Friday, May 29, 2009


...we take baths every day.

sometimes when we first wake up and the morning sun trickles in through the blinds on the big window above the tub and streaks the water with light stripes.

sometimes in the afternoon. on a whim. when it's thundering outside and the warmth of a sea of bubbles is comforting before a long nap.

and sometimes late at night, after a long day. and we sit and soak by candlelight. or rather i try to sit and soak while she splashes and slips around, clouds of suds magnetically clinging to her naked little bum.

i like water-logged pruney baby skin.
and i like when big drips of water magically suspend from the tips of her wet lashes.
i like the buttermilky smell of her baby soap and how she can wash her own hair and fearlessly dip her head under the faucet to rinse it out.
i like how she spreads her fingers like mr. spock when soap gets in between them and how she always says mama-ha-ga when she's ready to get out. and how we have no idea what mama-ha-ga means.

baths are mini vacations.
...and we take them every day.

(and if you're in the naples area, don't forget to take a look at the mini session offer on the post below!)

Mini Sessions

Mini sessions will be held at my house, weather permitting.
For more information, please e-mail me!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

today i liked...

...the summerishness of giving the dog a bath outside. and seeing that it didn't take long before lainey realized all it took was a pointed finger and something that sounded a teeny bit like "stay!" to keep latte in her 'tub'.

(and, while we generally pride ourselves on having the appropriate dog shampoo, we were out and had to revert to non-peta-approved dish detergent.)

...which perhaps might be the reason she ditched.

...and today i very much liked capturing the second she abandons all the fun we're having outside for a better offer...daddy's car rolling in from work.

you see, this face...this smile and beaming eyes? it happens every day. it's just today, i *clicked* it right when it happened.

...and that makes me happy.

...and so did swimming in the dark tonight, under this little sliver of a moon and far-off clouds that electrifyingly flickered now and then from a distant thunderstorm. and smiling listening to squeals from our little getting a swimming lesson from her daddy.

summer is here.

wishing you orange popsicle stains on your driveway...just like ours.

oh, why not make this fun?
how's about a give-away?

summer loves.
come on.
tell me.
from sweet childhood summer memories of climbing trees to reading-a-book-in-a-hammock plans for this summer.

give me five loves of summer...past (hello...otter pops and my old purple jelly shoes), present or future...and i'll pick two and send you a mini pack of custom-designed (by moi') printed linen summer stationery. you'll likey.

i'll start...
summer loves:

1. her runnin' around in nothin' but a diaper.
2. night swims
3. having to move a pile of bikes from behind my car every time i go somewhere. okay, i curse. but secretly, i love the fact that the neighborhood kids choose our house to hang out.
4. sprinklers. i love sprinklers.
5. the summer perfume of cut grass and barbecue smoke, chlorinated pools and hot cement. and baby skin that smells like outside play at the end of the day. yeah, i love that too.

(and a very worthy honorable mention going out to summer corn-on-the-cob, seedless watermelon, memories of hanging clothes out to dry at my grandma's, and the apache cabin i spent four summers in at camp catch-a-rainbow).

it's late...time for bed...and it's thundering peacefully...another evening summer serenade. sigh.

...enjoying the summer things. ~k

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

{addison rose}

meet addison rose.

...who i could have, very well, kept forever although her parents seemed pretty in love with her too.

i love the babies.

congratulations, anthony and abby.


Monday, May 25, 2009

on isle of capri and the explanation to blogging

on our 45 minute drive to isle of capri yesterday morning, i slumped in the passenger seat, my feet propped up on the dash, chewing on my pen, lost in the words of brenda ueland, a sister recommendation (if you want to write: a book about art, independence and spirit). and as i read, i feverishly underlined. this is it, i thought. this is so why i blog, why i take pictures, why i string it all together and tell stories of our life. brilliant, her words.

she likens this whole writing, telling, etc. thing to art. to van gogh...

on creative impulse:

it is a feeling of love and enthusiasm for something, and in a direct, simple, passionate and true way, you try to show this beauty in things to others by drawing it. ...and van gogh...was a work of art because he loved the sky and the frail lamppost against it so seriously that he made the drawing with the most exquisite conscientiousness and care. he made it as much like what he loved as he could.

and, oh i love this next part...

by painting the sky, van gogh was really able to see it and adore it better than if he had just looked at it.

i think there is something necessary and life-giving about 'creative work.' a state of excitement. and it is like a faucet: nothing comes unless you turn it on, and the more you turn it on, the more comes.

i learned...inspiriation does not come like a bolt, nor is it kinetic, energetic striving, but it comes into us slowly and quietly and all the time, though we must regularly and every day give it a little chance to start flowing...i learned that you should feel when writing, not like lord byron on a mountaintop, but like a child stringing beads in kindergarten--happy, absorbed and quietly putting one bead on after another.

and there you have it. that's what i do...just happily putting my beads together, turning on a faucet, and "painting the sky" because it makes me love it more and delve for beauty that would, perhaps otherwise, go unnoticed.

and with all that said...a repeated post with yet another trip to isle of capri, but then again...van gogh did paint the same things over and over and yet every one looked different and beautiful.

a colorful day it was.

oh...and major excited about THIS summer plan!

mid-june...can't wait.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


it's been a summery weekend, one that has me smiling thinking of what is to come.
in fact, it's already here...the little joys of summer i so love.

