Wednesday, September 30, 2009

two pregnant ladies climbed a fence.

a lot of posts, but doing a good job with keeping up with work these days. which, in my case, is splendid because getting behind means a rolling snowball of doom. a snowball that rolls and rolls and collects crap along the way...and then knocks people over with its gargantuan size. and it gets so big, the national weather association just declares the world is over and nothing can be done. or something like that. needless to say...i do not recover well from getting behind. sometimes i just huddle up in bed and cry because that, i've decided, is the mature way to handle things.

with that said...

my gorgeous friend, suz...who pulls off pregnancy with magazine-cover ease and beauty.

she's due in a couple weeks with a little girl, and her belly is a work of art.

i've driven past this new spot several times and wanted to try it out and, despite the fact it is not friendly for passing feet (more red ant bites...burs...oh, and a big fence these two pregnant ladies literally climbed over) was worth it for the photos. very un-naplesish which is hard to find in these parts. that and incredible sunlight...and borrowing my f.i.l.'s 1.2 85 mm helped a little too.

i am in love with this one.

and this one.

which, for some reason, reminds me of this...

except modernized a trillion times. like farmer & wife got cool, lost the pitchfork, had some babies and agreed their heads best not be in the shot.

my favorite series...especially having a girl and expecting a girl...and knowing the value of these last few days for her...soaking up as much mommy & me time as possible and yet on the horizon of something just as beautiful but in a different way.

we left our secret, buggy, fenced-in, possibly-trespassed field for the beach just as the sun went down for our last shots...

i love that, at the end of the night, she took off her sandy skirt, handed it to me and said, 'here, wash this. you can have it now.' i love you, suz! and thanks for my skirt. xoxo

okay, i love this one too.

oh, pregnancy is so beautiful.
there is A CHILD in that belly.
a child ready for the world at any moment.
that's crazy and funny and beautiful and miraculous all in the same.

i am so inspired by my camera this week. so much, i think i shall name her. i think it's a she. it has to be because she kinda rocks.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

...and then there are some...

some photoshoots that are different.


i've taken a lot of pictures of babies.

but today was different.
and i've been looking forward to this shoot since this little angel was born.

this is miah jane.

and her mama and daddy wanted her and dreamed for her just like every other mama and daddy.

except once the miracle of her life came along, her daddy sadly died in an accident.
and i can't fathom what her mommy went through, but i'll tell you this.
her mama is strong and beautiful, and one look at sweet miah jane tells me this little apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

she is loved by many.
and her mama is already making impressions on this little heart...impressions of the daddy who loved her so.

jeremiah was his name. and he was a surfer.
so, how fitting that the little love fell fast asleep on his long board...for the perfect announcement shot.

and when i took it, all of a sudden everything fell into place. she stopped fussing, grew quiet and settled right into the wax left on it from the last time he used it. i looked over at her mama and saw a river of tears streaming down her cheeks. and i couldn't keep mine from falling either.

her little band-aid, mama calls her.
sweet miah jane.

joann...i am so honored to be part of your moments today. she is beautiful. special. and i have a feeling there are great things in store for her...and you. i am touched, inspired and a little more grateful for all my blessings.

and where all the sorrow lies...
great joy is slowly healing.

so, so much love. ~k

Monday, September 28, 2009


i hate going to the dentist.
there. i said it.
but, with a genetically predisposed set of chompers like mine, if you don't go the dentist when you're supposed to, it's just a matter of time before they look like this. and i know this for a fact because, despite the fact i brush and floss (okay, mostly just brush), i've already had two root canals and my fair share of fillings. so many, we're actually on the second-time-around plan. you know, when you actually take your fillings, rip them all out and replace them. it doesn't help i'm obsessed with teeth. i had a very slight overlap on my front two teeth when i was younger and i begged my mom for braces...and until she gave in, i shoved credit cards between those babies every night trying to will them to move, all the while staring in the mirror through the agonizing pain credit-card-shoving causes, imagining they were indeed straightening like i intended my macgyver plan would do. i've worn my retainer every other night since i was sixteen (except for this two-week span when i couldn't find it. come to find out, my dad's dog, maddie, was wearing it. it was all bent to crap when we found it, but she, thankfully, made out with some very straight teeth).
i like good teeth...and, in my case, that means frequenting the dreaded dentist chair more often than not.
so, i was there this morning for what else but another two baby fillings, and by the time i sat down in the chair, my knuckles were white.

