Friday, April 25, 2008

One Year Ago...

One year ago, I was folding the last of the baby clothes, painting the trim in the nursery and making sure every picture frame was just right. One year ago, I wondered if she'd be lucky enough to get her daddy's blue eyes or if her personality would fit her name. One year ago, I tried to imagine what this love would feel like.

I realized something today: eleven months is so my favorite...right now.

11 Months


Steph said...

LOOOVE the new BLOG header! FABULOUS!!! LOVE the Lainster collage! She is PRECIOUS beyond words! xoxo!

cjs said...

no words will do justice.


Kelly said...

WOW! Those eyes are INCREDIBLE! I can't believe you were pg 1 year ago today! I can't imagine this world without LL in it!!

This time last year, I was on birth control preparing my body for IVF cycle #2! WOW! I just thought of that.


Tisha said...

Love the new header and layout! More space to see LL!