Friday, March 18, 2011

Patty whack.

There are two essentials to a good morning--coffee and kids at my feet.



Yesterday, I woke up not feeling it. It, as in anything. Nella's battling molars along with her normal Baby Jedi vs. Sleep routine, and I had a trillion things to do but felt exhausted...which led to the escalation of small frustrations such as, say, maybe I lost my mind when I couldn't find a pen. But, that's when rising to the occasion means the most...when you don't feel it. Like getting out of bed when it's still dark to go for a run when you swear you just can't. That's when the run feels the best and when the satisfaction of overcoming "I don't wanna" is most rewarding. There's a badass within us all, and finding her when she's lost is like raising your fists and thrusting your sweaty body through the finish line tape after a long, exhausting race. I found her again. I found my badass ultra ego, and you know what? I named her Betty.

Well, hello there little finish line.

Some days I'll settle for not getting out, for giving in to "I don't wanna," but I couldn't let St. Patty down.


I packed up the girls and headed to Rock the Dock which is basically an Irish event of loud bands and corned beef baskets down at Tin City, a quaint touristy strip of shell shops, beer shacks, and boardwalk in south Naples.



We did that whole nothing-but-so-very-something routine of walking and talking and stopping to let curious little minds explore.




And I was happy we were out, jammin' to Irish jigs, browsing soap shops, hittin' up the general store for cold sherbet push-ups when everything inside me earlier told me it wasn't gonna happen. Go Betty.






So there. That's all I got this Friday. That and my made-up Irish blessing that goes something like (read it in an Irish accent)...May the blessed badass that dwells within you deliver when you need her most. Amen.


That and another oh.


And, I might call her Betty, but any mama knows...the most powerful driving force that pulls out the best of us and electrifies our energy is really known by another name...or two.



We're just chillin' this weekend. And my girl is very involved in helping plan her birthday party this year which will be here before we know it. So, we've begun the fun. Giddy up.

(and a friend photo from earlier this week I can't leave out...totally love this shot that captures both of them just as they are) ...

Spring is still blooming, and I fell in love with all the flowery, spring goods in the super-stocked shop of our new sponsor, Linkel Designs (a stay-at-home Michigan mama).

Loving my new vintage bike necklace!


Some of my spring favorites from Linkel that had me drooling (but all incredibly affordable! Would make great Easter basket or Mother's Day treats. Check it out!):


Use Code ENJOY10 for 10% off your order, and a lucky commenter will be randomly selected from this post to win a $30 gift certificate, provided by Linkel Designs. Keeping it interesting. Tell me 5 things you're tired of and 5 things you're not.

I'll start.

Tired of...Finding moldy coffee cups, malls, minivan doors that keep closing even when you're in the way, Real Housewives, beige walls.
Not Tired of...Little Bear, Dunkin Donuts coffee, Nella's side-swept barrette, Lainey's crooked smirk, taking pictures.

Happy Weekend! If you get a your inner badass.


Forgot to mention...we're thrilled to have sharing the birth story, Embracing Nella, this week.


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Adriana Iris said...

Have a great weekend!

songskatesang said...

Tired crankiness, packing boxes for moving, loading moving boxes, unloading moving boxes, figuring out what is for dinner.

Not Tired of...Nate's giggle, double rainbows, spring break, fluffy pillows and chocolate

Sally said...

ooh, I'm a Michigan momma, would love to get something from another work-at-home Michigan momma!

love your pictures!

Wally said...

Tired of: Indiana gray weather, trying to keep on a healthy diet (instead of snacking!), whining from the 4 year old, laundry and sick kids.

Never tired of: laughter, sunshine, Starbucks coffee, clean house, my quirky family

Oh and my badass name is:

Kelly said...

Tired of...the orajel not working, winter coats, snotty noses, 3rd grade math, and diets.
Not tired of...March madness, baby giving me drooly open mouth kisses, sunshiny afternoons promising spring ahead, dancing to some Justin Bieber with my girl, and Mexican restaurant nights with my husband.

Laura said...

Tired of... Not enough sleep, doing dishes, sweeping floors, listening to voicemails, and fire ants. Can't get enough of... Iced skinny white mochas, Mexican food, the band FellowBliss, snuggling with my husband and two mangy mutts, and finding crafty ideas on the Internet

susan said...

I also love Lainey's crooked smirk. She is so beautiful Kelle.

Tired of...
Sickness, cold weather, cranky old people that my sweet girl waves at and they have the nerve to ignore her, dirty mini van

Never tired of
Smiles from my babies, COFFEE, Kelle's blog:)

Sarah said...

Tired of___doing dishes, going to school, moody Michigan weather, joblessness, and wearing shoes

Not tired of___whole wheat peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, sunshine, the weekend, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, mini ice creams

Ashley @ Coffee and Apple Juice said...

How do you do it?? ... you always give that boost of energy and inspiration just when I need it most. Even my husband said that reading your blog puts him in a good mood.
I have a cold and just don't want to do much of anything at all but now I have a little boost to get the house picked up and smelling good so we can have a nice relaxing evening.

Jennifer C said...

tired of: feeling tired, being almost done with my degree but not quite there, painting, kids that are mean to my kids, and gas prices.

Not tired of: starbucks (im noticing a trend amongst us here), feeling this little baby kicking in my stomach, spring!, how great and different each of my kids are, and american idol (yet).

Melissa Stevens said...

Great post! I need to find my Betty!
Tired of: Crabby roommates, cold weather, end of semester school work, not enough time for sleep, and Idaho. I'm not tired of: the sun, laughter, amazing friends, the college experience, and spring time!

Harvey said...

Tired of...crumbs on the floor but love the little hands and mouth that create them, mass junk emails, empty fridge, down economy, school funding.
Not tired of...sweet boy kisses, tender hugs, Colorado sunshine, talks on ski lifts, dreams and faith.

Kristy Foushee said...

Tired of: Whining 3 year olds, potty training,deciding what's for dinner, picking up pieces to toys - especially Legos, laundry

Not Tired Of: Wine, Taking pictures, Spring weather, dear friends, baby smiles, toddler laughter...

The good news - it was a lot easier to make the list of things I was not tired of! Life is good!

Hattie said...

Tired of...grading essays, having my house for sale, muddy st. bernard paws on my clean floor, the stomach flu

NOT tired of...the ah-ha! moments on saw on a few of students' faces today, 60 degrees and sunny!!, my little boy's funny sentences, the delicious dinner my husband made, my new blonde highlights

Ashley said...

Tired of...winter bred sicknesses, wearing clothes I don't like, my complaining, taunting sales, and raking gum balls.

Not tired of...our new house, pushing my baby's stroller, yellow blooms from my kitchen window, tackling the to do list, and coffee!

Brooke said...

oh wow! Congrats on the birth story that's amazing! and going to check out her shop right now!

Colette said...

Tired of...underappreciation in many forms, vaccuming, hearing about Charlie Sheen, afternoon traffic, and not having a cool inner badass name.

Not tired of...every extra minute of sunlight we get as we inch closer to summer, deep belly laughs with my coworkers on slow work days, reading classic literature, trying fun new recipes, and expanding my craft horizons with quilting.

As always, I love reading your blog!


Whitney said...

First off - this is my favorite Adele song. Especially the "nuffin' back" part.

I'm tired of: piles of laundry on the kitchen table, kitchen floors that just don't seem to clean themselves, the Charlie Sheen saga, setting an alarm clock, snotty noses.

Never tired of: Staying at the park until dinnertime, rocking my boys to sleep, margaritas in the sunshine, sundresses!, a good run on a gorgeous day.

Life with Kaishon said...

5 things I am tired of?
Gary working 7 days a week, the laundry that needs folded, my unorganized desk, the kitty running out whenever the door is open for one spit second (as opposed to one whole second-word), never knowing what to make for dinner, failing my diets week after week.

5 things I am not tired of? Kaish giving me a hug when he gets off the bus. I love to sniff his hair that smells like the outside when he comes in at the end of the day. Taking pictures of whomever I can find : ). Getting gas for .50 cents less tomorrow because of grocery store points. Finding new hoop earrings at the CVS and feeling like a rock star while I wave my hair back and forth driving into Philly! Knowing that there are hundreds more things to be thankful for tonight and very night. What a blessing.

