Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Mom, I'm Hungry": Nature Box

This post is sponsored by NatureBox which provides healthy snacks for cool people, including us (we made the cool mark by a tiny smidge).
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If taking your kids on an outing was a Survivor challenge (sometimes it kind of is), there's one thing you can't forget to bring. Not diapers--you can tape some cloth together if you have to (listen, I've been there). It's not a stroller. They're just going to try and climb out of it anyway. It's snacks. Because you have about T-minus-two-minutes before "Mom, I'm hungry" escalates into something nobody wants to see if you can't find something edible when hunger strikes. And gum doesn't count--I've tried that too.

This might be why having good and tasty snacks on hand makes me feel like the most amazing mom in the world. Forgot to sign the homework folder, found a six-week-old milk-encrusted cup under the crib and laundry's going on a two week back-up, but--Wait! I have snacks!  Best. Mom. Ever.

Having good snacks on hand seems like an easy task, but sometimes grocery store aisles overwhelm me, and my ADD kicks in right when I hit the produce aisle. So many foods, I sometimes forget everything I ever knew about what to buy.

Which is why I love me some NatureBox. No standing in the produce aisle, wondering what aisle to hit next. You pick your snacks with just a few clicks...(here comes the best part)...from home.

NatureBox is a subscription service that allows you to discover creative healthy snacks on a monthly basis, conveniently delivered right to your doorstep. You get to choose what snacks are included in your box each month so you can branch out and try new things or stick with your favorites (big island pineapple rings, big island pineapple rings, big island pineapple rings!). And the best part? NatureBox snacks are made from wholesome ingredients and abide by strict quality standards: no high fructose corn syrup, no partially hydrogenated oils, no trans fat and no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors--and your monthly box ships free in the U.S. You can also limit your snack search with nutrition filters (vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, etc.).

 photo naturebox1_zps1571b23b.jpg

So imagine how amazing I felt last week when, preparing for our little road trip, I got to announce to Heidi, "Listen--I got the snacks covered." And yes, I said it braggy, because it's not often I'm feeling all Best Mom Ever. I had healthy snacks for crying out loud.

 photo naturebox5_zpsb510cfdf.jpg

Big hits were whole wheat raspberry figgy bars...

 photo naturebox4_zps6b4e8fb1.jpg

...and, for me, Kung Pao Pretzels. I was actually glad they were spicy so that when the kids asked for some, I didn't feel guilty to tell them they were just for me.

 photo naturebox7_zps60c9464e.jpg

The most loved snack this time around though was the big island pineapple rings. When we got down to the last two rings, I knew one of the kids was going to want them, so I had to chant "selfless mom, selfless mom, selfless mom" to keep me from eating them.

 photo naturebox2_zpse968555e.jpg

And because NatureBox specializes in all kinds of awesome, they've extended their awesomeness to you with two treats.

One, a giveaway: Enter the giveaway by clicking here to browse NatureBox snacks and then leave a comment on this post with the snacks you'd like to try. Easy. TWO giveaway winners will be selected to win 1 six-month subscription to NatureBox (ARV: $120). Terms and conditions of giveway can be found here.

And two, a special offer. Receive a free sample box of some of NatureBox's most loved snacks when you sign up for NatureBox here.

What goes good with some midnight NatureBox snacks? Seven Brides for Seven Brothers followed by a marathon of Gilmore Girls, that's what. You're welcome.

 photo naturebox12_zpsf01a3eb9.jpg

Happy Snacking.

Thank you NatureBox for sponsoring this post, and thank you readers for checking out the businesses we love that help make keeping this blog up a little easier.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Short Beach Sermon

If you'll turn in your Bibles with me please to the second chapter of Beach and read with me starting with the first verse.

