Monday, January 3, 2011


I felt victorious yesterday as I hauled the last large plastic garbage bag heaped with old shoes, pilled sweaters, and a few cast off skirts that hit me mid-calf for a nice calf-turned-coffee-can effect into the garage next to the other Goodwill mounds. I had done it. In true new-year, new-me fashion, I had knocked off the first of resolutions with an intense two-day closet purging.

And even though the brand name on my new shoe rack is ironic considering my natural tendencies, I'd at least like to pay homage to another one of my attempts in fooling myself that the purchase of a new shoe rack (or bin or basket or shelf) is suddenly going to change everything. It's going to be different this time, right? All I needed was this shoe rack, Man. I've been waiting all my life for this baby.


Regardless of the shoe rack's success, there is something to be said about the biological rhythms we feel with each new season.

I like to burrow into my cave with the holidays. I crave change and renewal with a new year. I yearn for a good spring cleaning when the breeze shifts in March, and I dream of flowers and pink and pastel gingham cotton just about the time the Peeps hit the shelves come Spring. In July, my soul is fed with hot pavement and cold popsicles, in October I want to don aprons and bake pies, and come November, the cycle begins again.

Nurture or Nature? Who knows. I take it and run.

It is a new year. And yes, an afternoon game of Candyland or a trip to the lake is so much more important than my house being clean. But there's also a happy medium, and it's time my bedroom becomes the sanctuary it deserves to be. I will make my bed. I will pick up my crap. Because, come afternoon, sunlight comes pouring in our back window, spilling onto our covers in a way that begs you to bask in it. Because there's a small round table by my bed that, when cleared, has the perfect spot for a tea cup and a book. Because, when I actually take the time to create the space we deserve, it makes me happy.


So I cleaned. I purged. I simplified. And, in doing so, I cleared spaces in my mind that feel more capable to take on opportunities. Not to mention, I didn't feel quite so guilty today when the accomplishment list was on the meager side. We bathed and fed and watched Little Bear. Oh, and we played Doctor. And, for the record, my blood pressure was "eleven four," my throat "looks dirty," and my temperature was, I'm sorry to say, sixteen.

The new year has been kind so far.

New Year's firework show in neighbor's driveway.

We enjoyed our first handful of harvest from our garden, despite having to blanket our small plot a few nights ago from the southern chill.

We still got our green beans.


She dressed herself, and she's really into the whole stripes overboard thing right now.

I'm sitting here smiling just writing this because I've never fancied myself a gardener, but here I am, pluckin' beans in January, postin' pics of trowels and meaty greens and it feels damn good.


We must surprise ourselves every once in awhile, eh?

My diving head first into New Year's resolutions has been nicely balanced with slower-paced, gentler ambitions like taking more time to enjoy those I love.

In the form of girlfriends corralled in my kitchen clutching coffee cups and cradling babies...


Nella and new Baby Kinsley

...and being fully present for these girls during dedicated moments for them-time. No phones. No wandering thoughts. Just them.



Daddy says she is "wild and bossy" with her babies. She yells at them and flips them around all crazy while she hollers. Funniest thing ever.


I am forgiving of myself and accept that life is messy, and sometimes being good enough means balancing a phone, a laundry basket, a baby, and a pot of overcooked sticky macaroni. But there is also something to be said about proclaiming resolutions--saying them out loud so we feel their importance. We'll rearrive, reclaim, and reaffirm it all months later. And that's okay too. But I think just by wanting to be more subtracts the "enough" from "good enough" and what you are left with is good. We are good moms and wives and daughters and friends because we recognize our faults, embrace our imperfections, create meaningful challenges and weave them all together in some brilliant tapestry of wanting to be better, to be more. That, in itself, makes us pretty damn good.


And this one?


My, has she grown this month, surfacing some new qualities that have remained hidden until this blessed moment of three-and-more-than-a-half.

Like, she's suddenly a peacemaker.

In a recent faceoff of Dog vs. Cat on a walk to the lake, she intervened.


Amid the hissing and tail-raising and Latte's aggresive stance, I watch as Lainey scoops Latte up, holds her down, finds a nice distance from the cat and plops to the cement, humming sweetly, in this motherly tone, consoling phrases like "Oh, it's okay. Don't be scared. It's a nice kitty."


She charmed them both into friendship, she did.



And, as I said, she picks out not only her own clothes but Nella's too. And insists that stripes with stripes with stripes isn't too much.



Finally, I'm starting off my year loving this new art from a very talented, effervescent, life-loving crazy fun girl.


Abernathy Bland.

We found each other shortly after Nella was born, and her art and her crazy musings have inspired me along the way. She just left her day job and I'm woo-hooing her courage and her creativity in flight. Check her out.

2011 commences with my clean closet, a peaceful space in my bedroom, and some sponsors here I'm proud to represent.

On My Side Inspirational Tees.

The unique and conversation-sparking jewelry of the talented Mark Poulin.


...and Me You Health, presenting daily challenges to promote well being. It's easy, free, insightful and encourages a great sense of community and accountability.

For fun, I'll pop the cork off 2011 with today's Me You Health challenge: Share 5 Things off your Bucket List.

1. Take an overnight train trip in the mountains with my family. Sleeper cars. Lying in bed knowing we're going somewhere. Hearing the thumpthumpthump of the tracks underneath us. Heaven, I tell you.
2. Swim with sharks. Not because I want to. I'd hate it. I'm terrified of sharks and I live in Florida. But overcoming it would be really powerful. And doing something that scares you is good.
3. See U2 in concert with my brother and sister.
4. Learn how to play the guitar.
5. Read Anne of Green Gables to my girls. In late night sections where they're tucked in and sleepy and barely staying awake but begging me to read another chapter because surely, Anne is eventually going to fall in love with Gilbert, right?


Your turn. If you comment...please share 5 things from your bucket list. As Mary Oliver says, What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Tell me.


We're planning a birthday party 'round these parts. Much to come.


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prettipenny said...

I have never made a bucket list, but I think I am finally gonna sit down this week and make one :)

tonya lynn said...

My bucket list is far from complete - however, the top 5 are:

- Serve the third world
- Run a marathon
- Help deliver a baby
- Compete in an Ironman
- Live life with my best friends

Lucy said...

Sorry to hear your throat is dirty. If its any consolation my niece recently played dentist and told me ' I can see what you mean when you say you've got a lot of fillings, but don't worry, you don't need one today'.

Going to memorise this - ''But I think just by wanting to be more subtracts the "enough" from "good enough" and what you are left with is good. '' You're the first person to make me feel better just for trying!

5 things, need to think about that. Will do so as I try to get to sleep again. It is 4.26 am here. Goodnight Kelle, sweet girls, and cute dogs too!!

FEAS613 said...

1) Become a published author - i have recently finished my 8th novel but am terrified to send it to a publisher or find an agent in fear of not being good enough

2) Drive cross country with my two besties - the one's i would be lost without

3) go skydiving - despite my fear of heights... and hope they let me bring a camera

4) have a big family

5) pick up and leave CT without waiting for the tied strings to be cut and the cut strings to be tied... I'm tired of waiting for everyone else to say "go" when it's my life!!

Can't wait to see what you have planned for the bloom where you are party :)

iColossus / Monster said...

Ha, had my list ready because I did the Daily Challenge earlier today!

1. Illustrate a children's book.
2. Rent an apartment for my family in Venice for 3 months and invite friends to visit (one can dream!)
3. Visit Paris with my hubbies (and no children.)
4. Take a train trip (with sleeping coaches!) all over Europe with my family.
5. Raise millions of dollars for charity.

Statemas said...

Don't have a bucket list....yes ;)

But 5 things I def. want to do.....

1. Go to Hawaii and just bask in the sun. swim in a pool and explore the wonders.

2. Travel for a month through out Europe

3. Have my own business. 1st however, I need to figure out what I want to do.

4. I have a passion for helping new moms w/ routine/sleeping/eating "issues"....I'd love to have the opportunity to help out more mamas

5. Go away somewhere with my husband--by ourselves (we don't live near any family-sigh....they are literally across the country).


Jill Carilli said...

Kelle, I have a bucket list that is so long it is overwhelming. So I started a long time something I like to call 10 in 10. I try to choose the 10 things off my bucket list I think I can realistically accomplish in 10 years. The goal being 1 every year. And if I can do more then that, well even better. You can see by the completion year in parentheses how just making a list makes you want to achieve it!!

Crossed off the list baby!!!
# Have another Baby (2008)
# Renew my Wedding Vows (2009)
# Become a Brunette (2009)
# Complete a Triathlon (2009)
# Start a side-Business(2009)
# Get really fit (2009/2010)
# Go Skiing- FIRST time (2010)
# Get on Bone Marrow Registry (2010)
# Become a runner (2010)
# Run a Half Marathon (2010)

Here are the ones I hope to complete in the next decade...
# Take my children to Disney
# Take some cooking classes
# Go to Europe
# Sky Dive
# Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride
# Work on a house for Habitat for Humanity
# Spend a weekend in New York City
# Renew my vows in Italy
# Volunteer in my community
# Take my kids to the Polar Express

Love it! Good Luck! ~Jill

Heidi said...

Totally off topic, but I'm reading two books I think you might like. One is "Life is a Verb." Can't remember the author. The other is the Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. LOVING these books - about being who you are and enjoying life to the fullest. And they're not difficult reads, which is nice for a mama who can get interrupted at any moment.

Farmgirl Paints said...

I've been staring at my computer for a solid 2 minutes now. Why in the world is this so hard??

bucket list: air balloon ride over a mountain
2.take my family on a missions trip to a third world country at christmas time an airstream camper trip to yellowstone with my peeps
5.i should do the shark thing, but that will never maybe steps;)

Love your list. Love this post as usual. I'm in the clean mode too. I have a goal of a solid room redo a week. Clean curtains, blinds, baseboards, purge stuff I don't need. Figure it will take me 'til summer!

~Ashita said...

Wow- I jumped straight up in my chair and yipped, "What is my cat doing in Florida?!" because Latte's new buddy looks exactly-actly like my boy!!
And Lainey is growing up so lovely- and photogenic! I love the way Nella looks at Kinsley... so sweet!

Kryssie said...

1) Become a mother

2) Rent a convertible for a weekend

3) Go camping

4) Visit the ocean

5) Swim with a beluga whale or dolphin

talamarieb said...

Bundle ward off...that 16 degree temp...hahahaaa! I laughed out loud at your grim diagnosis. :) Thanks for writing again today!

Right now, I have a list that includes "write New Year's Resolutions." With a capital R, like that.

So far, the brainstorms listed in pencil underneath say:
1. Use your monthly budget. (I'm really into for this one.)
2. Clean the "crap I don't need" room and show my friends how many great crafts will come out of it. Right now it's just a room with the window that lets us climb onto the roof.
3. Race the Country Music half-marathon.
4. Pray every day.
5. Adventure every month. January: Baltimore, MD

Shannon said...

