Friday, February 25, 2011

Our spring, your spring.

Totally loved the last batch of comments and laughed at how many people share a CD destroying past and fear of cops. For all of you, I will make up for the past and have a ceremonious blasting of speakers today while I clean house. Ace of Base, Baby. Just because "all that she wants is another baby" doesn't mean she's goin' to hell.

It feels like Spring here. Like Warm and Cool have exchanged vows in a beautiful blue-skied ceremony and have brought forth a love child who dwells right here, right now. She is splendid, this love child, and she brings with her breezes that send our curtains fluttering and call the babies outside.


The garden I thought was a lost cause has suddenly been born again or, as Brett says, "goin' nuts," and I'm in a rare mood to plunge my hands into sudsy buckets and slop wet rags along floors and base boards and clean some house.

And since most of the country still has a snowy hump to summit before surveying blue skies and blooming crocus, I will bring you Spring. I'm a good sharer, so you can have some of ours.


I remember two main times in my life when I think of Spring. One was about seven years old. I remember our neighborhood, the kids who thought 55 degrees meant shorts and jellyshoes and the adults who washed their cars in their driveway when you could still see your breath. I remember picking out Easter dresses, new white tights and black patent leather shoes I'd lose a week later.

The other memories are much clearer as it was more recent. I lived with my grandparents when I attended college. In a small blue house on Dorothy Lane in a town known for two things--its Free Methodist church and its Free Methodist college. The juxtaposition of a young girl trying to find her place in the world living with her eighty-some-year-old grandparents very secure with theirs was interesting and made for a very enlightening, nostalgic and sculpting-of-the-soul experience. Regardless, I'll never forget a Spring Arbor, Michigan Spring. How the amaryllis my dad gave my grandma every Christmas finally bloomed and how my grandma would call him up to tell him. How snow melting off the deck swing meant it was time to tidy up, pull the grill out, place pads on outdoor chairs. I remember bright yellow forsythia blooms were the first to show their colors against the gray leftovers of winter and how they signaled yard work and longer walks with Koko, the one-eyed cocker spaniel. Spring meant a good cleaning--the smell of Barkeeper's Friend, a glossy finish on the gold linoleum, a switch-out of grandkids' pictures in frames. Spring meant I'd attempt to clean all the crap that had multiplied over winter in the back seat of my teal Ford Escort wagon with the duct-taped fender (a.k.a. "The Staysh") because it was the one thing I owned and cleaning it gave me a sense of control even though it didn't really matter if it was clean or not. I mean, come on. It had a duct-taped fender and the passenger door didn't open because I ran that side of the car into a tree which is a moot point, but still.

And now, I merge the past with the present in my love of Spring. I plan my girls' Easter dresses, search out some good jelly shoes, and slip a can of Barkeeper's Friend in my grocery cart...for old time's sake.

Behold, I bring you Springish things we're loving. A sneak preview of things to come your way.



Easter gloves for Dress-up


Apple Blossom Candles


Mirror Makeover

Once dull and goldish and unnoticeable. Now red and vibrant and happy. Brett said yesterday, "What are you doing to our house? You're, like, spraypainting every day." And, as my friend Nadya coined, "I'm debeigeifying," I tell him. Important in homes just as it is in our personalities. Debeigeify. Color it up, Dude.


Besides, red looks really nice with our $10 blue tablecloth.

I know, the creases. Iron, much?

I'll have you know the inspiration I got from setting that table yesterday fueled me to clean the bejesus out of my kitchen.

Reemergence of Vibrant Clogs

I dug out the hot pink clogs I bought five years ago and have only worn maybe three times. That's about to change.


And pink clogs plus pink skirt plus pink bike screams pink in a way that says "Hey, I'm high on life, how 'bout you?"...which is how I like to greet people anyway, so it works out great that I get to save my voice.


Bare Feet




And Flower Cupcakes served with Butterfly Napkins


And if that wasn't enough to carry some Spring over to your weekend, then how's about a Pre-Spring giveaway?

New Sponsor, Tahnie Woodward and her Stella & Dot shop are climbing aboard the sidebar, and we're loving everything her shop has to offer. After you order, shoot her an e-mail (, and she'll refund you 10% off.


These badass spring green earrings. Long and dangly and very catch-your-eye but still comfortable. I'm in love.


...and a whole line of Little Girl jewelry. Lainey loves her new necklace, the Little Charlotte (and the pretty canister it came in that's now home to one Laffy Taffy, three Squinkies, a barette, a lipgloss and a fuzzy Dora sticker that lost its stick).

she's wearing Nella's size 3 month vest too. Ha.

A random comment will be selected to win a $40 gift certificate, provided by Tahnie, to her Stella & Dot shop. So tell me five of your favorite past spring memories. Did you make kite collages in kindergarten or chart your In-like-a-lion and In-like-a-lamb predictions for March 1st? Did you convince your mom to buy you one of those silly broad-brimmed lavender Easter hats or shape rice crispy treats into bunnies and chicks? Do tell.


Now pardon me, I have some Ace of Base calling for a dance with the mop.


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Heather said...

I return to your blog over and over for inspiration! Love you, love your family and love, love, love your attitude on life!!!

Jenn said...

O how I miss spring!! These photos only make me miss it more :0)

Michigan was hit with more snow overnight ... ce la via. At least that means we're one more snowstorm closer to spring arriving here!

Julie said...

Sneaking into our neighbors pool, ice pops on the back porch, chocolate bunnies missing one ear and two eyes,yellow daffodils, cold coke and a moon pie

Lisa L. said...

5 things I love about spring - pussy willows, flowering trees, lilacs, the feeling of warmth and sunshihne and baby animals. Lisa L.

heather said...

Love me some Nadya-isms. And your beautiful spring weather.

Ashley said...

Beautiful post! It is snowing here! I can't wait till SPRING!

Danielle said...

gosh your Girl has style! My 6 year old is a dress girl, but mainly shorts and a t-shirt to ride her bike/scooter whatever in!

craftymama said... that glimpse of spring. Snowing here in Idaho today.

Cake Bitch said...
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Claire @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Oooh SPRING!!! Oh sweet SPRING!!!
We're just about to finish up Summer here & enter Autumn. Although, we feel a slight shift in's not very dramatic! So I bask in the different seasons through my American based family & your blog Kelle :)
Best Spring memory: I don't really just have ONE...but a string of them. Spring means going to the park, feeding the ducks, picnic rugs sprawled out, bare feet & happy kids. It's the perfect temperature to stay out til dark & still enjoy ice-cream. My girl loves Spring :)
And I love seeing Spring through your eyes {or lens} Kelle.
Happy weekend & happy Spring cleaning!

Brooke said...

My favorite spring memory is the day my now husband took me to our favorite college hang out (the park), we fed ducks, walked the twisting path, played on the suspension bridge, smelled the blooming flowers, and then he asked me to marry him.

Aidan said...

Yay! Your blog is the metaphorical spring to my week :) Keep on bringin' the joy and warmth!

Hannah Joy said...

My Mom always sewed our Easter dresses. The one year I recall the dresses clearly...They had pantaloons, yup. I think that was the year I was 5 or 6 my sister and I thought we were all that. It was probably in at the time...Or maybe it was just our love for American Girl that inspired it?

Jen said...

mmm... spring in ohio means a few things to me:

1. birthday is coming!! time to put together a huge wish list!!!

2. blooms and blossoms galore!! (but none that i've planted. are you kidding? i kill all plants!)

3. the dollar spot at target gets a pastel makeover, and the easter aisle beckons with easter themed things to bake!

4. gardening things are out on the shelves at stores! i can dream, right?

5. my latest obsession is with crocheted flowers. actually, any flowers. i'm making felt flower hair clips for little girls. they rock, and make me feel much warmer inside than the feet of snow outside do.

oh spring can't come fast enough!!

Melody said...

We're in Illinois and Spring showed up for about 3 days then we got more snow. It was unfair of Mother Nature to tease us that way.

So thank you for sharing yours. My wintered-out soul needs some sunshine.

Andrea said...

Your family is the cutest...ever! I must know, where did you get that blue tablecloth?

Rachel said...

We definitely did an in-like-a-lion, out-like-a-lamb activity for March in school every year... complete with cotton ball lambs and yarn-maned lions. Classic. Thanks for sharing your spring! I definitely needed some. :)

Colin and Sarah said...

Have been following your blog for a while now but have yet to write a comment! But your spring give away has definitely inspired me if I wasn't inspired before, (which incidentally I was :D ) Beautiful photos as always. Love love love the clogs. We live on Vancouver Island in BC and it is snowy snow snowy here! I'm anxiously awaiting bare feet and butterfly napkins!!!!!!!!!!

Jena said...

Thanks for sharing your Spring! Here in Minnesota it feels so very far from the beauty of spring. I'm in that "I need spring" rut right now so thanks, I needed that!

Spring reminds me of...shorts with tights underneath (since I'm from North Dakota and all), Dairy Queen, The Big C (my mom went crazy with the cleaning), outdoor games, and HAPPINESS!

Sherri said...

Ace of Base, fear of cops, debeigeifying...I'm thinking Your just as cool as I am:) Lol!

