on the couch, dying my hair a new color, or lying in a sunbeam with a good book.

JAQY said...
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Moonstonemama said...

"I am cute. But I was up from 1 to 5 for no reason. " - I'm sorry, I know you were probably frustrated beyond belief, but that line has me cracking up. I swear there are many a day where the only thing keeping me from banging my head off the counter is the fact that my daughter is so darn cute.

Emily Zavitz said...

My bag of tricks consists mostly of food. It's so liberating to swing through McDonalds for an Iced Tea, or grab the kids and drive to Rita's Italian Ices for dinner. When all else fails, I rely on the instant happiness of mixing kids + treats

JAQY said...

I've had a few days like that recently too... my bag includes Starbucks frappucino (I don't ordinarily drink caffeine), Cadbury mini eggs (only out at Easter!) and a hot bath at 2am with bubbles... just because I couldn't sleep. Yesterday was a day I pulled out all 3... and bought myself a shiny new mixer!

Alyssa said...

My little bag of tricks consists of my bible, a call to my best friend all the way in Missoula, caribou coffee, vanilla scented candles and my "blue skies again" playlist :) Ever since stumbling on this blog over a year ago, I have journaled, a list of the things I am enjoying, when I am sad, when I am happy and when I need to appreciate the blessings in my life. Your words are an inspiration Kelle!

The Dimas Family said...

Bag of tricks includes "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom," Goldfish crackers, and our own hands (for peekaboo!).

To take care of Mommy at the end of (or during) a hard day with toddlers, I try to take pictures of the difficulties and find the humor. After all, the post-tantrum child walking around in a t-shirt and a diaper, carpeting the living room with baby wipes while sucking her thumb and glancing occasionally up at Elmo is pretty hilarious when you take a step back! But hot coffee or hot chocolate and popcorn also helps a LOT.

Vanessa said...

My bag of tricks:
Breakfast date with my hubby,
Snuggling with my children,
My favorite mug with coffee,
Long hot shower,
Nap for no reason in the middle of the day:)

The Great Askini said...

OMG, I love those earrings. My bag of tricks includes:

getting to play outside with my kiddo (can spring get here and STAY PLEASE?!?)
riding my bike
a nice glass of wine in the evenings
connecting with my blog readers and friends

A said...

our baby's ultrasound pictures, taking off work early to make a batch of cookies, playing outside with the dogs, or grabbing a quick nap in middle of the afternoon

Emily said...

My bag of tricks include baking something. With my daughter, if she isn't the reason I need an escape! Usually it's just rolls or homemade soft pretzels, but if it's really been "one of those days" then it's chocolate chip cookies!

rachel b said...

my mommy bag of tricks contains cherry pepsi {instant mood brightner} and some "hey soul sista" feel good music!!!

Emily said... bag of tricks?!?! Snuggles from my two babies (4 & 7 mos.) and my hubby, a few quiet moments to read my favorite blogs, reading a GREAT book, watching a good movie, and watching mindless tv at night when my kiddos finally go to bed. Aside from the first one, I rarely get to do any of the above! =) Ahhh, the life of a SAHM. Btw, your girls are beauties!

Jennifer said...

I love reading your blog!

Reminded me of the amazing amount of housework I got done the other day and didn't even feel like grumbling. It was a joy and treat!

I'm a firm believer in the bag of tricks for mommas and wifeys. Unfortunately they mainly consist of sweet treats, and a recent diabetes diagnosis means those will have to decrease in number. But here's to hoping I can find the same "treat" feeling in magazines, books or clothes! lol

The Growing Oshika Gang said...

Those curvey pearl earrings are so lovely they're almost enough to convince me to get my ears pierced!

Kelle - it's good for me to hear that you sometimes have the bad days too. Sometimes I feel stuck in the trough of the waves and that the chasm between where I am - and where I'd like to be (delighted by stay-at-home motherhood) is too far to overcome. Not that I want to revel in your bad days, but rather that it gives me hope when I'm strugging a bit. Thank you!

laurali larson said...
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Kim said...

