Wednesday, December 31, 2008

a letter

dear 2008:

thank you, kindly.
for all the love.
all the happiness.
all the discoveries.

thank you.

i love new years. they are clean slates...and i've got this fabulous box of colored chalk to mark with this year. i'm gunna color like there's no tomorrow.

hoping your year is fabulous.
celebrate. celebrate it well.

happy new year.


dig this chick said...

I love the giggling Lainey photos! Happy New Year to you too, friend.

Barb said...

I could just EAT her up. Happy New Year baby.. :) Love Barb

cjs said...

LOVE the bubbly!!


Heidi said...

happy new year kell and fam!!!

saddies i forgot to bring out sparklers, they are beautiful pictures!!!

champagne shot is so pretty!

love ya.

Kelly said...

Happy New Year to the happy little baby!!