First smell of cut grass...walking barefoot in the grass in the morning when it's still a lil lemonade...watching the days become longer & longer...road trips:)

I love lainey's fashion style lately...& that picture of Nella by the pool holding the lil pony, one of my faves! Keep rocking out that pink girl, you look amazing in it:)xo

Colin and Sarah said...

ack forgot to write what I love about spring... apple blossom trees are by far my favourite. But also the smell of a spring evening... getting to wear just a light sweater.. and the sun being up still at 7pm!

Alissa said...

Splashing in the puddles!
Playing in the mud!
Easter dresses and egg hunts!
Bright colors after the dreary winter!
The promise of summer just around the corner!!
I love spring, especially the smell of the fresh earth....thanks for sharing your springtime!

Love, Chelsea said...

Spring memories:

5. Peeps. My husband loves them (I do too, don't tell).

4. The arrival of the cherry blossoms.

3. In elementary school when we started having gym outside again.

2. My birthday. I anticipate for months and celebrate for days.

1. Awaiting my daughter's birth last year and eagerly planning her first birthday this year. Nothing like spring babies :)

Meredith said...

We just recieved another 15 inches of snow today and my soul just aches for spring, blooms and sunshine on my shoulders. Thanks for sharing yours.

My favorite springtime memories are new baby chicks on the farm and riding my bikes for miles the first few days the snow melts.

Happiness is... said...

Ah spring. Amazing. I'm so jonesing your spring right now (we have a storm here blowing 60+ knot winds).

Spring starts with snow drops (bulbs) and then all of the other bulbs bursting from the dirt, bringing color and scent. I remember Easter egg hunts, searching for the revered "L'eggs" Egg - that was the mother of all eggs on the hunt. The smell of lilacs. Posed shots with my brother and my mother telling me not to get my dress dirty before a picture. Grass stains on my pants.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane and for sharing the beauty of Florida.


Jennifer from Annapolis

My Thoughts said...

Oh my gosh! Too too funny! I had a Ford Escort wagon as my first car. It had a short life. Shortly after I got it, we had to lay it to rest. I was probably 16 or 17 and my parents met me in the parking lot of my summer job to go shopping. I hopped in their car and left my wagon in the parking lot, intending to pick it up when we passed by on the way home. Well about 30 minutes after we left, the kid who relieved me from my shift called me and wanted to know what I wanted him to do because my car just burst into flames in the parking lot! I asked if he called 911 and he said no. I told him that probably should've been his first call. (-; What a nut! (He was book smart, but didn't have much common sense. Sweet kid though anyway!) By the time we got there, there was a group of people from the neighborhood that had come to watch and some even had picnic baskets. I always said people in that town needed to get out more, but that isn't quite what I meant!

Life with Kaishon said...

I remember that one of our cats always had kittens in the spring. We loved those fuzzy baby kittens. They were so tiny and darling! We just loved them! We weren't allowed to touch them and we couldn't always find them in the yard because the mommy's kept them well hidden from our prying fingers, but we knew they were there and we were so excited. Babies are always exciting. No matter what species, right?

Wishing you a lovely Spring weekend Kelle! Hope you are able to paint something a vibrant shade of blue : ) Love, Becky

Pavei Photos said...

SInce I live in Brazil...there isnt much of a spring. We have Hot...Summer HELL...and then some more HOT. But..I am loving all the spring you are sharing with us!!

Breeann said...

My top five spring memories are as follows:
1. I remember entering Sears when I was about 10 years old and seeing this gorgeous pink dress that I had to have for Easter. My mom agreed. It's still one of my favorite Easter dresses...even though I wouldn't be caught dead wearing it now :)
2. I used to take walks in the spring with my best friend in high school. We would walk around her neighborhood or mine...but it was always magical. All the flowers in bloom along the way, the way the air smelled, and the gorgeous fluffy clouds in the was perfect.
3. I started dating my husband in the spring. We had some wonderful memories in those early days. Long car drives on spring nights, hanging out in Starbucks, and we went to Disneyland with some friends. It was a beautiful start to our relationship.
4. I remember how much I used to read when I was younger...and there was something so magical about reading outside in the spring...or even inside, for that matter. The sunlight was just the perfect amount of light for me to read by...and it was such a calming experience.
5. Springtime is my favorite time of year to take pictures outside. I love capturing the beauty around me.

Kate said...

When I was a kid, spring meant climbing one of the trees in our front yard and reading a book for hours after school - because it was still light out. :)

Victoria C. said...

Cadbury Mini Eggs, watching the Michigan winter melt into spring, easter egg hunts at grandma and grandpas house, that day when you realize the ice cream shop is open after the winter!!!, going to the zoo/petting farms to see the baby animals.

Christina said...

The first lemonade stand of the year.
The old rope and wooden board swing hanging from a tree in my grandmother's yard.
Dressing my boys up on Easter in pastel colored plaid shirts and tan slacks.
Creating an Easter scavenger hunt for my kids the last year that they believed in the Easter bunny.
Pink toenail polish and lip gloss.

heather said...

Lets see, my past spring memory is a funny one. It was when I was about 8 or 9 years old and my parents hid easter eggs in our living room for my sister(about 5 y/o) and I. Well I heard my parents tell her that one of the eggs was behind the sofa, so I ran to get it and while I was getting it she got so mad that I sole her eggs she started stomping on the back of my legs while I am laying on my belly behind the sofa. It wasn't funny at the time but now we all find it so funny since my sister is the shy and quite type and she totally made me cry with all the stomping she did. I also wore jelly shoes when I was a kid too, Although I just found some great chinese laundry jellies, hot pink with bows :)

Rachael said...

Your Spring pictures make me want Spring to come like...tomorrow.
Love the picture with Nella holding her pony. Adorable!
Love the pink bike! And the green earrings!
My favorite spring memory...gosh my memory is so bad, I can hardly remember anything! I know I like spring though! Probably my favorite season. With the flowers in the trees and the light breeze...there's nothing better.

Phoebe said...

My Easter dress that had bells on it and I LOVED to twirl and make the bells chime
A new bonnet every year!
Robin egg lipstick! (I hope that makes sense)
Spring Break from school
The smell of gardenias

You are so inspirational!

Alzbeta said...

Spring was always getting my dad out to play basketball in the driveway, chalking every inch of concrete and sweet, sweet strawberries and I would sneak out of the fridge and dip in sugar when my mom wasn't looking.

Nettie said...

Living in Buffalo, I am counting down the days for spring...
5 things past spring memories...

1. Both my babies were born in spring (March 24 and 31)...Nothing better than to start the spring season with a new bundle of joy
2. Getting all dressed up for Easter in a new dress.
3. Tulips...Love Tulips...
4. The smell of fresh cut grass
5. Spring cleaning... Getting rid of the old and starting fresh...

Erica @ All About Aleigha said...

Ahhh, it looks like spring here also. Your girls are adorable.

Smiling Underneath said...

Ahhh Spring. In Minnesota we're a long ways away with record breaking blizzards within the last week.

Five favorite spring memories:
-Taking my bunnies outside in the grass
-Camping in the tent in the backyard for the first time
-Signing up for summer camp
-Counting down to the end of the school year
-Neighborhood games until dusk

Thanks for the reminder that eventually, it will come. : )

Lindsey Swain said...


I love that song, I love your girls, and those cupcakes...think I am going to get me some - yum!!

M said...

Kelle, your blog is so inspiring. Every time it pops up in my reader I can hardly wait 2 milliseconds to click on it. So, thank you! I love the word "Debeigeify", love love love it! I will have to start using it.

Katie said...

Oh I love it when you ask us for our top favs. I'm only going to share one because it's longer. My favorite spring memory was my birthday party in 2nd grade. It falls on April 16th and my mom invited all the 2nd grade girls. I NEEDED a unicorn pinata and naturally it snowed on the 16th. My parents rigged up the pinata in the garage and when the girls hit it, my grandma would throw a bunch of candy up in the air. My family is awesome.

Laura said...
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Ashley said...

LOVE Spring! This year has been most special. In Oklahoma we hit the 70s last week and I took my small one out of the warm confines of home and we walked around the neighborhood each day. It was perfect.

sharedthreads said...

Best Spring moments: 1)wearing fancy shoes to church on Easter Sunday 2)Riding bikes into the chilly evening 3)Cherry blossoms in full bloom on my college campus 4)fist smell of cut grass 5)Wearing sandals but my toes are cold (I live in the NW USA) :)

Laura said...

In October, I moved to a house that was built in 1939... I’m totally obsessed with searching the flowerbeds to see what is starting to grow!!! Every new sprout is a new surprise!

Also, in the 4th grade we had to make Easter Bonnets and wear them to a spring fling. I had so much fun making mine with my mom. It hung in my bedroom until college (yikes).... i will be searching my mother's attic this weekend in hopes to find it!!!!

Kat said...

It is currently -28 C here (-18 F). The photos of you and your lovely girls swimming (!), outdoors (!!!!), in a non-polar-bear-swim situation (!!!!!!!) are like a knife in my heart and make me green with envy.