The beach is where I dump my feels. The gulf is forgiving and accepting and hungry for feelings, so it waits for me and I come--watching the kids chase seagulls and sandpipers and search for shells, but feeding my feelings to the tide while I do. On really feely weeks, there's so much to pour out that I need to open my arms wide, pull my head back, close my eyes and slowly breathe in the salty air, exhaling love--the achy kind that sometimes mutates into fear and anxiety. Sometimes I imagine this process Harry Potter style, and I picture pulling my feelings out in long glowing strands and dropping them into the gulf pensieve where they swirl around and dissolve. Sometimes there's nothing to breathe out but peace and gratitude, and on those days the gulf generously throws them back to me, like a boomerang.

 photo beach 1_zpsrpelttfc.jpg

On the beach, I am small.

In biology--my college major (I mean one of my *cough*triple minors*cough*)--I remember learning about why cells are so small, an important element in the surface-area-to-mass-ratio that allows them to survive. Cells must constantly react with their surrounding environment to stay alive, and the most productive, strong survivor cells are the small ones but with the greatest surface area--the ones with the big feelers that project out into the world to soak it up.

All that feely stuff isn't just a bunch of wayward emotions or fluff. It's science. Be a feely survivor cell. Stay small but stretch your feelings out as far as they can go to soak up as much of the world as you can.

Other life lessons you can find at the beach:

Play. Don't be so serious. 

 photo beach 3_zpsntax0vep.jpg
(His name is Heck, by the way.)

 photo beach 4_zps1jzgnnjt.jpg

Don't walk in someone else's footprints. Make your own. 

 photo beach 6_zpsc5gbjuax.jpg

 photo beach 8_zps45rzt8km.jpg

Ignore the pooping birds. Don't feed them.

 photo beach 9_zpsujj0clth.jpg

Smile a lot. 

 photo beach 10_zpsegz1hqoh.jpg

Look for pretty things and take time to check them out.

 photo beach 11_zpsst6uknov.jpg

Try new hairstyles. Something you haven't tried might be your favorite thing, and you don't even know it yet.

 photo beach 12_zpscclhnjni.jpg

Get your feet wet. Don't wait for the water to be the perfect temperature before you swim. Get in there. 

 photo beach 13_zpsrs6nxzue.jpg

 photo beach 15_zpsdudvtsrc.jpg

Bring supportive friends. It's more fun that way. We rely on the Buddy System on the beach. And in life.

 photo beach 16_zpsll8wcz3s.jpg

Dance expressively. Feel the movement. Make it yours.

 photo beach 19_zpstbjgpomn.jpg

Meditate. Try yoga.

 photo beach 20_zpsyl8bbdko.jpg

Let people know you love them.

 photo beach 22_zpsx3d4scmd.jpg

Amen and Selah.

Happy, happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Book for the Baby: MyPublisher

This post is sponsored by MyPublisher, giving the baby of our family a fighting chance in the baby book competition. 

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One birthday down and another around the bend with our Valentine baby's second year celebration coming up. For Lainey, a two year celebration meant sixteen albums of printed photos, three scrapbooks and a fully-detailed tooth chart on the shelf. I was also a first time parent who boiled pacifiers when they fell on the floor and organized the baby clothes drawers every three weeks. Let's just say, sadly for Dash, I'm a little behind.

I believe in photo memories though--and not just ones that sit in folders on our computer or fill a feed on social media. I love walking through homes that are dripping with photo stories--albums sitting on coffee tables, memories framed on walls, polaroids taped to the refrigerator. It says These Are the People We Love. It says That Vacation Was Unforgettable. It says I Love Being Your Mama. I believe in making efforts to preserve these memories maybe a little more passionately for Dash because I know his printed memories take the slack for a busier family/more kids/less time.