My bag of tricks....the starbucks drive through when the kids won 't nap but I know a 10 minute drive will put them both to sleep, ice cream with some extras mixed in on the couch after the kids are asleep, cracking up in with my 3 year old in his bed, playing words with friends on my new iphone, the Saturday wine tasting at the wine store down the street
that I try to make it to every single Saturday (I could go on but I feel like I'm starting to sound too self indulgent lol)

Elena said...

My bag of tricks:

A movie in the afternoon with a big coke and popcorn, a library book and Mario SmashBrothers with the roommates.

Sarah Pomranka said...

Shoot, I needed a bag of tricks this week, it was a snarky week that kept nipping at me. In my bag of tricks: working out, being with good friends, being quiet reading a book, making a really good smoothie, watching Downton Abbey for the millionth time, cleaning out the closet, laughing and laughing and laughing.

laurali larson said...

In my bag of tricks that bring me back to the Boardwalk? Nutella, blogging, crafting, praying, slumber parties with my besties, and taking pictures and actually giving myself the time to edit and post them!

Libby said...

Such wise words.
In my bag of tricks are... the way I instinctively know where the light falls perfectly whilst tramping through fields, a purring cat twisting around my ankles and the recipe for oatmeal & raisin biscuits.

Jagers said...

I love the idea of your bag of tricks. Trying to figure out what I could put in one for my older kids.
Heres to Hotels on Park Place.

kdactyl said...

Funny that you should post about "mommy needs" today! I am using up one of my "tricks" this morning. For every birthday, christmas, mothers' day...I only ask for one thing...a gift card to my favorite spa! I collect them like fine porcelin figurines and love to admire the stack of them everytime I sit down at my desk. I recently went back to work after having my 2nd baby (she is now 5 months and a joy, our son is 3). The past 2 weeks have been exhausting, my husband had to travel for work and, of course, the baby got sick from daycare. Today...husband is taking the kids to visit his mom and sister and I am grabbing one of my covetted gift cards and heading off to the spa alone....quiet serenity...I will go early, sit in the atrium and sip fruit infused water, nibble on mini muffins and speak to no one. It will be bliss! I will enjoy my 90 minute massage and pray I don't fall asleep on the table and miss being present for the relaxation. And then I will come home renewed, hug my babies, kiss my husband and start it all over again...but with a spring in my step and smelling just slightly of lavendar oils and peace!

CodynStacey said...

I don't know if I have a bag of tricks yet...I feel like it's all about family and freinds, and we live far from family and after moving 8 times in 2 years, all our friends are pretty much left behind, too.

But. I do have the most wonderful husband in the world, and the two most beautiful little girls. And of course, shopping, creating, loving, chocolate, and root beer. (The last two aren't combined.)

:) It is a wonderful life!

LeShayne said...

LOVE this post!

My bag of tricks - coffee in my whimsical Mickey mug, an episode of friends, the smell of sunscreen, good night kisses from my kiddos, and these random sweater pants that are the most comfy thing I own!

Shirley said...

I can't believe how big your "littlest" one is getting! I totally get your week, sounds like my life. I am a working Mom of 3 and I would pretty much crack if it wasn't for my own bag of tricks. It includes dvd's for quiet car rides, a good book, Magic Hat No. 9 (not while driving) :) and fresh air. If that doesn't work I head out for a pedicure!

The Kozee Family said...

Four weeks from Tuesday, my just turned one year old is having major lung surgery to remove a congenital lesion - and possibly her entire upper right lobe - that we found out about during our 18 week ultrasound. I've been carrying my bags of tricks around ever since.

-A warm shower and the time to blow dry my hair and straighten it - and put on make-up (hey I have 2 very active girls just 22 months apart - this is a luxury)

-A big glass of sweet tea on crushed ice (not a coffee drinker. at. all.)