LOVE the picture of Nella with the baby - so sweet.

My bucket list:
1. Drink Guinness in Ireland with my husband.
2. Take a family vacation at the beach - with nothing to do but chill.
3. Watch my children grow up - and learn when to hold them tighter, and when to let them go.
4. Take a trip with my girlfriends to celebrate turning 40!
5. Overcome my fear of flying - I love to travel - but HATE getting there!

jen said...

you know how sometimes people race to be the first to comment. i will never be that person, methinks. 'cause i love to read your words and my words seem so trivial.
the bucket list.
1. write these 3 kids books that are stuck in my head
2. live somewhere new and exciting - just long enough to realize that this is where i really want to be.
3. ride a horse on a beach
4. go whale watching in hawaii during the baby-whale season
5. take all 3 kids on vacation. by myself. (which is probably not as terrifying as swimming with sharks. but a close second.)
yippee! for birthday parties! we're going all out with finn's vw bus theme.

Katy said...

5 things on my bucket list....

1). Go on a cruise sometime in my life to the carribean or bahamas

2) Travel to Australia

3) Road trip to the east coast.

4) be successful in love, life and family.

that's all i could think of as of now

Happiness is... said...

Good Lordy girl...get me thinking this late at night. I love lifetime goals.

-Start a blog (snatch! started 2 weeks ago).
-Learn to use PMC (silver clay) to expand my jewelry-making skills.
-Take tap lessons with a friend.
-Go on a summer trip to the midwest for the sole purpose of hitting 3-4 water parks.
-Get my motorcycle license.

I think the list is every growing/changing. It's just important to look at everyday as a learning experience. There's always room to grow regardless if you're 2 or 62.

-Jennifer from Annapolis

Jenni said...

-Get married to a man who treats me like gold (p.s. i think i found him 4 months ago)
-Have a baby(or a few) who loves me more than anything
-Become an orthodontist
-Take 4 million pictures of my children as they grow, something I wish my parents had done for me
-See my dad cry tears of happiness, most likely at my wedding

5 bucket list items that came off the top of my head, Im not sure they are at the top but they were what I thought of!

Katy said...

Oh thought of one more which should probably be at the top but find an amazing man of God to share the rest of my life with :)

Moosefan said...

My 5-
Go whitewater rafting!
Drive on the Autobahn!
Hike in the Hoh Valley-yes, you say it just like it looks.
Take a boudoir picture-stretch marks and all!
Go on a cruise with my family!

paixjoie said...

I am not a bucket lister. I guess I don't want to get to the end and count the things I missed. I'd rather just enjoy the adventure of getting there...But I smiled huge when I read your Anne of Green Gables wish.
I am taking my girls (9 and 12) to Prince Edward Island this summer for 2 glorious weeks. We are going to play in red sand, eat lobster, and try our longest road trip ever.
Guess what they got for Christmas this year? Yep, you got it. Anne of Green Gables. My plan is to lie in bed and read it to them during the month leading up to the trip. Just the thought of it thrills me.

paixjoie said...
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paixjoie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cathy said...

I love your blog! I have a pretty large list of things I hope to accomplish before I turn 55 years old, but here is a chunk of the list that I hope to accomplish in 2011:
1. Take 55 beautiful photos with my new camera.
2. Make homemade pasta 5 times.
3. Treat myself to a fabulous new purse.
4. Give 5 random gifts for no reason.
5. Have a family portrait taken with my kids.

Amy K said...

Yet again yo get right to my heart with your words. It's like you know what I need to hear. Thank you.

As for my list, I actually used to have one, but I don't know where it is. :) I do have a few I remember:

1. Visit France. Specifically the Loire Valley w/ all the castles. I love a good fairy tale.

2. Buy back my grandfathers cabin in big bear he sold after my grandmother died. That place holds so many memories that even 3 years later it still hurts that it's gone. I'd love to share them with my son.

3. Have a child naturally. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED my epidural, but something in me wants that accomplishment to know I can do it!

4. Experience New England in the fall. Those colors take my breath away.

5.Learn to just... be. to not have to be doing something, but rather just "be" and to be content with that!

Sherri said...

Hi Kelle! The picture of Nella & beautiful baby is Nella THAT BIG?!? Seriously. I love your bucket list & reminds me I need to work on mine! I wasn't going to say anything but you mentioned Anne of Green Gables, & I'm from PEI, so...we have emailed each other a few times, earlier this year & you were in my top ten moments of 2010!! Hugs & love Sherri

CarylRz said...

My bucket list is kind of lengthy, but here are a few:

1. Attend Hogmanay in Scotland (Scottish New Year).
2. Christmas in Paris (we have friends there, it could happen).
3. Take my family to Disneyland to celebrate my nephew's high school graduation (happening summer 2011).
4. Fly fishing in Montana.
5. Visit every state in the US and all the national parks (I have visited over 20 states, so it's a work in progress LOL).

Here are a couple of not-so-dreamy get-off-the-bucket-list things:
1. Get more patience.
2. Get more creative.
3. Get more patience. Wait, did I use that one already?

I love the pic of Nella and the baby. Nella looks so protective of the little one... super cute!


beboldwithgodsgifts said...

Five Bucket List Items for me-

1. Go on a completely spontaneous trip. Show up at the airport, ask which is the next flight out. Pack nothing.

2. Make cookies and doorbell ditch them to someone who deserves them.

3. Own my own concert venue

4. Write down 5 things that I'm grateful for every day for a year.

5.Do something huge, entirely for someone elses benefit.


Kelly said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you guys are able to have a garden this time of year! So jealous! :)

As for bucket list goodies, here's a few randoms that I have:

1. Go back to visit Hawaii with all of my kids (and the future ones that are still to come)
2. Dance in the rain
3. See my babies get married one day
4. Love on all my future grandbabies (my mom died this year and I am so sad she never got to meet my secondborn, born in September)
5. Watch my Oregon Ducks win the national championship next Monday ;)

ayshamartin said...

Isn't the feeling after a cleaning/clothing purge the best! Great start to the new year :) Can't wait to hear all about your plans for Nella's first birthday!

5 things on my bucket list ...

1. Run the 2011 NYC Marathon
2. Become a certified yoga instructor
3. Take a photography course
4. Go on an African Safari with my hubby
5. Be the best mom possible for my little girls. I need to learn to slow down and really enjoy the small things. Moments are fleeting and they are only little once. You are helping me learn how to do this ... Thank you Kelle!

Relationships are a spiritual practice said...

1) RV trip through Utah, Idaho, Whyoming and Montana with my son.
2) To stand on the promenade of the Taj Mahal at sunset
3) Write a book about healing from the emotional trauma of my c-section after a planned homebirth
4) Learn how to let go

Jaclyn Hicks said...

I love all your pictures!!!

And your sweet family, makes my heart sing....

The infamous Bucket List:
1. Learn to sew a quilt telling the story of my life, weaving together the ins and outs of this crazy wonderful life....
2. Make my husband a daddy, whether we adopt or have our own, they would be lucky to call him "Dad"
3. Restore a house with a wrap around porch
4. Sit and bask in the morning sunlight with beams streaming through the windows, hearing God's beat one with mine, finding my inner peace
5. Pay tribute to our first baby, the one only heaven knows now....

Alyss said...

Only 5 things! Geez, I feel as though I always add 5 more things every time I cross just one off. Okay, well here are 5, in no particular order:

1. Start a charity.

2. Shower in a waterfall.

3. Drive across country.

4. Start a food fight at some fancy dinner... like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

5. Skinny dip... because, why not?!

mchar said...

1. Learn to surf
2. Learn at least 5 street magic tricks
3. Safari in Africa with my kids
4. Hand out a 100.00 bill to 10 strangers
5. Together with my boys and their dad build the ultimate treehouse

Amanda Flea said...

Anne of Green Gables. Yes. Anne, with an "E".

Erika said...

i am with you! i am cleaning and deciding whether or not to say goodbye (and sell on craigslist) our elliptical machine that i MADE my husband buy 2 years ago but have not once touched. we live in a tiny beach house, and we are so short on space. what would YOU do? will this be THE year that i use it, or should i just say enough is enough?

my bucket list:

-adopt a special needs child
-visit all the continents besides antarctica (b/c i don't like the cold)
-dye my hair bright red
-go on a spa trip with my best friend forever
-travel across the world to burn's beach, australia, to meet a blogger friend who has impacted the lives of so many i know!

Samantha said...

I love the stripes! :) I love stripes myself, too. i want to put stripes on my walls and it's driving my husband crazy. ha! :)

aidannme said...

1. Be published. My thoughts, my life, my story.

2.Get married at the age I always dreamed of: 55. (that is 11 years from now!)

3. Make enough money to give to someone who really needs it, like my wonderful angel (now in heaven) did for me last year.

4. Hold the hand of the man that I love, as my baby graduates from college.

Silly? simple? but oh so me! Thanks for asking.

Crystal said...

I made a bucket list when I was a little girl. So far, I've accomplished 26 things of the 102. Here are 5 I have yet to go: 1) Touch a dolphin 2) See an LA Dodgers game 3) Sing the national anthem at a pro sports event 4) Ride a camel 5) Learn to crochet

Tina said...

Kelle thank you for sharing your thoughts, you get them out brilliantly.

I call my bucket list my B.I.B list.."Before I'm Buried," I want to..

-go far, out of my comfort zone of HOME in Maryland to finish college on time and meet some neat & good people. Just applied to Montana!
-write a children's book series
-ride an elephant
-become better everyday at being myself
-Fall in love..have some babies

Leanne said...

oh my, you leave me stuttering...
you say it all so well.
have you added "write a book"???
you need to do that!

1. rent a cottage in PEI...right on the beach
2. learn how to make my mom's pickles
3. grow a veggie garden
4. lose a bunch of weight before my daughters have weddings (i have plenty of time yet thank goodness!)
5. do something that i love AND create an income from it...

Among the Stars said...

I Iove the your bucket list! I make sure to try and overcome my fears by submursing myself in them all the time. Here are some of my bucket list I hope to check off this wonderful 2011!
1. Sky dive ( talk about that overcoming fear thing :) )
2. Wonder aimlessly around central park! Including a little picnic (I can just imagine how peaceful it is -there is something magical about the way nature and city collide)
3. Take a photo of that days events everyday and make a scrap book of them
4. Go the top of th space needle in Seattle ( as well as jump in huge puddle of rain water !!!) - luckily I will be in Seattle in 2 weeks! :)
5. And lasty but not least as sort of a resolution and bucket list accomplishment- fulfill one or more random acts of service and day!
I hope you 2011 has started off well! And I wish you the best of luck on the organization bit! My closet could use one fotbose!

Christina and Darren said...

