Monday, March 31, 2008

Enjoying the Small Things

Started with going to lunch with friends (and Lainey's boyfriend, A.J.--funny how babies love other babies!) because all my teacher friends have this week off!

Ended up back home where we played outside. This girl loves grass! I just love to watch little sunshine. Everyday's a good day when she's around.
Tonight's agenda: homemade chocolate chip cookies and a movie at home with Daddy and Cubby. Life is good.

Sneakin' in a cute pic of A.J.:

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another Page

...I think I have 5 more pages left! Almost done!
Six Months Page:
Six Months

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Daddy's Fish

Hey, Look what my daddy caught tonight! He took Brandyn to the lake across the street and knocked on the door five minutes later with this catch! Check out how I'm lookin' at it. I reached out and touched it too...and then smiled! Mommy had to wash my hands. Next time, he promises to take me in the Baby Bjorn when he goes fishin' so I can watch him reel it in...maybe he'll even let me help and give me credit for catching it!And, here's just one of me being cute. My new favorite thing to do is to sit at the front door and play with the dog leashes.P.S. Did anyone watch Dateline last night-the story of the two girls that were mistakingly identified? I DVR'd it and started watching it tonight while I rocked Lainey to sleep. Lainey fell asleep five minutes into it, but by then I was already crying...I held her through the whole two hours of it and convulsively cried the whole time...the ugly cry. My head and neck hurt so bad from crying.

Good Daddies, Birthday Friends, and Tea Parties for $400, Alex

On Daddy:
I like to catch him when he doesn't know I'm watching...just him and her. The first time I met him, before I fell in love...I knew he was the kind of dad I wanted my babies to have. Today I watched him...he didn't know I was standing there with my camera. He was talking to a friend, but the whole time, I know he was thinking about proud he was to have a daughter in his arms, and the way his arms embrace her just kills me. Watching him play with her, look at her, kiss her, talk to her in his widdle girl voice--it's better than watching a movie. I love the way he loves her. And I really, really love good dads. Good, involved, huggy, kissy, fill-em-up-with love dads....they're hot. And I'm glad I got one.
We went to a birthday party today at the park, and Lainey was the youngest "friend" invited, but she was still part of the gang...even got a goody bag. It was so cute to see her looking up to all these little girls like she knew she was kinda part of them. She even kept her princess hat on like she wanted to do it 'cuz the bigger girls were doing it. I'm not ready for her to be big yet. I'm not done with Baby yet.

Stay little just a bit longer, Cubby.

I moved her room around yesterday and then I just stared at it smiling that this room belongs to a baby that's mine. I have a daughter. And, we're gunna have tea parties someday real soon. Somebody pinch me 'cuz I think I'm dreaming.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Baby Vogue

Mom thinks I look cute today. Sportin' my bling silver locket necklace from Aunt Joann and my bangle bracelet from Janie. (Don't tell anyone, but I have a boys' shirt on too! I made it fierce though). As Daddy was walking out to work this morning, he yelled to Mommy, "By the way...nice job on her outfit today. She looks adorable." My daddy's pretty sweet. He always notices my clothes. He said to Mommy the other night, "I can't believe that girl there is my daughter." If you think my outside is should see my inside! I gots a cute, cute heart!Check out my legwarmers...they're really girls' socks Mommy got at Walmart for $1.50!!!

Snip-snip on the toes and Voila! Baby Fashion!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Front Cover

Finished the front cover of her book....still have some pages to go. It's after midnight, and that's when I can do this now because her naps this week have been so short, and I think it's because she has a stuffy nose that wakes her up. She has NEVER been sick and I'm still not qualifying this as sick because the doctor said not to bring her in, she's fine, could be teething related, etc. Anyway...with her awake more, I get less done, but that's just fine by me because I love to be with her. So, here's the front cover:

Front Cover First Year Book

And another page...I know I repeated the pic on the cover, but that might very well be my favorite shot of her. Top 5 at least. And the pics on this page...oh, my heart aches! I love these pics and almost didn't want to put them in so as not to "cheapen" them with scrabooking I kept it simple. That face! That baby! She's growing too fast!!!