Thanks for the reminder.

Lisa said...

Love all of the O pics!!

Tired of:rain in the forcast, crusty little noses, dirty car, potholes, gas prices

Not tired of: sunshine, staying after school for the kids to play and Moms catchin up, family movie night, vacation planning (even if far off!), chocolate!

Andrea said...

OMG the cameo earrings... I want!!!

Tired of: laundry, winter coats, my pesky recurrent chin hair (embarrassing but true), the grime in my bathtub, cell phones

NOT tired of: my girls playing dress up together, pictures, reading inspiring books, coffee in my pretty red mug, thinking about my daughter's upcoming birthday!

Robin Meredith said...

Tired of... the never-ending craving for lots of ice cream, the fog on the coast that prevents me from seeing the sun, cooking dinner, Charlie Sheen, and the never ending piles of laundry.

Not tired of... a glass of wine at the end of the day, my sweet boyfriend, the three year old I nanny who brightens up my day, being able to see the ocean from my new apartment (on days when the fog isn't around), and the pastel colors that come with spring.

sister#2 said...

Love the "little finish line" picture of Nella. I think that is the best pic I've seen of her.

Tired of: laundry, shaving my legs, working every week, doing dishes, traffic

Not Tired of: my 4 kids, my grandson, my home, my pond, my life!

Yvonne said...

Tired of...
Kids with fevers, cold rainy days in Kentucky, stresses of work spilling into my home, college basketball and finally, I am tired of being tired.

Never tired of...
The beautiful smiles of my kids, the sweet words of them calling me mommy, finding toys in hidden clever places, my daily glass of southern sweet tea, and weekends.

Have a great one!

Lisa S said...

Tired of planning dinners, being a "chauffer", winter weather, washing dishes, the outdoors looking drab......

Never tired of COFFEE, my daugthers laugh, hugs from my teenage son, rainbows and sunshine, watching my children perform (dance and karate)

Poella Divine said...

I know one thing I never get tired of: READING YOUR BLOG! I absolutely love your girls and think that little Nella is the best thing since sliced bread. And Lainey has your sparkle. Your photography is amazing. Thank you for always brightening my day with your happiness. :)

arlene said...

tired quickly the dust bunnies multiply, sarcasm, debbie downers, dog hair, weeds
not tired kids who have moved back home for grad school/husband's deployment, the way my grandson says "Mamie", being given another opportunity to watch a child grow from day to day, spring flowers, my job.

Christina said...

Awesome post:
I'm Tired of: The flu, dishes, laundry, vaccuming, getting gasoline in the car, kitty litter boxes, and pooper scooping (to play outside).
Not Tired of: Max and Ruby, Tinkerbell, loud laughs from the little ones, hugs squeezes and kisses from the kids and my husband, coffee, early morning smells from outside.

Kathleen said...

Tired of: (literally) my six-month-old not sleeping through the night, a house that can't stay clean now matter how hard & much I try, Glee, perpetual runny noses this winter, and these last 5 pregnancy pounds.

Not Tired of: snuggles from my kiddos!, quality time with my girlfriends, long hot bubble baths, compliments from my hubby, champagne cocktails....

Luckily, my second list could go on for miles.

Andy said...

Tired of: gray,cold weather; teacher coffee mugs, packing lunches, my phone(need a new one), grocery shopping

Not tired of: coffee, flip flops, my children's laughter, Three Sisters' Trilogy by Nora Roberts(I read it every spring:, walks in the Sun, family togetherness

Jaclyn Hicks said...

Oh what a week....

Tired of: Crying til my eyes swell shut, hubby working 24/7, eating alone over the sink, dreading tomorrow

Not tired of: Molly's sweet licks in the morning, loving on my new neighbor Sandy the horse, hearing my hubby's car pull up the driveway

My inner badass would have to be Twiggy...

Allison MacPhail said...

Tired of: snow, winter colds, potty training, dust, shedding pugs

NOT tired of: Hearing the chorus of Twinkle Twinkle all day long, newborn gas smiles, Coldplay songs, Glee, this website!

The girls are getting more beautiful by the day.. if that's possible!

Kristie said...

You make me ponder myself and my days each time I stop into read your blog. You have a beautiful family and your way of sharing is breathtaking. I'm hooked. Oh and I cannot get enough of the "ohhh" shots... :)

Mama Rose said...

Rock on Betty!

I'm tired of turning the heat on, never being able to find matching socks, bills, a messy car (despite my weekly vows to keep it clean), and alarm clocks.

I am not tired of daily dance parties (filled with cheesy early 90's music of course!), the bird that peers in our window every morning, singing at the top my lungs in the (messy) car, the way my son flips his hair to get that Justin Bieber look, and my daughters teeny tiny painted piggy toes!

Ames said...

Tired crappy camera, endless laundry, cold weather, bills, being tired.

Not tired girls giggle, packing to move to our new house, very strong coffee, sunshine, and blogging!

Megan said...

Tired of...waking up when it's still dark, American Idol (my husband insists), a messy house, weekdays, my current hair.

Not tired boy's "dance moves," open windows, flowing skirts, grilling out, bare feet

Alli said...

Tired of: crying, being a nomad, dirt, car troubles, gas prices

Not tired of: hugs, making dinner, sweeping, exercise, friends

Heidi said...

Tired of... cleaning the same mess over and over again, having Tahd gone (he's been gone for 5 weeks on business stuff), feeling like my pants have shrunk 3 sizes, eating crap, my computer's blue screen of death.

Not tired of... sitting in the car at school waiting for Gabe - the quiet is a little fun, dreaming about my big plans for the next 8 months, feeling really happy, running (aka jogging really slow) ;), and The Mysterious Benedict Society.

I read your Babycenter article and it made me wonder what it was all like from Brett's perspective. I think I recall your dad writing a series about that, but would Brett ever think about sharing?

Jamie said...

Tired of: money worries, weight gain, cold weather, zits, grumpy people.

Not tired of: fresh bathed kids in pj's, clean house, date nights, long hot showers, kind people.

Erin said...

Tired of...the stomach flu (it's just cruel to have at 9 months pregnant), cleaning my house for showings to people who don't actually want to buy it, my downstairs neighbors, aching hips (see 9 months pregnant) and my crippling work chair.

Not tired sweet little Kate kissing my belly, my independent Lucy strutting her stuff now that it's warm enough to take outside walks, daydreaming about meeting our newest addition, taking photos and the cowboys on the Amazing Race.

Mary A-J :) said...

Tired of: being a working mama; gaining weight (but I am changing my lifestyle to stop this :D); my messy over-full purse; not having energy; not making time for my talents.

Not tired of: my hair being red again :) (loving being back to me); Ryko's amazingness and sweet face while sleeping; my family; my dear friends (could never get tired of them); adventures big and small!`

Bonnie said...

Tired of letting other people bring me down...I'm in charge of my outlook on life darnit!

Not tired of spending time with my daughter and playing with my brand new DSLR! Thanks for inspiring me Kelle!

Lace Escapades said...

Tired of: Waking up feeling groggy, stepping on various small plastic toys, spilling cups of hot tea on the carpet, finding holes in my jeans I could've sworn weren't there before, and surgery.

NOT tired of: Candles that make my house smell like pineapples and white orchids, purple eyeshadow, hugs around my legs, finding old mirrors/pieces of furniture in the garage and making them look new, and as cheesy as it sounds- laughter. I never get tired of it.


Moosefan said...

Tired of-Stupid people who should have a sign around their necks saying "WARNING, I AM STUPID, DO NOT TALK TO ME", rain rain rain, not being able to find my light pink sweater, people asking for my advice but will not take it, and people tapping their foot in line-only makes this Moose and her Moose herd move slower!
Not tired of-My husband home from military deployment leaving his socks all over-it just means he is home, hearing my kids race through the house, My starbucks that knows my first name and says "The Usual today Mrs. Moose", seeing my teenage daughter go through the college brochures, and watching my son save the worms with his friends that are stuck in the puddles from all the rain rain rain!

Jodi said...

tired of...clouds, cold weather, my alarm, long commutes to work, tragic accidents.

not tired of...sunny days with my sunroof open, smiles, a glass of wine, my dickersons!, cute spring dresses.

