Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I wouldn't trade your love for all the candy in this great big world.
I feel so crazy blessed and oh so lucky...
To be the place you go
When you need to feel safe,
When you need a kiss...
it's Me.

"Me" by Plumb

I listened to this song last night in her bedroom while we rocked in the big white rocking chair, her pudgy little legs dangling off my lap. I cannot listen to that song without tears literally streaming like a river down my cheeks. Someone unlocked my heart, stole my exact thoughts, put them to music and called the song "Me."

Listen to a snippet (click on "Me") of it here:

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sweet Morsels for Hungry Eyes

Alas, we are alive and well...just really, really busy. I've had 5 days of Photoshop training, and I'm so excited with all that I've learned, but my brain is still chewing up its food right now. The world of photo editing is amazing... AMAZING! So, we're back to the real world for now, and before I practice what I've learned, here's some sweet baby pics to fill in the gaps. Plus, I got my favorite lense back from the lense hospital today after TWELVE WEEKS!!! Creative juices are dying to let loose, but I have a busy week week, we'll experiment!

Three things I love about these pictures:

1) Hello...that's a BARRETTE in her hair because, um...she HAS hair!!!!

2) Babies in tights! ( can expect these same heart-ful treasures in your mailbox soon! We gots a widdle pair for you too!)

3) Ribbon makes a delicious baby belt!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Portraits of a Baby Mood Swing

Was it Shakespeare who once said:

Oh Baby, how thy mood swings doth amuse me! The clock doth tick but a second and thy visage hast changed. Thy sweet, kind smile doth fleet like the wind. Behold, thy frown overtakes thee like the vast sails on a great ship. Wherefore art thy grin? Yet, still, amid thy displeasure, I find thee a heavenly angel. Whether thou art happy or sad, thou art always mine.

To Do List

Today's To-Do List:

1) Scrape off once-cute fake snow from back window. Not cute anymore. Christmas is over. 2) Take down "Santa Stop Here" sign from front yard. He came. He saw. Christmas is over. 3) Dump dried-up drooping poinsetias from front door pots. Christmas is over.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Enjoying the Small Things

Small things make me happy. Like books. Children's books to be exact. And I'm picky. I like the hard back ones with thick pages, the kind that slide smoothly on your finger when you lick it to turn the page. I swear, part of the reason I chose elementary when it came to my teaching education was because I would get to read these hard-backed treasures aloud. I used to dream of how I would hold up the book while I read it, spanning the open pages from left to right for all the kids to I would pronounce the words with perfect diction and creative inflection to make characters come the little kiddies would all silently award me the "best read aloud" they had ever heard after each of my "performances." To this day, one of the things I miss most about teaching is reading books aloud.

But now I read to my sweet audience of one, and I take great pleasure in stocking up her library for future performances. Hence our book store trips on rainy, cold days. Today, Brandyn came along and was tickled to be a part of it. "How come you go to Borders every time it's cold out?" he asked in the car. Because it's a perfectly good excuse to add another treasure to her bookshelf. Because bookstores on rainy days are like popcorn at the movies or apple pie on Thanksgiving. Because it just goes.

So, we took our time searching for the next treasure that would grace her collection. We paged through the classics and the Caldecotts and, as much as I always lean toward the older, more simply-illustrated books like Beatrix Potter, I let Brandyn pick out her book today and Bad Dog, Marley it was--hard-back, of course. I made sure the pages made the perfect crinkle noise and passed the licked-finger test. It may not be a classic or a Caldecott, but with oodles of funny dialogue, it's sure to guarantee future note-worthy performances.

Oh...and that picture is her crawling in the "plush pit" in the back corner of Borders where, if there was a contest for fastest tag-finding time, she would surely take first place. She found the tag on every single one of those stinkin' Elmos within seconds.

Strange but True

So, I was washing dishes this morning while Lainey played happily in her playpen. Brett walks by.
Brett: "She's got something in her mouth."
Me: (walking over to perform my signature finger swoop move) I stop. Laugh. "It's a.... it's a...." Laugh some more. "It's a baboon head."

Where in tarnation she found a baboon head, I'll never know. All I can figure is somewhere, there is an animal pop-up book with a headless baboon hiding in its pages.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Helping of Dessert

Baby Piggies make me crazy. I'm so obsessed, I take pictures of them all the time as if those ten little toes change every day. I'm always amazed that those are the same little footies that kicked me when she was in my tummy! Seriously though, are they not scrumptiously delish?