8 Months

Instrument of Peace

I'm using this post to put my dad up on a pedestal for a moment... because I think anyone who has ever seen him "at work" whether it be a coworker or a patient at "his" hospital (I think that hospital belongs to him) knows that he has a gift for what he does. I worked at Beaumont for four years and know what people think of him. He is amazing...and after 25 years, he continues to inspire all those he works with to make a remember what they do. That it's not just a's helping people--real people--during the most traumatic moments of their lives.

He is part of a leadership conference on Monday for Beaumont's three hospitals...there will be 800 people there including doctors, nurses, department managers, CEO's, etc. For his "reflection," he asked me to do a DVD to this amazing song. The lyrics are so incredibly poignant and inspiring and together, with the photos...well, you'll just have to see. It's only three minutes long. If I worked in healthcare, I would watch this and be so inspired to rededicate my career to go the extra mile. (P.S. I snuck a picture of Lainey Love in there...see if you can find her!) The song is amazing..."Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace" by Olivia Newton John.

Oh, and the photo of the man with the dogs? My dad visits him every day...he had just retired and was ready to move up north and ended up in the hospital. He's in kidney failure and has been very sick. After being down and depressed for days, my dad arranged for his dogs to be brought up to the hospital and brought to his room. Look at his smile! The last photos of the Indian hands held together was a wedding he arranged. The woman was a patient and was very near death...she was going to miss her daughter's wedding, so my dad along with some other staff arranged a small wedding in the surgical intensive care unit so that the mother could see her daughter get married before she died. He even had the cafeteria make a wedding cake. She died a week later but got to see her daughter get married.

Click this link...there's three's the one that says "Beaumont." Disregard the menu that says "Brian and Natalie"....I forgot to change it from a recent wedding DVD I did!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

Halfway Point

10 Pages's a 20 page layout, so I'm halfway through for the First Birthday Book. I got it down to a science now on how to whip through these things really fast. Thanks to Kelly's organization on digital scrapbook files, I'm flyin'. (For all these free digi goodies, check out the slew of links on Kelly's blog not to mention a great reason to read it right now is there will be a HUGE update soon and amazing pictures when this baby finally arrives:

Anyhoo...three more pages. It hurts my heart to look at the teeny tiners ones. Oh, she was so little! I can still feel her tiny diapered butt in my arms! I miss it! I'm getting serious, serious baby fever again. But I's still loves my one baby for now!

Two Month Memories

And Christmas:
First Christmas Page One
First Christmas Page Two

Ode to a Box

Oh, Box...thou art but four walls, but thou dost amuse her for so long.I slicest a window and a door, and thou dost transform thyself into a House of Play.

Thee cost nothing and yet she choosest thou above all other toys of value. How dost thou do it?
Thee cardboard walls taste like honey to her soul.
Thy opening dost become a pathway for her fun.
Thy simple existence doth create a smile of beauty on her face.
Oh, Box, Great Box, how great her love is for thy amusement! We love thee, Great Box of Fun.

Digi Scrap

Here's a few more...
I'll do one Christmas page to finish up these past few months and then go back and face the arduous task of selecting my favorite newborn and baby-baby pictures (That's baby-baby as opposed to just baby.... you see teeny tiny is newborn, then baby-baby, then baby, then toddler. At 10 months, we're at baby on the brink of toddler. I'm gripping "baby" with all my might!!! CAN'T LET GO!!!). So, we're almost half way through the book!