M said...

Tired of: snow, ice, salty cars, hat hair, winter clothes.

Never tired of: bubble baths, fuzzy pajamas, Goodnight Moon, bedtime snuggles, and nursing my daughter to sleep. Now it's off to bed for me, too!


The Korporaal Family said...

Tired of: sitting, lack of ambition, winter, winnie-the-pooh's voice :), deciding what's for dinner!
Enjoying: SPRING!, taking pictures (all the spring things are being captured!), my 7 month old daughter, going for walks, friends! :)

Nicole said...

Tired of...Mickey Mouse Clubhouse a zillion times a day, swollen feet and ankles, baskets of unfolded laundry crowding my side of the bed, temper tantrums, and caffeine-free coffee.

Not tired of...watching the 18-month-old version of the Hot Dog Dance a zillion times a day, baby hiccups inside my belly, a pair of hands helping me put wet clothes in the dryer, hugs and kisses, and Shamrock shakes.

Kimberlee said...

Tired of... loading the dishwasher, Dora, popcorn ceilings,chicken nuggets, Winter.
Not Tired of... snuggling on the couch, drinks with friends, Ella's "jokes", Talia's insight, red lipstick.

zilfoefileht said...

tired of...
complainers, snow (gotta love livin' in NoDak!), lack of sleep, rude/inconsiderate people, life moving so quickly

not tired of..
music, laughter, kiddos - big and small, old friends, sunshine

Natalia Jean Sansosti said...

Tired of: Charlie Sheen and the NFL labor "drama" (have these people seen the real "news" lately??) nagging doubts, ceaseless deadlines, hidden agendas, and being too tired to cook dinner.

Never tired of: my daughter's new "cheeeeese" smile, turning my alarm clock off on Friday nights, a long hot bath, the way my husband is determined to make me laugh, and my Kindle.

And my inner badass? Serena. As in, Williams. As in, screaming "UGH!" and swinging like hell every time some crazy ridiculous volley comes her way.

Just Trying Not to Blink .... said...

My inner Badass is not the name of a person, but of a place: "Moose Mountain" - suffice it to say that hiking up this mountain in a foot of melting snow is a completely unnecessary experience but I persevered ....

I'm Tired of: Laundry heap, Ebay, toy bits which seem to grow into little piles but not belong with any of the toys we own, those extra five pounds, my messy office

I'm not tired of: my little P's baby grins, my daughter E's pigtails, my daughter M's belly-laugh, sleeping in and browing on Etsy

Have a great weekend!

Heather said...

Tired Of...being tired, the bachelor, root canals, soggy mops, dark nail polish

Not Tired Of...sun-screen smelling kiddos (yum! love the smell!), cold beers, pink toe nails, car jams w/ my kids (newest fav = Shoop!), running outside

Daria said...

Tired of: My son's food allergies, a toddler's tantrums, my daughter's multiple night wakings, clutter, cold weather.

Not tired of: morning swims, my son's voice, the slap, slap of my daughter's hands as she crawls down the hallway, afternoon tea, nursing my daughter.

Danae said...

tired of.... snow, brown grass under the snow, pent-up children needing to run outdoors, windchills, dirty cars

not tired of.... lazy mornings, tulips, spring air, sound of geese returning home, my babies' smiles :)

Lauren said...

I'm tired of grad school assignments, rainy and cold mornings, gas prices, stale cheerios, and getting to the bottom of a candle. However, I will never tire of that feeling at the end of the day when you can finally go home, sales at Target, puppy morning breath, delicious chai, and warm early evening walks when everyone is outside playing and the air smells of grills and freshly cut grass.

Simply B said...

Tired of: sharing a bathroom with 23 other college girls.

Never tired of: dancing to Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors while pulling an all-nighter in the art studio :)

Jon said...

Hmmm ...

Tired of: 1. rain (rain, go away!) 2. waiting on our shortsell 3. forgetting to eat the leftovers that are taking over our fridge 4. my new raging red dye job fading way too fast 5. traffic

Not tired of: 1. the way my husband becomes the sexiest man in the world when he plays with our daughter 2. painted toenails for summer 3. baby kisses 4. 1st birthday party planning 5. cupcakes

stephanie said...

Tired of... insane El Paso dust, the constant cleaning that accompanies it, waking up too early, NFL drama, TWC.

Not tired of... my sweet Maggie's smiles, feeling our new baby girl kick, loving our new house, the warm weather, having the husband home for a bit before the next deployment.

Kristen said...

Tired of... Not making it to the gym, my allergies already this year, my baby girl battling this illness, trying to do too much, stepping on my little pony pieces!

Not tired of... Cuddling with my peanut, the funny things she says, the warmer weather, spring flowers popping up, COFFEE!

Have a great weekend!

CPass said...

Tired of:
1. Long commutes to work (40 minutes each way now - 1hr 1/2 come June when my company moves to Detroit (ick)!)
2. An IT team that doesn't seem to understand the words "deadline" or "budget"
3. Snow (it's Michigan, but spring is coming!)
4. Mean people
5. Snooki and friends

Not Tired of:
1. My family - they ROCK
2. My sweet niece who turned 18 this week and promptly registered to vote!
3. My Kindle - how did I ever live without it?
4. McDonald's unsweetened iced tea
5. Milk from the nearby farm - fresh from that morning (yum!)

carlotta said...

So love this post.

Tired of...the occasional cold temperatures lingering from winter, homework, jeans, bland colors, and people using other people's photographs without permission.

Not tired of...spring, the color coral, skirts, warm weather, and hearts cut out of newspaper.

StellasMommy121 said...

Tired of: the rain, sickness, the ants that have invaded my kitchen sink, television in general, especially bad news, and being
Not tired of: the slightly cool, but warm enough weather, the baby/toddler years, taking millions of pictures of Stella, reading the same children's books over and over to the point of memorization, and nursing school
And my badass name would definitely be Beatrice... she just sounds like a little lady that would get things done!

FEAS613 said...

Oh - loving the ohs and the soap and green beer and a cowgirl party is awesome :) Can't wait to see the creative things you think of to fit the theme!!

Things I'm tired of:
Being COLD, Connecticut, work, laundry and being sick :/
Things I'm not tired of:
the battle of figuring out what goes to FL with me when I move and what doesn't (aka - what do i need the most and can fit in my car with everything else I need!), blue skies (i seemed to have brought them back to CT from FL with me!) seeing green start sprouting from the ground, gulf coast sunsets, starting over...

Oh - and Betty kicks ass!! I love the name!!! Literally laughed out loud!

Veronica said...

Tired of.....Masters level statistics, being tired, not having French Fries, horrible Friday night TV, not having time to be creatively me...

Not Tired of....loosing weight(25.5 pounds down, 48.5 to go), spending time with all three of my sons together, the idea that my students enjoy being in my class, laughing, my hubby!

My inner my dislocating knee that stops me from running, biking, and having more zoom in my non-existant exercise plan! I blame my knee for I just really need to get my badass...badassing off the couch!!!

Janine said...

Tired of: 1. Never finding the right bra 2. Not exercising 3. Being drowned in debt 3. Waiting for summer 4. Watching my girls grow older....

Not tired of: 1. My husband and the way he asks "are we alone?" 2. red velvet cupcakes 3. dancing with my girls 4. Watching my girls grow older....

My inner badass is named: Francine!

Megan said...

tired of: rain, grading essays, laundry, hair in the sink, charlie sheen

not tired of: yoga, peanut butter stuffed dates, giggling, playing footsie, pedicures

Natalia Jean Sansosti said...

P.S. Thank you for sharing Nella's birth story with an ever-wider audience... its beauty and honesty never cease to amaze me or bring me to tears. <3

Aisy said...

Tired of: runny noses from colds, this cold weather, endless piles of dishes, never ending laundry & clutter.

Not tired of: double cuddles from my twins, watching my oldest son in awe of the wind blowing the trees, planning for our summer produce container garden, hearing my kids squeal as I chase them & ginger cookies (I found the best recipe and can eat the entire batch myself)

Megs said...

This really inspired me to hunt for my inner badass. Because lately I have just not been feeling it.