If we are lucky (VERY LUCKY), Spring will start in April. March is actually the month that we get the highest snowfall here, and last year we had snow on Victoria Day Long Weekend (which is the weekend before your Memorial Day). Gardens don't get planted until the beginning of June if you're ballsy (or lucky!)...most of us put in our plants for Father's Day.

My favorite Spring memories....
-The sight of budding green leaves.
-The smell of wet ground, thawing in the sunshine
-The sound of melting snow running through the eavestroughs
-The way the sun warms the back of your legs when you stand outside
-Robins setting up nests!

Lynsie said...

When I was little, spring meant 2 amazing things: the wading pool would get brought out, and we would play in it every day until the second thing: new ducklings! They would take over the pool after that, until they were old enough to graduate to our big pond. Now, my favorite part of spring is a good thunderstorm, and sitting on the porch with friends and dogs while cranking music from inside and enjoying the breeze and the occasional gust that soaks your legs. Ahhhh...

Rachel said...

Love ...
- getting to hit the parks again and staying for way too long
- making up the perfect May day baskets (it was cold in Iowa for a long, long time) and dropping them off at the neighbors
- being able to wear sandals and no freezing feet
- open windows, letting the breeze in (one of my most favorites ever I think)
- smelling spring showers

Love your blog and I love your take on life. Lainey and Nella are so blessed to have you as their mama!

Miscellaneous Mommy said...

Your photos so sharply contrast to what is outside my door in MI right now, it makes me so happy for you but spring seems so far away for us. Spring many great ones over the years, I'm sure, but since my father passed away very unexpectedly last spring I cannot recall too many of them. The best memories I have involve my father and my family.

I LOVE the red mirror!!!


Tatum said...

Oh how I love spring! Too bad spring feels so far in the distance as it is a whopping 4 degree winter wonderland here in WA today. I grew up on a farm and spring to me is the melting of snow and giant icicles that hung from the edge of the house, new baby animals being born, burning of old browned grass in the fields so new could grow through, overflowing creeks that often lead to roads being closed, finally time to ride bikes to our neighbors which were at least a half a mile away, and of course picking out the perfect Easter dress, tights, shoes, hat, and gloves! Brings back such great memories! Thanks for that!

Jennifer (Green) Sundquist said...

I remember we use to hold our thumbs over the thermometer outside to get it to warm up because we weren't allowed to go swimming in the creek unless it was at least 88 degrees out. When it was there one of us (4 girls) would run into the house to get mom to show her that it was warm enough to swim. I think she only ever fell for it once:)

Every Easter each of us girls got a new Easter/spring dress. Either we would go shopping for them or my mom would make them for us. Moms always had lace or pearls (or both!) and sashes:)

I would get so excited that the crocuses where blooming and it was warm out I would go out in bare feet. The mud that always seemed to be in the yard in the early spring was still very cold but I still went out barefoot:)

I love the way it smells in the spring. Like the world took a big fresh breath of air. It makes you want to go outside and lay in the grass and plan amazing things to do over the summer (most of ours included lots of swimming in the creek).

Every spring we always had a littler of kittens from one of out barn cats. I remember we always saw that the cat was no longer pregnant and would have to hunt around in the sheds and the barn for her litter so we could see how many she had and what colors they where:)

I love spring :)

LeeAnn said...

1. Picking out the perfect easter dress only to find out that on Easter morning you have to wear a cardigan and tights because it's to freakin' cold to wear a sleeveless dress!
2. Peeps.....just sayin'!
3. those first flowers to bloom - always the forsythia in our yard too
4. the magnolia tree that follows the forsythia
5. sneaking back into the house after the children are loaded in the car for Easter morning mass, so that I can place their Easter baskets on the couch "from the Easter Bunny".

Hurry up Springtime in St Louis! xo

Jen Green said...

1. Silly easter hats that I loved...they were hideous
2. The one year I got an easter basket
3. The first sunburn from a spring soccer tournament and going to church with crazy burn lines.
4. Smell of lilacs
5. Washington states spring rain showers...nothing compares to the smell.

Love your blog and I laughed out loud when you said you had to break your CD' close to home.

Jenna Johnson said...

5 favorites about spring:

-new life springing up
-being able to walk barefoot through the grass
-sweet tea with a hint of lemon
-sunshine and warmer weather
-the countdown to the end of school

Life as the Mrs. said...

I love spring! Spring to me always meant the approaching of my birthday; sugary Peeps and Cadbury Eggs; cute Easter dresses (and hats!); pastel Polo shirts on my brothers; tulips; chocolate bunnies; and my mom filling our little candy bowl by the front door with Nestle chocolate eggs! :)

~T Rae~ said...

From Alabama so we are clear of any snowy humps! Wonderful weather and I am LOVIN it! My fond memories would be...
Making mud pies that included dit, leaves, and sticks!
Selling lemonade out by the road...well actually selling lemonade does not really describe it considering each time we set it up we were luck to sell 2 glasses...and 1 of those glasses was to our mom!
Going to the appliace store and getting the biggest box out of their trash bin and making a play house out of it! LOVED about entertaining a kid for hours...Our mom would cut out windows and doors! FUN TIMES!
LOOKING FOR ROLLIE POLLIES!!! Yes...the actual bug...we would get a box and find as many as we could and make them a little house! Some how those little rollies would find their way out of the box before the next day!
Running through the sprinkler while my granddaddy was trying to water his garden!! And my MOST favorite memory of all is helping my granddaddy in his garden! That is a memory that I will always cherrish!

Can't wait to read your next post!!!

Carrie said...

Beautiful pictures...wish spring would hit here too!! Cold and snowy...brr :( You bring such inspiration, and your blog and photos just calm me.
Here are my 5 favorite spring memories...using a brand new skipping rope (one that wasn't scuffed up like last year's!)...playing with paper dolls on the cold concrete of the front porch with my little sister...bubbles...pulling out the bike and realizing that you really never forget how to ride...and helping my dad wash the car when the air was still chilly but the sun was shining and the water in the bucket was nice and warm :)

Sarah said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing that beautiful spring with us up North who are still shoveling out. I have so many plans for this spring/summer and they really seem to be taking their good old time getting here.... And the pic of Nella in the watermelon suit??? Cuteness personified!

Cassi said...

Im ready for bike rides with the kids

Natalia Jean Sansosti said...

As today is my district's 4th or 5th snowday of the year (I've lost count for the first time ever), I can actually celebrate winter and its ability to grant me bonus days at home with my girl... but in general, I am yearning for spring like crazy. This post could not be more timely!

5 Favorite Spring Memories:

5. Easter baskets, Easter dresses as a girl

4. An Ohio Easter with my CA niece & nephew visiting - they didn't bring any socks b/c they were used to wearing flipflops, and there was still snow on the ground!

3. Spring break when I lived in FL - knowing half the country was on vacay at the beach, but I **lived** there (wish I still did sometimes!)

2. Hearing the birds in the trees of my backyard - sounds like an aviary when spring is in full swing!

1. Seeing the first white blossoms on one particular tree during my first Northeast winter long ago - I called it "The Tree of Hope" in my head and felt a ridiculous amount of joy every time I saw it. I knew I had survived my first real winter!

P.S. If you find grown-up jellies, please tell us where - I need to relive my 80s youth!

The Devlin Family said...

I love spring just as much as I love the fall. There is nothing like a new season bringing new promise. Let's see spring memories . . . making mud pies and putting them out in the sun to "bake", running barefoot to chase down the ice cream man, my mom making that bunny cake with the coconut topping for Easter, practicing our tumbling moves in the front yard and catching fireflies in a jar (poor things never survived the night). Those were some great times.

redheadreverie said...

Ahhhhh, THANK YOU for a healthy dose of spring. Especially when I'm staring at 3 inches of white stuff. five spring no particular order.

1. The first smell of lilacs
2. Mother's Day camping trips to backbone state park (we stay in a cabin, but there's a campfire).
3. Breaking out the sandals and getting a pedi as soon as we have a 40 degree day.
4. Wearing cute Easter dresses only to have a "freak" Iowa blizzard in the middle of April
5. Planning both boy's birthdays in April and May.

So there you go...enjoy your "spring" and thanks for sharing. :-)

Team Lando said...

Oh. My. Jealousy.

First of all, I love the sunshine and pool and I am so jealous.

Second, Nella and her My Little Pony brings me back... way back, to summers/springs/falls/winters on the beach (hey, I'm from CA).

Finally, I LOVE the bright colors!

Kristina B said...

Spring is about Jesus to me. It's the wonderful Sunrise Service. Where you come and sit outside, and pray, and sing until you cry, but not because you're sad - no - because you're saved! Spring is like a new beginning to everything, the smell of fresh grass and flowers, the singing birds, the fresh air. May you all be blessed this spring!

MelissaKeaster said...

5. The annual Easter morning photo in our Easter finest--some are beautiful, some are darling, and some are downright mortifying (hello pre-adolescent years).
4. Watching my adult Aunt Donna tackling my grown Mother to the ground during the adult Easter egg hunt when I was 14. It was caught on video. It's still funny.
3. My fiance driving me home from a date in the snow on an April night. That may not have been too memorable had we lived anywhere but North Louisiana.
2. Dyeing eggs and waking up to pastel painted baskets full of all kinds of goodies, including one of the greatest expressions of love of all time--the Reese Egg.
1. Watching Micah hunt eggs for the first time last year was a hoot. He couldn't walk yet, but tried any other mode of travel to get to those brightly colored plastic eggs.

