Friday, October 31, 2008

random ponderings from a hallow's eve

this is random. i offer no transitions...just the justification that i am somewhat creatively a.d.d. and with that comes some major stream-of-consciousness. normally, i try to piece these thoughts together like those newscasters who can somehow find a segway between an arson story and today's weather (ex: "...and speaking of burning houses, how 'bout that hot weather today, huh, phil?). ...but not tonight.

enter random:

i had a strange moment of deja vu today while i was cutting through a chunk of synthetic wig hair, i.e. transforming a sacagawea long-braided native american wig, the only thing left from party city's picked over halloween accessories, into the dorothy wig i needed it to be. i could have sworn i had cut through that wig once before in my life, but, that's a weird enough once-in-a-lifetime moment, right?...i'm pretty sure i can chalk it up to deja vu. anyway, 3 inches of black braided hair cut off and some red ribbon later, we had ourself a darn good replica of judy's hair.

i decided last minute, while waiting with the other 50+ people in line at party city (note to self: never ever wait til halloween to venture into party city again), that i too was going to dress up tonight. there was a cat accessory kit for $5 within arm's reach that i could grab without losing my valuable place in line, so i threw it in with the sacagawea wig. only to arrive home and realize the furry bow-tie, tail and cat-earred headband was, i'm sure, geared toward some freaky adult-themed party and would not be suitable for the wholesome little moms and dads escorting their kids around the neighborhood tonight. perhaps it was the girl modeling it on the back ...seeing as she looked like a feline-ish tonya harding...without clothes. however, not wanting $5 to go to waste in these dire economic times, i decided if i don't wear them with fish-net pantyhose and 6-inch heels...and maybe go sans tail, i might get away with the nice little kitty from tom & jerry as opposed to one meowing its way through the playboy mansion.
...and whadya know, my dad pulled up in our driveway tonight, saw my outfit and said, "what? is this the playboy bunny reunion?" it's a cat!!! ..a wholesome cat!

oh, and dorothy? even i couldn't get enough of her. i extended her trick-or-treating, i'm sure, past the one-and-a-half-year-old quota just so i could hear the "oh my God"'s one more time. how many times i was asked if it was okay to take her picture...i can't even count.

what random thought am i on now? #3....okay, and counting...we have hoards of family in town right now, and it's heaven...brett's dad & stepmom (which i hate that word because she's anything but "step" to me...) plus his wonderful mom and my dad all arrived this week, so we are soaking in the love. poppa helped brandyn get ready...

and then grandma colleen went trick-or-treating with us tonight while poppa passed out candy...

dorothy had to stop for a bottle break before picking it back up...

...and we arrived home to find poppa watching poltergeist from the couch...

... austyn & brandyn's momma came...who i just love...and brought cookies...

and then our neighbors came over and our friends chad & anna ruth stopped by, and suddenly, here we all were, sittin' in lawn chairs in the driveway, kids drawin' pictures with sidewalk chalk in the dark, trick-or-treaters meandering in for candy, music playing, jack-o-lantern lights flickering...and it was one of those moments...where the world stops and you look around and drink it all in. our family...our neighborhood...our kids...traditions...holidays...the blessed weather...everything. oh kiss, kiss, kiss to the universe. mwahh. mwahh. mwahh.

so, despite the randomness, there really is a common theme here even if my head-in-the-happy-clouds can't quite eloquently type it. happiness. that's what i love about these holidays, even if they're the a-little-more-insignificant ones. they, with tradition and a little loving effort, seem to make those happy feelings boil and bubble to the top.

the candy has been dumped, scattered, picked through and pilferred.

...and what remains is love. that and a drink called a "warm & fuzzy" the neighbor just brought me. oh dear. ...and yes, i just said "oh dear." oh wait...meow. i forgot...i'm a cat. a wholesome one.

...enjoying the halloween things. ~k '
(okay, and now i'm just laughing rereading this post because, looking at the pics and knowing that's supposed to be a sacagawea wig, i see dorothy, skipping down the yellow brick road to meet chief running deer...and she is singing a lovely indian medley of somewhere-over-the-rainbow and colors-of-the-wind.) thank you, warm & fuzzy.

p.s. keeping with the random it wrong that i, in the spirit of halloween, feel the urge to go watch the thriller music video right this second and memorize all the choreography? i think i wanna add that to my list of things i'm able to do. wouldn't it be ultra cool to bust those moves out at a party someday? okay... going to bed.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

enjoying the small things

sitting here on the edge of october, looking past the horizon to the sweet november looming nearer, i'm just enjoyin'....

10. the first fire of the season.

it's been cold, and while the shivering northerners cackle at my twisted interpretation of "cold," i'm not kidding...the thermometers have dropped drastically this week (much to my satisfaction), so much our little water heater got all confused. with colder...okay cooler temps, i'm embracing nubby sweaters, furry socks, the promise of my favorite season and yes, fires...real fires in our fireplace. lainey and i fell asleep on the couch together to this one.

9. hot coffee & apple butter toast

my breakfast every morning as of late. and it seems right and all being that it's october-almost-november.