my anxiety was apparently more than obvious as the sweet southern hygenist literally patted my shoulder and rubbed my cheek through the shot. i strangely suddenly wanted her to be my mom.
i stared at the fake cloud inserts in the drop ceiling and tried to make out shapes but all i saw--and heard--was a drill.
they offered me a blanket.
i took it.
they offered me headphones.
i took them (and laughed when little bean's kicking shook the walkman resting on my stomach).
i scanned through stations, trying to zone out the drill and the tools and the trillion cotton wads stretching my mouth twice its size. i tried not to imagine what i looked like to everyone peering down.
something relaxing...something mind-wandering...i passed over hotel california, the boys are back in town, celine dion. until, strangely, i found comfort in some bootie-shaking rappish dance song. i closed my eyes and suddenly found peace in choreographing my dance routine for you think you can dance. and i'm not kidding. i planned the whole thing out...and my imaginary self had some crazy moves. like this one. and i'm pretty sure there was one of these. i was form was outstanding...and just as the audience was rising to their feet in my mind, tears in their eyes, feriously clapping and screaming for an encore, the filling was over.

so there. i've discovered what works. who needs laughing gas?

and about the time the numbness wore off and my crooked smile disipated (like, 8 hours later) was practically night. and my girl was needing some attention and begging to go bye-bye. so we bye-byed to the park up the street and got purposely lost on a winding stretch of boardwalk, watching the sun set behind this impressive span of trees.

the sky was insane tonight.

(reflection in my car window)

and, again...i was enlightened. inspired. be entirely present with her and watch the wonder of her everything-ness.

oh, and her new thing.
how could i forget.

she's a dog.
all the time.
crawls around, pawing and barking and panting.

it's half obnoxious and half the cutest thing i've ever seen.
but mostly, the cutest.

dude, she'll drop to her knees in target and bark. and she wants us to put a leash on her. i'm not cool with the leash, but i am totally cool with these eyes. i love my puppy.

so, despite a long work day in between, i had my fillings on the ends.
in more ways than one.

yes, she fills me. in so very many ways.

and i can't believe i get to do this all over again.

pinch me. ~k

Sunday, September 27, 2009

fall mini shoots.

i couldn't wait to wake up this morning. and i'm still in my pajamas at 11:43. because, after four hours of clicking littles yesterday...not to mention, landing in a pile of red ants who went particularly ferocious on my left calf...and throwing my back out...i am smiling. it didn't rain. and, although my braids were sweat-ridden and shredded by seven o'clock and i looked a lot like tom hanks the day he was found on the island in cast away, i held in my hand 5 gigs of beautiful children. children who made my day yesterday.

so, thank you for that.

fall mini shoots

and so proud of my sweet baby...she shared her mama so well and left her daddy's care here and there to randomly appear wandering the lawn to come play with the kids. by the end of the night, she cried only for my lap...and the last few pictures were taken with my little monkey completely attached. hence the thrown out back, perhaps.

and for all the mamas waitin'...
what beautiful, wonderful babies...and some not-so-baby anymore. all the same, a pleasure it was to be in the presence of all these little souls...and to attempt to capture just a bit of them.

kati & colleen


peyton & beckham


lucy (in-the-sky-with-diamonds)

(who i almost got a smile out of...but then ruined it with my loud, obnoxious peek-a-boo that sent her sweet, fragile heart into a fit of tears. ten points on her miraculous recovery though.)

honorable mention to precious little lily who, after just getting over being sick, tried her hardest to be photographed but wanted her mama.

she'll come back with a couple other littles who weren't having their best moments yesterday. hey, it happens to all of us.



baby chase

annabella, lena & michael

kiara, javia & tori

ellie & kyle

william & beckett

london & leighton

i love the crying one.

haley & ella
(ella calls me 'helly kampton.' i love that. her mama said she asked, on the way to our place, 'are we goin' to helly kampton's?)

lizzi (gorgeous!)

and sebastian & joshua and their mommy & daddy...

and i think this is my favorite shot of the day...

the day was perfectly delicious in so many way.
and, i know i'm pregnant and overly emotional (not to mention billy joel's and so it goes which kills me)...but looking over this post with all these pictures makes me very teary. because children are so very beautiful...and so innocent...and there is something about taking pictures of them that puts everything in the world into perspective.

"there is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer & the morning more fragrant than ever again." ~elizabeth lawrence

more mini shoots in the future!

have a happy sunday. ~k