Our Family said...

Oh how I am awaiting Spring. (We had snow flurries here today after hitting 80 degrees on Wednesday!)
5. I remember planting crocus flowers with my older brother and waiting for them to pop up every year.
4.One year we made a Easter Bunny snowman.
3. After shopping for the Easter dress my grandma would always to take me out separately to buy my Easter purse. She is the reason I have way too many purses, if there is such a thing.
2.Now I get to shop for Easter dresses for my two girls. (This year we went POLKS DOTS!!)
1. This is my first Easter with my baby Aubrey. So excited to start new traditions with her.

Enjoy the weather and if you feel like cleaning more baseboards, I will send you a ticket and you can come over to my house. **YIKES!!**

nicole said...

1. Floppy matching Easter hats for me and my sisters.
2. Candy dish filled with Hershey's eggs.
3. Rain Boots
4. Wearing a t-shirt even when it was still too cold.
5. Cadbury Eggs

Steph said...

Best Spring Memories:
My daughter was finally released from the NICU on April 6th, and even though it had snowed two days prior, it was raining a nice drizzle all day and smelled green and fresh. The perfect way to bring her home.

Finally moving into a condo with a yard, and setting up her little slide, which she still refuses to go down but trying to coax her down all afternoon

Thinking, sure, it's warm enough for hotdogs and lazing under the shade.

Buying lots of seeds for planting, and having these great plans of flowers everywhere. The ideas were more fruitful than the flowers.

As a kid I used to get a kite every easter and I would remember eagerly running outside to try out every little toy I got, but ruining the kite within the week. Darn pine trees

islandgirl706 (at) gmail (dot) com

Tiffani said...

1. Kite day in high school
2. Jellies
3. Easter dresses made by my mom
4. Kayaking
5. Reading a magazine on the beach after work

JennaLynn said...

1. Picking out flower seeds with my Dad to give my Mom for Mother's day :)
2. Jumping on the trampoline with my sisters until my feet turned black.
3. Cutting the grass for the first time in 5 months.
4. Sliding my feet in my favorite flip flops that had grown dusty!
5. Driving with my windows down and belting some Jewel :)

Ah! Can't wait!
Love the Stella & Dot shop by the way!

Trina said...

Favorite spring memory...I met my husband on Spring Break vacation!!! 3-22-2001..can't believe it has almost been 10 years. I love Spring!

Kammy said...

Spring many!
1) every year my grandma would buy me a new Easter dress.
2) During grad school in chilly Philadelphia, seeing the daffodils that lined the streets finally popping up--yay! I hated the cold winters.
3) My birthday is in spring...and I love to celebrate anyone's birthday (but, you know, especially my own!) ;)
4) My first Mother's Day--going to brunch with my mom and grandma. It felt so great to be part of the Mom Club.
5) Spring break trips to Hawaii with my whole family--it was a tradition my grandpa started and that we are trying to carry on with our own children (and my parents). So many amazing memories of that family time in the islands.

Happy Spring!

Lindsey said...

Spring is pulling out the toe baring shoes, picnics outside, blonde highlights, birthdays nearing and childrens with tans!

Hazel said...

well done you with the new red mirror, it looks fab. Spring to me as a child was staying at our cousin's shack on the east coast of Tasmania, St Helens. Beach walks, cool evenings, running down sand dunes, perhaps a brave swim. Now I'm more conscious of the increase in daylength, something I'm desperate for after winter when it can start to get dark at 4.30pm. Oh and spring bulbs, daffodils, tulips & ranunculus.

Craig and Elizabeth said...

After spending an hour shoveling wet heavy snow this morning, your talk of spring invigorates me! Favorite spring time things.... green, coloring Easter eggs and having bright colored fingers for church the next day, poufy Easter dresses (mom never let us get hats, purses, or gloves.... something about not investing in something we'd only use once... yet we still got the poufy dresses... I digress), sitting on our porch as college students and basking in the warmth and happiness as friends walked by....

Glad you've got warmth where you are, hoping ours isn't too far away.... :-)

Abs said...

1. Crossing off the days until the end of school in my hand-drawn calendar that resided in my favorite school notebook.
2. My birthday! Every year on March 13th:)
3. March 2007 - the anticipation of a move to London.
4. A walk through Westport with my parents the year I lived by myself. My mom made a beautiful fruit filled cake and sun spilled into my little 1-bedroom apartment.
5. April 2009 - drawing a close to our time overseas, a family trip to Florence where my skin felt 80 degree weather for the first time in 2 years.

Pam said...

Oh my gosh, I just love this blog and your sense of humor, and those girls! What a great blast of spring- I feel refreshed. :)

Nikki James said...

1) Outdoor photos! (it has been an very long winter and I would like to shoot with an iso below 800)
2) Flip flops and sandals
3) Seeing my girls bare baby arms
4) long walks to the neighborhood fish pond
5)spring FLOWERS

jane said...

I am constantly jealous of your weather over the past month or so! We've had a taste of spring last week, followed by a nasty winter storm to cover it all up again. Gotta love michigan winters! I took control of things today and went on an hour long drive for a much needed swimming adventure! Beautiful spring colors in your photos, and your girls are gorgeous as always! Bring on the spring!

kristen said...

as i sit here well the snow is falling hard outside you pictures of spring make me long for warm days.

my favorite five spring memories, 1-the easter dress that i always wanted when i was little but never got (a hoop dress and now looking back is just silly how do you sit), 2- playing on a playground that still has a little bit of moisture in the grass from snow 3- spring cleaning makes you feel so good 4-long walks at twilight 5- getting out of the house!

ashbenjo said...

Favorite Spring memory...
I grew up in the South, so we didn't get much of a winter, but I always knew Spring was here b/c the daffodils would bloom in the monkey grass in our backyard. We had millions of yellow flowers and it was breathtaking. I would gather bouquets for my mom in March and April. She loved them and displayed them all over our house in vases. She tied ribbons on the vases and I now do the same thing. It makes the arrangement even more special. ahhhhhh..... spring.

Abilew-who said...

Dude. I totally had a little red Ford Escort Hatch in college - it was called Little Red. And still to this day, in addition to my beautiful babies and singing voice, the fact that I could drive that little stick shift like a total pro is one of my favorite things about me ever. Unfortunately, Little Red was towed for good by the City of Chicago when I couldn't get it to start and it was still covered by dirty snow in like...May or something. Other than the unfortunate demise of my sweet little hatchback, Spring reminds me of walking home from either school or later work and that smell that you get in the Midwest at Springtime. Know what I'm talking about? The air smells different and sweeter and you can breathe better. Ahhhhh. I can't wait.

Alyss said...

Ace of Base, baby. "I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign..." I belt that thing at least once a week.

Five Springy memories?
1. Blowing up peeps in the microwave.
2. Taking foil and making large bunny teeth to cap over my own teeth.
3. Looking for caterpillars in my Grammy's garden as she planted away.
4. Finally putting the pants away to break out the multicolored biker shorts (remember wearing those under big shirts? Add the whoopty-do that helped tie one side of the shirt up and you were stylin'!)
5. Making wishes by blowing out dandelions.

Hello, Spring. And hello, Nella's My Little Pony she has there. I still have all 100 of mine in a basket in my closet.

liatalia said...

My first favorite spring memory is when my fiance and I experienced our first spring living together. We cleaned the heck out of our little appartment. Even at the store buying supplies the cashier said "spring cleaning?" and we looked at each other and giggled and said yes!

Next is from when I was a kid. The first playground trip without a coat! It was always my favorite!

Next is my mom doing an easter egg hunt. I always loved knowing she spent the time to make my easter morning special.

Then mowing the lawn for the first time after winter. It smells so fresh and new, and it looks so lovely!

And last but not least is getting the garden all ready! I love planting seeds, and watching everything grow.

Spring is such a beautiful time of year, and I am so happy you shared yours with us <3

laurieg said...

Funny thing is... Ace if base totally reminds me if spring! My best childhood friends and I used to love when there was just enough grass showing out at our cabin that we could dig the quads out and drive them all day singing"I saw the sign" and revelling in the weather and our youthfulness! I Also remember walking to school down the streets where the water had collected during the sunny days on the sides of the road and froze over just enough that we could crunch through the top layer early te next morning on our way to school with our rubber boots... Ahh spring. Wish it was here already! I can't wait to puddle jump!

Candice said...

I LOVE that first picture. Makes me want to laugh with delight.

We're in a freakish cold snap, so I'm having a hard time remembering what spring is... Boo.

Lindy said...

1. Watching the first bulbs I'd ever planted come up through the snow drift in Minnesota!

2. Taking my kiddos in the wagon to get a donut at the bakery.

3. Baking "recipes" outside with my sister!

4. Seminary spouse's spring retreat. Good times with good friends.

5. Finding the sandbox under all that snow!

Danyelle said...

My favorite part of spring is everything feeling alive and new again. I love in the very beginning seeing the daffodils and other flowers just starting to peek out of the ground.

Don said...