1. Visit friends in London.
2. Take our girls to the mountains.
3. Roast marshmallows and sleep under the stars with my daughters.
4. Travel around Texas to dance in old dance halls.
5. Go to Vegas with my husband!

Beth said...

Kelle...thanks for this post! I love it as usual. Here's my five (many,many more are filling me up too!):
1) see the monarchs in the mountains of Mexico
2) own a small cottage by the beach
3) be in a flash mob
4) see the pyramids in Egypt
5) plant a rose and dedicate it to my husband with some amazing poem written on a plaque and plant it in McKinley Garden (a public garden) on our 25th wedding anniversary <3

just jen said...

the top five is like a shape-shifter over here. but so far, this is what i have:

1. visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi Kenya, where i'm sure to fall head over heels in love with all the elephant babes being fostered there.
2. walk hand-in-hand with the husband while taking in autumn in New York...a must. (and an overnight "freezing our treasure chests off" while waiting in line wait to see the Daily Show)
3. Ireland, home of ancestors that call me.
4. dance at the weddings of my children. because then i'll know they've learned enough to learn to love and find love and risk it all for love. and then i can be free.
5. to tell every person who asks how long the husband and i have been married: Not long enough.

Lesley said...

Thank you, for always making me smile. And tear up. Usually in the same post!
Five things I need to do:
1. Swim with dolphins, preferably with my husband and 2 boys.
2. Go to NY, see a Broadway show.
3. Attend a Montreal Canadiens game.
4. Take a painting class.
5. Learn to play an instrument.

MTGrace said...

I just had to pop on and say that the picture of Laney looking at the camera with the flowers tucked behind her ears is BREATHTAKING! She gets prettier every day!

As for the Bucket List:
1. I accomplished this one 12 short days ago: give birth! I've waited 12 years for this child!
2. Get my hot air balloon pilot's license
3. Go hang-gliding
4. visit all 50 states
5. Travel to Venice

And Kellie, I'll be doing one of yours this spring! We're planning a trip to Seattle on the train - passing through Glacier Park in Montana. I'm really excited!

Katie B. said...

Loving the Anne of Green Gables idea! I grew up loving Anne so much that I walked down the aisle to "Anne's Theme" at my wedding!!
My bucket list-
1. Go to nursing school
2. Take a road trip to Niagara Falls
3. Spend more time with my closest friends
4. Take more pictures
5. Finally get the baby that we've been praying for

jenna said...

1. travel through europe.
2. have a child.
3. knit a sweater.
4. run the Vegas half-marathon (or the Disney one).
5. take a vacation with my best friend.

Sarah said...

You don't know this, but we are friends. My kids look at pictures of your kids and ask if they will ever get to play with them. I don't tell you this not to worry you but instead to thank you. I have followed your blog for the last year and have found myself enjoying the small things in my own life with greater intensity. I found courage unknown in 2010 and with that a love for life that I didn't know was missing. That is, in part, thanks to you. So here are a few things on my bucket list

1. Take my and my husband's photography business to the next level. I know we can do it!
2. Learn Italian
3. Take a girls only trip with my closest girlfriends.
4. Take a family trip to Hawaii
5. Wear a bikini in public.

Liz Siebenaler said...

Just 5 random bucket list items:

1.Travel the world or at least Europe with my family of 6.

2. Experience childbirth with a friend. I would love to be a support/coach for a friend who is planning on being a surrogate.

3. Run the Warrior Dash! I just signed up for it tonight!!!

4. Live on the beach.

5.Build a lovely bungalow with a porch and a barn on our family farm.

The Salty Dogs said...

Maybe not top 5, but I think pink saddle oxfords just jumped onto my list. And I'm almost never the shoe-lust girl.

Emily's Endless Words said...

I wrote mine earlier for DailyChallenge, and I posted it to my blog:
Here they are for quick referencing.
1- Write a book.
2- Attend the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.
3- Have a family to love, play with, cook for, teach, and love some more.
4- Own a home in Carmel, California - my heaven on earth.
5- (the quirky one) Kick an 8-foot ceiling.

Thank you for, as always, giving me a new perspective to love who I am and all that I'm becoming.

aimee said...

You should write a book, your writing is amazing and I feel like I'm reading a storybook every time I read a new post!

My bucket list includes:
1. Swim with dolphins
2. Live somewhere other than Utah (I've lived a very redundant life in this bubble I call Utah)
3. Change a flat tire on my own :)
4. Learn to play an instrument other than the piano.
5. Adopt a child (preferably from this amazing organization I was recently turned to called Reece's Rainbow AMAZING! If only I had enough funds to do it now!)

Mindy said...

1) Live in Florida
2) Take the train across country (yes I want to also!)
3) Get married and have children
4) Read the whole Bible
5) Write a book

Sarah said...

Five things from my bucket list...

1. Travel to all continents-- (just have Antarctica, Africa and Asia left)...

2. Count down the New Year in Times Square NYC!

3. Visit every province/territory in Canada...

4. have babies...

5. live by the ocean--(a warm one).. (lived close to the Arctic Ocean for 10months--but it wasn't so nice and toasty warm!)...

robyn michelle-lee. said...


my five of the moment...
one. ride an elephant in asia.
two. publish a book of my writing and photographs.
three. teach ashtanga yoga.
four. give birth to a baby.
five. live in paris.

sarah said...

ok, before my list i just have to say that i love the stripe invasion. very cool style, little miss lainey. and i was so excited to see your harvest! i was just wondering yesterday about the hampton garden!

a few from my list...
1. adopt children
2. travel to uganda
3. write a children's book
4. really learn to pole dance for my husband
5. return to our honeymoon spot in costa rica

Kelly said...

My bucket list is for 2011:

1.Revisit Naples Beach. My boys loved the calm, crystal blue water. We went last year and it was one of the best daytrips I've ever had!

2.Learn to sew on my thrifted sewing machine I purchased over a year ago.

3.Read 24 books

4.Take one decent photo every day.

5.Slow down and focus more on the moment.

laurieg said...
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laurieg said...

It's funny because while reading the post before this I clicked on one of your "you might also like" posts from a year ago and cannot believe how much Lainey has grown! A year ago she still looked like a baby herself and now shes looking so grown up....mothering dogs and all :)
Love the pic of Nella with Kinsley. She looks so protective...cute!
Bucket list....

#1 Spend more time taking photos and learning how to rock every shot

#2 have a family and become a mama

#3 Live by the ocean even for a short time

#4 Visit every continent and see as many wonders of the world as I can

#5 Be the organized person I think I am....
(but that one is boring so....)

#6 Get married in Ireland

#7 Start some sort of photo-journal-blog

Sherri said...

Crap! I didn't leave my before I kick it tired, but I can rally;)
~go to Africa with my boys...
~a family trip, to disneyworld...
~dance on stage @ a rock concert...
~my sons names tattooed on my neck...
~spend a whole month back home, with all 3 of my boys, in summer:)

sarah said...

oh and p.s. it was tradition growing up that when my dad and brother would go to the sec basketball championship for their "boy time" every year, my mom sister and i would watch anne (with an e) of green gables movies non-stop. we're going to go the c.s. lewis narnia series route for my boys, but when we do get girls, anne of green gables it will be!

The Sanchez Family said...

Those photos of Nella with the flowers in her hair...gorgy!!!

The one of Nella with her arms around the baby...precious!

Bucket List:
1) Drive across the USA
2) Eat at French Laundry
3) Be a grandma (someday I pray!!)
4) Witness a birth (other than my own!!!)
5) Go to Holland again but this time...with "sisters" on this DS journey...join me? We can stop in Italy on the way home!

Cheryl said...

My bucket List

1. travel to Europe... Paris and London

2. Own a house

3. NYC for the Thanksgiving Parade

4. Run a half Marathon... working on my 1st 10K run for the Fall

5. Cruise with my family at least once

MadScientist said...

1. Move to the country
2. Find a church
3. Learn how to budget
4. Watch a sunrise
5. Go away for the weekend during winter in a cabin with a fireplace and stay unplugged

Darla said...

1. Swim with dolphins!!!
2. Chip champagne on the rocks on the isles of Greece

If I do those then ...

3. Kayak in some really cool places.
4. Take a trip on a bike with my husband. Like through Italy or something cool.
5. Write a book. My husband would say I should make this one #1.

KC said...

I am always dreaming and making up little schemes and big schemes (my family hates it when I say: "I've been thinking...") :-). I have never thought of having a bucket list but here are some of the things that have been dominating my 'list' lately:

1. Rent a house in the south of Spain with hubby, sister and her two kidlets (we leave in 20 days!) - for 10 weeks!

2. Learn Spanish - I speak Spanish, but painfully, so my challenge is to return from Spain able to speak at an intermediate level

3. Have a baby - really trying for this one

4. Renew my vows with my husband (we are doing this in Sept on our 10th wedding anniversary)

5. Practice Midwifery in a 3rd world country (I am a midwife)

Lafleche said...

How funny, it must be the age because my 3 year old girl refuses to let me pick her outfits and always chooses stripes too.
So cute, they are.

I had to write a bucket list recently for a writer's workshop and it surprisingly came really easily...

a few on my list:
-Teach my daughters how to sew
-Photograph a sunrise on the beach
-Make a wish on the top of the Eiffel Tower
-Take a road trip across the U.S.
-Rent a beach house for the summer on Nantucket or the Hamptons

Here's the rest of it...

Renee said...

okay, first off, nella and lainey get more beautiful every day. lainey's expressions are so mature, it cracks me right up. and how much do i love that nella's hair it in barrettes now? totally slays me.
and oh my god anne and gilbert. be still my heart. yes, please, please please read it to them. it is so much more than classic.

Christi said...

1. Be Content with where I am in my life (weight, shape, kids, home) when I am at that stage instead of always looking back and hoping things will be different in the future.

2. Learn to quilt

3. Spend time with my grandparents and write down their stories.

4. Visit my Oma's birthplace in Holland and tour around Europe

5. Finish my degree! (Quit college when I got married and 4 babies later and haven't been back yet.)

p.s. To the commenter who wants to have baby au naturale. Do it - I did it all 4 times and loved it. It's worth it. You can do it! :)

melissa said...

Getting ready to comment and the one right before me (Christi with 4 children) must've been reading my mind as well because here goes my list:
* try a natural birth for the first time this March with my 4th
(hope I can do it!)
* smile thru adversary
* live with even less
* read more books
* meet you, Kelle

Kolleen said...

I love love love the new header and that picture of Lainey with the flower behind her ear! Sooo beautiful!

Lee, Bren & Hai said...

Write a real hand written letter to my best friends... Run a 1/2 marathon in June...Learn how to properly use spices...Be present for my kiddos each day...Get 50 followers on my blog...

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Love it - the stripes with stripes, the girl and her dog, the best intentions of cleaning house despite messy tendencies (that's me to a T) for the new year.