And, look what my little Pie-Pie is doing! Yes, that's a full-out crawl position! Our little take-her-time shmookins (yes, I said shmookins) is doing things exactly when the books say she will now! She's movin' and groovin'! I added the smile pic to satisfy your sweet tooth. Yummy Baby!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Flower Child

P.S. I had to add...the ones where she's smiling so big? It's 'cuz she's lookin' at her daddy. Sweet, sweet Daddy always puts sparkles in Baby Gookee's eyes!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cameras and Overalls

I don't have to have a "Mini-me," but I do love when I find things for me in miniature so that she can have one too. Hence the I-just-had-to-buy-it feeling that overcame me yesterday when I found this plush camera. It's pink and green, has a little velcro lense cap and even makes a little shutter sound when you push the button. So cute!

And, let me just say...babies in overalls? So stinkin' cute!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Heart Doctor and Twisty Girl

We went to see the pediatric cardiologist today to check up on two little holes she had in her heart when she was born. She had an EKG and an ultrasound, and everything is perfect. The cardiologist said there's just a tiny pinhole left. And I said, "Of course there is! She has so much love in that heart, how else do you expect it to seep out?!"

On a different but really sweet note, I have to start sharing her weekly nickname Daddy gives her. Since she was born, I started writing them all down in her baby book because he invents the cutest, most unique names that are SO fitting for her...and he calls her that name for days. Like her newborn name, Baby Gookee. I loved that one.

This's Twisty because when you hold her, she gets all pretzel-y on 'ya to get to the floor to play.

I love my little Twisty.

Self Portrait Challenge: Celebrate

Having Fun.
Sing in the hairbrush. Dance in the shower. Eat popsicles. Lick the spoon. Practice your British accent...and use it. Wear pink. Buy Lucky Charms. Go up the down escalator. Laugh. Blow bubbles.
...celebrate having fun.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Love You...

I love you, my little Happiness. From your top side to your bottom, from your smiles to your pouty-lip cries...I love every bit of you.


P.S. The effort that went into taking this picture? Don't even get me started. Just imagine me, hobbling through the woods behind our house carrying an awkwardly shaped 80-lb. chair in one hand, a dangling half-naked baby in the other and a cherished camera around my neck all the while trying to inspect every branch, leaf and pile of brush for snakes, poison oak or random bobcat that would, with my luck, appear when I tread foot into the God-forsaken territory. I'm just sayin'. Hope you like it.

Little Problem...

Brett walked by her room while she was playing in her crib and you would have thought he saw Jesus and all the angels from the way he gasped. Little did we know, she can pull herself up on the crib rail and stands tall enough to tip over...time to drop the mattress!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Me & My Baby

I need a heart mine for a bigger one that has room for all the love I feel for this little thing called My Baby.

We Buy Toys...

...but all she wants to play with are tags & shoes. Her little eagle eyes can spot a tag on a stuffed animal within seconds, and God bless the soul that tries to pry a shoe out of her grip.

Just Experimenting

Trying out some fun things... in a rut with taking pictures lately. Still waiting for my good lense to come back from the shop, but in the meantime, my creative "jammies" are gettin' too small...I gotta try out some new stuff. First of a chair series...still gots lots to learn. I'm gunna retry this at sunset with better lighting

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend Snapshots

Baby Jammers are my favorite...sportin' our Valentine ones a little early...
If you don't have hair, you can always use bubbles!

I look ten shades of matronly here, but despite the fact, I'm in love with aprons, I'm in love with miniature Mommy things for baby, and I'm in love with Laura and Carie for getting such a great b-day prezzie! How they found a baby apron, I'll never know! Can't wait for Mommy/Daughter cooking days! (yes, that's a wooden spoon in her hand!)

Cruising with Alec in his jeep (buckled in too...promise). Click on the picture to enlarge her GARGANTUAN GRIN!!! Seriously, could she be any more happy? Such a joy to chase her in this car taking pictures because every single picture had this perma-grin!
Fun weekend, but sad my sister's back home!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just Chillin'

Now that we've added a play corner to her room (sorry... clarification: nursery. I'll always call it a nursery, even when she comes home from college), she will sit forever--literally, over an hour by herself--just chillin'. She plays and babbles. She has a little CD player in her room and listens to music while she plays. When "The Wheels on the Bus" comes on, she always smiles. God, I love her.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

We Think She's Pretty

God made us an ice cream sundae. After he scooped up every flavor of sweetness, kindness and contentment there was, he added a little cherry on top: He gave us Pretty.

Baby Joey

I am a kangaroo. Daddy says it's spoiling her, but I happen to know several baby kangaroos who turned out just fine. She falls asleep like this now and even Daddy had to admit this morning that there is nothing cuter than a widdle baby kangaroo peekin' out from her pouch.