8. turning around in the car the other day to unexpectedly find this scene which made me laugh hard:

...and she cried when i took it away, too.

7. breaking the rules. as in dad's no-jumping-on-the-bed and no-dogs-in-the-bedroom rule.

...and check out sophie's i-won't-be-held-responsible-if-you-get-in-trouble face. she's such a rule-follower.

6. watching her reunite with puppy post-shower this morning after a tearful battle from not letting puppy in the shower had occurred moments earlier.

5. when the neighbor girls come over and ask to play with lainey...
i have a kid. and other kids ask to play with her. that's so cool.

..but when they leave her, it's a sad, sad sight:

like i said, so sad.

4. her crusty-faced, bed-headed morning face.'s kissable. ...and it's my favorite.

3. her two-second transition from serious face... pure joy.

2. my writing tutor.

i tutor writing once a week and these past few weeks, my little writer began unleashing creativity and confidence that's so real, i can almost touch it. it makes me feel so good to see young people write well and practice, on their own, the things i teach them. ...and then when i see them actually start to find passion in work is done.

1. positivity...and objectivity...and creativity....and all the other -ivities that make us good.

...and listing only 10 just doesn't seem to sum it up because there's so much more we're enjoying right now. i like being her momma.

...enjoying the small things. ~k

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i'll take christmas mailers for $400, alex

it is about this time of year, i begin contemplating our christmas mailers, and yes, i like to call them mailers (in fact, i like to say christmas mailers in a british accent). "cards" is just cheap. "mailers" seems very proper...very traditional...very louisa may alcottish, and i like to address the entire process of christmas mailers much like the fashion i presume louisa may alcott would have it done in one of her books.

whilst i don't wear a bonnet and petticoat when addressing my mailers, i do make sure a fire is lit before i set about the task. i devote an entire night to the ceremony, have a wonderful life or miracle on 34th street playing, and i most certainly don't use pre-printed labels. i handwrite each address with a calligraphy pen. i wear christmas pajamas and sip hot chocolate and savor licking every envelope. it's a ritual i look forward to every year.

so, it is about this time i start designing our card in my mind, choosing the stamp, searching for quality envelopes. debating dreaded family letter or no dreaded family letter? glossy or matte? black & white photo or color? ribbons & bobbles or keep-it-simple. vintage or modern? and, while many pity my obsessive decision making, i rather enjoy it.

time is ticking, and with all that said...

christmas sessions have begun with two of my favorite models...

book yours today.

...enjoying the premature excitement things. ~k

...and yes, that's christmas october. tell me that makes you even the slightest bit excited.

Monday, October 27, 2008

this moment

today was a really good day.
a day where i was completely present.
a day where i felt myself relax and just be.
i didn't think about the next thing we were going to do.
i didn't think about tomorrow.
i just breathed in the moment. because it won't last for long.

lily stayed with her daddy today, so we had a surprise day...just me & my girl.

my first thought was laundry. paint the baseboards in the bathroom. edit photos.

today, i was going to be 100% there.

we started with bagels at panera. we talked about life...her & i. like how much i loved her.

then lunch with her grandpa & donna nana where i humbly took in a small fraction of my f.i.l.'s knowledge on the economy...but mainly just marveled at how smart he is.

i thought about going home for a nap.

i wasn't done enjoying my time with her.

so, we went to the bookstore. she napped in her stroller while i leafed through children's books, rifling through the glossy, colorful new releases in search of the good stuff...the old stuff.

...and our collection grows, one beautiful book at a time:

then it was to the we never go to...far on the other side of town because it felt like our little secret place today.

i let her run, shirtless and rolled-up jeans. i just followed her...laid in the grass and smiled at her wonderment and happiness with simplicity.

she discovered her shadow today...

...and, upon close examination of it, decided that she's terrified of it...

a little sand brush-off and a boardwalk sliver-removal later, we landed at the dairy queen downtown. the old a-frame building welcomed us with its creamy twist cone and hot fudge sundae.

after realizing i had an entire pack of pampers clean n' wipes in my car, i let her have at it. i didn't rush her or worry about her ever-dripping cone. i let her enjoy it...every sticky clump of soggy cone that fell into her lap and all.

" must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.” ~henry david thoreau

we messed up our naps today. we didn't get a lot done. ...but i wouldn't have had it any other way.

...enjoying the this moment things. ~k

Sunday, October 26, 2008

there's no place like home (click click)

our neighborhood which, for the record, is not in Kansas, held its annual halloween children's shindig today.

...beginning with a parade where littles marched up and down the streets showing off their costumes.
yes, lainey may have been slightly young to really know what it was all about, but we have no problem admitting we shamelessly do this for our own amusement...and the pictures...and the memories.

we started off with latte as our prop toto, but she was barking at all the costumes and spazzing out, so we had to run back and get the back-up toto.

ha...she's completely unaware in the above pic that there were like three freaky star wars guys looming behind her.

...and we skipped the after party for a nap...because well...there's no place like home.

...enjoying the dressing-up-is-fun things. ~k