From my Life List:

1. Make homemade ketchup.
2. Sleep in a teepee.
3. Stomp grapes.
4. Join a dragonboat team.
5. Learn to blow glass.

And a few that I crossed of in 2010:
-Quit my day job to sell art!
-Win a photo contest.
-Take an RV Trip.
-See Willie Nelson in concert.
-Make fresh squeezed lemonade.
-Visit a corn maze.

Betsi* said...

You inspire me so much to revel in my children's childhood. Thank you! And with that, my humble top 5:
1) Watch both my autistic sons graduate from college

2) Backpack through Europe with my husband

3) Go to Africa with my husband and bring home our fourth child

4) Renew our wedding vows in Yosemite, at the Awanee Hotel in winter

5) hold my grandchildren and sing the lullabye that my Nana and mom sang to me and that I sang to my children

Katrina @ said...

1) go on a cruise
2) drive in our RV to see Mt. Rushmore
3) gallop on a horse without saddle, just hanging on to the mane - on a beach
4) help one (or all) of my daughter's during childbirth
5) wear my wedding dress again, during a renewal of our vows ceremony on one of our anniversaries

haveFaith said...

That part about us being imperfect but recognizing that and in doing that it makes us stronger? my whole outlook on life. In being imperfect and making mistakes, they lift us to become better and shape us into who we are meant to be. if everyone was just PERFECT, how would we learn anything? We'd never accidentally stumble upon that hidden quality we may have, or go down that hidden road that leads us to a beautiful meadow. I've learned that by not being perfect, I am perfect because I am ME.

I haven't really given thought to a bucket list, but I guess there are things in this lifetime I'd really love to do so I guess I'd say these are on my list:

1. Learn a different language, fluently. At least one, if not more.
2. Visit a friend I've had for years but haven't met because we met over the internet and live in different states.
3. Travel outside of the United States and experience the diverseness of a culture so different from ours.
4. Get a tattoo, but only one of extreme meaning, so I'd have to really want it to get it.
5. Write a book and get it published. Whether it be fiction or autobiographical, I love writing. It's something I've enjoyed since I was a preteen and still do.

Perhaps not the most unique bucket list items, but their things that I'd love to do before the end of my long lifetime. (:

One huge resolution for this new year is to give my room a complete make over. I want my room to be an inspirational haven of sorts, calming and relaxing. Right now it's sorta outdated and messy and not what I want. And of course the typical "I want to lose weight" resolution but I'd say that's on most peoples.

Tamara said...

1. Have a family of my own. I read your blog and dream of the family I am going to have someday. The little hands I'll hold and little noses I'll kiss and the cheeks I'll dry with my thumb. And the man I'll love. : )

2. Travel. I want to see places. I want to learn from people in other parts of the world. I want to Elizabeth Gilbert my way through life. ; )

3. Get published. I'm a quiet person in my day-to-day life, but I have a lot to say. I have had a lot of live experiences, and I'm honest in my writing. I want to reach people in the world that way- to let them know they're not alone.

4. Own my own house. With a wrap-around porch and cherry blossom trees in the front yard. A house I'll decorate with white fairy lights during Christmastime, and that I'll fill with the warmth of food and fireplaces and love.

5. Finish getting my Master's degree. Survive my time away from home, and more than that, learn to soak it up and find the beauty this season of my life has to offer.


Breeann Bowers said...

I am so into bucket lists right now! I started mine about a month ago. I have 40 things on there so far...and can't wait to add to it! Some of the biggies for me are:
1. Have a baby
2. Write a book (and get it published)
3. Take a trip to Italy
4. Celebrate New Year's Eve in Times Square
5. Learn how to sew something more than just a button or fixing a hole in a shirt.

Roksalanna said...

Lainey and Nella are so gorgeous in their stripey outfits together!

5 things from my bucket list:

-Be part of a Flash Mob
-See a Broadway show on Broadway
-Learn how to tap dance
-Become fluent in a second language
-Visit Tuscany

Emma Kay said...

I made up a "40 things I want to do before I'm 40" list a few months ago, and I got to cross off one of them yesterday. #1 on my list is to finish my list, so I've been thinking about it yesterday and today. Then I decided to catch up on my blog reading and THANK YOU for this post, because I've been able to go through and be inspired with some more things to add. 5 of my goals are:

1. Cook a meal using only food we produced ourselves.
2. Learn all the words to the song "It's like that". Almost there! I just keep forgetting a few.
3. Try every flavour of Baskin and Robbins ice-cream and Juliettes sorbet. (I must say I LOVE working on this one) ;)
4. Go surfing.
5. Have a family camping trip every year. We're doing well and have had 3 annuals so far, lets see if I can keep it up for another 13 years eh.

I thought I would give out the ones that don't cost anything, or much, just in case others are looking for some inspiration too. Good luck with your bucket list!

Monique said...

(i'm not sure why my comment keeps disappearing? so i'll try one last time...sorry if it appears 3 times at some point)
It's difficult to just give you 5 from my long bucket list...I have very attainable ones (give more hugs) to BIG dreamy ones (go on an African safari)...but they all count so here's 5...

1. Complete my first triathlon
2. Learn to sew like my amazing Mom so that I can make any costumes my adventurous boys dream up
3. See U2 in IRELAND with my boys and hubby- we've already seen them 4 times in our hood-Western Canada-the last one, we took our boys (then 8 & 5) to see them in Vancouver BC-absolutely exhilarating!!
4. Learn to take breath taking photos in MANUAL mode-then take millions of my kids!! Before they grow up!!
5. Take our boys to Central Park-with a picnic and a mind set to just "be" (we spent our 10th Anniversary there in 2008 and would love to take our boys to this magical place)

Thanks for making us happier people-more "capable" people

Happy Birthday planning!

Jake and Nikki Boden said...

~Become a momma

~Travel around Europe, Amsterdam, Paris Le Cinque Terre. Yeah that's living the dream

~Learn how to knit and crochet so that I can make cool/warm snuggly things for me and mine and other people.

~Go on the honeymoon we never had. Just some time, me and him enjoying each other talking hopes and dreams and living life.

~ Get a tattoo on my foot for my 30th birthday this year.

The T Family said...

don't have an official bucket list but 5 things I want to do
~ have a big family

~renew our wedding vows in aruba where we honeymooned surrounded by our BIG family

~make my side business more successful

~have special time with my littles everyday, uniterrupted, all about them time

~Take my littles to Disney in a few years

I ADORE the photo of Nella and Kinsley, absolutely precious and I cant get over how Lainey truly looks older in every post!! Both of your girls are just beautiful!!

Mandy said...

1. I want to visit the Grand Canyon and see the beauty it beholds!
2. Drive from St Louis all the way to L.A.
3. Visit Spain and enjoy all things the cultures has to offer. Amazing food, music and dance!
4. Meet John Legend
5. Learn to Salsa Dance!

loveyoualready said...

1. Africa
2. Write a children's book
3. Run a marathon
4. Volunteer in third world country
5. Start a fund to help couples with infertility

Kelle, you should visit Anne's house (yes it has green gables) in PEI. You would love the island.

Maureen said...

Gosh... your photos are absolutely stunning! And I love Lainey's stripes with stripes plus stripes :)

A few things off the top of my head...

become an established, successful doula
grad school
visit Europe
live in NYC
be a surrogate

Andrea said...

I am loving the stripes obsession soooo much. I can't wait till my little girl can dress herself.

5 things on my bucket list...

1. Renew the look of our living room. Right now is says "I'm so 22 and don't have a baby" now I need it to say "I am 26 and a proud parent" Haha.
2. Have another baby
(maybe two) :)
3. Visit the Georgia O'Keefe museum in New Mexico.
4. Have an espresso in Paris with my husband.
5. Visit the Taj Mahal

Of course I have a few on there that are for 2011, but for the others, sometime I hope <3 said...

1.Go to Israel with my girls for the summer
2.Go on vacation to Europe with my husband-I've been to Alaska, China, and Baranquilla, but not Paris!
3.Become intensely obsessed with Yoga.
4.Record an album using my great grandmothers Yiddish poems from the book she published and dedicated to me 28 years ago.
5. Open a recording studio for women only.

Caitlin said...

Well, I've never actually made a bucket list before--but Lord knows I've thought about the things I'd like to do before I kick it.

1. Become a published (and successful) author.
2. Own a Bed & Breakfast/farm in the Scottish Highlands.
3. Have kids with rampant, vivid imaginations.
4. Learn how to serve selflessly.
5. Own a wolf-dog.

That photo of Lainey with the flower behind her ear is gorgeous.

my blog: away on

Girl From the Ville said...

1. Become relatively self sufficient - own chickens, grow herbs and veg, get my worm farm working properly, have a rain water tank etc.

2. Have a white Christmas ... this will mean travelling overseas because we live in Australia.

3. Sew a patch work quilt.

4. Take the kids snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef.

5. Camp at Uluru.

Bulldogma said...

1. Travel the world - I want to see EVERYTHING!
2. Change the world - I dream of acceptance for children with extra chromosomes and any other different-abilities.
3. Write a ton of books and get them all published.
4. Get (and stay) healthy. Overcome my heart issues.
5. Stay sane enough to to all of the above until my kids are old enough to allow me more me-time.
- Love your blog... as always!

MsPIsMe said...

I've finally gotten thru to post a comment after months of lying on the outskirts, wanting to share & tell you how much your words & photos touch me.... just lovely ....

bucket list -
1. Travel to Egypt to see those pyramids & marvel at what people could do w/out massive tools & the conveniences of today.
2. Tell my lovely daughter (born 3 months ago) all the stories of her birth, childhood, growing up that I didn't get to hear b/c I wasn't raised by my mother.
3. Return to my grandmother's grave & cry the tears she was due - the tears I wasn't able to cry when she left b/c I was shocked & alone.
4. (hopefully) have a second child so my daughter won't be alone when I move along to the after life.
5. travel to some exotic beach & spend time lounging like one of beautiful people ...

Happy Birthday Nella!

thefancyflea said...

Aside from solving the Earth's problems, here are five somewhat selfish things on my bucket list:

#1 Learn to sew
#2 Get the tattoo i've been thinking about for years
#3 Travel the world - maybe in a hot air balloon, maybe in a huge pink snail shell....somehow i WILL do it
#4 Fill our house with babies
#5 Become happier and healthier, on the whole.

Bonnie said...

1. Take my duaghter to Disney
2. Read a book a month on any subject I enjoy.
3. Hot air baloon ride for my 30th
4. Make handmade Christmas stockings for my daughter and I so she will have a keepsake from me.
5. Start a blog.

Natalie said...

1. Become a mother
2. Rescue a dog
3. Eat fresh bread in Paris in the morning and pasta in Italy for dinner.
4. Learn how to properly use my camera
5. Move 600 miles away to NC

Sarah said...