-Going on an afternoon/evening walk with both girls and my husband

-Catching one of my favorite shows on Hulu while the girls take their afternoon nap - preferably while I'm laying all cozied up in my bed with a big glass of sweet tea

pretty_little_head said...

I just want to say thank you for bringing me comfort this morning. I am 13 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby, and this week we were given a 20% chance of the baby having down syndrome. I have been a reader of your blog for about a year, and can tell you that your words and photos give me a sense of reality that if our CVS test comes back positive that I too, can do this. Thank you for putting a "face" on what it's like to be a mom walking through this glorious journey with sweet Nella.

Anna said...

My bag of tricks contains my favorite coffee, a bubble bath, and a book.

Michelle said...

My bag of tricks:
chocolate, shopping online,
living in the moment and enjoying the present, not dwelling on the past or things that are going wrong

Siri said...

It must be in the air because I had a bad day (the WORST) yesterday! Everything that could go wrong did: I even dropped half of a coffee:( Anyway, dinner and champagne with good friends helped! She always listens and we laughed...I realize how lucky I really am! Have a great weekend.

j210209 said...

What's in my bag of tricks??

A hot cup of tea
14,000 reasons to be happy
Cuddles from my little boy
My 5 month old & 7 week old puppies
Your blog!!

I need my bag of tricks ALL the time! x

Ashley said...

The thing that can bring a bad day around for me, is chocolate frozen yogurt piled with raspberries. I eat it EVERY night. It is seriously one of the best parts of my day :o). And if I've had an especially bad day, I throw in some white chocolate chips.

Sam said...

I love your blog! My bag of treats includes various snacks, her princess radio, any music together cd, a car charger for an old cell phone (I know, random!). My comforts include a long walk on the beach, sushi with my husband, a new Parenthood, a late dinner and Greg Laswell show with my husband and ice cream!

Heather said...

I have had many of those "can't get anything right" days. Things that help:
shopping with no kids/no timeline
taking a walk with the whole family
word twist

Kate said...

Taking the long way home and stopping to watch the sun set.

Treating myself to frozen yogurt with berries on top.

A nice hot shower at the end (or middle, or beginning... whatever) of a long day. :)

KaitlinCole said...

Love Nellas smile (when she was uspposed to be sleeping) like "hey ma, I am cute, so stay up with me". I was always a mama that said my kid will never watch TV (I mean, have you READ the studies on what it does?) but now that my 22 month old is sprouting 4 boulders in the back on his sweet gums I put on Toy Story 3 quite a bit but I LOVE watching his eyes light up when Buzz comes on! I can't stop!

Noan said...

Books, books - always books.

Megan Parks said...

I love my family with everything I have but after the little ladies are in bed and my husband is asleep, the moment of complete silence is magical.

jolie said...

In my bag of tricks I have a "stop" to speak...when things start to swirl out of control and I realize that nothing is going as it should...I STOP and realize there is tomorrow...and perhaps laundry will get done then...but today I will just roll with it and enjoy my blessings. My 4 little ones at home.

Andrew said...

Last night I had to pull out my bag of tricks as well...consisted of putting all three kids in jammies, heading out for ice cream. then taking the LOOOOONG way home while, coincidently listening to NPR. I arrived home at 7:30 with three sleeping children and a happy mama. =)

Miles and Jenny said...

My bag of tricks always includes a hot cup of coffee, stationary for a long snail mail letter to a friend, and lastly my laptop where I can blog and decompress on my time...maybe late into the night where my creative juices can flow free. Nothing better. -Jenny

Amanda said...

I just began reading your blog. A good friend was shocked that I did not already know about it.

I am a special education teacher. I teach students on the autism spectrum. I must gush for one minute before getting to my teacher bag of tricks.

Reading your blog gives me hope for the future of my students. I know not all parents are as proactive as you are with your child. However, the love that you show for your girls is so grand. I hope that as a teacher I can give my students the love that they so desperately need in the short 7 hours I spend with them 5 days a week. You inspire me to be a better teacher, as well as a better person. Thank you for the inspiration. Sometimes I get stuck on Baltic as well.

