Friday, February 15, 2008

I'll Take V-Day for $1000, Alex..

Thank you, Mom for making every little holiday a big deal growing taught us well. Loving any excuse to make a regular day a special day. We used the "good" silverware last night. Candles, cloth napkins, pink bows, and lots of homemade heart-shaped cookies. I shall now retire the pink heart-stamped kitchen love towels. Sigh.

And our special Cupid-inspired Menu? Cilantro salad with crunchy noodles, garlic bread and Joel's recipe for AMAZING cream-sauce with shrimp over bowtie noodles (shallots, garlic, fresh parsley, sundried tomatoes...heaven!) And it simmered all day...delishioso!
Bonus: We didn't spend money on each other, and yet it was such a special day! Hand-written cards, a kiss, and an evening spent with all of us around the table. Yummy.

My favorite part? When everyone was laughing at Lainey while she ate, and she had a big smile on her face 'cuz she knew she was being funny. A bowtie noodle would go in her mouth and would come slipping right back out...the kids said it looked like a receipt coming out of a cash register, so every time she did it, they would say "Cha-ching! Sale complete!" and then everyone would roar...including her.


Tisha said...

I spy with my eye, pink striped leg warmers on Lainey...

boootiful said...

I know whatever you made tasted good,d but I just have to looks like shit!! Ugh!

Mallory said...


PLEASE share this recipe! It looks and sounds really yummy!