What a great post. Ag awesome pics too. I think Lainey is right. When you are little there can never be too many stripes!

My bucket list - I have never thought about it, but here are a few items I would (and am) adding....
Go sky diving. I am deathly afraid of heights, but it would be cool to say I did it.
Visit Africa.
Read the whole Bible.
Go camping in the jungle.
Go on a missions trip.

Margaret B said...

Lainey the peacemaker! I love it!

Okay, 1. Go to Ireland.
2. Have more babies.
3. Teach my children to love music the way my husband and I do.
4. Be apart of an audience on a live talk show.
5. Start a garden! (that one is more like a resolution for this year)

sk said...

Oh, I looooooved Anne of Green Gables as a girl.
I've never made a bucket list (perhaps I should) so I'm wingin' it here:
1. Take the StarLight Express train across Canada (I'm not sure this exists, but it should)
2. Visit Scotland, and the town there that my ancestors came from
3. Work for myself (start a bakery, cafe, small farm, craft busines...something!)
4. Spend a whole month doing absolutely nothing but eating and wakling around and reading in a small mediterranean town
5. Be a mama

Laura said...

I spent yesterday cleaning cupboards! Did the whole house - it was exhausting but my boyfriend said as he got into bed - it feels like a new home!

Its good for the soul!

Congrats on your beans - they look YUM!

kmrf said...

I am with you on the train trip. Living near the line the runs from New Orleans to Chicago, I would love to make the trip to Chicago and see the sights. Maybe this year will be the year. My sweet daughter never made it through my beloved Laura Ingalls Wilder and still likes her picture books but maybe next year.

amber said...

Run a 5k
Attend the Right to Life March
Go to Disney for a family vacation
Attend an Olympic game
learn to sew

Tracy said...

my 5 item bucket list for the new year:
1. refinish 3 pieces of furniture all by myself.
2. make a scrapbook
3. plan a special birthday celebration for my husband.
4. go to Savannah with my husband
5. grow our business by 25%

thank you for asking this question. Typing these makes me feel more resolute.

oh, and I just became a sahm to my 1.5, as of yesterday. While I am nervous that I will do right by her in teaching and showing her all the wonders I can, I am excited for our cupcake baking days and tea parties. And then of course the ever so often tantrum, boo-boo or what have you. wish me luck!
thank you Kelle!

The Birds said...

I love your new header, beautiful pic of you girls! My Bucket list:

1)Research my ancestry and spend a week in the countries they came from ie. Portugal and Ireland.

2)Finish school and become a Life Flight Nurse.

3)Spend Christmas in New York

4)Adopt a baby

5)Get into shape and stay that way!

6) Rent an RV and travel the Country without a plan!

The Fischer Family said...

My bucket list is quite long, but here 5 of my items:
1) graduate with my Masters in Theology (I've applied, just waiting to hear if I'm accepted!)
2) travel to Rome, Florence and Venice with my husband and 8 close friends...staying in purely Italian houses and drinking great Italian wine.
3) take cake decorating classes
4) take my kids on a train ride to anywhere just because trains are so fun!
5) Take my daughter to see a Broadway in NYC, because Broadway has the power to change your life.

I hope you have a wonderful year Kelle and that you check some of the things off of your bucket list!

Babs said...

I guess I'm one of your older readers, Kelle, and until I read through the comments, I hadn't realized how full my bucket already is! I'm one lucky Grammy. But of course, I still have a few things on my list--they never empty, do they?
Mine, in no particular order, is:

*Spend more time with my grandkids, especially my grandsons (since I already babysit their cousin twice a week.)
*Learn Spanish so I can speak with the people who help me most. I'm finding my French keeps trying to bleed into the Spanish!
*Plan a trip back to France with my sisters to visit the place we lived when our father died. I was 8. They were 3 and 1 1/2. I want them to know it, to have memories I can share with them.
*Get this way-too-long-sedentary body back in tip top shape, but give it time.
*Find meaningful volunteer work. I'm thinking CASA-Court Appointed Special Advocate. It isn't enough just to love my own children. Love must be multiplied. Justice too!

cathy said...

Happy new year! a better mom
2.go to Italy with the whole family a better wife a marathon better to myself

melinda said...

Not all of these will happen in 2011, but they *will* happen!

1. Travel to Hungary with my husband and see his father's country of birth, and hopefully get to know his father better, eventhough he is no longer with us.

2. Resume bellydance and perform! Eekkkk!

3. Teach my little girl Latin. :)

4. Take a vacation with my sister, just she and I.

5. Assist and provide support to friends who are giving breastfeeding a shot.

Dawn @ Musings from the Pigg Pen said...

I have a bucket list. I made it a few months ago. I call it my life list though and it is amazing the things you accomplish wants you write them down...things I've always wanted to do that I actually did just so I could cross them off once written. I have over 100 but the 5 I plan on accomplishing this year...

1. Plan a Girls' Weekend with friends (and no kids)

2. Visit Nashville, TN (planned for said girls' weekend...April, 2011)

3. Do one Random Act of Kindness a month (this is a work in progress, with about 6 months down)

4. Write Brandon a love letter

5. Give one "happy" a month to someone not expecting it (this is a work in progress...with 4 months under my belt)

I love my list. Please feel free to check it out...I've found I get thoughts from other people's lists...

Marla Taviano said...

Go back to Cambodia this year and take our girls.
Adopt a child (or two).
Get completely out of debt.
Clear our home of every last vestige of clutter.
Spend a night (or two) at the Giraffe Manor in Kenya.

chantelle said...

I have many things on my Bucket list,I call it a life list.I add to it every once in a while and sometimes,when I am doing something spur of the moment that I think " This should have been on my list!!" finds its way onto it with a big CHECK beside it!!!I wrote it about 5 years ago and it is very dear. Here are 5 in no particular order:

1.Spend Christmas and New years in NYC

2. Sled down a sand hill in Egypt

3. Pull an all nighter with my little girl just laughing and doing each others nails and watching movies giggling and just having a BLAST!

4. ZIP LINE in a crazy forrest

5. Go to devils falls in Africa with my Brother. Its breathtaking and in the most recent thing I have added to my list:)



P.S Those photos of Lainey are just precious..She looks so grown up all of a sudden:)

Jill said...

I'm terrible fond of stripes with stripes with stripes but could not pull off that darling ensemble on your sweet daughter!


Michelle said...

I got chills when I read your comment about reading Anne of Green Gables to your girls. I can't wait to share those books with my children. On my bucket list visit Prince Edward Island the beautifully lush green background for the movies.

Missy said...

My bucket list for next 5 years:)
1) take my kids to Disney
2) get a great camera ans take lots of pictures!
3) Move to another state
4) enhance my multiple Disability Program in my school district
5) Have another baby (my husband has to agree first)

Thank you for your blogs:)

momto1 said...

Thanks for sharing your bucket list. Now here's mine:)
1) Swim with the dolphins - hoping to do this in Florida when we're there either in May or December
2) Have a baby:)
3) Send my sweet baby girl off to preschool. It's going to be tough but I have to do it!
4) Hope our house sells in 2011 so we can buy a new one with a yard and more space!
5) Take a plane ride with my daughter to the East Coast. Husband is staying home and I am afraid to travel alone but I need to conquer it and I will in 3 weeks!

Annie said...

At first I felt hesitant to make a list, because the cup is 1/2 empty side of me was trying to control things. I tend to be very realistic and down to earth, which can impede dreaming of things to do someday if they seem like it wouldn't be possible.
So, I will refresh my perspective and it feels great!

1. Determine how to financially restructure so I can be a stay at home mom to my littles before they get much older.
2. Visit Italy again (and again, and again : )
3. Explore the parts of Europe I missed on the first trip.
4. Raise happy, kind, strong children.
5. Make decisions that reflect my priorities.

Wow, that was easy once I started. Not so much a bucket list entirely, but a good list.

Jen said...

Hello Kelle!
I love this post! I really loved your bucket list #5, read Anne of Green Gables and have them ask "if Anne was going to eventually fall in love with Gilbert"!! My 13 year old is reading those books now!
On my bucket list:
1. 4th of July in Boston while listening to the Pops play along with the AMAZING fireworks!
2. Ride a reining horse and look like I know what I am doing!
3. Learn to snowboard, and again, look like I know what I am doing!
4. Go back to Italy where I lived when I was 7.
5. Make it to Hawaii with my wonderful husband!
Thank you for this post! I cannot wait to see the celebration for Nella!

Cameo's Angels said...

Oh I am soooo jealous! Our garden has been put to rest for over three months. I miss my fresh beans and peas and basil, man I miss that basil!! Five things on my bucket list...hmmm...#1 become the mom I want to be and not the one that I am now (learning that things aren't always perfect)...#2 going to Hawaii with my family...#3 make some great road trips to the NE with my family, learning the history of our country...#4 go to Paris with my husband and fall in love all over again...#5 (the most important and is coming true in the next few years :) ) adopt a precious soul from Reece's Rainbow to call our very own and add more than just a person to our family.
Thanks for asking and for sharing yours. That train ride might have to make it to my bucket list also!! Never been on a train.

Jodie said...

Dirty throats are not good. :)

Bucket List Five -

1) Adopt another baby with Down syndrome

2) Times Square on New Year's Eve

3) Travel cross country on the train

4) Go back to Tonga

5) Go to Hawaii

mich said...

I remember my mom reading Anne of Green Gables to a few things off my bucket list.

1. Buy and run a small resort on an island and raise our family there (this is really our 5 year plan)

2. Celebrate Christmas in July every year- b/c Santa has to have a practice run and I remember my parents doing this a couple of years and I loved it.

3. learn to cook and learn to love to cook

4. travel to all the continents (except Antartica) - only Asia and Africa are left!

5. spend a weekend in Toronto w/ my little sister -- not really sure why but it is just something I have wanted to do!

Nicole said...

1) Travel the around the world with my boy (or more if we are blessed) and "unschool" him for the year.
2) Earn a PhD
3) Build a home in the country and live off the land
4) provide hippo therapy at said home in the country
5) Adopt a child waiting for a home

dig this chick said...

But I think just by wanting to be more subtracts the "enough" from "good enough" and what you are left with is good.

1. Skip in shallow puddles at sunset on the Isles of Capri with my dear friend and her family.

2. Three month road trip with my daughters and husband in South America.

3. Re-learn French. I used to be purt near fluent.

4. Register for, train for and do a longish trail run (maybe another marathon? dunno).

5. Write a book.

silvertag said...

My bucket list has changed dramatically with life changes as of late, however:

- Get married again. This time it'll last.
- Drive across Canada.
- Have children.
- Go back to school. Part time at least.
- Travel, travel, travel!

manders15 said...