Bag 'o tricks:
-computer time
-never opened package of markers
-Kids Songs video
-any "new" toy (never seen by students)
-a positive attitude
-lots of water

Christina said...

We have just made it through one of those "sick" weeks where something terrible works its way throughout the entire house, leaving everyone miserable and sad and inconsolable (sometimes).

DVDs have saved us this week. And pop for the kids (a big treat).

Robin said...

my bag of tricks are peaceful audiobooks in the car after a stressful day at work.

Kathleen said...

While she looks pretty darn cute in glasses, I am so glad that your girl got the all clear at the doctor!

It's been a long week of traveling husbands and toddlers with high fevers, but that means no need to cook dinner, PJs days and jumping on the bed. When I need a pick me up a solid workout, an etsy purchase and a much needed call with a long distance friend refuels the mommy tank.

Thank you, as always, for your candid thoughts.

And, I made my husband read the post just so he would realize I wasn't the only one who lost cars in parking garages. :)

Kathleen in Chicago

Alyss said...

My bag of tricks:
- A cup of steaming mocha
- My latest magazine
- A good swipe of mascara
- Sitting with a good book
- New nail polish
- Show tunes
- Impromptu trips to Barnes and Noble
- A drive with the windows down
- Cuddling with my son
- Giggling with my son

Victoria C. said...

My bag of tricks?

Long trips to the library ALONE

Walking the trails at the nature park with my 2 boys

Coffemate Italian Sweet Cream creamer in my morning coffee

Buying myself flowers for my kitchen windowsill.

Impromptu photo shoots with my boys

Falling asleep while reading a gossip mag while my toddler naps

Fresh berries and whipped cream

MomBE said...

Just like our bag of tricks for our children, mine is ever-changing. Lately it is "Pinterest" Have you discovered this yet? OH MY! I can't get enough! I would love to know if you have an account? I know I would love your style board! Hope she sleeps for you. I remember that fog.

Lauren said...

Lately my pick me up has been telling jokes with my almost 6-year old.

The kid is a riot!

Don't let anyone tell you that Aspies don't have a sense of humor.

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

I've never thought about this-- but a few items in my bag of tricks are drive-thru on the way home from a disastrous shopping trip to Target complete with fries, burgers and iced coffee for mama; that extra Twix bar I bought and saved for 'that' moment; and the power of texting to wonderful girlfriends that are going through the same thing.

Neena said...

my bag of tricks include a never ending flow of coffee and the occasional nap under the spring breeze.

A Box of Crayons said...

Music of any kind lifts the spirits and transforms a cranky little person into the best dancer in the world. He has serious in your car seat moves too.

Josh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emily said...

Oh, those weeks! Glad you survived and were able to still find a few things to enjoy.
*baby hugs
*dancing in the family room
*a big glass of wine doesn't hurt!

95282934-6845-11e0-b204-000bcdca4d7a said...

Bump me up to Boarwalk too, because we are getting a puppy on Sunday and that is the best a girl can ask for right? Little one is on her way to her new mama!

Lesley said...

Thanks for a nive start to my Sat morning! My bad of tricks include my ipod (usually Iron & Wine or Blue October, depending on the reason for the funk), perusing my go-to blogs, or a bath with a magazine. All good things!

mistene said...

My bag of tricks includes the "good coffee" that is made during nap time on bad days.... makes it so much better.
We too are trying the amber necklace! Not sure if it is really working though... Long nights are terrible. Hope they get better for you!

According to Tracy, Squared said...

My bag of tricks usually includes something with my sisters...built-in best friends that make everything better. And I read a comment earlier that mentioned Target. That got me thinking. Isn't it weird how one multi-purpose store can have such a great impact on you? Makes me happy, too!

Amy Lawrence said...