Tired of: an unsupportive boss, being 1600 miles away from my fiancé, students who don't do their homework, not feeling like working out, showering (it just gets boring sometimes).

Not tired of: amazing coworkers, loving my fiancé, students who go out of their way to make my days better, a good yoga workout, crossword puzzles.

kelly tucker said...

Tired Of: Parents who just don't seem to care about how their child is doing in school (I'm a Kindergarten teacher), allergies that have given me a never ending cough, losing socks to the "dryer monster", not drinking sweet tea (I gave it up for Lent), and waiting for summer break.

Not Tired Of: Sweet kisses from my sweet puppy dog, the hugs I get all day long from my sweet Kindergartners, the look on a child's face when they finally "get it", the warmer weather that has been around these past few days, and thinking of all the fun that summer will bring!

Amy said...

Tired Of: endless laundry, muddy lawns, clogged toilets, runny noses, inability to lose this baby weight

Not Tired Of: sunshine, spring temperatures, nuzzles with little arms around my neck, the sound of laughter from my lil ones, shopping

I think my inner badass shall be called Gertrude. :)

Kristy said...

Tired of: digging things out of my baby's mouth, watching the news, doing laundry, my oven that won't bake cookies right, and finding grey hairs.

Not tired of: the longer days, music, playing Legos with my boys, getting to bake cookies at my mom's since her oven works, and joyfully anticipating my baby girl's first steps (any day now!).

Have a great weekend!
P.S. My inner badass's name is Prudence.

Jose and Candice said...

Tired of: my roots, natural deodorant, weak coffee, statistics and my neighbor blaring middle eastern music late at night.
Not tired of: Pandora's jazzy love music, the smell of my newborn's breath, the stink of my almost-two-year-old's feet, my hubby on paternity leave, baking anything :)

My badass name: Gem (remember her?), I just gotta find some badass earrings like hers

Baby Gabe said...

Just found your blog about a month ago and I love it.
Things I'm tired of: feeling tired all the time, clutter all over my house, feeling the work mom guilt, feeding tube, and my winter coat
Things I'm not tired of: Gabe's crazy front tooth everytime he smiles, Gabe, my husband, and I laughing all at the same time, my Northern KY DS support group, outdoor market on saturday mornings, tall skinny almond lattes.

Karyn said...

I'm tired of:
- Mondays
- Charlie Sheen
- Winter. Chicago is freezing!
- Middle of the night pregnancy trips to the bathroom
- Dirty dishes

I'm not tired of:
- Feeling my baby kick
- Rice chex. My favorite pregnancy food!
- The days getting longer
- Ice cream- even if it's cold outside
- Sleep :)

Love the oh!

Susan B said...

"sometimes, that's all you got." see you. get you. feel you. hear you. love moms together. good to know we're not alone. have a great weekend.

Shel said...

Tired of: puppy pooping on the floor, snow, cold mornings, diapers at night, wearing a coat
Not tired of: NO diapers during the day! the kids laughing at the puppy running back and forth across the floor, Starbucks sweetened black Iced Tea, My daddy, pictures of Nella's Oh face :)

Casey said...

Great pictures!!!! You little ones keep getting cuter and cuter.
Tired: Pulling weeds, stepping on crushed up crackers, teething babies, sweat pants, hating my daddy for dying 6 months ago

Not tired of: Reading your blog of course, flip-flops, diet cherry Pepsi, my daughters long hair, my sons hands on my face, as he stares at me

Steph said...

Tired of...A sore throat, "morning" sickness, tired, my job, not being able to spend every second with my little diva
Not Tired of...My lil "super herooooo", Watching ultrasounds, hearing unborn heartbeats, watching my daughter point to my tummy and proudly proclaim to the entire grocery store: BABY TUMMY!, Husband turned sicknurse, Parents to the babysitting rescue, best friends


Samantha said...

mmm Dunkin Donuts coffee :)

I think I will take your tired of versus not tired of and make me a post - hope you don't mind ;)

Oh yeah I need to find my inner badass apparently she is in hiding :/

WhatDoesTheFutureHold said...
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Monique said...

Tired of: changes to my husband's deployment schedule, laundry, unreliable car, being away from family and not having air conditioning in the house.

Not tired of: Sudden rain showers, rainbows over the mountains, the smell of scentsy all over my house, my husband's hugs and kisses and being able to skype with family back home.

Breanne * Ryan * Cash said...

I'm tired of: michigan snow (although i know i'll be excited to have it back again in november!), cleaning my house for potential buyers, abstaining from wine, winter coats, and facebook.
i'm NOT tired of: my screen door being open!, feeling my baby move around in my tummy, watching my two beautiful boys play outside, maternity clothes, and SPRING!
my inner badass? "loretta."

Drvance19 said...

Tired of: snow, muddy dog paws, my hair cut, a wittle runny nose, coats
Not tired of: Starbucks fraps, my little man learning to walk with his little fingers wrapped around ours, Keegan loving her "bes' family eber", planning a first birthday party.

My inner badass has had a name for a few years now and it's Sasha. Now tell me she isn't badass with a name like that.

Rebecca said...

I am seriously tired of drama, writing papers, jumping through hoops, unclogging toilets jammed with little army men, and snow that will not melt.

I am not tired of nail polish so pink it's annoying, lemon sorbet, tiny footsteps, sipping coffee in the morning through sleepy eyes while I watch my kids play, and, your blog!! :) Have a great weekend! <3

Moonstonemama said...

Tell me 5 things you're tired of: Dishes, moody 3 year olds who don't know what they are even crying about but expect you to fix it, the media blowing everything out of proportion, driving in the city, having to pee even 2 minutes.

and 5 things you're not: 3 year old hugs and kisses, feeling the baby moving around, how big of a dork our dog is when we walk in the door, homemade vanilla bean pudding!

Jamie Willow said...

5 things I'm tired of:

1. drama
2. hospice for my dad, they are not helping.
3. laundry
4. not having a cook. I need one. ha!
5. ghetto cars driving by my house vibrating my walls and waking up my baby.

5 things I'm NOT tired of:

1. kisses from my son
2. taking endless pictures of things I love.
3. hot tamales
4. Thomas the Train
5. excitement for what is to come

Ellie said...

Not tired of: blogs with funny stories, breathtaking pictures and awesome products, hearing Jay count to 10, rearranging furniture, the produce section and iTunes

Most definately tired of: SNOW!, ice, cold, screaming, and ice cream

bcmomma said...

I was so happy to see this post today, so here we go....
Tired of- never ending piles of laundry, marking that never ends, piles of paper that I keep piling:), deadlines, no holidays until Easter and waiting for Spring.
Never tired of- 1)sleepy hello's, 2)shining sparkly eyes that tell me my babes are happy, healthy and full of a zest for life, 3)hearing the call- Mom, momma, MOMMA! 4) A good latte with the perfect amount of foam 4)friends 5)Road trips!

WhatDoesTheFutureHold said...

WhatDoesTheFutureHold said...
Tired of: homework, empty mascara tubes, catching colds, not enough time in the day, the lottery machine always getting me to give it another dollar, and alarms.

Not tired of: the weekend, clean sheets, starburst jellybeans,warm weather, and spring flowers.

Have a great weekend.


ps. this made me smile,

Christine said...

Tired of: my 2nd graders not being kind to each other, not getting enough sleep, rain, cooking :(, and stressing over things that don't matter.

Not tired of: my nephew (the cutest baby you have ever seen! I can't write this without smiling), sunshine and springtime, weekend mornings with coffee, dancing and singing in the car with the windows down, and being with the people I love.

Sarah Shuman said...

Tired of.... feeling sorry for myself, not being able to play like crazy with my kids, not being able to have my kids climb up on my lap and snuggle, missing my husband, breast cancer

Things I am not tired of.... guts, knowing that this will pass, sunny days, my babies, my life!

My Kick-Ass alter ego - Maeve - she's been awesome recently!

Brooke said...

Tired of... winter, my husband's deployment, doing laundry, school work, and the trash truck coming at 5am.

So not tired of.... hour long skype convos with the hubby, half backed ice cream, the dog park, the snoring serenade of my doggies, training on the Labor and Delivery floor (holding brand spankin' new babies all day can NEVER get old).

