Monday, March 24, 2008

Digi Scrap

Here's a few more...
I'll do one Christmas page to finish up these past few months and then go back and face the arduous task of selecting my favorite newborn and baby-baby pictures (That's baby-baby as opposed to just baby.... you see teeny tiny is newborn, then baby-baby, then baby, then toddler. At 10 months, we're at baby on the brink of toddler. I'm gripping "baby" with all my might!!! CAN'T LET GO!!!). So, we're almost half way through the book!

Dream Big 9 Months

And going back to her Baptism at 4 Months, a 2-pg. spread:
Baptism One
Baptism Two


Kelly said...

WOW! these are INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! you are too!! WOW!

cjs said...


that's what she is, you know.

a preshka.

Tisha said...

i am loving the layouts! her baptism dress and bonnet were beautiful!

jennygirl said...

NO WORDS express how much I love these pages. O....M....GORGEOUS!!!