Spring always makes me think of a drive-in in my hometown. It was only open from mid March through Labor Day weekend. It didn't matter how cold it was the day it opened. You went, you stood in the very long line, and you got yourself an ice cream cone. Then it was Spring.

GradysMom said...

Lovely post. Definitely Easter itself...chalky chocolate eggs hidden in the grass..real and plastic alike...and the flowers in bloom. I can't wait to start Easter traditions with my baby!

Katie Razor said...

My mom use to make me Easter dresses. She would stay up late the night before just to get it finished. Easter morning was just as exciting as Christmas morning.
Spring is by far my favorite season, but it seems as though it is the shortest lived and easiest to forget. Blossoms give way to leaves and greenery becomes the norm. Warmth consumes our mind and transition from the depths of winter is forgotten. The growth that occurred after death is no longer praised and complacency sets in as summer begins.

Crystal said...

My favorite things about spring: little girls in Easter dresses, the sudden need on my part to use a razor, open-toed shoes, new lambs & calves, and baseball!

Chantelle said...

5 favourite spring memories:

1. That spring smell. You just know it as soon as you breathe it in and it lifts your heart for the light and life to come!

2. Easter egg hunts and floppy homemade Easter hats!

3. The excitement you feel over all the budding leaves and blossoms. The promise of beauty blooming.

4. The smells of fresh-mown grass and warm sand.

5. Spring wardrobe! Hurray! A light jacket, light-coloured clothing, sandals (or hot pink clogs, whatever floats your boat :) ), light knit sweaters for the evenings, shaved legs, pink toenails, hatless heads (ok I actually miss hats in the spring).

Kate J said...

The first sound of the lawnmowers cranking up, wading barefoot thru snow-melt puddles warmed by the sun, a "springy" April b-day, rather than a wintry one (could go either way!), the misty green of the leaves starting to unfurl on the trees , wearing Easter clothes!

Julie @ my tiny bookworm said...

Searching for Easter eggs around my great-aunt's quonset, bringing my youngest home from the hospital at the end of April and seeing green grass popping up, the first Slurpee of the season, my girls' first gelatos of the season last year and Easter brunch with our best friends in Victoria.

Pretty random but those are my favourite spring memories.

fly little birds said...

Opening the windows... feeling the breeze... and the smell of my daughters' hair after playing outside in their secret fairy land.. just at the back end of the lawn. I can smell Spring coming!

calebandnicolette said...

We're getting hints of spring here too... it's a tease though... now that I've tasted the sun I can't help but pack away all my long-sleeves in anticipate of my favorite: summer! Even though I know I will be freezing for the next few weeks until spring decides to actually stick around... short sleeves and flip flops, here I come!

Joy: said...

Spring meant that my Mama cut fresh roses and pinned them on our dresses before church on Sunday morning. It brought tank tops and sunkissed shoulders and strawberries. Oh how I loved the strawberries!

Dana at StrawberryTart! said...

Love love love this post. It's almost spring in Texas!

5 memories of spring: (1)hunting for golfballs instead of eggs in my great uncle's backyard (we thought it was awesome), (2)My grandmother's purple outfit for easter: purple dress, purple shoes, handbag, nail polish, lipsick. She looked like a big easter egg. (3)We always have the yummiest potatoe casserole. (4) dandi-lions that spring up the the cemetery right where my grandmother planeted them many many years before. (5)I miss buying a new dress every year like when I was young...I may have to do that this year!

Stephanie said...

Love that pink bike!! Let's see... spring
-My mom lining the four of us up one by one to have our hair washed, dried, and nails trimmed the night before Easter.
-Driving to San Diego with the windows down and my left foot hanging out (probably not very safe!)
-Our California Poppies that spring up at the first glimpse of sunshine.
-Windblown hair
-Flip Flops!!

ashpuck said...

I love hearing the lawn mowers humming in the distance, the smell of fresh cut grass, the feeling of the sun making my lily white skin sting a little and how it leaves behind a couple hundred more freckles, the sound of my kids playing in the woods with their friends and the stories of their adventures when they finally come in. Spring is coming, we see it and feel it here in Georgia too!

Natalie said...

after ooh-ing and aaah-ing over Nella's kissable little pout up top, I scrolled down to see she inherited her mama's lips. LUCKY GIRLS!!! Thanks for giving me the spring clean fever as I head into the I'm anxious to get the kiddos, get home and start scrubbin!

Maria said...

uno: the year my birthday fell on Easter (April 11)...that was pretty sweet!
dos: the year I found out the Easter bunny wasn't real. eek....not a happy day in my history, but a funny one....I knew Santa Clause and the tooth fairy weren't real...but I kept holding on to the Easter bunny.
tres: flying to Mexico to stand by a dear friend at her wedding.
cuatro: how our big backyard at home would go from light brown to GREEEEN.
cinco: gettin hitched to my hubs in the Spring.

happygirl said...

I'm feeling the sudsy bucket cleaning pull. I wish I could jump in the pool after a cleaning spree. LOVE spring. Everything COMES ALIVE!!!

Ashley said...

fellow S&D Stylist here! love your blog and Stella & Dot is amazing!!

Mel said...

Goodness your girls are just so beautiful! And so are you! Let's five favorite things about spring:

1. Spring dresses and skirts! So much more fun than jeans.
2. My birthday is in the spring!
3. Every year for Easter my mom made my brother and I Easter baskets then hid them and gave us clues to find them. I always love it!
4. For some reason on perfect spring days I always remember playing in my front yard in the house I grew up in. I remember playing wedding and picking strawberries.
5. School gets out in May! I love college! haha

Have a super day!

Jay said...

Oh Stella and Dot, I love you. I am wearing the Soiree Studs right now, in silver. My closet overflows with that's an addiction. Check out the Marrakesh Bib's my next big splurge ;)

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Ha! She's totally rocking that 3 month vest!

Leslie said...

So jealous spring has reached you already! I can't wait for flip flops with new pedicures, drinking on decks, driving with the windows down, sun setting later, and grilling again!!

teal915 said...

Ok, it's a little weird for me to think about spring right now, since it's crazy windy and cold here. I can't wait though.
My favorite spring memories would be in second grade when we learned about poetry. We switched from that chicken soup poem to April showers bring may flowers. We made bunny rabbits and put cotton balls on top. Growing up, we only went to church twice a year: Christmas and Easter. My mom would dress us up, put curlers in my hair, and take us to church, where she would threaten to take away our Easter candy if we weren't quiet for the service. I love the drastic change that happens here when the earth makes it's shift and spring blows in. Now, I love getting my kids back outside and feeling the sun again. BTW, I remember when I went through my music collection and trashed all of it after a youth group message. Good times.

Chris, Amy and the girls said...

I am a long time reader, but this will be my first time commenting. I absolutely LOVE your blog! I didn't think anybody else really knew about or used bar keepers friend. Greatest cleaner around :) Thank you for being such an inspiration and, thank you for sharing your life with us. By the way, you have two of the cutest princesses ever!

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson said...

I remember spending hours at the ball park watching my brother play... playing in the sprinkler and in the pool(even though it was a leeeetle too cold)... and being so excited to break out the sandals and flip-flops!

Sara said...

Oh my gosh, I have LOVED Stella and Dot for quite some time now!!!

Spring memories:
1. Playing skip it (remember those?) in the cul-de-sac in front of my house wearing my purple Little Mermaid jellies.
2. Planning a scavenger hunt for my boyfriend through my green and blooming college campus.
3. Wearing flip flops for the first time of the year. It's just awesome.
4. Feeling the SUN for the first time and letting it sink in. I just really crave some sun sometimes.
5. Purging my closet. Think of it as my version of spring cleaning. Making room for the new clothes and shoes that will clutter it back up again.

Molly said...

Spring for me in college meant heading to the beach, aka "Lake Michigan." We built campfires, stuck our toes in the 30 degree water, and climbed rocks we weren't supposed to. Glorious.

Louise said...

1. Lemon cotton dresses. Could any color and fabric combination say 'sping' more than this?

2. Making Easter cards with my Mother with chick with a 3D mouth inside! We made them year after year and now I make the same ones with my own kids!

2. Going to my Grandparent's place in the coutryside in Wales for a week every May. Low and behold, I am flying my own kids to the UK to do the same thing for the first time this May!

4. The Apple Blossom tree in our yeard that would bloom white/pink flowers every Spring. The prettiest of flowers in the world!

5. Floppy girly hats.

Amy said...

My Mom always bought us white chocolate bunnies for our Easter baskets from Fanny Farmer. The memory always makes me smile.

Jules said...

I grew up in New Zealand (now live in Australia) so Spring for me is September, October, November. My fav Spring memory is of my parents driving us an hour or two south of where we lived to a daffodil farm. We could pick as many armloads of gorgeous daffodils as possible and only had to pay a couple of dollars per bunch. Then we drove home with a car full of flowers!

Love daffodils so much that I planned my wedding for Spring so I could have them for my wedding bouquet and to decorate the tables!

Danielle said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! My 5 favorite spring things are:

1. My birthday - April 13th
2. The rebirth of life - birds, flowers, grass, etc.
3. Hyacinth flowers (they smell so yummy)
4. Rainy day walks with my boys
5. Daylight savings time!

