Wednesday, November 26, 2008

if you've ever been to nyc.... know who this guy is:

well, we're kinda givin' him a run for his money:

i saw her, pushing her grocery cart with those boots and a diaper, and i couldn't help myself.

more to come....oh, i am just drinking in all this cozy, family, holiday fun!


BDC said...


Enjoying a much needed day off today. Cooking for our friends Jason and Heather big production, just good food and chill time.

Enjoy your Pre Thanksgiving time!

Heidi said...

naked cowgirl,
can i borrow those boots and that hat???!!!!


kelle, you are so creative!

Poppa said...

And I...I am just glad you didn't pose her out in traffic. I am sure there is a support group out there for the children of paparazzi. I can only hope Lainey finds it. Probably not the photos to include in your portfolio for potential clients...but I loved it.

Tisha said...

hilarious! i am back from a thanksgiving trip to atlanta and i'm catching up on posts and commenting like its going out of style.