like that first apprehensive dip into the pool...when little feet slowly tap the water and that little body reluctantly follows...gradually slithering a little deeper until her breath gets taken away, her smile gives way...and then anything's fair game after.

the earthy smell of fresh-cut grass, the hum of lawn mowers, the newness of a cropped lawn and the thought that with just a few rainy afternoons, it will all repeat.

spending the afternoon skirted in a beach towel...and relishing in the kid-ishness of being clothed in nothing but a bathing suit and a bit of terry cloth for a good portion of the day.

popsicles. i like the twin ones because they're prettier. and double the trouble. and i like her popsicle-stained lips especially when her hair's a mess, her hands are sticky and her bathing suit is covered in mud stains from the puddle she just played in...because that's just so...summer.

fresh-squeezed lemonade. all pulpy and zesty. my hands are raw and stinging still from wringing out sixteen waxy rinds yesterday. but the pitcher it bestowed would, i'm pretty sure, take first prize if there was a summer lemonade contest.

watching brett amid a cloud of smoke flipping burgers out on the lanai with a cute i'm-the-best-grillmaster-in-the-world smirk. and the way the guys stand by the grill all territorial-like, drinking their beer, talking about men-folk stuff. there's something very testonerone-ish about a grill. ...but i still love a good barbeque and the spontaneity of deciding last minute on a saturday that it's a have-a-bunch-of-people-over night. the best kind.

oh, and the beauty of condiments. the contrasts of saturated reds and yellows and the summer aura they deliver. grandma cryderman, no matter how casual a meal, always served condiments in little dishes with miniature spoons. morning cream for coffee was poured into a little pitcher. jelly for toast was carefully spooned into one of her black laquer bowls. and yes...ketchup and mustard would never be displayed in heinz and french's plastic. no, they too took on an art. i love what she taught us.

salt & peppered tomato slices and crisp claussen pickles.

bubbles. summer bubbles and finding various neon-colored bubble wands scattered throughout the lawn.

the mess of trikes and bikes that adorn and summer-ly beautify our driveway at any given hour on any given day during this blessed season.

watching her wander aimlessly on the lawn at night...clutching a pile of nothing but a diaper and a tank top.

summer is slowly arriving.

(and a few from our date the other night)...

more summer lovin' to come....~k

Thursday, May 21, 2009

this & that

thinking about this today...

and all the fun things we will do. fresh sqeezed lemonade...that's first on the agenda. the really cold kind that's a little bit slushy...with bits of lemon rind in it too.

in the meantime...
some pictures of sweet little kristin today.
she's turning one soon, and i've had the pleasure of photographing her four times now.

...good stuff to come. ~k

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

homey things.

with things slowed down and thunderstorms forcing photo reshedulings, i am absolutely relishing in homey things, especially when they are accompanied by afternoon storms and the constant lullabye of pounding rain.

i love the idea of balance and the fact that there are weeks the scales tip completely on the home-abandonment end while we are out and about doing fabulous things...

...but that it always turns back and rewards us with weeks like this one where we are content and quiet. cooking and cleaning. taking afternoon naps. reading through an entire pile of books.

i worry about balance less and less as it seems to take care of itself when i let go.

we cooked today. oh, did we cook.

my mom's lentil soup...which is such absolute divinity, i have washed the ladel an entire fifteen times because i cannot walk into the kitchen without pulling the lid of that simmering pot of splendor and slurping right from the spoon. and that's in addition to the two bowls i enjoyed.

i'm not the measuring kinda girl, but basically the soup is a mess of ingredients that goes a little something like this...

Mama's Lentil Soup

2-3 cups red lentils
a lotta water
one can chicken broth
cut up carrots, celery and onions
sauteed onions and garlic
lemon juice
lemon zest
chopped bacon for flavor
curry powder
salt & pepper

throw it all in and simmer forever. yields heavenly concoction

and we accessorized it with some homemade tabouleh...equivalent divinity.

again...unmeasured bunches of fresh parsley, onion, tomato, mint, bulgar wheat (soaked in cold water for an hour), lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper.

top it off with fresh hummous and toasted pita, and it was one of my favorite dinners ever.

and when we cook, she wants to do her own.

we rearranged her room last week and hung up alphabet cards after i was tired of picking them up off the floor.

in one day, she learned a, b and d and grins like crazy when we ask her to find one...running from one end of the alphabet to the other to proudly point it out.

and favorite part of the day...this afternoon, when the rain started rolling in, she and i cuddled up under the down comforter...pulled the drapes so tight, the room was black as night...and fell asleep, her back spooned right into me, her hand holding mine. we slept long and hard. i dreamed i took photos for america's top model and they let me keep all the lighting equipment.

oh, happy, quiet day.

...and thank you, grandma for my new outfit. grandma krissy crocheted this little sweater. .and we love it. xoxo

i yearn for a big, fabulous life. and, as much as i seek it in opportunities and places and setting the bar higher and higher, it's amazing how much of that big, fabulous life exists right here at home. in little things. in the quiet of the rain, a simmering pot of soup and an afternoon nap with a little tot that won't be so little for much longer. and i know, ten years from matter how far i've come or what i've achieved...i will look back at these days as absolute pure fabulousness.

...enjoying the fabulous things. ~k