Megan said...

Tired of:

Teething babies
Green pine pollen on EVERYTHING
Waking up early for school days

NOT Tired of:

Warm afternoons
A glass (or 2) of wine after bedtime
Timmy's fake sneezes
Playing slug bug with Layla
Tassimo Starbucks discs

AnnV-R said...

Tired of...dirty snow, my 16 yr.old sons smelly feet, crabby people, tight jeans, dingy window screens.
Not Tired of...waking up next to my best friend, my daughter practicing her musical songs, Cooper's(my Golden)soft ears, McD's diet coke, new pink bra!

In this life... said...

Let's see...

I am tired of...reality tv, dreary weather, no naptimes, only having one car, and feeling overwhelmed.

I am not tired new craft area, sweets, my morning coffee, daylight savings, and sunny days.

Elleah said...

Tired of: snow, tantrums, sweeping the floor 3 times a day, digestion problems, tragic world events

Not tired of: Jesus, my husband, my kids, sunshine, chocolate chip cookies

I always love your pictures! :)

Quiltin' Jenny said...

Love how you can just put your finger on it!

Tired of Charlie Sheen, gas prices, too-tight pants, laundry, and not knowing what I want to be when I grow up.

Not tired of the one-on-one conversations I get to have with my kids during the crazy carpool hours, watching my kid score a goal and look around to see if I saw, spring evenings on the deck while the kids play in the back yard, lunch with good friends, and when my husband looks at me above the conversation and we know exactly what the other is thinking.

Rae said...

tired of: not getting enough sleep, my guys getting sick, my weight, drama

not tired of: my guys, dr. pepper, 30 rock on netflix, baking

my inner badass is my roller derby alter ego- missed congeniality.

Kathy said...

I am tired of the cold pool at swim lessons, the WAY too loud alarm clock I bought for my husband (working on that), worrying, my messy house, not having enough time.

I am not tired of: the baby signing "more" when we tickle him, his fake laugh and inquisitive look he uses to get attention, watching his sense of humor emerge and grow, my husband just being, and the way the weather changes at the drop of a hat around here.

Doobie said...

Just change your "you"'s to "ye"'s and you'll have an honest to God Irish blessing there. :)

Elizabeth said...

Tired of: having a sickie in the house, cat fur everywhere, dirty dishes, rain, wet doggie feet (cause of the rain)

Not tired of: my beautiful girlies, sewing, rearranging the house, cooking fun stuff, eating fun stuff!

Mary said...

Tired of: Charlie Sheen, my mother in law;),dirty snow on the ground,tension headaches,American Idol.
Not tired of: my son's smile,finger painting,iced coffee from dunkins made just right,little bus poking up from above mentioned dirty snow.

My inner badass name:Ruby Madison....oh, wait...that's my inner stipper name;)

Mary said...

duh...I meant "buds" poking from dirty snow;)

hayley said...

tired of: my 2-year-old screaming NOOO!!!!, muffin top jeans, hearing about Glee, blowing up 100 balloons for tomorrow's birthday party, toddlers in pageants

not tired of: white wine, sour cream glazed donuts, grey's anatomy, movie dates with the hubs, knee-high boots

Angela said...

Tired of: the house I thought I'd be living in for about 2 years (I thought that 6 years ago and am still living in it), Charlie Sheen, cleaning the house that I'm tired of living in, bad things happening to people that I love, stink bugs

Not tired of: my husband, watching the progress of our house that is finally being built, looking forward to going away with my sister next weekend, my 3 1/2 month old nephew (I just adore him), the anticipation of all of the organization that I'll be able to do in our new house

Erin said...

Love this post!

Tired of:
laundry (5 people/3 boys = lots)
my upper respiratory infection
brown, leafless trees
high gas prices
my ghostly white limbs (need sun!)

Never tired of:
my boys making each other laugh
hot chamomile & honey tea
my husband's cooking
reading blogs and shopping Etsy
warm bubble baths

Thanks for giving me a new Etsy shop to browse - LOVE her stuff and that necklace is fabulous!

DelhiBound said...

My list is a bit different, but :

tired of : managing staff, delhi belly, a high schooler who won't apply himself, dogs that think the indoors is their personal toilet and spoiled people around me

NOT tired of : a project that absolutely energizes me everytime I work on it, coffee in the morning with coffee creamer that we packed in a suitcase to bring with us from the U.S., looking for the perfect dream house in Florida, my littles giggling while they make crafts together and the colors of India.

lar1203 said...

tired of: flies, thinking about losing weight, the dryer drowning out the movie i'm trying to watch, reading about sick children, my hair style

no tired of: how happy my boy makes me, the cool breeze blowing in through the window, my new laptop, the pretty fabric i got in the mail, being blessed

cocojane said...

Tired of: the weather not making up it's mind whether it is spring or winter, endless loads of laundry, salt stained cars, cold viruses, winter boots.

Not tired of: mommy kisses, the sight of grass after a long winter, baby belly laughs, walks with the kids, bubble baths

Kim said...

I'm still thinking about Lainey in that rubber band thing! Can't believe she did it.

tired of...people being judgmental, cleaning up dinner by myself, the stomach bug, tantrums, and piles of stuff

never tired of nightly bowl of ice cream, picking out Mallory's outfits, chardonnay, girls dinners, and Starbucks

John and Lorie said...

Tired of...SNOW, cold weather, lack of sun, laundry and dishes!

Not tired sons laughter, thinking of my trip South, toys all over the floor, being a SAHM and inspiring blogs like yours!!!!

Happiness is... said...

Tired of: boots, spreadsheets, a motorcycle in my family room (don't ask), running out of chocolate, potty training accidents.

Not tired of: Late-afternoon jaunts to the beach, watching Alex pick every bloom out of my garden, her precious little voice, crafting, keeping my glass half full.

Your badass sounds like she would be a great roller derby queen.

-Jennifer from Annapolis

Therese said...

Tired of: stomach aches, not sleeping well, asthma, never-ending dishes, small paychecks

Never tired of: snuggling with babies at work, sunshine, the hope spring brings, date nights, baking in my kitchen

Robin said...

Tired of:
The attack on Public Education
3,000,000 basketball games
Sore Throats

Not Tired of:
Hilarious kid quotes
Liz Lemon
Cozy sheets

Deb said...

Tired of: Feeling tired, cooking dinner, bad service, not feeling like I measure up, procrastinating

Not tired of: Hearing I love you, Grey's Anatomy, Bruno Mars, crafting, cuddling my girls

The Watzeks' said...

First off, I can't help but take second glances at Nella's photos because she is starting to look older and older. Dare I say she's loosing her "baby-ness" features, and heading towards toddler looks?! My daughter is almost 16 months and I catch myself staring at her thinking the same exact thing. Let's freeze time, shall we?

Okay, now:
Tired of...picking up toys all day long, Dishes, Spring Break (down here, it's a killer-- too much traffic!), Spring Cleaning (are you catching the drift here? I hate cleaning), Barking dogs.
Not Tired of...Waking up with both of my children in our bed, Sewing, Code Red Mountain Dew, Pictures.

My inner badass? Barbara (I totally just made that up! But, me like.)

Lynsie said...

Tired of: realizing just how many snacks I just ate, workin late, my husband workin even later, running out of money, paying bills

Not tired of: dog walks in this beautiful weather, hanging out with friends, Trailer Park Boys, tomatillos, gardening

Larissa said...

Tired of: going to bed too late even though i tell myself Every. Single. Morning that i swear i'm gonna go to bed earlier tonight!, dishes, laundry piles, snow, winter jackets to put on kids x3.
Not tired of: waking up to 3 sweet sleepy-haired loves, learning more about photography, staying up late with friends, holding hands with my man, looking for the good in everything.
and, my inner badass was named about 5 years ago by some friends and the name kinda stuck: vanessa. :) love the jewelry!

Sarah said...

Tired of: cold weather, worrying about money, worrying in general, rushing around, people who are disrespectful

Not tired of: Mag's laughing fits, snuggles, sharing a laugh with the hubs, Shamrock Shakes, dreaming about the summer

Really feel like I could write a few hundred things that I am NOT tired of, and I actually struggled with the Tired of list. I really like that!