Million Dollar Mamma said...

you and your blogg are crack. i always have to read.

Heather said...

5 favourite spring memories:
1. "Collecting water" (i.e. melted snow) from the eavestroughs as a kid...for no reason but fun.
2. Whipping off the winter parka as soon as it gets above freezing point.
3. Last year at my Nana's place - early April but felt like summer.
4. Decorating Easter eggs.
5. Easter egg hunts as a kid and leaving some for my little brothers to find.

Brooke said...

1. last spring, my baby girl being born on april 15.
2. the amazing tulips in st. louis
3. wearing my chacos for the first time after a really long winter
4. easter egg hunt with my bestie in the 3rd grade
5. seeing the first back of starburst jelly beans

GraceesMommy said...

Funny thing is your post inspired me to pull out my Kiss cd's that don't listen to very often..first song was "Beth". Oh man did it bring back memories.
So today is a little colder, grayer and throw in the fog that has blanketed the farm and I would say it is downright gloomy! At our old house I had periwinkle planted and right about now you could see the deep green of the tiny leaves and the tiny flowers that look like blue stars..on days like this it would give you the hope of the coming spring..I miss it. I love your photos..they give me the same feeling..hope of the spring that is coming soon.
Barkeeper's Friend is amazing...I panic if I do not have in my cleaning supplies!
Have a lovely warm weekend friend..we are snuggling in quilts, eating homemade chicken noodle soup and watching any BBC mini-series I can get my hands on! ♥

Melinda said...

1. Participating in the Easter egg hunt at our church when I was growing up.
2. Spring Cleaning - or as often as my mommy made us do it, Weekly Cleaning!
3. Climbing the mango trees to collect fruit
4. Wearing a lavender dress on Easter Sunday
5. Grasshoppers - every spring our backyard would overflow with little black baby grasshoppers hopping through the blades of grass.

Caroline said...

Yeah! Spring sounds heavenly as I prepare for a rough drive into the beautiful rocky mountains for a little weekend skiing! LOVE the mirror! And of course the pics!
Let's see, my 5?
1. My bday mid April
2. Waiting for "my tulips" to spring by the front door
3. Jelly beans
4. Those big Reece PB egg shape candy
5. Getting my bike ready

YEAH! Let's get goin' Spring!

Tiffany said...

Oh I love spring and am so ready for it. Last week it was so nice here and I thought the cold weather was over and it was time for shorts & tanks. Nope, this week was cold again.
Ah jellyshoes and Ace of Base, way to take me back Kelle! I think I had every color of jellyshoes ever made! Spring brinks back memories of Easter dresses and family, new flip-flops, going motorcycle riding without having to layer on the cold-weather gear, cruising with the windows down!
I am so ready!!

Kate said...

Spring was always a favorite time for me while growing up. Our farm in Ohio meant work in late spring, summer, and fall...but early Spring, that was daffodils and baby calves.
Beautiful blog, as aways!

The Full Nelson said...

Love your earrings! I wish it was more springy here...rather than cold and windy....soon soon soon, I hope!

Gina said...

I always loved the first warm days of spring when we would open the windows and breath in the fresh air.

This spring will bring new memories to my family - our 2nd little boy is due right after Easter. :-)

Melinda said...

Thanks YOU so much for this SPRING post! I needed it. We have been rained on snowed on you name it, we have had it around here in OH. I am tired of it! Uggh. These pictures gave me inspiration to get out as soon as it gets warmer and to start cleaning and painting. :) Thank you! I'm loving the mirror!

mallie83 said...

We live right outside Clearwater, so we are enjoying the sunshine and fresh air also. Lot of walks and trips to the park. I also decided that the floors needed to be scrubbed and the baby's room needed a deep cleaning this past Wednesday. I had the adult alternative music station on my tv and heard the best song. Since I have stolen some music from your play list lately, I thought I'd share this one with you. The Avett Brothers "Head full of doubt, road full of promise"

Katy said...

I'm dying for it to be spring so bad. Love everything about it except the allergies lol

jordan said...

You have on my fave earrings. I LOVE STELLA & DOT and these earrings instantly make me feel "done". I love that you have them too because they look so good on dark haired chicks! Thanks for another fun blog post! --Jordan

The Ginthers said...

Thank-you for sharing your spring with us! Today it was -36 celcius and with the windchill it was -50, and tomorrow snow and more cold!

Erin said...
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TheHouseWifeRookie said...

Spring is, by far, my favorite season!When the day comes where the sun warms the air just enough to wear flip flops, I am reminded of high school. Putting the window's down in my room, cranking up Dave Matthews Band and applying sunless tanner (so that I wouldn't be too stark white when I put on my shorts for the first time)...even though it stinks to high heaven! Loved this post! Bring on the Spring weather!!

es said...

Ah, the pink bike etc. pic made me happy. I like being high on life.

Spring? Spring was always that walk out the front door and inhale and you smile and love life just a little bit more. For me personally, spring also meant soccer and track and field and yellow peeps and reeses eggs after a long Lenten absence from sweets. Sigh. It seems so far away up here in dreary Rhode Island...

Angie Kerr said...

Love, Love, Love your blog! I remember one year my mom made a large Easter Bunny Cake....with coconut for fur, licorice for whiskers, jelly beans for a nose and eyes. Every year I have grand plans to make one for my kids, but still haven't...maybe this year!

Candice said...

Well, I don't have the memory you have so I will go with my memories of spring with my little boy last year:

1: sidewalk chalk
2: evening walks
3: first playground trip of the season
4: easter egg hunt
5: walking barefoot

BTW, I'm up in MI and am so jealous of your spring!!

Looking Up said...

We got about a foot of fresh snow here in Northeast Ohio. Thanks so much for you rmuch needed glimpse of spring. :)

ashley said...

favorite spring moment: seeing all of the new blooms come up. the daffodils, crocuses, grape hyacinths, etc. it makes my heart happy!

Kate said...

I'm not all together convinced that spring will ever come to the forests of Pennsylvania! My favorite spring memory...hmmm that's tough. Oh I know! My parents used to own a theater that was an old converted dairy barn. The field behind it was rolling and gorgeous. Every spring, random daffodils would pop up here and there. It was the never the same two years in a row. Daffodils are quintessential spring!

Erin said...

I love reading your blog posts! You always make me think about how I see life... Thanks for that. : )
While reading this post I immediately smelled the sweet aroma of freshly cut grass and lemonade. I cannot wait for spring..

5 spring memories:
The beginning of flashlight tag season
Getting to dress up and follow the Easter Bunny's scavenger hunt.
The first of lemonade stands.
Running barefoot through freshly cut grass.
Long bike rides that could last until dark.

KaitlinCole said...

Fav memory: going to the park with my 2 big sisters and baby sister. We would lay on the grass and stare at clouds. There were MANY fights in a household of girls but in the dry heat of Spring I treasure our time together. My older sis has since "dropped out" of our family and I still FB stalk her and pray that someday I will get to hug and kiss her and she will someday decide she want's to meet her nephew that already adores knows her (via our childhood pictures).

Rosa said...

I'm love love loving your colors! I want me a blue tablecloth now! :)

Daina said...

I dream of spring as the cold wind and rain take over NYC today...

Here are five of the many things I love about spring...
1. Peeps. Which I only think should be on store shelves around Easter, and not any other holiday.
2. Packing away my winter sweaters and unpacking dresses, some of which I have completely forgotten about over the long winter months.
3. The first real, sunny spring day, when New Yorkers from every borough head to Central Park to enjoy the weather and good company.
4. Spring break, which I spend in sunny Florida.
5. May baskets, which I used to make and leave on friends' front steps after ringing their doorbells and running away, hiding behind the nearest bush or tree.

Alison said...

I heart you. I really, really do. Your posts make Fridays even better.

Spring? For some reason, the only memory coming to mind is of those plastic, see-through purses popular in the early to mid-eighties. 'Member those? They'd go nicely with jelly shoes. :)

Erin said...

I like the Letterman top 5 feel to this post:

5. New Easter dress that matched my sisters,complete with gloves, fancy shoes and a hat

4. The smell of opened windows and feeling the cool air spill into the house

3. The first sign of the tulips popping up through the hard ground.

2. My dad pumping air back into our bike tires

and my #1 favourite memory of spring: a new skipping rope hitting the pavement and double dutching till we couldn't feel our legs

Love your pictures especially since we have had over a foot of snow dumped on us this week..

Becca/Nick said...

I cannot see enough pictures of sweet Nella!! What an angel!

Lainey looks to be in heaven with the pretty jewelry! :)

Kelly said...

Last favorite memory. The ending of college so that I could start my dream: Teaching! WONDERFUL! :)

Shelly said...

The smell of freshly cut grass in Western KY! And don't let me forget...sidewalk chalk and 11 boys playing the "world series" in my backyard! Come on Spring!

Jaz said...

