Monday, March 24, 2008

Ode to a Box

Oh, Box...thou art but four walls, but thou dost amuse her for so long.I slicest a window and a door, and thou dost transform thyself into a House of Play.

Thee cost nothing and yet she choosest thou above all other toys of value. How dost thou do it?
Thee cardboard walls taste like honey to her soul.
Thy opening dost become a pathway for her fun.
Thy simple existence doth create a smile of beauty on her face.
Oh, Box, Great Box, how great her love is for thy amusement! We love thee, Great Box of Fun.


Poppa said...

She gots some Deetroit booty in that one crawling shot! Crawl it off, honey, crawl it off! Yes, sometimes Fisher Price cannot compete with cardboard and scissors. What a lead your little girl to wonderland. The trash man can wait...we aren't done with fun yet. Kudos!

cjs said...

reminds me of lucas and the box. and tools. he was a worker. a moonscraper. with a smoker in his mouth.

and now, everyone is thoroughly confused after reading my comment.


carie said...

You transported me right back to my own childhood when someone in the neighborhood would get a refrigerator delivered and we would fight over the coveted box! We had hours and hours of fun with our day it was a girls only clubhouse, the next an airplane. What a gift to give to your it! The shot from inside the box is unbelievable!!!

Molly said...

Down with toys! Up with BOX!

Boxcar Willy....or is it Dad said...

It reminds me of my childhood...before I was adopted, I lived in a Kenmore stove box under the El downtown Chicago, near State Street, until the Rescue Mission took me in, fed me Spam, dressed me in used clothing and helped me to kick the devil bottle. Or was that in the book The Boxcar seemed so real. OK, maybe it wasn't--the box seemed to bring it all back.
But then, I just had a glass of wine in the hot tub. Goodnight!

Kelly said...

Douglas loved diaper boxes so much that one time we went over there and there was...NO LIE....about 20 LARGE diaper boxes in the corner! When we asked what they were for, Dan built a SUPER tall building out of them and then busted through them...Douglas laughed and laughed and laughed! This was repeated MANY times by both parties!! HILARIOUS!! (selling all Lily's toys on EBay)

Tisha said...

Boxes are so much fun! She is too adorable, I have to stop myself from going back for more too often during my work day.

Where did you get such large boxes of huggies?

Elissa said...

So cute...and so true!! Why do we spend money on toys?

Anonymous said...

can I just say that your father's comments really crack me up? hilarious! I see where you get your charm.

gabylunna said...

I was browsing for scrapbook ideas and came across your page...may I ask what type of camera did you use, and if you did any photoshop to these pictures (like the background blur), Thanks :)
BTW, she adorable!