Thursday, June 19, 2008

and the forecast calls for...

a blanket of looming gray clouds with the promise of a stay-inside-and-cuddle day: check.
enough coffee to make multiple pots: check.
a basket of tea-light candles to up the coziness factor: check
one super happy cubby who just begs to be kissed, cuddled and read to all day: check.

oh, it's gunna be a good day.





...and we took this one recently of lily grace and it's too cute not to share:


jennygirl said...

Holy CRAP, Kel. Those are GOOD. Like really good!! The close up of Lainey is SO her. Love it!!

And Lily looks like she is floating in a sea of gauze and beautiful.


And get out of my head...candles are lit here too...eating chocolate chip pancakes and playing board games...ahhhh I love days like these.

xoxo jc

dig this chick said...

I can't get over those emerald eyes! Is her middle name love? It should be.

Are you going to home school Lainey? I loved your ttfn, bff, lylas references. And the check yes, no or maybe. You crack me up.

Hope you are having a great, cuddly day with your cubby.

Heidi said...
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Heidi said...

Jenn said it perfectly...HOLY CRAP those are beautiful pictures of the girls. I need to have another girl just so you can turn her into a ballerina, princess angel. HOLY HOLY HOLY! I love them. YOu are amazing!

Lainey is growing up...I know it is bittersweet, but she is perfect! Love her so much. And lily is just an angel of lovliness:) is that a word?

xoxo Miss you lots.

Kelle said...

Yes! Her middle name is "Love"...fitting huh?
We've thrown the idea out for homeschooling just the first couple years, but I think we're going to do public. we have great public schools here, and she will probably go to the one where I taught because I know everyone and trust them whole-heartedly.

Kelly said...

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! I can't believe those are our very own!?!? They are just too good to be true inside and out!!! Love you!!

Tisha said...

yer killin' me with the cuteness!