This year, thanks to MyPublisher, I was able to easily combine all of our favorite moments from Dash's second year into this stunning photo book. I've looked through it maybe twenty times already since it arrived.

 photo my publisher 12_zpsvtvphg6n.jpg

I miss this baby.

 photo my publisher 13_zpscgfg7vlj.jpg

My favorite thing about MyPublisher is that it offers users so many ways to customize their book. Their program is incredibly user-friendly. You upload your images, choose page layouts and drag and drop your photos where you want them. While MyPublisher offers many options for adding text, I chose a simple "just photos" layout and love the simple yet powerful result. I used several 1-photo/full bleed layouts as well as some white framing, giving the entire book a professional cohesive look. And the best part? I finished and ordered the entire book in less than an hour (hint: compile all of your photos into one folder first).

 photo my publisher 15_zpsapxdw1fi.jpg

Unlike many competitors, MyPublisher prints, manufactures and ships every product it sells--with no out-sourcing--and believes that controlling its printing and manufacturing enables it to deliver consistently superior quality and service.

Page thickness, paper quality, color vibrancy--it's all so beautiful and has withstood lots of tiny investigating hands.

 photo my publisher 22_zpstsw6o8cf.jpg

I also wanted a book bound with lay-flat pages and love that MyPublisher offers that option.

 photo my publisher 21_zpsxk1plgip.jpg

They also offer several options for covers and cases. We chose a foldover paper jacket.

 photo my publisher 19_zpschstqkii.jpg

 photo my publisher 26_zpsytq8mri0.jpg

MyPublisher stands behind the quality of their work and guarantees every product against any defects in manufacturing, one hundred percent.

Have a baby of the family who needs some memory love? MyPublisher is giving away a $250 photo book credit to one reader. Check out MyPublisher's site, poke around for some inspiration and then leave a comment sharing what you'd like to turn into a book. Your daughter's first year? That last amazing vacation you took? Childhood memories for a surprise anniversary gift for your parents? Or maybe just your favorite motherhood moments thus far on your journey--so that at the end of the hardest days, you can pour some hot tea and find a quiet place to sit down with a book of your most beautiful moments. The gift of perspective.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway.

And for those who don't win, readers will receive 50% off MyPublisher orders over $100.00 and 25% off orders over $50.00 when you create your books here.

Our new book has already been in the hands of all the kids. I've found Lainey and Nella pointing to favorite photos of their brother, cracking up over how little and funny and cute he is; and I love reminiscing over all of those stories with Dash in my lap. Look at you! You are so loved. 

 photo my publisher 10_zpsbtzst2h9.jpg

 photo my publisher 9_zpsfbvk8maa.jpg

He might keep us on our toes, but at least those crazy moments are preserved in a beautiful way--this gorgeous book that now sits on our coffee table. Because nobody puts Baby in a corner.

 photo my publisher 7_zpslflnkhwi.jpg

Thank you, MyPublisher, for sponsoring this post and thank you readers for checking out some of the businesses we love that help make maintaining this blog a little easier. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

A Rainbow Party

I've decided that my kids' birthday parties is the middle circle of the Venn Diagram of my loves, the place where everything intersects--color, celebration, pretty things, motherhood, music, friends, family, introspection and a deep love for my children. That middle circle is like a family reunion in my head--a day when all the grown-up kids and their grown-up differences return home to sit around the table and realize they're connected and bound by love.

Yesterday, I was thrilled again to feel the circles intersect as we celebrated with friends and color and music and rainbows, all lassoed up into that middle place by our love for Nella.

A peek at our rainbow party for our colorful girl:

 photo print 3_zpselelizyr.jpg
Hosted at our community's incredible House of Gaia

 photo blog 3_zpssihatd4m.jpg
Nella's rainbow dress from Berit's Lilla

 photo print 83_zpsgad0x41m.jpg

Rainbow toe love.

 photo print 86_zpsncynb3md.jpg

 photo print 66_zpswhtcljcf.jpg

 photo print 62_zpsiikjakp2.jpg

 photo print 30_zps7b3nnnmr.jpg

 photo print 24_zpsism43ap2.jpg

 photo print 22_zpszbm5s0ah.jpg

My friend Kathy made Nella's rainbow cake, simple yet stunning on the outside...

 photo print 52_zpsc5vm1uxn.jpg
Edible sugar rainbow butterflies from Amazon.