I always try and stop at Starbucks for a chocolate chip Frap. with extra chocolate before a big grocery trip! Lunch with my husband after a grueling doctors appointment. A good book after a long day!

Cute earrings!

Lesley said...

Forgot the most important trick in my bag - a good long phone call with my best friend (or failing that, a long venting email).

My Thoughts said...

How great would it be to win a gift certificate to that shop? (-: One of my recharge go-to activities is packing everyone up and heading to one of our many beautiful nearby mountain areas. No matter what's going on, somehow that always makes things better- without fail. Now, sometimes heading out to the mountains isn't practical, but when it is, it's golden!

Erin said...

I'm passing "GO" and collecting $200. In my bag of tricks this week?
- My son will be here in 9 days. Really, who needs more than that? End of pregnancy...meeting my baby.
- Ice cold can of Coca Cola always does the trick.
- There is a Bad Boy Bill CD in my car that I like to turn way up when it's just me...with my big sunglasses on and the windows all rolled down.
- Fresh flowers in the house...all the time.

Mrs. RedusRN-to-be said...

Believe it or not, when I need to feel alive and refreshed, I go to work! I am an Oncology nurse, and there is no shortage of reasons to praise God that my family and I are healthy and happy. I'll never be sad for having birthdays and getting older. Every day is a blessing...thanks for being so open and sharing your blog. I LOVE it!!

Ellie said...

I am sorry you had a rough week. We're all here with you. Our weeks may not have been the ones you experienced, but as mother's I think we often feel so isolated and alone. We're doing this crazy job which has gotten harder with each passing year. And we're doing it. A bag of tricks for us sounds great! Maybe that can be a self help post for us in the future! Here's to a weekend of happiness for you all.

Lyndsey said...

On rough days I treat myself to a cherry limeade from Sonic (I love that there are cherries inside), cuddle with my puppy, sit on the porch and enjoy the peace and quiet (and my container garden... I love the fact that "I grew that"). said...

nothing like hanging with your toddler from 1-5!
Would love a pair of those earings you're wearing for my my darling mom, who visits here as well.

Julie H. Schaal said...

Love the bag of tricks! Gets us through for sure!!

Tammy said...

The picture of Nella in the crib looks so much like her daddy. :)

One of the things I keep stocked up on is color wonder books and markers. LOVE 'em.

Thanks for sharing!

Klemm Family said...

Usually I just need a moment alone and a deep breath. Driving with the windows down and radio up always helps.
I find it amazing though. Every time I start to get frustrated/ never fails that my son (9 months) will, at that moment, do something that is so incredibly cute it's impossible not to smile. Then I'm full of hugs, kisses, and 'love you's.

dldhome said...

My bag of tricks?
A good book in my favorite chair
a new magazine
a glass of red wine with dinner
my creative scrapbooking desk
phone calls with my sisters

Scary alligator pictures!!
love the sidewalk chalk photos!

Laura said...

My bag of tricks includes a mocha from Caribou, freshly painted toenails and reading inspirational blogs like yours!

Kelsee said...

A good book. (right now One thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp)

Chai tea


Husbands arms

As always thanks for the gentle reminder of all the small things :)

Kelsey said...

I sneak around the corner into the mud room to eat Reese's peanut butter eggs. ;)

Jessica said...

my bag of tricks:
-long warm bath w/ a good book
-fountain coke from McD's
-running either at dawn or dusk (on hold since i'm 7.5 months pg:)
-cuddling w/ sleepy 3 yr old twins
-cranking up a great song, singing at the top of my lungs in the car w/ the window down on a rare warm & sunny spring MI day
-some quiet time on the couch w/ my hubby
-impromptu lunch dates w/ girlfriends
-facials, lunch & cocktails w/ my mom & s.i.l.

Miranda said...

The thing in my bag of tricks is a cup of tea sitting on my back patio just listening to the sounds in the air or a few minutes (hours) on etsy getting lost.

Gina said...