And my badass persona name? Molly....and I have no idea why!

katy said...

Oh, I needed this today!

Tired of: Being sick five times in six weeks. I currently have bronchitis. Blah.

Not tired of: my 7 month old being in the Puff stage. I love the Puffs stage and the constant entertainment that it brings during meal times!

I'll get to working on my inner bad-ass, but i have a feeling her name is Jamocha (as in, a jamocha shake from Arby's). Please tell me they still make them.

The Dugan's said...

Tired of...kid 1 suddenly waking at 4am every night, cold weather, laundry,
Not tired of...little girl's devious smile, naptime with my babies, Coke Zero, baking, preschool grape juice stains

Sarah said...

Tired of: being tired, negative Nellies, dirty houses that don't clean themselves, dog hair, gas prices.

Not tired of: hanging with my homeys, friday night pizzas, my happy kids, fresh coffee by the cup (or two!) full, red wine.

Shannon said...

Tired of.... doctors appointments and waiting rooms, whining kids, not enough hours in a day, runny noses

Not tired of... waking up to a smilin- cooing baby, random drop everything trips to the pool or front yard, snuggles with a twin under each arm and the princess alseep on my chest, and staying up late just to kiss late night working husband good night.

Sugardrive said...

tired of: laundry, homework, terrible drivers thatscarethepoopoutofmebydrivingtooclose, inconsiderateness, winter

not tired of: cloth diapers, my twinkies' fuzzy heads, ring slings, my love falling into the role of daddy oh so well, making my girls laugh

Heather said...

Tonight my eyes are smiling at your Irish-ish blessing. I needed that.

Tired of: whining, wedding planning (baaaad bride! BAD!), being exhausted

Not Tired of: the laughing that comes after the whines, looking at wedding cack (ahhhh that's better Bride!) the quiet that falls over the house after bed time. My favorite time of day that leads to my exhaustion.

Just can't win? Or totally winning? Mostly.

Tracy said...

Tired of people complaining, not getting out enough, procrastinating, gas prices and rude people
Not tired of my girls lovin' on me and each other, my 1 1/2 year old feeding me soggy Cheerios (kinda gross but it's still sweet, lol), my 5 year olds excitement when I pick her up from pre-k, watching Noggin while cuddling with my girls

Jess Litster said...

Tired of- grocery stores, messy car, dishes, pregnancy-induced tiredness, and snow

Not tired of- photography, feeling my baby kick in my belly, listening to my 3 yr. old and 2 yr. old having conversations, my husband (5 yr anniversary today!), cadbury chocolate eggs!

love Nella's little rainbow leggins!!!

Victoria C. said...

Tired of.... MI weather that can't make up it's mind, pregnancy related heartburn, endless laundry, Charlie Sheen, gas prices

Not tired of... my toddlers newest phrase "of course!", my 8yr olds love of the outdoors, feeling my unborn baby girl having a dance party, Coffemate Italian Sweet Cream creamer, late night grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Elliott said...

Tired of: my island being a catch-all, frozen food, the flu/strep/lice/illness du jour that keeps hitting every single kid my kids play with, my husbands phone ringing, cleaning kitty litter.

Not tired of: The unknown bulbs that are coming up, digging in the dirt with my kids, the smell of rain, giggling kids, vacation!

Amanda said...

Tired of : neverending laundry, snowpiles that will just not melt, not being able to sleep, beige walls (I hear ya Kelle!), and getting bills in the mail

Not Tired of : the sound of Liam laughing to an imaginary friend on the phone, my puppy snoring, the sound of rain outside, Tim Hortons Iced Cappuchinos and starting to plan my first summer garden :)

Karena said...

Tired of... gloomy days, laundry, ill-fitting jeans, unkept nails, laundry (Yes, I am that tired of it.)

Not tired of... baby laughter, white mochas, raspberries, chubby baby thighs, and baby raspberries.

Deanna said...

Omgsh! I loove tin city! We used to vacation with my parents in Naples and that was a favorite spot to go shop and hang out!! Go Betty!

Megan said...

Good for you for going out, even when you weren't feeling it! :)

I'm tired of...
cold winter weather,
high gas prices,
feeling like I want to eat everything in sight,
dry skin from cold weather,
hair on the bathroom floor. Eww.

Merrilyn said...

Tired of: changing diapers (6 straight years, thankyouverymuch), washing dishes, oak pollen, car trouble, whining.

NOT tired of: listening to my kids talk (to me or each other, doesn't matter), coffee!, your lovely and inspiring blog, sewing, sunshine.

Andrea said...

Tired of: winter, Charlie Sheen, re-runs of Grey's Anatomy, anything Jersey Shore related and my daughter throwing all her food on the floor.

Not tired of: open mouth baby kisses on my cheek, the hilarious things my 3 year old says, Coffee, the fact that I have the best friends in the world, enjoying moments of silence while rocking my baby in the dark.

Val, Mike, Brax and Harper said...

re-read nella's birth story for like the 9th time over on babycenter. it never fails to make me cry.... so honest, sweet, touching.... and i think the story is even better now, over a year later, because we have seen the joy nella has brought to the world. like your sister told you that night, you are so lucky to be nella's momma.
and we are lucky that you share your beautiful world w/ us.

Allison said...

OK, here goes:

tired of: bad drivers, stress, negativity (ha!), humidity, and clutter

not tired of: cool weather, sunshine, productivity, chinese buffets, and a great pair of heels

kancell24 said...

tired of: recovering from my stroke, of being depressed from brain trauma, my annoying sister-in-law, my daughter getting up before 5, having to wear an ankle brace so I can't wear cute shoes

never tired of: my girls kisses, reading, taking pictures, comedy shows like the office, your blog

Looking Up said...

So tired of: Winter coats, runny noses, muddy floors, Charlie Sheen interviews, being tired. Will never get tired of: Warm chocolate chip cookies, the smell of the ocean, the sound of my son's laughter, my husband's hugs, being a mom.

Dani said...

Tired of : writer's block, stray chin hairs (ew!), scattered water cups, cats trying to escape the safety of the house and a 4-year old who keeps forgetting her manners.

Not tired of: a 4-year old who says "I love you" approximately eleventy-billion times a day, a husband who calls me baby, a cat who curls up around my head and purrs, sunshine and strawberry butter.

Joy: said...

Tired of: Winter, the Recession, high gas prices, dusting when there's really no point- it just comes back, school days.

NOt tired of: Baby giggles, girl clothes, sunshine, bare feet, vacation planning

Jenne said...

Tired of: The Wonder Pets, dirty laundry, Facebook, muddy driveways, early morning wake-up calls from the baby monitor

Not tired of: lemon-scented hand cream, Converse sneakers, Reese's peanut butter eggs, Jimmy Fallon, and playing the Beatles' "Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da" at least a dozen times so my daughter can sing along from her carseat

Lauren said...

Tired of: being tired, hearing people complain about their job, my clothes, cold weather, cooking

Not tired of: My toddler in sunglasses, family, watching movies with the hubs, playing cars with my boy, planning his birthday party.

Michelle Ott said...

Tired of: cleaning the kitchen table and floor, snow, scheduled weekends, car seats, finding matching socks

Not tired of: my daughter`s budding vocabulary, the hope of spring, watching my dad heal, chats with girlfriends, oh what the heck - coffee

Jen said...

Love the pictures as always!! Especially the few of Nella holding on to the bench standing...your girls are beautiful!

5 things I'm tired of...
-gas prices going up
-people that are insensitve to others feelings
-cold wintery weather
-not sleeping through the night
-not being able to motivate myself to exercise more and eat more healthy.

5 things I'm NOT tired of...
-my two chihuahuas that I treat like, I love my girls!
-the little bit of spring weather we got to see this week, it was such a tease, I even can now see the buds getting ready to bloom on our bradford pear trees!!
-making family memories, I love cherish every moment I have with them.
-The Bachelor...I love this show, it's such a guilty pleasure, sad that this Monday is the last show for this season.
-Rich n Charlies's so good I could eat it EVERYDAY!

Gigi said...

Tired of: not being inspired to workout and working.

Not tired of my children!