I am so jealous of your weather! We (Utah) keep getting day long teases of spring with 40 degree days and sunshine...then the snow throws us a curve ball and comes back. Anyways, my 5 memories are: 1. When I was 12 my mom bought me a baby calico kitten I named Tikka, That whole spring and summer I would take her outside and play with her. 2. Easter eggs! Every year I paint easter eggs. We don't even have kids in the house but I still do it...I am obsessed with it. 3. In 2008 I got to show my Pitbull her first spring and she was so excited. She was only a few months old, but when she went outside she looked at me really excited and surprised. I think she thought the snow was never going to leave. Still to this day she get s excited for warm weather. 4. Pastel colors. I love once spring comes around everyone brings their pastel clothes and shoes out. Every year I always rock some super cute colorful shoes to celebrate warm weather. 5. My all time favorite is the big adoption weekend we have in May. Every animal shelter and animal rescue in Utah for a really big adoption weekend. Last year we reached over 600 animals that got adopted!!!

Oh wait I just remebered one more memory that I am so uber excited for. Utah's Gay Pride Festival! It envolves thousands of people, concerts, food, parties, and a parade! Utah has the third biggest pride celebration in the country and it is seriously the funnest thing!

Mrs. Mama said...

Old Navy has some AWESOME jelly shoes for girls. I was just there today, but I have two boys who would not look so hot in pink mary jane jellies.

Roxanne said...

Ahh Spring my favorite season. I ahve so many spring memories, but most of them are pretty recent.
1) Going to the park every weekend with the husband and watching the crazy fur balls run wild.
2)planting my veggie garden that I know will die no matter how well I take care of it yet I plant one every year.
3) Planning the Easter party for my babies at school and making sure we of course don't run out of PASS (I buy a new batch every year after Easter for the following year)
4)Waiting for my momma bird come back every year and making her nest in the same place. I have rescued many a baby bird from this same nest. She chooses the dinkiest branch in our tree and any storm that rolls through knocks 1 out. Thanks goodness we have a local bird rescue (I am a regular)
5)My tulips! Every Christmas when we go buy our Christmas trees the tulip bulbs are always on sale so my mom, sister, and I always buy a few bags and plant our tulips. I love that first green sprout that pops up each year.

Colleen said...

It was -45 celcius (-45F) this morning with the windchill. So not close to spring :(

marlainky said...

Kentucky needs spring in a bad way! They say it will be 50 degrees and sunny tomorrow and I think that will be a teaser of good things to come. Thanks for sharing your spring with us, but more importantly thanks for sharing your lovely family every time you post!


Skeelabum said...

Hmmm spring? I think its a tie. My favorite would have to be myself and 10 friends swimming in our pool. It was April 11th...the water was 11 degrees (52 to you?) and I think the air temp was about the same. It was tradition to swim as early as we could. ;)

another favorite, isn't a specific memory but when you KNOW spring is here when you can drive around with the windows DOWN and not want to cry.
ps I live in Nova Scotia so it is a bit different then Florida haha

7346893a-413c-11e0-996d-000f20980440 said...

5 favorite spring things...fresh hyacinth flowers in a clear square vase...yellow easter dresses..wet dew on grass blades..easter egg hunts..yellow and cornflower blue argyle vests on sweet baby boys

Nicole said...

Ah, jellyshoes! When I was a kid, I alternated between running slap-footed in my jellyshoes and going barefoot because they dug into my heels and I couldn't keep up.

One spring, my grandma drove me all over Rockford looking for a pair for me. That I then didn't wear because they hurt my feet.

The joys of childhood.

RLC said...

Thank you for the bit o' spring! We received 10" of snow here today (insert green colored puke face here). As always, your girls are just adorable!

Sarah said...

1) the daffodils that bloom in our back yard that my mom photographed my brother and me in every Easter
2) Running Track in high school
3) baseball games of my brothers
4) Easter dresses
5) DAFFODILS..I know I said them already but I love them and they remind me of my home and my grandmother's front yard

Paige said...

I love spring! My favorite springtime memory is my birthday (May 14th). I grew up in NY and always hoped it would be warm enough to wear shorts!

Paige said...

I love spring! My favorite springtime memory is my birthday (May 14th). I grew up in NY and always hoped it would be warm enough to wear shorts!

Jess said...

This is an easy one for me. My most wonderful of wonderful spring memories was just (almost!) three years ago when our son was born on Easter morning. Another Easter miracle, baby, it doesn't get much better than that! He's our third child and I was up way too late the night before busting out some bunny t-shirts for my girls to wear b/c I procrastinated a wee bit too long.

What a blessing. What a gift. <3

Amber @ Life Will Never Be The Same said...

So I just learned that you went to college only 5 minutes down the road from me! I grew up in Parma, MI and after a brief move out of state here I am again. I long for the warmth of spring and the days when my tulips and daffodils will start peeking out from the wet earth and my magnolia tree will be beautiful with color in full bloom. As much as I hate winter, snow, cold, ice for months there is nothing like the rebirth of everything green and pretty when it starts to thaw.

Jamie said...

favorite memories of spring:
sidewalk chalk, Reeses peanut butter eggs for easter(!!!), straw hats with bows, leaving the windows open all day, and pink painted toenails in colorful flip flops. :)

Michelle said...

Raisins in my Easter basket (my mom was on a health kick)...
Matching dresses with my sisters(my favorite year we all wore mint green)...
Blue tarp camping in WA with two kids and three dogs(oh so wonderfully muddy)...
Picking out flowers with my mom at the local plant farm (knowing I've only got a light green thumb)...
And that magic moment every spring when I put away my winter tights(it can't get here soon enough)!

Vonda said...

1. Having to get all dressed up in my Easter hat, dress, itchy stockings and black patent leather shoes with purse to match every year and stand in the yard for pictures, and every year I had the same "I wanna get OUT of this outfit look on my face".

2. Picking mushrooms in the woods with my grandparents and parents, where my grandfather showed me all of his secret places to find the biggest mushrooms.

3. Picking the first bluebells and daffodils that grew wild in the woods behind my parents house and then nearly going insane from itching for the 2 weeks after because of all the POISON IVY that I also picked.

4. Lowering the green swing on my grandma's porch, bringing out the green and white lattice porch chairs, and giving the porch a good hosing off.

5. Seeing the first Robins land in the yard and watching for the first crocuses to pop up.

Ellie said...

1. Trips to Disney with my parents and Grandparents. Sitting as an only child with 4 adults adoring you is pretty special. Plus, who can resist the mouse?
2. Softball gearing up. My dad and I spent hours tossing the ball. From the time I was young and couldn't hold the mitt, to when I could throw pretty well.
3. Riding outdoors again. The dew on the grass,instead of frost. Riding bareback, barefoot through the tall grasses that have perked up and allowing the horse to just enjoy and snack.
4. Lemonade on the porch. Need I say more? And Mike's Hard Lemonade can be substituted.
5. Sitting on my porch, cool breezes, baby in arms. Watching neighbors come by. Learning about their winter and hoping for more glory through the spring.

Jess said...

My favorite spring memories are old and new. I remember the spring storms in Bama and just loving the wind. I love the smell of Spring here in Utah. I love the first warm Spring rain. I also love the Blue Hydrangeas and little girls in mud puddles.

Thank you for sharing your Spring!

Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

Not gonna lie, I don't have the brain power to come up with my fave five spring memories. BUT, I do want to say that I LOVE that you LOVE the turquoise/red combo. One of my fave color combinations!

amyuhl said...

5 spring memories...

Easter egg hunts
Planting flowers
Taking walks
Running before the sun rises

cathy said...

put winter clothes away & take out spring
wash windows
take out watering cans & put away ice melt
defrost freezer
buy patent leather shoes


MonicaJBrown said...

AHH... Thank you for the much needed spring. I can't believe your girls are swimming in FEBRUARY! Florida is definitely a special place.

Bonnie said...

I also had a teal Ford Escort wagon and Ace of Base CD! Loving the similarities :) Here are my favorite things about spring:
1) Wanting to spend every possible minute outside.
2) Taking my daughter to the park to feed the ducks and go on nature hike's or a treasure hunt as she calls it.
3) Easter Dresses, spring clothes, and everything pastel.
4) Packing a picnic just beacuse it's finally warm enough.
5)The spring flowers that start to Bloom :)

Brandi said...

Here in North Pole, AK it'll be a few months before I see spring. Thank you so much for sharing your spring with me!

Five Favorite Spring Memories

1. The smell of fresh, new life

2. My mom sewing my sister's and I matching "Easter" dresses

3. The realization that the school year would be coming to an end and summer break would begin.

4. Riding bikes through mud puddles and coming home a mess.

5. Going for drives with my family on old logging roads.

Bonnie said...

I also wanted to mention we just got hit with 10 inches of snow overnight so we may have to wait a while before we can enjoy our spring. For now I will live vicariously through your posts!

Kristin said...

That post was JUST what I needed. Snuggled under my cozy blanket, trying to endure more snow predicted in the good old mitten state, I'm trying to remember what warm feels like...

When we were kids, it was always a race to see who could spot the first robin. After the first sighting, we would go home and make rice-krispy treats shaped like a nest and put jelly beans inside. We still to this day call each other when we see the first robin of spring.

Katy said...


Your whole tablesetting is just adorable! That makes me want to do some "debeigeifying" of my own :)
Also those cupcakes look delicious, and so cute!

Shannon said...