In my bag of tricks is:
* Dove dark chocolates
* my yoga mat
* a peppermint mocha Frappucino
* a new episode of America's Next Top Model(at least I can admit it)

I've never noticed how much Nella looks like Lainey but in that first photo,there's no denying it!

marlainky said...

Beautiful as always! Your photos, your words, your babies, your truth!


Marianne said...

The biggest mocha I can get at Starbucks, sipped slowly to savor it longer. A good book on my back porch (and not on my Kindle), a REAL book. A power nap in my recliner, one dog by my side, the other on my lap.

Dayna said...

last night my husband put the baby in the tub with her socks on. it was just the laugh we both needed.

on our second night home with her, there was a midnight poop-splosion that warranted the duvet to be washed.

we laugh, when before, we would have cried. i can't make this stuff up if i tried.

Mimzy Wimzy said...

I love going to some favorite blogs (this being one) to take in the recent photos. I snuggle up in a blanket & pj's to watch a favorite movie or show. I stay near to my husband. (By near I mean attached to him so that he needs a crowbar to pry me off of him to get breathing room. Its ok, because he loves me.)

Lisa Mauer said...

A great reminder! For me, a good book, a glass (or two, or three!) of wine, a walk with my golden retriever, a talk with a good friend, and chocolate make up my bag of tricks!

Alzbeta said...

My bag of tricks? A trip all by myself to wander about the store. Or a bath... that we have to run by running the shower... because it's broken. But it's still lovely :).

Celeste said...

My bag of tricks... Starbucks, chocolate covered potato chips, and solo trips to Target. :)

Love Lainey's wand! How adorable is that?! And those earrings are lovely!

Katy said...

I would have to say probably having a random dance party in my room :)

Nicole S said...

Chocolate covered pretzels, Bravo TV, a hot shower and a hug from my husband. :-)

Kathryn said...

My bag of tricks includes a peppermint mocha frappuchino, a book, and silence.

Also, your girls are just too cute. Love the earrings too :)

J.Mo said...

My bag of tricks is stocked full of bubble bath and wine... Me time.

Don & Jill said...

Love the perspective shift your posts always give me! You are in my bag of tricks Kelle. Love that sweater in the earring pic and the fact that I have it in my closet in hot pink and that I therefore know it came from Costco and looks like it cost a lot more than it actaully did (another trick in my bag)!

Thomas and Kara said...

My bag of tricks has mango tea, a good book and classical music to help me fade into another world for a short time.

Antonette said...

in my bag of tricks:

a cup of tea, english style
turning on Peter Gabriel In Your Eyes,
a text to my girlfriend who is more than likely in the same boat as me
remembering the funny little sayings of my youngest

Corissa said...

We have many sleepless nights! My 23 month old is a horrible sleeper.

My bag of tricks for myself is a mani and pedi. It doesn't happen often, but when it does I enjoy every moment then go back home to my two beautiful babies.

Peony said...

I think that first picture of Nella is going in my bag of tricks. Oh, that impish little face, looking more and more like Lainey's and mommy's every day!

Also, fountain pens and coffee.

S said...

in my bag of tricks: early morning cups of coffee, late night glasses of wine, lit candles, open sunroofs, the Civil Wars, and Maroon 5.

Jessica said...

My bag of tricks is a margarita night in with my girlfriends, a mani and pedi, or if things get desperate--a big slice of cheesecake from my favorite bakery. YUMM.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend loving your little loves!!

Jenny said...

I always carry a bag of tricks to my son's quarterly clinic visits (he has cystic fibrosis). In that bag of tricks: Cars and Micky Mouse seek and find books, monster trucks, and most importantly - his own little toy doctor kit. He loves to "listen" to everyone's lungs when they come in to visit him. Bag of tricks are a mommy must!

gooddog said...

My bag of tricks includes a few miles of a long, slow run on the greenway- resulting in a happy doggy, rockin endorphins and more comfy pants. :)

Susie said...

a nap. real simple magazine. tickling my daughter. petting a grateful doggie. a bear hug from my husband. a margarita and some carne asada at our favorite mexican spot. mmmmm...carne asada.....

