Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a little wednesday love.

it's a four photo-shoot week for me.
and a starting-a-new job week for brett.
and it's during all the craziness of these kinds of weeks that i drink in a little more of her.
notice something new.
perhaps it's guilt...from taking on new evening endeavors that sometime take me away from her.
perhaps it's make all these transitions as easy as possible for her at the same time not over-protecting her from the gnitty-gritty beauty of real life.
and perhaps it's a lovely concoction of everything not to mention a little pride that i am teaching her the whole mama-leaves, mama-comes-home is normal and real and that i love her all the more after short absences.

call it what you may, the spongey parts of my heart are soaking up little things these days.
like the whining-for-something that is slowy graduating into asking-nicely-with-a-please.
or as she says..."meesh."

like discovering she likes raw broccoli. with blue cheese. dat's my girl.
like crazy independence that has actually almost mastered completely dressing herself...minus a few criss-crossed sleeves or two.

like going to blog a little about what she does and realizing...there's just too many new things to type (albeit they are jotted down a few times a week in her big pink baby book with the silky cover and the ever-expanding binder).

after a late night tonight, i returned home to happily find her still awake. i asked if she wanted to take a bubble bath to which she replied a fervent head shake, two shy smiles, a spontaneous living room strip and a quick-as-lightning streak show to the tub. and, say-it-isn't-so...but we ditched the organic chemical-free soap for the indulgent ultra-sudsy, pink-dyed goop of mr. bubble. and we dimmed the lights. and mama didn't read a magazine or catalogue. we just...hung out. in a tub full of butt-stinging chemical-ey suds. and it was so worth it. to just be. paint our chins with foamy santa beards. play slippery fish and trot-trot-pony, bathtub style. dunk her only god-forsaken barbie under the faucet until the water angled just right in her face to shoot back a sudsy spray for us, sending lainey into a fit of overtired giggles.

and then we snuggled into new sheets and cuddled. oh, did we cuddle. her in her stripey jammies and me in my snuggly sweats. and i thought to myself...see. you do make up for it. you do.

i hope every week isn't this busy and crazy. but when it is...she'll be fine. and so will we.

nothin' a little cotton candy sherbet won't help.
which, by the absolute heaven.
super target. cotton candy sherbet push-ups. hello, sweet nectar of the gods. i'm just sayin'.

and last but not least...
the beach was drizzly tonight after a euphoric sunny sky had us teased there for a minute.
and, although we didn't get a full shoot in...
these little dolls were unphased and spritely just the same.

taylor and ashton.

andrea, they are good listeners, good picture-takers, and sweet as pie. you must be proud, proud, proud, mama!

...enjoying the wednesday things. ~k


another senior shoot last night.
these girls are so beautiful.

this is casey, shy but confident.
full academic and soccer scholarship to fiu next year.
her mama says she is calm and easy...nothing like the fiesty three-year-old she once was.

good to know. ha.

no, she's not a cheerleader. she can just jump really high.

...and so our busy week continues. ~k

Monday, April 27, 2009

mama likey.

oh, hello joy.
hello beautiful girl.
hello hotel room full of scads of fun clothes.
and fabulous shoes. and vintage jewelry.
hello fun photo shoot times twenty billion.

and then, here's the best part.
she let me put together...
every. single. outfit.
down to every last piece of jewelry.
every accessory.
i felt like rachel zoe.

fun like you cannot believe. rock, girl.
you are beautiful. and confident. and fun.
and so is your mama.

so, here you are, beauty queen...
a very, very big teaser...

oh, the shoes. for the love, for the love.

love this shot...

paying homage to her days as a swimmer....

senior shoots rock. my. world.

and speaking of worlds being the good way...
we have a busy week...the kind where i feel pressed and challenged, pushed and smooshed...until friday when, if all goes as planned...the rockstar emerges. because i will pull it off. i will finish all my editing. all my orders. i will knock the house into tip-top shape. i will run like the wind. i will catch up. clean up my e-mail box. (if i owe you a response, hang's comin'!) delete my voicemails. and, most importantly, in between all that...i will love this girl up.

i will close my eyes, kiss her cheeks and tell myself that it's twenty years from now...and i've been granted my one come back to this moment and drink up this little tiny thing that's grown so big over the years. 'cuz she's almost two, you know.

*shy smile* alert!

new trick. obsessed with dresses as of late, i've created the perfect little edge for her to give a little tug when she wants me to hold her. and she says 'up.' and it makes me want to wear a dress every single day for the rest of my life. and i think i shall.

oh...austyn made a bad call in the badminton game.

there shall be more deep ponderings from the heart of this mama before she turns two.

but, for now...all i have to say is...

mama likey.

no, mama love. mama love, baby.

...enjoying the two-beauties-in-one-post things. ~k

oh, wait!

giveaway winner!
sandals go to....
commenter #6!

wylie, e-mail me leah's size and color preferences, and i'll whip 'em up with love!
sorry you didn't get the sandals, dad.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

...and just like that...

they came.
all thirty-seven of 'em.
gathered at the beach with us to bid farewell to yet another sun.

and it all started with a whim.
at two o'clock.
a whim and a text message.

big crew meeting for sunset tonight. vanderbilt beach. 6:30.

of course, i lied. there was never a big crew. it was just us. but i didn't think just us was enticing enough to lure the party i wanted, and lord knows no one wants to miss a party. so i lied. i lied and said big crew.

and they fell for it.
every one of 'em.
the masses came in droves.
dragging strollers and picnic baskets. smoothing beach blankets and plopping babies into heaps of sugary sand while little friends ran to welcome them. trails of cooler wheels zig-zagged across paths to lead to one big, beautiful circle of beach chairs and towels, pails and shovels, a healthy smattering of babies and a whole lotta mamas and dads i love dearly. thirty-seven bodies. thirty-seven sun-kissed smiling faces. thirty-seven blessed friends that find the beauty in sponteneity. in friends. in drinking in the fact that we live four miles from a coast where families save all year just to be able to spend one little week enjoying these kinds of nights.

and i know enjoying the small things has featured all sorts of sunsets. but this one? this one was special. everyone was there. and as that big pink ball o' love we all share slipped slowly past the horizon while kids buried each other in the sand and us folks drank it all in, i couldn't help but think...this here? this here is a moment i won't forget. and yes, i kissed the universe. made out with it, in fact.

we stayed until after nine...well after the sun set. we danced in the hotel spotlights...

we welcomed the replacement to our pink sunny sky and found equal beauty in the magical darkness with its entrancing constellations and silvery moonlight.

we laughed.
a lot.

oh, to be blessed. to dance on the beach under a sea of stars, holding this amazing little, surrounded by souls you love.

i hope the high-on-life thing isn't annoying. because i am not oblivious to the fact that life isn't roses. it's just that when the good comes along, it is so good. so delicious. and recognizing it and drinking it in...all those little, beautiful so fueling for the soul.

so it is that a sunset with friends filled any near-dry spots in my never ending quest for the most fabulous life possible.

i am happy. fulfilled. inspired. ...just like that.