5 items
on my Bucket List...
1 ~ get certified to dive in the Great Barrier Reef
2 ~ tour Wine Country
3 ~ learn to speak Spanish fluently
4 ~ learn to take amazing (manual) pics with my DSLR camera
5 ~ to help teach my 15 month old daughter (who has DS) to become an amazing woman and ignore typical labels that are put on her! \12111111111101


See...she's already learning to type when I leave the computer un attended for 10 seconds!

Mrs. McCracken said...

So crazy that you are asking for a "Bucket List" Husband and I were trying to think of things like this the other day....

1. To concieve our first child this year. The sooner the better.
2. To be able to stay at home with our (future) children.
3. To travel Europe. To see where our families are from. (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and France)
4. To travel to Australia to see his family.

5. Love and live more freely, without having an adgenda or a to do list. To pick up and go. Or be able to turn off the cell phones and just be. Together.

That is all. For now. But really I am hoping for 1, 2, and 5. The sooner the better.
Cannot rush things though right?

Happy New Year to you and yours Kelle.

BLT Edmundson said...

1- work on my patience.
2- Take my Daughter to Cinderella's Castle
3- Attempt to lose weight.
4- Listen without interrupting.
5- Keep my kitchen and laundry room free of clutter.

I laughed out loud when I read about your doctor checkup. HILARIOUS. Glad your temp has improved. xoxox

Carrie Halman said...

Beautiful, as always. Happy new year to you!
1. Swim under a waterfall with my husband.
2. Take a trip to the mountains and spend the weekend relaxing in a cozy cottage fireside. (Don't know if this will happen since I live in Fl and I'm terrified of flying..maybe I'll do the train thing. :)
3. Go to the Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade and enjoy NY during the Holidays.
4. For my babies to consider me their best friend when they graduate from college.
5. Enjoy every single day I'm blessed with.

Robin said...

Love Abernathy Bland's artwork. "excuse me while I have a love affair with the sun" <-- this print is to die for.

Thank you for sharing her with us.

Krysta said...

Oh, Anne and Gilbert! I love Anne of Green Gables! I also love Little Women and I remember my Grandma reading it to me chapter by chapter when I was about 8 or so and I too, begged for another and another. Good memories.

OK, 5 things from my bucket list

1) Paris. Just Paris.
2) Les Miserables on Broadway
3) To cook meals as good as chef Kate, all the time.
4) To know, really know God my Father
5) Italy with my husband...All of it.

I'd have tons more"little things" if I could pick more! than 5

T. Nelson said...

See the Northern Lights.
Take tap dancing lessons.
Learn how to play the oboe.
Ride in a hot air balloon.
Go to Salzberg, dress in costume like Maria VonTrapp every day, live the Sound of Music tour (also, find a friend who is willing to put up with this or who is willing to drink enough to be able to put up with this).

Marianne said...

I see you're having a happy & "healthy" new year.

1. Open my own restaurant.
2. Have grandchildren.
3. Quit smoking (checked off 4 weeks ago today!)
4. Return to London for longer than a one day visit.
5. Be debt free.

p.s. Make sure you pick your green beans before they get too big and tough.

proudmommy said...

Love your pic's and blog as usual.

Not in any order

1) Publish my book

2) Visit Disney World once

3) Go to a 30 Seconds to Mars Concert before I am too old ( I am 30)

4) Go to Ireland

5)Raise carseat safety awareness and donate carseats to those that can't afford them.

Tiger Eye said...

I don't know if you read all of your comments, but I thought I would tell you something.

I have read your blog for 6 months or so now, started because I'm a photographer and I got linked over here somehow, stayed because you have such a way of putting your life into words that I find soothing and inspiring.

Before I read your blog, I never thought much about a child being born with some kind of difference. I won't say handicap, because after reading your blog, seeing your pictures, ENJOYING watching your Nella grow, I am in awe of her. I say to myself all the time that I think she is just amazingly beautiful. I love that she is wild and bossy with her babies, and I love that you let her be who she is, and adore her.

Just wanted to tell you that you (and Nella) have changed one person's perceptions entirely.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Beans in January? Unforgivable.

1. Publish a book
2. Travel to Greece
3. Run a 5k
4. Adopt one more brown-skinned girl
5. Give like I mean it

Sarah said...

I only have 5 things on my bucket list.
1. Go to Italy
2. Write a book
3. Play in a major poker tournament
4. Have a bit part in a movie or tv series
5. Sing in front of a HUGE audience

Daniele said...

Dirty throat cracked me up!!! :)

Here are 5 from my six month bucket list, as in we'll be doing these things hopefully within the next 6 months.

1. Take the girls downtown to do a Chicago River boat tour as soon as it's warm out.
2. Take the girls to Montrose Beach as soon as it's warm enough out.
3. Take the girls to Lincoln Park zoo.
4. Spend the night in Lake Geneva.
5. Throw a cocktail party. Like, a REAL cocktail party. Never have had one, think it'd be SO much fun.

Happy New Year!

Kendra said...

I don't really have a bucket list, but have been thinking as I read other peoples!
1. go on a 15yr anniversary/40th birthday celebration for a week w/my husband, ALONE and somewhere warm and with a beach.
2. take my children to Disney.
3. go to Italy
4. Run the Philadelphia Broad Street Run.
5. Become a lactation consultant.

The Halbert Home said...

I don't know if I have 5 things on my list right now but I would like to run a 1/2 marathon, maybe a full and survive the first few months of my newborn daughter and the sleepless nights that surely will pass right?

~ Lori ~ said...

Thanks...thanks for the inspiration! I found Daily Challenge because of you and now several friends and I participate and post on how we're doing. I am taking more photos because seeing your photo-documentation of your girls' lives reminds me that I'm not taking enough photos and before we know it, they'll leave the nest and I will wish I had taken the pics! Thanks for the different things you introduce your readers to...whether it is a designer gene necklace (which I bought for my friend, whose dear Molly has that extra little lovin' gene), a website, or just crafty ideas, THANKS!

Stephanie said...

Such a small world! I adore Abernathy! We actually went to school together. She's fabulous and I'm anxiously awaiting my What Goes Down print to be framed and hung in my office! Yay for a new year and clean slate!

KerriC said...

1) Write a children's book

2) Keep a journal

3) Finish a degree- in something

4) Take a family vacation- would love to take my baby to swim with dolphins

50 Document everything- in pictures, blogging, journaling, just committing to memory.

Rachael said...

My bucket list...things I really want, and need, to accomplish this year:
- Find someone in this wonderful country that feels like home.
- Find a new job in that place.
- Go to the doctor and get a checkup.
- Live in the moment.
- Be more confident.

Sky said...

I absolutely love the pictures today. Gorgeous.

As for my bucket list...

1. Go somewhere outside of the U.S. with my husband.
2. Go to the West Coast and see the Pacific Ocean.
3. Go back to Spain with my best friend.
4. Swim with dolphins.
5. (I'm stealing your sleeper car train travel one. Is that okay?)

Cathy said...

I don't have a lifelong bucket list. But I do set goals for the year. So here are mine for this year.
1) Go to a luxury spa/fitness resort in Tuscan for my 40th bday present to myself (I turned 40 last year but was preg). Alone or with friends...doesn't matter I'm going.
2) Run at least one 5k (which I've done before) and at least one 10k (never done).
3) Ride in Pelotonia again. (Bike ride in Ohio supporting Cancer research). Rode 2 years ago but couldn't last year...pregnant.
4) Now that I'm done making babies, get back in physical shape and weighing what I did at my wedding 3 years ago
5) Go on a beach vacation with my two beautiful boys and my sweet husband.
6) Finish our wedding album.
7) Get up to date on the boys' baby books.
8) At least start our ginormous house remodel/addition project.

Tee said...

My bucket list - for today anyway.
(1). Enjoy myself in NYC this coming June even though my husband refuses to accompany me there.
(2). Spend more time playing games with my grown children and now grandchildren. Making sure I remember the way their laughter makes our walls sing.
(3). Take a blanket, basket, my two dogs and my family to a park - any old park. Spread it all out on the grass - and stay there until it either becomes to chilly to enjoy it - or it's just simply time to return home.
(4). Take a picture everyday everyday everday and actually do something with them.
(5). Create for my little old self - my very own blog.

Abilew-who said...

So I wasn't the only one to take Gilbert as my one and only true first love? Remember those movies? I still have dreams about the actor that played him - and that brings me to the first item on my bucket list...

1. Find and rewatch the Anne of Green Gables series.
2. Take a Grandma, Mommy, Daughter trip to Paris.
3. A vacation home. Period. Someplace we can all dream about when we're not there. But a place that is quaint and warm enough that we won't so much mind coming back to the windy city, either.
4. Sing with a band.
5. Learn to knit like my mother in law. Or quilt. Everything that woman does is an heirloom. I strive to create forever things.

cwolfepremier1 said...

Hey Kelle,
Here are a few items off of my bucket list :)
1. Be a surrogate mother for a family
2. Travel across the country in an RV with my husband and baby
3. Move South! Seeing as though youre from Michigan, I'm sure you understand why we'd like to leave ohio for somewhere warmer haha (and we're moving this summer!)
4. Help deliver a baby
5. Surprise my husband with a honeymoon since we didnt take one

And I thought I would share my favorite inspiration :)
"The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience." --Eleanor Roosevelt


Annie said...

Having 3 children who are now 24, 21, and 18, I SO WISH after reading your blog (which I faithfully stalk) that I was having babies right now, and listening to your musings and heartfelt thoughts. I could have used someone like you way back 20 years ago or so :)
My bucket list?
Well, let me say that I did do #5 on your bucket list. Anne of GG is my very favorite book and I did read the book to my oldest girl who listened to me read all 6 (!) books in the series, and then turned around and read them all again herself a few year later. An amazing feeling when you can share book love with your kids.
Sleeping on a train would be on my bucket list too.
Also, horseback riding down into Bryce Canyon NP with my whole family is another one.
Walking hand in hand in Paris with my (still handsome and hot) husband whom I am still madly in love with after 31 years of marriage.
And, finally kayaking down an exotic river in Africa and going on a safari!
Thank you, Kelle.

Young Family said...

Bucket List (in no particular order):
1. Visit all the US states
2. Learn sign language
3. Take the photography class and photoshop class that I keep "checking into".
4. Picnic in central park
5. Watch my daughter fall in love and get married.

Stephanie said...

What sweet victory comes in cleaning a closet...

* Travel all 7 continents -- only 3remain on my list.
* Adopt a little girl from Rwanda Africa.
* Become a midwife.
* Learn to crochet well.
* Buy land and begin to build an incredible getaway for years to come.

Ginger said...

Love the photos of you and the girls (and Nella and Baby Kinsley--adorable!). They are gorgeous! As are all of you!