Life As Wife said...

The sleeping situation with my two-month old little man has me hanging out on Baltic Ave like it's going out of style. He will sleep in my arms but as soon as he is laid down in his crib, he wakes up screaming. I don't do the cry-it-out bs either so it's been a lot of sleepless nights around here.

As much as it sucks, when it comes down to it feeling needed and loved by baby puts me back to boardwalk. I'll go ahead and admit it, the nighttime cuddling is not too shabby either.

Danielle said...

a bath. when they're fighting and I'm losing it... my 3 girls figure out how to be friends in the bath. And it's fun! and they come out clean. it's a win-win trick!

Hailey said...

Love that crib picture. And the last one. They are too cute. Things have been rough over here too. Mice, roaches, leak in the roof, and a certain toddler who has found his whiney voice (swear we're not filthy people, just a thing going around the neighborhood).

Bag of tricks:
Paula Deen, Southern Living, or some gossip magazine.
Hanging out in the garden with my ipod blaring.
Ice cream.
Hazelnut Latte.
Curling up with the hubs and watching Pretty Woman after the kiddo is in bed.
Taking pictures and blogging.

Here's hoping next week is WAY better than this one. :)

Jessica said...

It's funny how becoming a mother is a completely enriching journey but also ups the importance of throwing in a few 'me moments'. My recent favorite me moment is taking a quick tour around our garden and seeing the tiny starts of a whole new blooming season. Little delicate buds on the trees, determined shoots pushing through the soil, the emerald green of brand new blades of grass - so refreshing.

Kelsey said...

Kelle - You have no idea how much I needed this post! This week has just been crazy. I am such a positive person but this week had so many negative things in it. I broke down and cried on a couple of ocassions myself. I'm in need of a bag of tricks! :)


jacm84 said...

I love reading your blog!!! I always look forward to a new posting. You have inspired me to find the positive in every situation.

My bag of tricks:

-wine, watching Little Women, long bubble baths (with kid toys floating in it of course), crafting :)

[LJT] said...

Chocolate milk. The more chocolate the better. Instant mood lifter, spirit renewer, life saver.

A breath of fresh air. Sometimes gulps.

Gummy bears/worms.

A spritz of my favorite perfume that I rarely wear.

And when all else fails, there is always tequila. Add a lime, salt and a girlfriend or two and you've got an instant crisis management team.

LOVE the earrings. And the pictures. as always.

Colette said...

I'm half fascinated, half terrified by the gator...

Now, my bag of tricks:

I don't have babies of my own yet, but as I like to point out, my graduate school coursework and master's thesis are pretty close. When those things push me to a breaking point, my first recourse is a mug of hot tea in a dark room with a scented candle burning. I just pretend my computer/stack of theory books don't exist anymore, and I can center myself.

Megs said...

Beautiful. You always inspire me to force myself out of bad days and just BE HAPPY.

My bag of tricks? A cuddle with a sleeping cat. A new book on my Kindle. Poring over the thumbnails of my bridal portraits. Texting my fiance just to get an "I love you!" back. This blog.

Tanya said...

my bag of tricks has tons of otherwise usless items, keychains, kleenex, beads, handheld games,gold fish crackers and so on, but in a pinch, it works great.

I love your blog


shelbyisrad said...

My bag of tricks is full of cupcakes for breakfast, reading blogs, coming home to grandma's and laying with my pup on the floor for hours, walking through the woods when college is just too much, and picking flowers off bushes, its turning off the TV, closing the computer and laying on my bed with the one window open and just staring at the ceiling.

katelyngarlow said...

I love reading your blog and looking at your amazing pictures! Pearls are my favorite, and those earrings are SO CUTE!

Val, Mike, Brax and Harper said...

xanax and a bottle of wine.
i kid, i kid.
sleep usually does the trick for me! (non-sedative induced, i swear!)

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