Dream Big 9 Months

And going back to her Baptism at 4 Months, a 2-pg. spread:
Baptism One
Baptism Two

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I'll Take Easter and Other Holidays for $400, Alex

Warning: Long Post about Nothing in Particular
I have a confession. I HEART holidays big time. Heart them in a giddy jump-up-and-down annoying Hallmark kind of way. I get excited when Target clears out those back three aisles for the next holiday's tchotchke about to be displayed. I love that an ordinary day is turned into something better, and of course love any excuse to dress up a cute baby and send holiday cards. (Hmmmm....what should she wear for her Veteren's Day photo this year?) So, Easter is no exception, and I love everything...the eggs, the church outfits, the pastel kitchen towels, the ham dinner. I love pretending the Easter Bunny is going to come to our house in front of the boys even though my excessive enthusiasm is met with rolled eyes by all. Okay, Lainey appreciates it. My goal is that at the end of my life, my tombstone will read one thing: "She made it special."

Our "special" included lots from last night's egg decorating to today's family day, but my favorites (in no particular order) are:

1) The way Lainey abandoned her perfectly decorated Easter basket I slaved over this morning for something apparently better...a cardboard shoebox

2) When the boys and I shook in our pews with laughter when we saw an old lady walk into church late this morning (apparently mistaking the contemporary service for the conservative one) right when the band was seriously "rocking it out" and the horrored look on her face that clearly said "This place has gone to hell."

3) Trying to teach Lainey how to write with the sidewalk chalk the Easter bunny brought her

4) Watching Austyn carry Lainey into church without being asked--he just took her out of her carseat and walked with her. So cute.

5.) Going to church. I still like the Church of the Holy Beach, but I miss the real thing too. On list of "Things We Need to Do More" (underneath "Laundry," of course)

Snapshots of our "Special"

Decorating Eggs
Easter Eggs
Lainey in Her Easter Dress
Easter Dress

Family Easter Shot

Mommy and her Easter Baby

Mama and her Easter Girl

And, Creating a Masterpiece with Sidewalk Chalk later today...

Fun With Sidewalk Chalk

Almost Done...

Making a Masterpiece

THERE!! All Done!'re brilliant, Lainey!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sneakin' a Peep

Jo-- this one's for you! Lainey got your plush Peep in the mail! She and her colorful sugared marshmallow obsessed mommy thank you! ...and now for some Peep fun!

Uh-oh. Someone spotted the Peeps. Thinkin' about it...

Now's my one's looking...

GOTCHA!!! Delish!!!

Cutest Thing 'Ya Ever Did See...

This morning's community Easter party had my cheeks literally aching with smiles... about a hundred little kids dressed in their Easter best showed up to make crafts and hunt for eggs. I couldn't STAND how cute it was. I wanted to take every one of them home with me. Here are some pics of some random cuties...

And, of course, the cutest of them all (who happened to soak up LOADS of attention in her bunny ears...never tried to take 'em off!). I sat her in the grass during the little kids' egg hunt and could not stop were running all around her, squealing, grabbing eggs, and she just sat there, chowin' down on her donut hole, happy as ever. She managed to take home one egg--pink, of course. Her First Easter treasure. More goodies tonight...decorating eggs!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Baby Buddies

So she's young, but I love the idea of baby buddies... friends she can grow up with, and I'm lucky to have girlfriends that are all having babies within a couple year in the end, there will be a nice baby slew. Oh, a Baby Slew...could it get any better? That's gunna be my heaven. God's gunna point to a rocking chair in a monstrous nursery full of babies, and he's gunna say, "It's all yours."

Here's a sweet, girly pic from our day today which included a real picnic at the park and a trip downtown where we found this cute little gazebo. We were joined by our almost-2-year-old friend Baylee who, at one point today, leaned over, smiled and said to Lainey..."You're cute." Hello. Profound. Baylee, you indeed are brilliant.

And, plunkin' away at another page. These pics have always been some of my little heartstring. And that string just grows stronger and stronger every day! I still look at her every day and think, "Is she really mine? Forever?" 'Tis true!

My Heartstring

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gettin' There...

So, we're jumping around 'cuz we went from newborn to 9 months park page, but we're slowly filling up the book.
Park Princess