Five items from my bucket list:
1) Skate at Rockefeller Centre at Christmastime.
2) Share our family's first Disney World trip with my sister, brother-in-law, neice and three nephews.
3) Learn how to surf. Then drive around in a jeep with a surfboard in the trunk.
4) Get enough drive to actually commit to it and pursue the novel--then get it published.
5) Finally, really understand all the functions of my camera.

And, I feel for you about the dirty throat problem. This weekend I was admitted to Toddler Hospital, told my temperature was off the charts at ''twenty eleventeen'' and that I would require ''chemo.'' And to think I just went in with a papercut!

Ashley said...

1) Achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
2) Raise my kids to be happy people.
3) Travel the world with my husband!
4) Buy into Disney Vacation Club - check!
5) Move out of Oklahoma where we've spent our whole lives and start a new adventure with our kiddos!

Beachski said...

Happy 2011 to you and your beautiful family.
5 things from my bucket list (won't be accomplished in 2011, but soon, I hope!)
-Whitewater raft the Grand Canyon
-Discover whatever has been calling my soul to Tibet and Nepal
-Complete grad school and find a job doing what I love
-Become a mama
-Make sure my husband always knows how much I love him

~ Steff said...

Doesn't it feel great to have peace from a clean space? That has been a big part of my resolution this year - the big overall category of "Find More Joy" - starting with keeping things simple but caught up!

I haven't really done a bucket list, but there are things that I have always wanted to do. Here are a few...
1) Spend a week in Ireland
2)Visit New England in the fall with my family
3)take a cooking class

More important for me, though, are the things I am working toward every day - a calmer, more loving existence, focusing on my little boys, because they are growing so fast!

God bless you and your family - you always find a way to reach what is hidden in us and articulate it so well!

Mands said...

Oh goodness. I have heard of these things called bucket lists but never taken the time to make one of my own...
I must say when I do make one I will have to steal one from yours because Anne of Green Gables is my absolute favorite story and movie and I have a little girl of my own now :)

But I did have one thing I was going to say before I saw your request for bucket lists...I hope you don't think this is weird..but if you do...oh well...that will be on my list too...Stop caring so much what people think...just be yourself! ha
So when I saw the picture of Nella cuddling that precious heart was immediately gripped and I saw future Nella...5...10...15 years from now. A Nella whose eyes say it all...acceptance, love, compassion for any and every soul. Because that's what she has known. It's who she is.'s to the changing seasons and what they bring. Roller coaster hills and all :)

Jessica said...

Happy New Year Kelle! One thing on the very top of my list this year is photography-mostly inspired by you and your blog! By reading your blog and having you photograph my children before, I was so wanting to be able to do even just a small a portion of what you can do with your camera. I begged and pleaded and got a better camera last month! I'm in love with what I can already do with it-and I really don't even know what I'm doing yet!

So here's to learning lots more this year!

Brenna said...

I am reading Anne of Green Gables to my 8-year-old right now. My book is worn and falling apart with yellow never gets old and we are both loving it! New Year's resolution: to make a bucket list!

greilotus said...

1- Finally follow my heart and serve the orphans and widows of Africa.

2- Gutsy up and finally just make the indie short films that have been stuck in my head for years.

3- Sing my heart out. In front of people.

4- Travel across the country in an RV with my husband and sweet kids, and not worry about how much time we take or how much it costs us.

5- Search for sasquatch and successfully take an undeniable photograph of him!! I'm totally serious. My friends make fun of me all of the time.

Rojas Family said...

1. Revisit NYC, epesically during Chirstmas time. I got to spend part of the day there a few years ago and it just wasn't enough.

2. Finally have a real honeymoon my husband and I never got to take.

3. Go back to school and finish my BS in elementary education. Only one semester left, very doable.

4. Go on a cruise. Any cruise.

5. Have a baby girl. I love my 2 boys, but I dream of having a girl one day.

Elizabeth said...

you inspire me so much. i am way too Type A and need to stop being so uptight about having a clean house and amazing dinner prepared and just enjoy my little boy before he grows up and goes away to school. that is one of my goals this year - to enjoy my son more and to not think of him as a rational adult, but as a toddler who is just exploring his world, testing limits.

some things on my bucket list include:
1) traveling to Italy with my husband -- who knows when that will happen, but hopefully before we're too old to enjoy it!
2) bake a turkey by myself. raw birds freak me out, but i vow to do it soon!
3) possibly open my own photography business. but in the mean time, just improve my skills and enjoy it.
4) watch less tv. read more.
5) become the kind of person that i want my son to admire when he is old enough not to just love me because i am his mom.

Crystal said...

from my bucket list...

1) build a house

2) learn to play my old (and very beautiful) piano

3) wear stripes on stripes on stripes :)

4) learn to panic productively

5) get all of my laundry 100% done (this will never happen!)

beautiful post by the way and I am so excited for Nella's upcoming birthday!

Paige said...

I love Anne of Green gables, on of my favorites! Onto my bucket list...

1. Swim with a dolphin.
2. Write a book, I'm thinking a memoir with a twist.
3. Go camping, like with a tent and a fire for cooking fish and roasting marshmallows.
4. Visit Ireland.
5. Learn ASL and Spanish.

Those are just a few from my bucket list.

LOVING your new banner and photos with your precious girls. said...

Okay, can I just say your girls are gorgeous and precious?! Ah! I loved the pictures in this post!!! I don't actually have a bucket list, but a few things I'd like to do are:
1) Go back to the Grand Canyon - and take my kids
2) Disney World with the fam
3) Have a VERY successful photography biz
4)Build my dream house (or at least something close to it!)
5) Get FIT!

Faith said...

LOVE those first few photos! SO perfectly beautiful :)

obxbchgrl said...

Love the new header! Gorgeous girls, gorgeous Momma.

My Bucket List is fairly extensive. Some things were going to be removed this year because of my brother's death, but then I decided maybe I'd do them anyways in his honor.

Top 5 on my bucket list
1. Go skydiving. (This was supposed to be with my brother)
2. Visit Ireland.
3. Learn to play guitar and bass.
4. Get married.
5. Have kids.

The last two, well, they seem to be the most far-fetched of the list! At 31, I'm still single with no prospects on the horizon. But, God has a plan for me and hopefully a man for me as well. And if push comes to shove, I'll just have that kid by myself!

Run on, gorgeous Momma.

Jennifer said...

Random bucket list items for 2011:

-declutter all the crap lurking behind the doors of closets, junk drawers, and cabinets

-empower my son to make his own decisions...and hold myself back if he might fail (biggie)

-photograph a wedding

-be happy, joyful, cheerful...even when I don't feel like it

-establish game night in our home

-cook more

-try to keep my emotional sanity in check as my fifteen year old baby learns to (GULP) drive

-take more video footage of this year that I am very soon going to desperately want back

-renew and nourish relationships

-begin a gratitude journal...and keep it this time :)


melanie said...

I have a wrinkled and crinkled and staind and yet still one of the most important things in my life bucket list on my fridge. Oh wait, it is now missing. Time for another one! But here are five:

Hike the entire Appalachian trail

Buy an Rv and see the US. All of it.

Learn to ski.

Visit England, spend a couple weeks there.

Make a "real" quilt. One of the ones where you make the top and sandwich it and then spend a ridiculous amount of money to machine stitch it.

I have more! But they will go on my new list. Which I will laminate.

Fire Wife said...

- read the Bible in its entirety

- go on a safari (photo, of course)

- scuba dive somewhere other than the Caribbean or ice-cold Midwestern quarries

- learn to use a drill. Properly.

- drive U.S. 50 from coast to coast

Corrin said...

1. New Years Eve in NYC
2. Travel with my friends and love of my life in Italy and around Europe
3. Have the wedding of my dreams that’s filled with peace love and joy
4. Travel to Maui to have the last vacation, before I’m called MOM
5. Buy a home

Nikki and Kevin said...

As always you are inspiring. I am cleaning and purging too and damn does it feel good.

Bucket List. Never really written one out and I probably should. But there are things that I want and will do in this life.

In no particular order:

* Run a 1/2 marathon
* Go skydiving
* Learn to scuba dive
* Travel to Italy and Greece and bask by the Mediterranean Sea
* Grow old enough to see my babies have babies

Lorena M said...

Oh wow, I don't have a bucket list, definitely need to work on one, but there are a few things I would love to do not sure maybe they would go on my bucket list. Here goes:

1. visit Paris
2. run a half marathon
3. teach my kids a different language
4. volunteer in a orphanage
5. this one is a more a wish, that my kids weren't so picky and ate all the vegetables I gave them ALWAYS! That last one would make me happy forever and I wouldn't need Paris, sigh I love my kids.

Can't wait to see the party details, and I LOVE the photos of you and your girls, I need to have a photo shoot with my two little ones before they get older.

Laura said...

I never thought I had a bucket list until one day it hit me I have lots I want to do that seem so far out of reach but here are my top five for now-

Live in another country together as though we were brave, our little family seeing the world

Take my mother to Egypt even if I have to take a boat, and car to get her across the sea

Write a book, the story is all there in my head but it's time to put it on paper

Write and draw a book for my daughter

Learn to really dance, and drag my husband along

Thanks for always writing on such a positive note. I love you pics, you have a lovely family

The Dreamer said...

You are so friggin inspirational! And this post about some of your bucket list items goes right along with the new blog I JUST started (inspired by you!)

I'm a scatter brain with a constantly changing bucket list, but here are a few of mine:

- Find my passion and figure out how to use it to work from home, so I can spend more time with my baby
- Take a photography class so that I can actually learn how to use my fancy camera and what all the terminoligy means
- Be an extra in a movie (just so I can say I was in one)
- Master "The Secret" - the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction
- Volunteer in Africa

Erin B said...

~Meander over to Australia.
~Complete a marathon.
~Raise my girls to be compassionate and thoughtful young ladies.
~Learn to knit.
~Learn some cool new photography tricks...soon. My girls are sooo cute and I don't want to miss any of it!

The Devlin Family said...

As always I'm inspired by your spirit communicated so beautifully through your blog. I'm actually pretty impressed with Lainey's sense of style. I'm thinking my 4 yos would come up with some kind of over-the-top pink, sparkly, princess mess. Ahhh, bucket list. I've been working on it recently and so much of it involves travel. I need to work on some other aspects too, but here goes . . .

1. Hike the Appalachian Trail with my kids and husband--at least part of it.

2. Take my twin daughters to Paris for their 16th birthday.

3. Learn to play tennis and get to wear those adorable skirts.

4. Rent a house in Europe one summer to spend time with the family really living a different lifestyle.

5. Buy a old home with great bones and do a breath-taking remodel.

Heth said...

First, a couple of comments...sleeping in sleeper cars IS heavenly! I love sticky macaroni...clumps of cheese intertwined, yum! AND you inspired me to go back and read Anne of Green Gables again, because it's been far, far too long.