...and a complete party on the inside.

 photo print 75_zpsqjx06kou.jpg

 photo print 79_zpsuuj1tgpc.jpg

 photo print 27_zpsvrojdwfq.jpg

 photo print 21_zpspnqjixfh.jpg

This is Miss Lulu. She's mesmerizing to watch. She's like Mary Poppins except instead of magic, she uses kindness, and she weaves these valuable lessons of self worth, loving each other and using our creative gifts to make the world a more beautiful place into every activity she initiates.

 photo print 19_zpsv80a38sz.jpg

 photo print 18_zpsuv8uqzi7.jpg

 photo print 12_zps1d6bompv.jpg

 photo print 78_zps9deffc68.jpg

 photo print 94_zpshpwrsj0x.jpg

 photo print 93_zpsss0nuozk.jpg

 photo print 92_zpsjheknoli.jpg

 photo print 64_zpsahgulynj.jpg

 photo print 63_zpsghr88wve.jpg

 photo print 82_zpscvwjftbt.jpg

The rainbow toes. I can't even.

 photo print 76_zpscrsdmyid.jpg

We were hoping there was a gay pride parade somewhere near us yesterday afternoon because we were decked out and ready to go and could have killed two celebration birds with one stone.

 photo print 56_zpsiglvjmmt.jpg

 photo print 43_zpsi1rvyiee.jpg

The kids took turns bouncing in the middle of a stretched piece of fabric. Nella was hesitant to do it, but I put her in anyway and promised her it would be fun. We bounced her up and down and through the entire experience, she never quit doing two things: holding my hand and smiling. (Thank you to my friend Andrea for the picture)

 photo print 35_zpsefyizrsk.jpg

 photo print 34_zps7fvhy2yo.jpg

 photo print 53_zpsmpah3jrd.jpg

The kids huddled together for a "rainstorm,"...

 photo print 39_zpscccbo2fs.jpg

...hid under "the sun" while happy dragons danced around them...

 photo print 49_zpsn4tke2rr.jpg

 photo print 51_zpsh0yogmcw.jpg

 photo print 47_zpsi0kxv4sw.jpg

...and lined up together to sleep under a rainbow.

 photo print 45_zpspf8oabqu.jpg

 photo print 2_zpsyei3gwvw.jpg

 photo print 71_zpstvosibf4.jpg
My dad made these beautiful rainbow ribbon wands for each of the girls.

It was magic.

 photo print 70_zpsbkbdh720.jpg

Party bags enhanced with a stack of free paint swatches...

 photo print 9_zps02fooxke.jpg

 photo print 10_zpsexxawgzu.jpg

...and rainbow goodies tucked inside.

 photo print 95_zps7ch2fzcq.jpg
Rainbow favor bag goodies:  rainbow putty (1 doz), rainbow crayon (25 pack), rainbow star lollipops (1 doz), rainbow folding fan (1 doz), rainbow punch balloon (1 doz), rainbow glitter temporary tattoos (72-pack), rainbow candy dots and lipgloss (Michael's)

And a big thank you to my friend Kim (Nella's favorite barrettes) who made all the little girls rainbow barrettes to take home.

 photo print 13_zpsq2fnlmip.jpg

 photo print 84_zpscioktwn8.jpg

 photo print 31_zps9jsxlmdp.jpg

I didn't know this photo was taken until I found it on my camera late last night. Nella didn't want to lay under the rainbow with her friends unless I went with her. So I did, and there we were--her a little apprehensive, me a lot assuring. Surrounded by our friends but glued together--calm, quiet and feeling the moment...all under a thin veil of rainbow. Which pretty much sums up everything.

 photo print 1_zpswbffqier.jpg

Thankful for parties and babies and color and cake--and opportunities to stand in the inner circle where everything collides to make perfect sense.