Ben & Jess Buehner said...

Tired of... Basketball, cold weather, closed windows, books ending, and being too far from family.
Not tired of... Sunshine, cuddles, my loving hubby, running, and new baby vocabulary.
P.S. I named my inner badass J-Yo, and she's a total diva! :-)

Keshyra said...

I have to tell you how much I love your blog! I love your pictures and your writing style. It's all so clear and real, no pretense, no trying to be something. It just is...great. I found you last week and have been checking everyday for more. The first post I read was the one where your daughter pulled herself up to stand, it made me cry. I have 2 kids, a boy and a girl. My daughter is around the same age as your older one. Both of my kids have difficulties and may soon be diagnosed, but are wonderful and special and fill my life with such joy. When I read your post I felt I could relate on a certain level and I really appreciate you sharing. Thank you.

Becca said...

Tired of: Too much month at the end of the money, door to door salesmen that ring the bell during naptime, car trouble, forgetting to buy a Mr. Clean magic eraser while at the store...again, and carpenter bees.

NOT tired of: Regular cokes during said naptime, the way my 8th month old will rest his head on my shoulder while he's on my hip, fresh laundry washed in Gain, crickets chirping on the porch, and realizing that 7 months have passed and my husband is still CANCER FREE, yeah baby!!!

vernyvern said...

I'm tired of being tired!!! And laundry, and my 2 year old's whining, of never feeling caught up, and my foot pain.

I am not tired of hearing my 2 year old talk to his teddy bear, having a hubby that adores me, sunshine, my baby's new head shake when he hears music, and flip-flop weather.

I needed this post today. I need to dig deep and find my tough-girl...I think I'll name her Olga!

Check out this video of Levi drinking from a straw & being totally surprised each time he gets some water. Hilarious!! You'll have to scroll to the end of my March 15 post.

paixjoie said...

Tired of....being tired, petty bs, worry, Charlie Sheen, nagging when I want to be encouraging (coming off a couple of irritating weeks...sorta shows, huh?)

Not tired girls making each other laugh, being in my house with those who mean the most, walking, fabulous weather, making really good comfort food

mamasurfs said...

Tired of...
A dirty microwave, unpainted toe nails, my ant infested car (gross!), overpriced drinks and my ancient cell phone with an antenna if you can believe that!

Nor tired of...
Tiny baby feet, a constant stream of visitors, sea breezes, double kayaks, and saturday morning french toast

She's named Lola.

Vonda said...

First let me say from here on out you are not allowed to post without a Nella "O", cause I look forward to them more than anything!!!!

Five things I'm tired of:

Laundry baskets that never empty

Trying to lose 10 lbs and getting NOWHERE.

News on Charlie Sheen, who cares!

The same boring food.

Waking up for school mornings, I need summer vacation!!!

Five things I'm not tired of:

Hearing my kids laughing together.

My afternoon snack of Hot Tamales.

Thrift stores with good finds.

Having my parents live right next door!!

Good health!!

spitzchic said...

Im tired of.... reality tv (in all forms), the stack of boxes in my basement I havent unpacked yet, sickness (again, in all forms), temper tantrums, and feeling like Im always waiting for the other ball to drop.

Not tired of... the promise of spring, watching my baby girl grow up so fast right in front of me, flip flops, getting more involved in the weimaraner rescue, and getting back to the fun-loving relationship my husband and I used to have!

Annaliese & TJ said...

tired of: work, car trouble, cold weather, basketball, bills

not tired of: Coconut frozen yogurt, exercising, finally wearing heels, shopping, looking at recipes.

dldhome said...

tired of..old dirty snow, homework, to-do lists, making dinner

not tired of...redecorating, tj maxx, a cold beer, chocolate and free jewelry!
Happy weekend!

Megan said...

Tired of: My youngest daughter's cough; grey skies; doing the laundry; picking up toys.

Not tired of: both my daughter's laugh; the sun; looking at pictures I took on our Florida vacation; re-decorating my house; seeing pictures of Nella's "oh face."

redheadreverie said...

Go Betty Go!


Tired of...hacking coughs, baby ear drops, husband going out of town, cleaning the litter box (almost wish I was preggers again so I could get out of doing it) and figuring out what's for dinner.

Not tired giggles, birthday party planning, kick boxing, kid cuddles and watching my fav shows w/o interruption (Can you say GLEE sing a long).

Have a great weekend. :-)

Kate said...

Tired of...sharing my husband with Afghanistan, Taylor Swift, dusting, required reading, having adult braces.

Not tired of...chasing my 14-month-old, getting mail, Colder Weather, The Office, making lists.

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I have NEVER seen Real Housewives! Guess I'm not missing anything, huh?

I'm tired of this cold that's plaguing me, living with my mother-in-law, my crappy cell phone service, rain, and more rain.

I'm NOT tired of thinking about moving in two weeks, (yey!), reading your blog!, roasted asparagus, my oversized hoodie, or seeing my two-year-old run to the front door when he hears his daddy's car pull into the drive. Good stuff.

Debbie said...

Tired of Chicago weather, runny noses, waking up feeling groggy, laundry, and my messy car.

Things I will never get tired of: my 2 and 1/2 year olds giggles and amazement with things, cuddles and baby babbles from my 3 month old, the thought of spring, chocolate, and running.

Love the post...I think I need to find my inner badass ;)

little dots said...

tired of: my dog reverting back to puppyhood and peeing on my carpet, endless cleaning, research papers, jerks at work, and dingy clothes

in loooove with: sunny days, wedding planning with my dude, cold skim milk, lunch with friends, planning the future

jennywren said...

not tired of: yoga, creating balance in my life, beautiful texas spring weather, loving my job, coffee 2 times a day

tired of: people continually making bad decisions, people being mean for no reason, lack of humanity, lack of respect, debt

I think my inner badass would be named Gretchen. It seems appropriate somehow.
Have a lovely weekend with your girls! said...

Tired of: finding areas I forgot to dust, heaps of laundry, having one more week of work before vacation, RAIN, the tangles of wire & cable under my husband's desk

Not Tired of: my little family, dance central night, heaps of dogs, ordering pizza instead of cooking, making bunting all day every day

LibraryGirl62 said...

If you walk down the sidewalk from 41 towards Tin City (on the side walk at the end of the parking lot) my hand-print is on that sidewalk-I am the M..that is my inner badass and she needs to come out and play at 2 am again soon :)

Diana said...

Tired of: family drama, counting calories, low salary, dishes and spiders.
Not tired of: snuggling with hubby, hot showers, coco puffs, my mom and pillows.
My bad-butt name shall be Joan :)

Katy said...

Tired of.....laundry, getting this house in order to sell, cold weather, the same lightbulbs burning out, and the music local radio plays.

Not tired 3 year old son climbing in bed with me in the middle of the night, my 18 month old daughter's freakishly large vocabulary, coffee with heavy cream, searching floorplans for the house we want to build, obsessing over dresses at

My inner badass is named Phoebe.

The New Mom on the Blog said...

Your green beer makes my mouth water.

Tired of...cold/flu season, bipolar weather patterns, my post-pregnancy figure, 5 day work weeks, Charlie Sheen

Not tired of...Real Housewives (HA! I LOVE THEM), March Madness (ROCK CHALK, BABY!), the promise of spring, my incredible baby boy, my cat who has finally forgiven me for bring that incredible baby boy home :)

heather said...

Tired of- bad friends, traffic and husband being out of town..

not tired of- spending time outside, swimming pools, sun screened babies and flip flops..

buddhasmommy said...

Tired of: Headaches, my hubs leaving pens in his pants and ruining clothes in the wash, pollen, my hair (need a new do), being tired!!

Not tired of: New books, taking my little one outside to play, sandals, taking pictures, nice hot baths!

Oh, and my inner badass has a's Sasha. That was what my mother was going to name me, instead she chose something else. But I still like to say that when I'm being a totally different person, it's Sasha that's out to play. ;)

Katie said...

Tired of...snow, laundry that sits baskets...not put away, my hair, stepping on toys, dark dingy basement.

Not tired of...little laughing girls, sleeping, bulbs sprouting, playing angry birds, greek salads with chicken.

Alisha Gingras said...