Bucket list (in no particular order):
-See the Pyramids and take a moonlit camel ride
-Become fluent in Spanish and Italian
-Take my husband to the Great Barrier Reef
-Be someone that my daughter is proud of
-Start a non-profit dedicated to providing scholarships for underprivileged girls to take dance lessons, in honor of my aunt.

Theresa said...

This is easily one of my top 5 favorite posts of yours. And that's sayin' somethin' because I think they're all pretty fabulous.

Anyhow... 5 on my bucket list:

1. Plant a willow tree. I dream of going back to visit and having picnics beneath it's wispy branches and reading a good book in it's shade.

2. Try sushi. Sushi may be an equivalent to your fear of sharks for me. The slimy texture freaks me out. But I think any cultured person needs to at least give it a try. Still procrastinating with that...

3. Incubate a duckling egg and raise the little downy puff with the girls. I don't know how realistic this is with animal laws and such, but I'd settle for a caterpillar turning into a butterfly if I had to.

4. Tuscany. It went from a fantasy to a mission. I want to go with Scot the girls when the "girls" are then "young women". I want to roam through the market with them, devouring massive quantities of gelato and letting it run down our chins like we're all still kids. And then when we head home we'll watch the sunset over wine country and sip on vino together and reminisce about when that moment was just a dream in the distant future.

5. Rock climbing. This one is a new years resolution and I'm hoping to cross it off my list very soon. I've always wanted to. Simple as that.

Whew! This is lengthy! Ha! Fun to share though! I'm excited to go back and read others responses!

marthamac said...

no bucket list, just wild praise for the statement:

and being fully present for these girls during dedicated moments for them-time. No phones. No wandering thoughts. Just them.

As a gramma, I wish I had told myself to do that - long ago - and I wish I had done it. Keep this at the top of your list forever and you will never regret it.

Vanessa said...

here's some things on my bucket list i hope to accomplish this year:

-go to all 7 continents
-build a kite and go fly it at the beach
-read the Chronicles of Narnia
-enter a half-triathlon
-start a travel photography business

Your Wedding Hostesses said...

Ah, the bucket list...the first thing on mine is:

1. MAKE a bucket list!
2. Travel to Banff, Canada. I will be speechless from its beauty, I just know it!
3. Start my own business - hoping to get it off the ground in 2011!
4. Rent a cabin on a silent beach somewhere and spend a week there with my 4 beautiful boys.
5. Get a GOOD camera and learn to use it like YOU!

Your Wedding Hostesses said...

Ah, the bucket list...the first thing on mine is:

1. MAKE a bucket list!
2. Travel to Banff, Canada. I will be speechless from its beauty, I just know it!
3. Start my own business - hoping to get it off the ground in 2011!
4. Rent a cabin on a silent beach somewhere and spend a week there with my 4 beautiful boys.
5. Get a GOOD camera and learn to use it like YOU!

kerry said...

hi kelle. i wanted to let you know that i think you are saving me. i found out at the end of october that i am pregnant with a little girl with Down syndrome (due 5/4). i had actually read your article in parents magazine before i found out about the diagnosis. i instinctively didn't want to read it because i am 42 and had just found out i was pregnant and was already nervous about the chances. nevertheless i read it and was struck by the fact that you didn't know beforehand. of course now i have done so much research i know that is almost always the case - you don't know until the baby is born and sometimes i wonder if that is better. my husband, john, and i had struggled with fertility problems for years and were blessed with two "miracle" babies, a daughter who is 4 1/2 and a little boy who just turned 1. i also have a 13 year old daughter from my first marriage. we were not expecting, nor trying for this current pregnancy....i could go on and on and won't because what i really want to be saying is thank you. thank you for making having a baby with ds look so desirable. thank you for being so inspirational. thank you for being so real. thank you for being my savior. nella is adorable and extraordinary; as is lainey. thank you for all of your words and for the wonderful pictures. when i first found out i was pregnant with a ds baby i was wildly searching the internet for pictures, pictures of what my "new life" would be like and i couldn't find anything satisfying and then i saw your blog come up in a search and remembered you from the parents article and your blog has been life changing for me. when i found it i went back and read every posting, starting when lainey was little up until the present and i return to your blog everyday to drink in the pictures and words of wisdom - they truly calm me and motivate me. i've been wanting to comment and finally feel that i'm emotionally in a place where i can coherently do so (i hope that's the case). i am comforted to know that your blog will be there to guide my way when my little one is born. my bucket list seems to be in limbo right now as my mind cannot completely grasp the future. for now i know that i want to go to greece and cruise the greek islands, i want to go to hawaii and see every beach the islands have to offer, i want to write a book and i want to design our retirement home - wherever that may be. thank you for saving me!

heather said...

Okay ...I am going to uncover my bucket list from the old chest it is in......

Goes as follows( no order , just picked )
14.Ride in a taxi
15. Have my palm read
10. Renew my wedding vows
7. Ride on the back of a scooter in ROME with my husband
30.Swim with dolphins ( they are not sharks ,but still kind of scary to be so close to them .....well in my mind it is )

My bucket list was made last year ...and I got to recently mark one item off .

13. See my sister hug my mom and dad again.................Thanks to the lord I have a check off.and Im only 26 so I got some time for the rest:)

Your blogs inspire me everyday, Your girls are beautiful and the music is the bomb !!!

Love and blessings the doughtys
and thanks, kelle

Gussy said...

hi beautiful!

i don't even know you but i'm so proud of you for your courage to grab life and love it so much.

my bucket list --
*be more spontaneous. more trips & adventures
*be more daring with my business. take more risks
*read a book a month
*spend more time with girlfriends
*find a church & commit to it.


Mollie said...

1. not just enjoy the small things but DOCUMENT and baby books.

2. run a half marathon...being realistic and not going for the full...yet.

3. write more letters. More thank you's. More "how are you's". More snail mail.

4. organize. One thing a month. I have the house divided into 12 places that need organized.

5. play. Less work, more play with my two littles.

bsecretgrl said...

My bucket list...

1. take our son on an Amtrak ride

2. Go for a second honeymoon w/o the kiddos.

3. See Celine Dion in concert while staying at Caesars Palace.

4. wish I had more on my bucket list

5. do everything on my bucket list :)

Benay said...

1. Learn Spanish (next year)
2. Go back to Italy and this time spend a few weeks in Rome
3. Go to Greece with my husband
4. Be on the Today Show (did it this December!)
5. See Madonna in concert

Lauren Ashlee said...

My top few are:
- move to Romania!
- travel all over Europe, by train
- walk down my own path picking wildflowers with my little guy on my back
- built my own space to be able to metalsmith
- breathe life in and live it to the fullest!

Melina said...

Lovely! Here are my top-of-the-buckets lately:

1. Become the best doula I can be, which I think will be a pretty good one ;)

2. Make my blog a work of art and a work of good writing. For its third year.

3. Get a little more competitive in my rock climbing

4. Cook more real recipes! Enough 'mexican bean mash' for me!

5. The last one I'll leave empty, just to keep the opportunities


Hailey said...

1. Run a marathon (or a half) with my jogging stroller and sleeping toddler in tow, so she can wake up to a crowd of cheering people thinking that all that noise is just for her. Because in reality, those cheers will signify only a fraction of the joy my heart sings for her every day!
2. Spend (the majority) of our Christmas dollars on a family in need. (I’ll be honest, we don’t need anything.)
3. Spend one technology-free week at Ross Lake Resort ( with the four people and two sets of paws that really matter in my life.
4. Maintain a weeklong diet of margaritas and finger foods at a tropical resort to celebrate ‘Turning 30’ with my chosen family . . . aka my best girlfriends.
5. Start an annual NYE Midnight Breakfast tradition with our friends, family and all their kids.

whitebite said...

its so funny... watching you in these sunny the middle of the winter!!
its like in another world.. ;o)

melmurph said...

With one wild, precious life...I WILL:
1. Attend an NBA game with my husband and teenage sons.
2. Rent a cabin in the mountains and see snow for the first time...(maybe for my 25th anniversary.)
3. Find and meet Johnny Depp with my 18-year old daughter.
4. Get a really cool car with a stripe when all of the kids finish college.
5. Go on a cruise with all of the extended family.

Laney said...

I love the part about cleaning the room and donating to goodwill. I did the same thing this past weekend-there is something about organzing, donating, and cleaning that puts me at ease! Even if its only for a short time that I actually have a clean/organized house.

Never had a bucket list but here are a few things I want to do this coming year:

1. Have my first baby
2. Volunteer in my city more
3. Rent a beach house with friends and enjoy the calm and craziness with it all
4. Save, save save
5. Redo our basement to make room for hopefully a baby this year!

No the baby wouldn't go in the basement but we do need room to move things elsewhere!! Happy New Year!

Melissa said...

1. Take a culinary tour of Italy and France. I want to try it all, the bread, the cheese, the wine, the locally grown produce, everything!
2. Run a marathon.
3. Ride the Orient Express
4. Become a mother
5. Find a way to make doing what I live my job.

Melissa said...

1. Take a culinary tour of Italy and France. I want to try it all, the bread, the cheese, the wine, the locally grown produce, everything!
2. Run a marathon.
3. Ride the Orient Express
4. Become a mother
5. Find a way to make doing what I live my job.

craftymama said...

1. Swim in the ocean with my babies.
2. DisneyLand with my kiddo's.
3. Learn to play the guitar.
4. New Zealand.
5. Get a nice camera and take a few "Holy Crap" shots!

Ellie said...

A bucket list...they scare me for what I don't accomplish I fail! This year I'd like to be more flexible, stop letting others thoughts change me, be myself, love my girls wholly...including the parts of them I don't like..i.e. tantrums, backtalk...and to be less fearful. Live in the moment

Lauren said...

U2 is playing in Nashville in July at Vanderbilt Stadium...

Music City. Summertime. Under the stars. Where the Streets have no name.

It's going to be epic. I can't wait! You and your siblings should make the trip! :)

Bucket List:
1) Cross country train trip to Cali, then Pacific Coast Hwy road trip with my hubby. (happening in Summer 2012...can't wait!)
2) Become a mother.
3) Take my mom on a caribbean cruise.
4) Serve overseas with my husband.
5) Go back to Saint Lucia (where we honeymooned)


Shawna said...

hmmm... my bucket list...
I think I'll put what I'd like to do for the year.
1. Hope like hell I can get pregnant again... (back to the specialist again...
2. I would like to have a date night at least once a month with my hubby... even if it's only out for fast food... just him and me.
3. Lose weight/ get into shape
4. Get a passport.
5. Take more pictures

Life with Kaishon said...

5 things?
Take Kaishon to Disney world while he is still young enough to be enthralled.
Be kinder than necessary every day. Even when I feel unkind. And grumpy.
Plant flowers at my Grammy and PopPop's graveside.
Make a really good dinner and surprise my boys.
Go on a run.

Wishing you a wonderful 2011. Love, Becky

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