Kelle- I used to go to a church summer camp at Spring Arbor College :) And considering our age difference< I would put money down that it was the same time you were at school there. This is one crazy small world. I may be calling you soon for Easter pics of the kiddoe. Fiona just got her casts on, and I need to capture them in a beautiful way- your good at that :)

Tracy Williams said...

Ah, Spring.

My new, shiny, white Easter shoes with fancy, froo-froo dress and matching hat.
SPONGE ROLLERS! A Saturday nighttime ritual on the night before Easter.
Marshmallow Peeps candy.
Dogwood tree blooms.

Audrey said...

Spring in never know what the weather will be like! My 5 favorite memories:
-Derby Festival-The months leading up to the Kentucky Derby are amazing. Road races, balloon races, chow wagons, concerts, fashion shows...the list goes on.
-Derby Day. Everyone is dressed in the newest fashions, wide brimmed hats, and sipping on Mint Juliep's.
-My Mom buying my sister and I matching dresses and assessories for Easter Sunday. She made us wear those dresses ALL day long for pictures!
-FLORIDA! We always, and still do, go to Florida the first full week of April!
-Spring Memaw always told my sis and I she'd "give us a nickel" to help her spring clean. We always got more than a nickel and a trip to Krisy Kreme too!

2raineys said...

I didn't expect an Update from you so quick after your last one so I was very happy to log on and find this and with the theme SPRING you have made me feel all happy and cozy inside. It's snowing here.. lots. But I just had the first inkling that Spring IS coming by reading this so Thank You!

Honestly I didn't have memories of Spring traditions as most have had. It just wasn't a part of my life so no easter dresses or egg hunts for me. However I still have 5 things I LOVE about Spring

Pussy Willows buds!

Going barefoot and feeling that warm dirt between my toes

Birds singing in the trees!

That first trip outdoors without a winter coat is so liberating (more so if you have stuck with winter weight loss!)

And 1 Memory.. when I was young I got so excited that Spring was coming that I went outside with a shovel and began shoveling the snow off my yard. Hah. It took forever and people wondered what I was doing but I felt I was actively bringing in Spring =)

Kelly said...

Lovely post, as always. The girls are just too cute!

1.Peeps!!!!!! YUUUUUMMMMMY!!!
2.My babies were both born in the spring!
3.Winning 5 Easter baskets at a local egg hunt one year. I gave all but 1 away.
4.I always knew it was spring with my Mom's lilac bush would bloom.
5.Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot

lillies & lattes said...

finding the baby bunnies that hopped around my house!

Barbie said...

Love love the tablecloth! I miss Florida so much right now I can't get used to the snow and cold of new jersey.

Freshly cut grass, shorts, sidewalk chalk, lemonade and spring cleaning.

Stephanie said...

Easter is forever associated with an Easter from when I was 4: pink frilly dress, black patent leather shoes, white gloves & ruffled socks, that all culminated with me barreling down the driveway on my Big Bid Big Wheel and spilling off as I turned the corner onto the sidewalk. It was a beautifully pink nightmare!

Jamie Willow said...

every year our elementary school had a chocolate easter bunny fund raiser. we had to sell a ton of those bunnies to our neighbors and family/friends. it was a sure fire guarantee spring was there when it was time to sell the bunnies!

Jenn said...

Inspiring as always!! My 5 favouite spring memories have to be seeing my girls experiencing their first easter egg hunt, the look of aw and excitement when they find out what's in the egg, the smell of a fresh spring rain, the longer days where we can all go for a bike ride, spring flowers blooming and everything turning green and colourful. Sunny skies and balmy days!

Benay said...

Boston is super far away from spring, so thanks for your springtime post! I'd have to say my top 5 favorite spring memories are (1) the way my Colorado neighborhood would smell like budding cherry blossoms (2) the tulips that would pop up around April and stay through May--my Grandma always told me they were God's birthday gift to me (3) my Easter dress...I had to be able to twirl in it to qualify (4) the promise of summer camp around the corner (4) my 6th birthday party during which we found a ladybug colony at the base of a tree--there were THOUSANDS of them!

Sara said...

Thank you so much for sharing your spring with us, Kelle! The hubs and I are headed to Florida in about 2 weeks for a mini-vaca (just the 2 of us) and I can't wait!

Five favorite spring memories:
1. Definitely Cadbury cream eggs.
2. The smell of hyacinths
3. My mom's crocuses starting to poke out of the ground
4. Mine and my brither's birthdays - 5/20 - we share a birthday 16 years apart.
5. Being able to finally go back outside for recess in elementary school.

Sara :)

Emily P said...

Ah!! So jealous of your early spring! I for sure thought we were done with snow. It was 70 here last weekend. And then it snowed yesterday. Arg!
Here are my 5 spring memories:
1.) Picking out fancy Easter shoes - even that little heel was a big deal!
2.) Seeing the buds start to open on the trees/bushes. Waiting for the blades of green grass to take over.
3.) Sun, Sun, Sun!! (And the lack of snow!!)
4.) The smell of spring air. It's that clean smell. Makes me want to open the windows, watch the curtains blow around. Makes the entire house smell delicious!
5.) Cleaning - putting away the winter heavy sweaters and coats. Rediscovering short sleeve shirts and open toed shoes!

You've got me all excited!!! Thank you for sharing your spring!
PS - I LOVE Lainey wearing Nella's little vest:0)

Linda said...

I love those badass green earrings. And you look beautiful in that picture!

I didn't comment on the cops post but I have a lack of fondness for cops. Or I did until yesterday. Yesterday I was driving down the road, late for a meeting, doing my makeup, with country music blaring in my car. All of a sudden in the corner of my eye I caught blue flashing lights. Damnit. I pulled over and was reaching for my insurance and registration when I glanced at my window and the cop was already there. I rolled down my window and he said, "Will you please do me a favor?" And I said, "Of course". He said, "Well, actually, it's two favors. Please slow down. You were going 13 miles over the speed limit. And number two. For God's sake, please stop doing your makeup while you're driving!" I was nodding my head, mouth open, when he walked away. Woot! Not sure why, but I didn't get a ticket and that's all I care about. : )

Kim said...

Thank you for sharing spring with us...I would love to share our MI snow with you :)

Miss N is turning into quite the fish!!

I love Miss L's look...little Rachael Zoe, perhaps!?!? :)

Enjoy the weekend with your loves!

Mer said...

Nella's photos are so beautiful - she will HAVE to have the most gorgeous is already unveiling itself in her amazing eyes and precious smile!

1. That feeling of warmth in the cold air that screams flip flops are around the corner.
2. The smell that can't possibly lend itself to flowers but seems to smell like flowers are being beckoned...
3. The itch to put on running shoes and hit that almost kind of warmish air with sweat on the skin
4. early blooms on trees that must be confused because spring isn't here just yet but only just around the corner
5. the kids' sense that it is suddenly time to play outside - especially barefoot or in shorts - even though the weather is not just yet ready but almost!

Rachael said...

:) this is fun!
1. flying kites with my uncle after our easter dinner
2. breaking out my ride-on glo-worm when i was 7 and riding back and forth on our driveway for hours
3. the first outdoor track and field practice of the season
4. st.patrick's day in montreal freshman year of university - snow almost completely melted, gorgeous sun, sipping good beer on the sidewalk. bliss.
5. every year, wearing my bright yellow sundress with my red hunter boots the first day doing so won't make me freeze :)

bluegreen said...

1st spring day, riding bikes, getting a wet splashy line up my back, my dad doing some kind of yard work, my mom cleaning inside with all the windows open, Anne Murray records playing. And every spring, on just that kind of day I caught a glimpse of this unusual trio riding down the street: 3 men (teenagers?) on a bike, one standing and pedalling, one on the seat, and one on his shoulders. It seems so unreal now, but I swear I saw them every year.

Vicki said...

Loving your post as always. I do look forward to checking in at least once a day :) I needed to read about happy thoughts and sunny days.

We've had major rains here yesterday and in the next county over near the Amish community, four precious babies, age 5 months to 11 years were swept from their horse and buggy into the flood waters and lost their lives last night. Their Mama and older siblings made it to safety. But I cannot even begin to imagine their pain and suffering that has only just begun.

As I cannot seem to get those babies out of my mind, your precious Nella and Lainey brought smiles and reminded me that spring is about new life and new beginnings. I am clinging to those promises and praying that the sweet Amish family can face tomorrow with hope one of these days.

Kendra said...

LOVE Lainey's style! She has great sense just like her momma. And love that you let her be herself with her fashion!
5 spring memories:
1. Flowers blooming everywhere.
2. Playing outside in the sun!
3. Buying Easter outfits
4. Spending Easter with my cousins in VA and having egg hunts and tractor rides!
5. The feeling of "new" and "fresh" and wanting to clean, open the windows, wash the car and start over in the nice weather!

Lace Escapades said...

1) Getting to wear my fancy Easter dresses when I was little.

2) The return of that magnificent spring breeze... ahhh...

3) The grass in the backyard starting to get really tall, so we would lay out on a blanket while it swayed around us.

4) Taking the dogs on walks by all the big trees while little blossoms fell down.

5) Making sugar cookies and frosting them with pastel icing.

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