Tired of: achy jaw from wisdom tooth removal, never ending laundry, icy roads, waiting for an exciting package in the mail, runny noses.

not tired of: fuzzy baby hair tickling my face, curiosity of my kids, great music, the smell of a freshly washed kiddo, my lovely husband and the way he loves our brood.

- Jessi - said...

Not tired of: my daughter, my husband, photoshop, blogging, my camera

Tired of: my weight, this house, feeling tired, bugs in general, depressing people

amy said...

Tired of: Mounds of laundry that won't ever end; dust bunnies; cramps; grey hair; dog hairs on the comforters.

Not Tired of: Changing baby diapers; picking up my husband's laundry that always seems to miss the hamper; weekend time; ice cream; and mall trips!

cathy said...

not tired of:
my boys
cooking for my boys
visiting my youngest at college
my boys
my boys

tired of:
food shopping
shoveling snow
winter coats
waiting for spring


Nancy said...

Tired of:
pale skin
ginormous SUVs
fuzzy mobile uploads on fb

Not tired of:
farmers' markets
the word ya'll
Johnny Cash
Paying it forward...

Emma said...

five things I'm tired of: wearing coats, people judging people, being far away from my best friend, paying tuition, and over-analyzing.

five things I'm NOT tired of: Seeing my boyfriend's name on my caller ID, my cat's kitten-like meow, baking, hugs from my neices, my new hairstyle. :)

My badass name is Bonita. That was my mom's name, and she recently passed away. She was totally BA sometimes, and taught us to be too! All women have moments!

TLC said...

Tired of: red lights, sneezing from pollen, pregnancy tiredness, leftovers, not sleeping through the night
Not tired of: decaf coffee, reading your blog, taking pictures, s'mores over the fire and watching the OWN network

Ashley said...

Oh! I so needed to read that post today! I'm totally having an "I'm not feeling it" kinda night.

Five things I'm tired of: sweeping, emptying the dishwasher...loading the dishwasher!! up random piles of paper that seem to be EVERYWHERE, and spots on my computer screen.

Five things I'm not tired of: Rocking my bubs to sleep at night, the silly expression he gets when he tastes prunes, licorice, night time baths, long walks by the ocean.

Have a great weekend! :)

Eve said...

Tired of: Laundry, homework, headaches, job hunting, worrying

Not tired of: Nephews, my kitty, cupcakes, the ocean, traveling

angela said...

Tired of: blowing my nose, hangnails, endless dust on my floors, vegetable strikes, & my kitchen

Not tired of: hearing my little guy try to say mama, trips to the zoo, seeing sunshine again, walks outside, road trip anticipation

Kellie said...

Tired of: People who carry around a false sense of entitlement like a weapon, women feeling worthless because they're not thin, huge earthquakes rocking the globe, scrubbing toilets, and thinking of things I'm tired of.

Not tired of: Fashionable rain boots, good friends, living by a lake, Rapunzel parties, and reading amazing books.

Tell Betty I say hi.

Esther said...

Tired of: snow, cold, germs, boots, mittens

Not tired of: holding 3 year old hands, doggy kisses, peanut butter m&ms, soup, comfy pants

Have a great weekend!

Lisa said...

tired of the rain, whining,the dinners I come up with, my hairstyle, tv shows.
Not tired of My husband, my 3 kids, Starbuck's coffee, American Idol, and photography.

amber said...

"May the blessed badass that dwells within you deliver when you need her most. Amen."

the baptist girl in me couldn't help hearing at the end of this, "and all God's people said, Amen."


happy week-ending your way too.

Mom Starting From Scratch said...

Tired of: waiting for the grey chilly weather to end, hearing about world crises on the news, finding out about another couple you least expected it from getting divorced, telling my kids over and over that jammies don't need to go in the laundry every single day, and 20 extra pounds.
Not Tired Of: This blog, writing in my own blog, kissing my sweet 4 year old's forehead, laughing at the dinner table at my 10 yr olds dramatic ways, helping my almost 13 yr old learn how to wear eyeshadow.

Christina said...

Tired of: rain, insomnia, sciatica, stiffness, not having any cute earrings.

Not tired of: being pregnant, feeling baby kicks, spring break, cloth diaper shopping, Grey's Anatomy (how did it take me so long to discover it?!)

momMYsliceoflife said...

Kelle, I love the Irish Blessing! lol! And I love that your have named your inner bad ass Betty. My mom's name is Betty and she is indeed a bad ass. She's someone I'll never get tired of, which leads me to your proposed question (didn't you love that segway!? I wonder if the View is hiring...)...

Sick Of: Doing laundry, working out, eating uber healthy, trying to declutter closets (I think our clothes are reproducing in there!), and Charlie Sheen

Still in love with: Cuddles from my babies, pillow talk with my hubby, party planning for birthday that don't come until this Fall, apple-cinnamon candles (even though I feel like I should switch to a "springy scent"), day dreaming

Dylan'sMommy316 said...

I just re-read Nella's birth story and cried again! :-)

Tired of: Wishy-washy Chicago weather, being sick, dirty laundry, Jersey Shore, Katy Perry

Not tired of: My son's laughter, Family Guy, cheesecake, Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs, My son's kisses!

Ashley said...

tired of... icky weather, my wanting everything to be in ship shape, feeling tired, picking up cheerios everywhere I go, kid's shows :)

Not tired of... watching my girls play together (nicely!), my tulips I just planted, being near family, hearing my husband come through the door after work and thinking oh thank God, and nice rainbows that come after a nice shower

The Hale's said...

My inner badass - Wanda!!
Tired of- Being at home nights w/out my hubby, taking the dog out in the rain with baby Kyrsten strapped to the front of me, being depressed, not seeing my mom, and the rain...
Not tired of - my baby girl's beautiful smile, the look that my husband gives me when he sees me, the sunshine on my face, my girlfriends, and family!

Stephanie said...

Let's see I am tired of finding hairballs on my floor 5 minutes after I've swept, dogs that like to play in the sprinklers then jump on my bed, folding laundry, putting away dishes, unpredictable sleepless nights.

I am not tired of sweet sighs from my little one during those sleepless nights, my new car with trunk space, cool windy days, oreo cakesters, Starbucks!

Love that necklace!

Sara said...

I love knowing that you and your little ones don't have to bundle up in coats and boots to get outside! We're just waiting to rock our spring outfits!
I'm so tired of the rain, of baby waking up every hour from midnight until seven and of job searching. But I'm not tired of watching my baby explore, bath time and my baby giving her "beauty queen" wave to every single person we see :)

ali said...

tired of: being tired, being broke, being cranky, cold weather, being a little lonely

not tired of: my Lily girl, spring, my beautiful nieces, tender mercies, giggly 3 year olds

Sprout + Bean's Mom said...

Tired of: the baby's near-constant cold this winter, mother guilt, cold toes, fighting myself to actually get out and run, my nails always looking like they need attention

Not tired of: the smell of spring sneaking in, the baby laughing when his big sister laughs because he worships her, that feeling when a run is over, that feeling when I'm running and my power song comes on, driving with the sun roof open!

My bad ass name: I don't know, but she calls me a doof on a regular basis!

Angie Kroeker said...

Tired of: The seemingly constant pain that comes with the end of a pregnancy. Dishes having to be washed by hand. Dust bunnies that continue to lurk around the corners of the house even after sweeping only yesterday. Stuff lying around the house that doesn't belong. Having to take naps every day when there is so much I want to do.
Not tired of: The fact that soon number two will be with us. My little Suzie's sweet, happy face. My Loving Husband. The continueing warmer weather in Manitoba Canada. sewing new projects.

Breeann said...

Tired of...folding laundry, cleaning the bathroom, my printer never working, Charlie Sheen, spiders
Not tired of...Pretzel M&M's, Angry Birds, Gilmore Girls, Blogging, Jewelry making

Abby said...

I'm tired of:
heavy coats
wet boots
mis-matched gloves
Stocking caps
Static rising hair

Not-Tired of:
Coffee, My 4 year old drumming on everything (makes me laugh), my 6 year old asking me to play, my baby learning to say Nite nite over and over
My husband always wanting a kiss

Love the pics of the girls....makes me hopeful that summer will come soon.

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