Saturday, December 22, 2007

She Wants to Be... of the big kids. She got to watch a movie, nestled right between Brandyn and his friends at his sleepover last night. She kept looking over at Brandyn like she was saying, "Thank you for letting me be a part of this." He even went to his bedroom to get an old Nintento Gameboy for her to use when they all played video games. He didn't want her to feel left out. Thank you, Big Brother.


Molly said...

What a nice big bro! That is a cute story, especially with her playing video games with the boys :)

Kulio said...

Ohhhhh you have a blog!

OF COURSE you have a blog!

I'm so glad to read it - just read all down the page and now I'm going back to do it again, reading all the comments.

I love love love it.

Kulio said...

And I spelled your name with a Y in one of these comments because your friend Kelly messed with my mind by posting...I thought it was so weird how you kept commenting on your own posts.
Kelly! Baby H has been prayed for!
Kelle! I know how to spell your name!