Thursday, July 31, 2008

girl's night

my niece just flew down as an unaccompanied minor to join us for a week of fun. lainey is enjoying her presence, as are we.

tonight's agenda: girl's night with savannah's friend katie.
i got them a teen beat magazine which they read on the couch, feet to feet, and took the quiz determining which jonas brother they were meant to spend the rest of their lives with.

followed by spa treatment, chick flick marathon, tie-dye t-shirt making and s'mores.
and lainey just went along for the ride.

check out miss trouble comin' to see what the girls are up to. quite amused, i think she was.

oh, and just look at cubby...she went down to the lake to sit and think about life and love. she came back inspired, rejuvenated.

...enjoying the small things. ~k

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

afternoon bath and vivid memories

we've been taking our baths early lately...late afternoon as they usually follow an early afternoon sidewalk chalk adventure in the driveway. plus, it's a perfect time for me to gather a stack of land of nod and pottery barn catalogues to peruse through while i sit on the pink stool and watch her splash and play.

...and tonight, while nuzzling her cool little cheek in my bed while she fell asleep beside me, i had some vivid memories of her newborn days and the way we bonded in the hospital. and i realized, i've never really written down those memories, and i'm so afraid they are going to fade away. so tonight, i am the writer...i will sit and write as long as my mind can recall every detail so that someday, when she is bigger and wiser, i can tell her about the way we bonded. in the night when it was dark and quiet and i watched her under the blue lights and counted down the minutes 'till i could scoop her up for her half hour feeding and hold her close...i want her to know all about it.

shortly after lainey was born, I bought this inspiring book. i recommend it to any mother. leave them the stories of how much they are loved!

and just a wee bit more...'s the last of this pretty mama.

she makes me wanna have a baby belly again!

chase was very happy to take a listen to sweet baby brinkley's heart...

...and didn't want to give up the stethoscope later... but a little painting distracted him.

what a beautiful masterpiece! ...and in 7 more weeks, dawson & allison will see just what God painted on their little canvas...the baby brinkley masterpiece!

a few more...

Monday, July 28, 2008


there are a few things in this world which truly astound of them being the beauty of pregnancy.

tonight, i had the privilege of photographing the beautiful belly of this gorgeous mama-to-be and soon-to-be big brother, chase. allison, i could have "shot" you all night! radiant mama beauty, girl!

many more to come...

love this photo! when the timer pops,'ll be a big brother!

p.s. i've found the male version of lainey. he walks the earth...and his name is chase.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

enjoying the small things...even when it's hard

the economy stresses me out, and things are just, well, funky lately...but i think that's when it's most important to enjoy the small things. this too shall pass, and i don't even really know what "this" is, but's not enough to get me down.

with no further ado...

5. i'm so thankful for health lately...after once being in a hospital for 10 days with a "sick" baby, i know what it feels like--that awful pit-in-your-stomach vulnerability--and i'm so blessed that we are all limitations. liver is just fine!

4. so loving lately how she feeds herself with silverware, the proud see-i-can-do-this look on her face, and the way there was never any in-between phase. we just gave her a fork one day, and she knew exacly what to muss! no fuss! (just press-on!)

Photobucket Photobucket

3. the smell of christmas...found an old mistletoe yankee tart and burned it today, and that christmas-in-july scent was just...comforting.

2. the super yumsville stir-fry i made last night with grilled steak, water chestnuts, sugar snap peas, broccoli, fresh bean sprouts, chili peppers, green, red and yellow peppers, sweet onion, chili oil, and sesame terriaki sauce. to. die. for.

1. my blog friends--those of you i know and am so thankful we have this window into each others' lives when miles separate us (okay, some of us are five miles apart)--and those of you i've come to know through blogland. thank you for your comments and kind words.

...and here's your sunday fill of cubby...





...and thank you to all of your suggestions! i added this one thanks to so many of you that voted for blueberries! thanks!

...enjoying the small things. ~k

Saturday, July 26, 2008


business is picking up majorly, so i'm working on a design for cards to pass out as i've had several people ask for cards. my business cards are outdated...and too small, in my opinion to feature photography, so i'm having 4x6 cards made. will post more designs later...i think i'll end up doing 4 different designs with 4 different photos. hard to pick my favorite photo...any favorites from past posts? suggestions welcome!



here's another:

Friday, July 25, 2008

fresh from heaven

i've been SO blessed lately to be able to photograph so many newborns, and i'm sure i make the shoot go longer than it should because i can't stop holding them. i feel so lucky! today, i was honored to take this sweet girl's pics...leah jolie...all of 12 days old. congratulations, bertunas!






...and i'm doing custom announcements and invitations now...Leah's announcement:


Thursday, July 24, 2008

self portrait challenge: [skills]

i have crazy haircutting skills.

after much deliberation, i conquered my fears of possible hair debauchery (not really)...and choppy-chopped away.

kissing my long bangs bye-bye...

yup...that's a one-handed cut...try balancing a twenty pound camera in the other.

wowsa...ya know how long it took me to grow that? a year and a half and three bottles of prenatal vitamins.

watch out john freida...there's a new cutter in town.


for more people who have time to take pictures of themselves, click here.

I'll take 'Video' for $100, Alex

oh, i love this video. i got this puppet for her when she was just about a month old...gigi, we named her. it used to make her pouty lip come out and cry so hard. so, we put her away for a long time (the puppet that is...not our child). but now...she loves her! oh, and for the record...i am aware that i left out the vacuum hose I happen to be sitting on, the basket of dog leashes lainey dumped out behind me, the red ladybug baby tunnel behind the table, and a basket of laundry to boot on top of the table...i'm aware, and i'm dealing with it).

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

a lainey morning

to my cubby:

every morning, at 7:30, on the monitor beside my bed, i hear you shake the side of your crib. you don't cry. you don't just shake, shake, shake the side railing. and so it is...i come to find you standing in the sunlight, blankie in one hand, pacifier in mouth. there is no dramatic welcome when i come to scoop you in my arms...just a twinkle in your eye and upward arms. it is then that i hug you, give you a big happy 'good morning, sunshine!' and take you out to the couch where we lie, snuggle, and slowly wake up...together.

...and this is the way it goes:

i love your sleepy eyes that blink-blink-blink first thing in the morning sunlight that streams in from the front door and lands in a puddle on the couch cushions...the way you quietly suck your pacifier, giving it a rhythm like a bobber being tugged on the water's surface by a teasing little fish...your first yawn that makes you look like a lion cub.


...your not-quite-ready-for-my-day cuddle and the way you lay your head on my tummy and rub the satiny part of my nightgown between your fingers until...slowly, you lift your heavy head and welcome your surroundings. good morning, sophie. good morning, latte. good morning, world. and then...your first smile of the day.




oh, and guess what you do now that just melts daddy's heart? you give him kisses...whenever he asks for one! (...and you only give them to me when you feel like it, you little stink!)


...enjoying the cuddly things. ~k