Sunday, January 20, 2008

Strange but True

So, I was washing dishes this morning while Lainey played happily in her playpen. Brett walks by.
Brett: "She's got something in her mouth."
Me: (walking over to perform my signature finger swoop move) I stop. Laugh. "It's a.... it's a...." Laugh some more. "It's a baboon head."

Where in tarnation she found a baboon head, I'll never know. All I can figure is somewhere, there is an animal pop-up book with a headless baboon hiding in its pages.


poppa said...

Kelle, I think she found your CDC yearbook--I swear that is your high school picture!

poppa said...

Comment #2. Brettles, you must learn the finger swoop. It is troubling that my son-in-law walks by and announces this...would he also announce, "A child abductor climbed through the room and is packing up some of Lainey's things and holding her..." Love ya, Brett. I am sure it wasn't as Kelle described.

Wi5h said...

BWWWWAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! I have to stop looking at that closeup of said baboon head in her hand - I'm literally convulsing in laughter. The expression on the baboon's face. Its bodiless "neck" which is actually the pop-up book attachment tab. Ohhhh that is too hilarious.

cjs said...

hahaha. I hoped you saved the baboon face/neck for her baby book.

Kulio said...

Oh yeah, you need a page entitled, "Things We Found In Baby's Mouth."

1. baboon head

I found a sticker once on Michael's bottom that said, "Inspected by No.42"